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Fact Check: Three-eyed baby born in Germany? The video goes viral but this is the truth | Instant News


A video of three-eyed babies born in Germany doing a round on social media. Videos that are being circulated on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter show babies with two normal eyes and one on the forehead. While such videos are generally considered to be fake, this one is gaining attention because several social media pages have shared videos with posts saying that Indian sages had predicted about the birth of such babies centuries ago. Here is the video in question:

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Three-eyed baby in Germany

In the video, three eyes in Germany are called ‘Zack’ by an unknown voice after which a female voice follows. The baby is sitting on the stroller. If the video is carefully watched, the third eye on the forehead of the baby is three eyes digitally superimposed. The movement of the eyes on the forehead is the same as the left pupil which indicates that the video is a case of digital editing. According to the video editor, such editing is very possible and simple too.

When a short clip of your baby’s eye in Germany appears, many social media pages link it to the prediction of an Indian sage who has made a ‘prediction’ that such a baby will be born in a foreign country. A YouTube user also puts up a video with ‘craniofacial duplication’ as information to strengthen the authenticity of the video. Craniofacial duplication is a congenital defect, which causes the duplication of some facial features. However, there is no reliable evidence to support that this is the same baby.

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Three-eye baby in German predictions

According to a prediction made by a wise man in southern India in the 17th century, a baby with three eyes will be born in a foreign country. It is also claimed by many social media pages that the same wise man has predicted the spread of the corona virus. However, the truth of his claim is dubious.

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Google Trending Analysis

When the video began to circulate on social media and WhatsApp, a number of people went to Google to find out more about the three-eyed baby born in Germany. This results in a surge of search results for the same thing. Look at the chart below.

Google trends
Google Trends

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The search above shows that searches for three-eyed babies in Germany produce the top trends and increase when it comes to Google. However, there is no reliable evidence that can say that the baby was actually born. The same video has also been marked as fake.


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CHECK FACT: Viral photographs of Covid-19 corpses in Pakistan | Instant News


Actual image of a deadly heat wave victim in 2015. PHOTO: FACEBOOK / IRENE TAN

Three photos showing dozens of body bags have been shared thousands of times in several posts on Facebook claiming they showed bodies Covid-19 victims in Pakistan. The claim is wrong; the photos actually show the bodies that were covered in Pakistan after being severe heat wave in 2015 which killed hundreds of people.

The photos were shared more than 3,800 times after they were published on Facebook here on April 20, 2020.

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The Chinese writing from the post was translated into English as: “Pakistan’s coronavirus epidemic, corpses everywhere, sad to see Amitabha (praying emojis)”.

Amitabha“Referring to a prominent Buddhist in East Asian Buddhism.

Below is a screenshot of a misleading Facebook post:

Screengrab 1

The photos were also shared along with similar claims on Facebook here and here.

The claim is wrong.

Google’s reverse image search found the first two images taken by an AFP photographer after a deadly heat wave in June 2015, almost five years before the Covid-19 pandemic. The photos were published on the AFP forum here and here.

Images show charity workers burying and offering funeral prayers for unclaimed victims of extreme temperatures in the Pakistani city of Karachi on June 26, 2015. At least 1,000 people were killed by heat at the time.

Below is a side-by-side comparison of two images in a misleading Facebook post (left) and original AFP photos (right):

Screengrab 2

Comparison of adjoining images in misleading Facebook (L) posts and original AFP photos (right)

Screengrab 3

Comparison of adjoining images in misleading Facebook (L) posts and original AFP photos (right)

Reverse image search found a third photo shared in the misleading Facebook post was published by the European Pressphoto Agency (EPA) on June 22, 2015.

Below is a comparison of images from a misleading Facebook (L) post and original EPA (R) photo:

Comparison of adjoining images from misleading Facebook (L) posts and original EPA (R) photos

Comparison of adjoining images from misleading Facebook (L) posts and original EPA (R) photos

The photo caption reads: “Rescuers moved the bodies of the victims of the heat wave at the morgue in Karachi, Pakistan, June 22, 2015. The death toll from the heat wave in Pakistan rose to nearly 150 on June 22, health officials said. More than 130 people have been killed in the southern port city of Karachi where temperatures were more than 45 degrees Celsius at the weekend and no assistance was expected on Monday, health official Ijaz Afzal said. “


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Fact Check: Is Facebook removing the ‘blue check’ from Pakistani PM Imran Khan’s page? | Instant News


Facebook removed the ‘verified’ blue check from the account of Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan.


