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Birthday presents introducing a new food delivery service | Instant News

It started on my birthday. I received, on the same day in April, a package of ribs from the Memphis Central BBQ restaurant, owned by my brothers and sisters, and a box of North Carolina barbecues and puppies from Kings BBQ Restaurant, by the way of my parents .

That’s when I found a way to re-create what was once one of the best parts of my job – and when I tried to make life in the confinement of this house a little brighter. My life as a political reporter for the New York Times has changed drastically with a coronavirus outbreak. After covering Michigan’s primary in early March, I had to leave a campaign trail for my home in northern Virginia. And for a while that meant leaving without one of the privileges to cover the presidential election: taste, and taste even more, local delicacies.

Many of us are redesigning the way we work. That’s a little easier in jobs where the main tool of someone’s craft is the telephone. But I have concluded that my days of sitting with friends and colleagues on a pork tenderloin sandwich in Iowa or the black raspberry cone from Graeter’s in Ohio has been placed on ice.

I don’t know what my conclusion really is.

Thanks to the power of dry ice and a 7-year-old company called Goldbelly, I have enjoyed wings and pizza from Buffalo, New York, bagels from Manhattan, cheese steaks from Philadelphia, brisket from Kansas City and ribs and puppy silence for almost a month.

How it works

* You can shop by restaurant, region or type of food in Goldbelly.com. Chattanooga is not included among the cities of Tennessee that are represented, but you can nominate “dish desires” to be considered by the company to be added to the list. Restaurants and food artisans also apply to sell at Goldbelly.

No, that’s not what I eat – my Louisiana-born wife, Betsy, is a talented cook. But after being impressed with how good the wet ribs from Memphis and the vinegar-infested barbecue from Kinston, North Carolina, were stuck on the way, I checked the Goldbelly website, which my brothers and parents used to send me things.

Betsy and I have experimented with food orders in the mail, but let’s just say with a few exceptions, it often doesn’t arrive in optimal conditions.

Because of the speed between preparation and arrival, usually around two days, Goldbelly is different. The New York City-based service has effectively enabled almost all local restaurants in the United States to ship their food, frozen, anywhere in the country. And some businesses today need more help than independent restaurants.

Restaurants prepare, package and deliver food directly through the Postal Service or package company and pay Goldbelly undisclosed costs for taking orders, processing payments and other services. (You will pay a little more if you live in Alaska or Hawaii; you cannot receive packages in the post office box; and the company has not sent food overseas.)

So, after the birthday bacchanal, I became a little crazy. I started a telephone conversation with sources by asking if they had tried long distance food delivery. While browsing the map of country-by-country restaurants on the Goldbelly website, I enjoyed memories of the past, and ordered dishes from places that I had planned to visit. A few days later, there were two boxes, piled three, outside our door.

For the most part, dishes have already been prepared; This is not a gastronome version of Ikea, with assembly required. You can melt the ice, heat it up and eat it immediately – or throw it in the freezer.

Some dishes hold better than others.

All the bagels from Ess-a-Bagel in Midtown Manhattan are amazing, the chive cream cheese they send is even better, and both remain delicious even after a few weeks. The wings of the Bill Tavern Bar, outside Buffalo, are still nice and crispy, even after being frozen. (Use an oven, not a microwave, to reheat it.)

Cheese steak from Jim’s Steaks in Philadelphia? Pretty good on the day they arrived, but it turns out Cheez Whiz is not as old as Camembert.

Goldbelly is also not cheap. Want eight chicken biscuits from the great Sunrise Biscuit Kitchen in Chapel Hill, North Carolina? That will get you $ 109 (including shipping and shipping).

And eating lobster roll sent from Eventide, in Portland, Maine, is not the same if you are not within sniffing distance from the sea. Then there is the fact that you give a part of your money to the middleman instead of handing it all to a restaurant in need (although some mothers and children will not make money from orders by mail at all because they cannot do without assistance).

Worst of all, while Goldbelly can send you any local food – even a cheese steak, “Whiz wit,” as they say in Philly – they can’t send your friends. The best part of a food-trail campaign (other than sheer gluttony) is the people who join you.

The feeling of nostalgia for past noshes triggers memories of who I am with when I bend my elbows, say, roast pork and broccoli at Tommy DiNic in Philadelphia, or a bowl of clams on the Neptune Oyster in Boston.

