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Sonam Kapoor To Deepika Padukone: Heres The Food Celebrities Binged On Diwali 2020 | Instant News

Sonam Kapoor to Karisma Kapoor – all the celebrities let their hair down and party.


  • Sonam Kapoor, Deepika Padukone conveyed his wish to Diwali
  • We also catch a glimpse of their food feast at the festival
  • Here are 8 celebrities who eat all they can in this Diwali

Diwali 2020 is unlike previous editions. The pandemic puts a stop to massive social gatherings. So, most people spend time at home with their closest and dearest. However, his current health condition did not dampen the spirit of the festival. Great food and great company make Diwali 2020 a memorable one, even for our favorite Bollywood celebrities. From Mattar ki Karanji to delicious chocolate cakes, B-town actors take the time to eat delicious food at the festival.

Following are the Binged On Diwali Celebrity Foods 2020:

1. Sonam Kapoor

Sonam Kapoor share pictures Prasada in Lakshmi Puja which takes place at his house. We can see dried fruits, delicious milk pudding, and the saliva of Besan Barfi that deserves to be smeared with Sonam Kapoor’s special Diwali. Look at:

2. Deepika Padukone

Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh share a click from their Diwali celebrations. What caught our eye was an interesting foodie meme that Deepika Padukone shared on her Instagram Stories, where someone compares her outfit to the much-loved Kaju Katli. This is what it says:


3. Shilpa Shetty

Shilpa Shetty start his Diwali party long before the festival on the occasion of Dhanteras or Choti Diwali. Diva shared a photo of a large thali decorated with some of the most drooling sweets like Baklava, Motichoor to laddoo, and even savory dishes like Gujiya and Chakli. See what he shared:


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4. Karisma Kapoor

Karisma Kapoor’s love for baking has proven itself during the lockdown period. The actor regularly shares the cookies and sweet treats he makes at home, and so is Diwali. Karisma Kapoor Bake amazing chocolate pastries for a celebratory occasion and we just can’t get enough of a decadent treat. Watch the following:


5. Malaika Arora

Malaika Arora the festive spread is a little different from the others on this list. Even though the diva is a big fan of healthy vegan food – she let her hair loose for a delicious Chhole Bhature party at Diwali 2020. Here are the clicks she shared:


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6. Bhumi Pednekar

The Diwali Bhumi Pednekar celebration is filled with culinary joy. Instead of eating sweets, he chose to enjoy savory foods this festive season. Bhumi PednekarThe dishes include crispy South Indian chakli as well as crispy Karanji, also known as Gujiya. Here are the clicks he shared:


7. Katrina Kaif

While others may have given up their diet this festive season, Katrina Kaif ensuring healthy eating even during Diwali celebrations. The actor shared a click from some of the fun fresh fruit and nuts that were given to him on the occasion. We could see apples, mangoes, sun melons and pistachios in the basket. Look at:


8. Soha Ali Khan

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Soha Ali Khan and Kunal Khemu welcome Diwali day with great pizza! The actor shared a saliva-worthy treat video sent by a restaurant, and we couldn’t help but want one right away, too. Take a look at the pizza.


Wish everyone a happy Diwali 2020! We wish you an enjoyable festive season filled with culinary excitement.

About Aditi AhujaAditi loves to talk and meet like-minded foodies (especially those who love veg momos). Plus points if you get bad jokes and sitcom references, or if you recommend a new place to eat.


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Pakistani fashion designers talk about India – brunch features | Instant News

Remember Kareena Kapoor Khan set fire to the road in the amazing off-shoulder pink ensemble at the popular awards do in Dubai? Or the photos of the suits in grass that are damaging the Internet? Pakistani designer, Faraz Manan, has established himself as one of the favorite timeless female Bollywood favorites such as Kareena Kapoor Khan, Madhuri Dixit Nene, Karisma Kapoor, and Priyanka Chopra Jonas. Even Jacqueline Fernandez and Shraddha Kapoor have turned their heads in their glamorous creations.

Kareena Kapoor Khan (right) in an ornate choli in pairs with thick skirts and Jacqueline Fernandez (left) in embroidered sari and modern blouses with gold details designed by Faraz Manan

She also became popular with Indian brides and guests at Indian marriages, the Al-Thani Qatar royal family, and the Saudi Sheikh family. In his native country, Mahira Khan, among many others, carried his clothing with grace, or elegance. But Kareena is Faraz Manan’s favorite, and India, he said, is his inspiration.

Indian contemplations

As a couturier from across the border, Faraz was very pleased with the variety and volume of fabrics available in India. “They provide a lot of inspiration; the number of crafts and fabrics in this country is a pleasure of a designer, “he said. “There are beautiful pieces and traditions, and if there is one word to encapsulate Indian fabric, it is ‘color’! Nothing is better color than Indian designers. ”

His favorite is Lucknowi Chikankari, Benarasi cloth, Rajasthani and even gota work bandhani. Because his style is leaning towards modern fusion, he mostly uses zardozi, but Faraz hopes he can use all Indian fabric crafts. “I also love jamavar and kimkhaab (brocade). There is nothing more lasting than that kimkhaab“He said sadly. “This is hand woven, already sparkling and not yet controlled. For casual clothes, I like it mulmul (pure cotton). “

  • Bright skin: Stay in a medium range hue such as blush pink and blue powder. Avoid white, bright yellow, orange, and naked.
  • Medium skin: The magic of ivory and pink tea.
  • Dull skin: Rose gold, reddish pink and beautiful red.
  • Dark skin: All pastels look perfect, except for gray.