Pakistan’s leading social media and journalist



On Friday, reports emerged that Facebook had removed the blue check mark from the official social media grip of Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan. Pakistani journalist Naila Inayat shares screenshots of Khan’s Facebook page and the blue tick tick disappears. Sharing a screenshot, he wrote: ‘Facebook removes the blue check from the prime minister’s page Imran Khan.’ The tweet so far has received 754 retweets and 3.3K likes.

Check blue again

However, just one hour after his tweet, Naila tweeted that the verification tick returned after the word ‘Official’ was removed from the ID. The blue check on social media is a verification badge by the portal that lets people know that a page or profile of public interest is authentic and verified. Naila shared a screenshot that said ‘What Facebook page name is allowed.’ The screenshot says that terms or phrases that are abusive or violate someone’s rights cannot be used.

Furthermore, it was stated that if Facebook had given a verified badge to a page, then it should no longer use the word ‘Official.’

Pakistan PM Imran Khan’s current page shows a blue check. (checked May 10, 8:00)

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Facebook verification

Republic World checks whether the Naila document about ‘What names are permitted’ is genuine and is correct. Under the help section, ‘What is the name of the page that is allowed on Facebook? ‘ the social media handles include the following:

  • The page name must accurately reflect the page. Remember that only authorized representatives can manage Pages for brands, places, organizations or public figures.

  • Page names may not include:

  • Terms or phrases that may be rude or violate someone’s rights.

  • The word “official” if the page is not an official page of a brand, place, organization, or public figure. (Note: If Facebook gives the Page a verified badge, the Page should no longer use the official word in the Page name. Learn more about the verified badge.)

  • Incorrect capitalization (example: Best CaFE). Page names must be capitalized in grammatically correct terms and may not include all capital letters, except for acronyms.

  • Symbols (example: ®) or unnecessary punctuation.

  • Description or slogan (example: Best Cafe – We serve the best coffee in town). The person managing the page can add this information to the About Page section.

  • Any variation on the word “Facebook.”

  • Page names cannot only consist of:

  • Common words (example: Pizza). Pages must be managed by official representatives of the topics they discuss.

  • General geographical location (example: New York). However, you can create Page names for organizations that represent geographic locations. For example, “New York City – Mayor’s Office” and “Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain” are acceptable Page names.

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The Philippines earlier adopted a travel ban, locked up but not first doing so | Instant News

The Philippines earlier adopted a travel ban, locked up but not first doing so

(Philstar.com) – April 9 2020 – 1:03 afternoon

MANILA, Philippines – In a televised meeting announced late Wednesday and aired after midnight Thursday, government officials praised their own efforts against the COVID-19 pandemic, including a travel ban and “community quarantine” which is now also referred to as lockdown.

Saying that he is not “Johnny-come-lately” in dealing with the threat posed by COVID-19 – at that time called 2019-nCoV – President Rodrigo Duterte highlighted the quarantine of the National Capital Region community and then all Luzon cities to show that the government has handled the situation from the beginning.

“I have a bad pin-lockdown to the nasusundan and the wife,” he said.

(I was the first among many to force a lock because I followed the story.)

Duterte said he had studied various sources of information, including Facebook, to keep abreast of the pandemic.

‘Locked’ somewhere else

Quarantine in Hubei province in China, which has been around since January 23, was revoked this week.

In the Southeast Asian region, Malaysia has been under “Movement Control Orders” which restrict people to their homes since March 18 and Thailand has begun to impose curfews at 10 pm – 4 pm only on April 3.

Indonesia declared a public health emergency on March 31 and has issued an order for “large-scale social assessment,” reports the Jakarta Post while Vietnam has imposed a two-week ban on non-essential activities starting April 1.

Laos announced its own lockout on March 29.

In Europe, Italy announced the closure on March 9 and Spain issued a “general containment order” on March 14, Deutshe Welle reported.

France announced “nationwide tight seals on March 17, banning all public gatherings and keeping residents inside except shopping for groceries and other important tasks,” DW also reported. A similar ban has been imposed in Belgium since March 18.

Prohibition of traveling the Philippines

Peace Counselor Carlito Galvez Jr., chief executive of the National Action Plan against COVID-19, added: “Nakita is a perfect person and can manage the cost of living with high costs and responsibilities and prohibitions on traveling with yung, travel bans, yung, travel bans, and travel nagkaroon ng COVID cases. “

(We see that the decision of our beloved president to be the first to impose a travel ban on countries that have COVID cases is a good decision)

Galvez said that the Philippines was reaping good results from “difficult decisions, desperate decisions.”