Thinking about friends and colleagues, I began to wonder how much they missed the taste of the road, or their hometown. So back to Goldbelly I left. And once again, I was carried away: lime pie, gumbo, pimento cheese, and a few more black raspberry ice cream from Ohio. (Really, you should try it.)

However, this time, the gift sent surprises to the people I missed.

This is not the same as putting some bratwurst and beer with them.

But it brings back some happy memories and makes the social distance a little less distant.


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Chickamauga and Chattanooga National Military Parks will reopen access to several park areas on Friday | Instant News

Dogwood flowers were lit up late in the cloudy sky as they formed a curtain covering the Tennessee Artillery Monument in the Chickamauga & Chattanooga National Military Parks in Fort Oglethorpe. The state of Tennessee provides monuments to every branch of the military present in the battle, the Confederate Infantry, Cavalry and Artillery. Tennessee also placed a second cavalry monument to summon the Sons of the Volunteer Nation who served with the Union Army.

Starting this Friday, May 15, Chickamauga and Chattanooga National Military Parks will reopen access to certain areas of the park that were previously closed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Civil War memorial park is shutdown in early April because of a virus problem. Reopening occurred when national parks throughout the country began to slowly increase access to the park while still asking visitors to practice maintaining social distance.

On Friday, the park will reopen access to all roads, picnic areas (except the recreation field at Chickamauga Battlefield) and most of the footpaths are only pedestrians, according to news releases. While the horse track is not yet accessible, park officials say it is a top priority because the park is starting to increase access.

Access remains restricted to visitor centers and high contact areas such as Point Park, Sunset Rock and Signal Point.

“We recognize that this temporary closure is very difficult for local residents and visitors seeking inspiration in the park’s historic and beautiful landscape,” chief supervisor Brad Bennett said in a statement. “We are pleased to continue the opportunity to experience the park while continuing to ensure the safety and welfare of all parties.”

If the visiting public does not adhere to social distance guidelines and park staff cannot safely mitigate these risks, selective closure of certain areas that are reopened will be continued, declared by the release.

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Taiwan baseball fans conduct initial tests on long-distance sports spectators | Instant News

NEW TAIPEI CITY, Taiwan – There were fans in the stands for professional baseball in Taiwan on Friday, despite being placed far apart as protection against the spread of coronavirus.

Up to 1,000 spectators are now allowed at each baseball stadium in Taiwan, but they are still prohibited from bringing food and the concession site is still closed.

“This means that our government disease control measures are quite strict,” said 34-year-old Fan Cheng fan, an electronics industry worker from New Taipei City.

Cheng went to see his hometown, Fubon Guardians, playing UniLions with four of his friends. Their body temperature was checked at the entrance, and they all sat at least three separate chairs.

Before the match began, Taiwan’s health and welfare minister Chen Shih-chung appeared on the home plate wearing the No. 1 jersey. 0, symbol of government expectations for zero cases of coronavirus.

When the season opened on April 11 after a three-week delay, only players, team personnel and cheerleaders were allowed at the stadium. The league then proposed allowing 200 fans per match and the Centers for Disease Control to give permission for 1,000, league spokesman Tai Si-song said

But instead of dancing together to support their team, Guardian fans stand alone while moving towards cheerleaders and mascots. Friends lean back in their chairs to talk to each other while security guards tell people who roam the aisles to find a seat.

When the Guardians scored, the fans were still shouting blue signs from the team’s loudspeaker for the drum rhythm coming from behind the first base. Cheerleaders, the only people in the stands without face hoods, led the usual singing.

“There is a lot of social distance here,” said fan Wali Sun Ming, a 29-year-old financial sector worker from New Taipei City. “I think the prevention of the disease is quite effective, and because of that we can have the opportunity to attend this match.”

The Taiwan League has five teams and starts its season ahead of professional baseball in Japan, South Korea and the United States.

On Friday, the stadium will leave three seats in the audience, even if they come in groups. Every second row will be left blank, making sure no one coughs at others from behind. The smallest stadium in the league with 11,000 seats can accommodate 1,000 people with the planned distance and without opening a bench, Tai said.

“If we add people, it will override the safe space,” Tai said.

In New Taipei City, around 900 people bought tickets to watch Fubon Guardians at a 12,500-seat venue, the club said. Tickets still sell to the second innings.