Faraz visits India every year, and food appeals to him just like cloth. “I am a big foodie and really love street food in Mumbai,” he laughed. “I like chaat in Mumbai, and nihari and kebabs in Delhi. “The best memories of Delhi food are kulcha and nihari from Dilli Nihari and from a place near Jama Masjid.” I also like Haldiram chhole bhature! “He chuckled.

Although the two major cities of India are always on his travel list, Faraz claimed to be fascinated by Rajasthan. “There is so much inspiration there, from architecture, to food, to craftsmanship or jewelry,” he said.

A lasting inspiration

However, what Faraz liked most about India was Kareena Kapoor Khan, the woman he called her muse. “Kareena and Charisma are like family,” he said. “I am friends with Karisma, who is my brand ambassador, and then it was a natural transition to Kareena. There was never a business relationship between us. We love each other’s crafts, but because we are friends, it is a natural process, not a typical Bollywood commercial trade association. ”

Faraz Manan called Kareena Kapoor Khan, her muse

Faraz Manan called Kareena Kapoor Khan, her muse

This is not just a brand photo shoot and fashion show. Faraz and Kareena have some common interests. “We are connected to family values, history and food,” he said. “Maybe that is why she is an inspiration to me. But more than anything, I think she really represents the subcontinent. She is a modern working mother, and she and Saif (Ali Khan) are the type of couple that can be sought by all regions for this type the philosophy they carry. ”

As a designer, Faraz sees the subcontinent as a whole, and not made up of several countries. “For example, fashion in northern India and Pakistan is similar,” he said. “Our mode is shared by our history. Culture, tradition and expertise belong to all the subcontinent. “

There are some differences, he added, such as the use of color – “in general, Pakistani women’s style is controlled and elegant, while Indian women are experimental and open to color. Aesthetically the Indian side is bolder, brighter and more cheerful ”- but in general, the overall aesthetic is the same.

Faraz's creations are rich in peaches, ivory and pastels, and are detailed with resham and other embroidery work

Faraz’s creations are rich in peaches, ivory and pastels, and are detailed with resham and other embroidery work

“Designers and buyers from the subcontinent must see our work from the same region,” he said. “For example, we don’t think of fashion houses in Europe as France or Italy, we think of them as Europe. In the same way, we all have to think of ourselves as the subcontinent. I’m good friends with senior Indian designers. They love my work, I love their work, and we share customers whether it’s from India or Pakistan. So I’m in a happy place. “

Given the political relations between India and Pakistan, the designs cannot be sold here at this time. “But I am still happy to be where I am now,” he said. “I am contributing to the fashion growth of the subcontinent.”

Classic couturier

Faraz’s interest in design comes from the way his parents care for themselves – both his mother, an artist, and his father, an economist, always pay attention to what they wear. It inspires the aesthetics of its design – contemporary taking on classic designs. “I love fusion and overcome anything classic,” he said. “This is my signature style. This can be a classic fusion of east and west, old and new. Classic clothes can always be repeated. I have done red on red for the last three or four years, and emerald green with emerald green. “Balance is an important part of aesthetics.” When I color, I like to let the colors speak for themselves, rather than adding more striking bling. For pastels, I like working on gold and silver, “explained Faraz.

The collection always tells a story that combines two different cultures, time zones or eras. The Alhambra, for example, was inspired by a palace in Spain, a combination of east and west.

Fashion Guide For Modern Brides

  • Know your favorite colors and communicate your choices to a designer properly.
  • Less is more. Instead of 10, there should be two or three of the best functions. Wear only one dress per event and have fun in it.
  • Avoid lots of jewelry on thick clothes. Ornamentation too much removes the bride’s personality. With heavy clothes, only a pair of earrings can look very good. Or, with a heavy choker, wear a small solitary or small earring.
  • Use only soft-make-up. It enhances the beauty of nature.

Fusion really works, he said. “Europeans now wear my bridal gown made in ivory and with resham work or other subcontinent embroidery techniques,” Faraz said. “They like this combination. Continental embroidery is the best in the world. That is our strength, and I play for it. ”

Faraz’s creations are rich in peaches, ivory, blues powder, shades of dusty roses and pink onions in flowy clothing with delicate details and disheveled arms or edges.

“When I do bling or heavier work, I do it in pastels because I believe it complements the skin,” explained Faraz. “The weather in the subcontinent and Dubai is hot all year round, making pastels easier to see. You can highlight it with jewelry or tone it down. There is room for a lot of games and usage abilities, while strong colors cannot be used often. ”

He anticipates no change in his signature style for the future, and in fact, hopes to strengthen his case for classical fusion “Now let’s see how things progress,” Faraz said.

From HT Brunch, May 3, 2020

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