The second league match took place at the same time in Taiwan’s largest stadium, which has 19,000 seats. Games in previous years had averaged 6,000 fans each.

The government in Taiwan reported 440 cases of the corona virus on Friday among a population of 23 million. Many Taiwanese still stay indoors after work if a coronavirus outbreak suddenly worsens.


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Bob Dylan released another single and announced a new double album, ‘Rough and Rowdy Ways’ | Instant News

Bob Dylan is back. Again.

For the third time during the COVID-19 pandemic, the Nobel-winning singer-songwriter has released a new single with little warning – and this time accompanied by news of the upcoming full-length album.

Entitled “False Prophet,” the song – a fuzzy barroom stomp that appeared Thursday night on the streaming service – marked the June 19 release of “Rough and Rowdy Ways,” Dylan’s first original album since 2012 Tempest. “

“I’m not a false prophet, I’m just saying what I’m saying / I’m just here to take revenge on someone’s head,” Dylan, 78, clumsily in imitable mode in singles, which he teased earlier Thursday with a typical cryptic tweet showing a skeleton wearing hat and information that reads, “What you see – nothing can be seen.”

“False Prophets” followed “I Contain Many People,” a Walad Whitman-inspired ballad that came out April 17, and the end of March “Murder Most Foul,” a nearly 17-minute meditation about the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. On the Dylan website, “Rough and Rowdy Ways” – the 39th singer studio album – is listed for preorder as a two-LP and two-CD set – a concession for the length of several songs from 10 songs, as listed on Apple Music.

“Tempest” also featured an epic track in the title track, which tells of the sinking of Titanic.

In the years since “Tempest,” Dylan has released three albums of material from the Great American Songbook and several archive collections, including a set of boxes last year to commemorate the 1975 tour of the Thunder Thunder Revue.


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NFL 2020 Schedule: Three prime time games for Titans, two for Falcons | Instant News

A year after quitting the recent tradition of letting classic competition open its 100th season, the NFL will return to the habit of making the ruling Super Bowl champion host the league’s annual kickoff match.

The Kansas City Chief is set to welcome Houston Texas in the fight Thursday night on September 10 – a delayed development in the coronavirus pandemic, of course – to kick off the 2020 season. Last year’s kickoff made the Green Bay Packers visit the Chicago Bears, a series with a history dating from the beginning league.

The Chiefs ended the NFL’s one-hundred-year season by winning the championship on their first trip to the big game in 50 years, united to defeat the San Francisco 49ers 31-20 at the Super Bowl LIV. That followed a back-to-back playoff victory at Arrowhead Stadium, 35-24 against the Tennessee Titans in the AFC title match and 51-31 against Texas in the division round.

Houston, who won 31-24 in Kansas City last October, led the January 24-0 battle at the start of the second quarter before getting a 28-0 score in the remaining half of the half and watching the Chiefs flee. The September kickoff will be the 13th all-time meeting between the franchises – the Houston Texans debuted in 2002 – and the Chiefs hold a 7-5 lead.

The opening weekend’s highlight will be Tom Brady’s regular season debut with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, who will visit Drew Brees and the New Orleans Saints on September 13 – the South NFC test which will be the first 40-plus-quarterback match in NFL history.

The SoFi Stadium in Inglewood, California, the new place that will be home to both NFL franchises with Los Angeles on their behalf, will open that night when the Rams host the Dallas Cowboys. Chargers get their time at the new excavation the following Sunday as the Chief’s visit to the AFC West fight.

Also in the second week of the season, the former California team – twice and most recently from Oakland but temporarily at L.A. – is set to open the Allegiant Stadium when the Las Vegas Raiders greet the Saints on Monday, September 21.

The 32 NFL teams released their schedule early on Thursday morning, but the 2020 league whiteboard – not to mention offseason activities (some of them have been destroyed) and preseason – must be considered tentative given the current ban on large gatherings.

Commissioner Roger Goodell said the league was planning for a normal season, though, despite making contingency plans.

“Leagues and clubs have been in contact with relevant local, state and federal government authorities and will continue to do so,” NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy said.

AP Photo by John Amis / Tennessee Titans running back Derrick Henry broke through the line against host Atlanta Falcons on September 29, 2019.

The traditional doubles player who opened another year of Monday Night Football, who was 50 years old last year, will ask the Pittsburgh Steelers to visit the New York Giants, who have a budding head coach at Joe Hakim, and the Denver Broncos, which hosts the Titans.

“The first positive is that we are getting ready to play soccer, so that’s the biggest,” Hakim said. “Once you get the schedule, it starts moving a little faster in your mind in terms of preparing what’s in front of you.”

Cincinnati Bengals and quarterback Joe Burrow, pick No. 1 in last month’s draft, starting with a visit from Chargers and quarterback Justin Herbert, the sixth overall selection. The Bengals will also face another highly ranked rookie quarterback when they face Tua Tagovailoa and Miamia Dolphins on Week 13.

The New England Patriots, the six-time Super Bowl champion who will be without Brady behind the center for the only opener for the second time since 2001 – he was suspended for the first four games of 2016 – entertain the dolphins on Sunday opening at the AFC East act.

Tripleheader Thanksgiving has the Detroit Lions, which host Texas at midday, Cowboys welcomed the Washington Redskins for the NFC East contest that afternoon and was one of the league’s fierce rivalries with the Baltimore Ravens in Pittsburgh in an evening match between North AFC teams.

The Atlanta Falcons rarely play on Turkish Day but face Saints in night fights over the past two years, with New Orleans winning twice. In fact, Atlanta only has two games this year – Monday’s match in Green Bay on October 5 and Thursday’s game in Carolina on October 29.

Tennessee, who made a shocking record as the AFC’s lowest playoff seed last season, is scheduled to make three first appearances. In addition to the opener in Denver – which will begin at 10:10 East – host the Titans rival AFC South of Indianapolis on Thursday, November 12, and visit the Packers two days after Christmas for the Sunday night match in the last second week of the regular season.

Saturday’s match will be scheduled at the end of the season but with an unspecified fight for flexibility, something the NFL had done before. The Titans might have one of them, with a visit of Sunday 15 from the Lions on Saturday, December 19, or the following day.

What will surely attract great interest at the start of the schedule are the last two NFL season MVPs, quarterback Patrick Mahomes of Chiefs and Lamar Jackson of the Ravens, facing Monday night’s match in Kansas City in the third week of the season. Each team has five main matches, as do 49ers, Bucs, Cowboys, Packers, Patriots and Rams.

Neither the Lion nor the Redskins have a major road show.

There was one Friday night contest: Minnesota visited New Orleans at Christmas.

Each team has two home matches and two away matches in the first month of the schedule. Whether it is special or design is unknown.

The season ends January 3 with all division battles, as in recent years. Then follow the playoffs, with the Super Bowl scheduled for February 7 in Tampa, Florida.

Delayed development with coronavirus, of course.

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AP Photo by John Amis / Tennessee Titans Coach Mike Vrabel, left, shakes hands with fellow Atlanta Falcons and Quinn after the Titans beat the Falcons 24-10 on September 29, 2019, at Atlanta’s Mercedes-Benz Stadium.


All Eastern time and p.m.


September 13 – vs. Seattle, 1

September 20 – in Dallas, 1

September 27 – vs. Chicago, 1

October 5 – in Green Bay, 8:15

October 11 – vs. Carolina, 1

October 18 – in Minnesota, 1

October 25 – vs. Detroit, 1

October 29 – in Carolina, 8:20

November 8 – vs. Denver, 1

November 22 – in New Orleans, 1

November 29 – vs. Las Vegas, 1

December 6 – vs New Orleans, 1

December 13 – L.A. Chargers, 4:25

December 20 – vs. Tampa Bay, 1

December 27 – in Kansas City, 1

January 3 – in Tampa Bay, 1


September 14 – in Denver, 10:10

September 20 – vs. Jacksonville, 1

September 27 – in Minnesota, 1

October 4 – vs. Pittsburgh, 1

October 11 – vs. Buffalo, 1

October 18 – vs. Houston 1

November 1 – in Cincinnati, 1

November 8 – vs. Chicago, 1

November 12 – vs. Indianapolis, 8:20

November 22 – in Baltimore, 1

November 29 – in Indianapolis, 1

December 6 – vs Cleveland, 1

December 13 – in Jacksonville, 1

December 19 or 20 – vs. Detroit, TBD

December 27 – in Green Bay, 8:20

January 3 – in Houston, 1


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