But the Philippines is not the first to do so and calls for travel bans have increased even before the government announced the ban, which initially only included travelers from Wuhan City and Hubei province, the epicenter of the spread of the COVID-19 outbreak at the time. .

Timeline of a Philippines travel ban

  • January 22: Representative Rozzano Rufino Biazon (Muntinlupa) asks the Philippine Civil Aviation Authority to suspend direct flights from Wuhan, China to Kalibo, Aklan. On that day, new pathogens had infected at least 315 people and had killed at least six.
  • January 23: Hubei City in central China, where the COVID-19 ground zero of Wuhan City is located, placed on lockdown. This effectively suspends flights and trains in and out of the city.
    On the same day, the Civil Aviation Agency said it would do it suspend all flights to and from Wuhan.
  • January 24th: Immigration spokesman Dana Sandoval said the bureau “has rejected applications for [visas upon arrival] for tour group that will fly from Wuhan, following the announcement of the Civil Aviation Council to suspend all direct flights from Wuhan to the Philippines. “VUA is a privilege to more easily enter the Philippines by tour groups and charter flights.
  • January 28th: The Immigration Bureau said it would do it suspend the issuance of visa on arrival given to Chinese tourists, in an effort to “slow down the entry of group tours.”
    However, Immigration Commissioner Jaime Morente said that there was no order prohibiting Chinese citizens from entering the country.
  • January 30th: Presidential spokesman Salvador Panelo said the Philippines could ban flights from China, “because of the safety of our citizens,” but would not do so.
    “Unang-una, wala tayong iba-ban, hindi naman sila darating (from the beginning, no one forbade because they will not arrive),” he said in a briefing.
  • January 31: Panelo announced that the Philippines impose a travel ban on Chinese citizens who come from Hubei and other places in China with COVID-19 cases.
    “On the recommendation of [Health] Secretary Francisco Duque, the President has issued a travel ban on Chinese citizens from Hubei province in China where nCoV originated, as well as other places in China where there is a spread of the disease, “he said in a statement.
    On the same day, the health department announced the country’s first COVID-19 case – a 38-year-old Chinese woman who arrived from Wuhan City on January 21.
  • February 2: The Philippines expand travel restrictions to mainland China and the special administrative regions of Hong Kong and Macau.

The Philippines’ travel ban against China and its SAR briefly covered Taiwan but the government has since reversed the decision. The ban on traveling to China by Filipino workers and students abroad has also been relaxed.

The Marshall Islands were the first to close its borders

The global global think tank based in the US registered the Republic of the Marshall Islands as the first country to impose a ban on entry on tourists from China.

In a release dated January 24, the Republic of Marshall Islands Ministry of Health and Human Services said travelers coming from, and transiting through, China “had to spend at least 14 days in an unaffected country” by COVID-19. If a traveler arrives in the Republic within 14 days, the entry will be rejected. “There are no exceptions.”

Report from Reuters said North Korea closed its border from neighboring China on January 25.

Hong Kong closes its border for residents and travelers from Hubei province on January 27. The ban does not cover Hong Kong residents.

Singapore imposed a travel ban on January 29

The Singapore Ministry of Health said that it was effective on 29 January, “All new visitors with recent Hubei travel history in the last 14 days, or who are with [People’s Republic of China] passports issued in Hubei will not be allowed into Singapore, or transit through Singapore. “

Singapore then expanded the ban to include all new visitors with a history of recent trips to mainland China in the last 14 days at noon on February 1. Despite closing its border early, Singapore has just been locked this week after a spike in new infections in the past few days.

“The authorities had previously opposed the kind of cruel acts seen in countries hit worse – but have now ordered the closure of all businesses that are considered as unimportant as schools, and have asked people to stay at home,” reported The New Straits Times.

Some countries also imposed a travel ban on January 30, according to the Council on Foreign Relations. These are Afghanistan, the Bahamas, Trinidad and Tobago.

Meanwhile the Philippines said it would ban the entry of Chinese nationals from Hubei province and other COVID-19 affected areas in China on January 31.

There are currently 3,870 COVID-19 infections in this country. The number of deaths reached 182, while 96 patients have so far recovered.

The government is aiming for a mass test on April 14. – Kristine Joy Patag


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Fact Check: Do people in the UK burn 5G towers? | Instant News

The ongoing coronavirus outbreak has led to a number of conspiracy theories circulating around the origin of the virus. While some call it a cultured virus, others conspire that the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak is the result of newly introduced 5G cellular connectivity. Although this conspiracy theory has little or no reliable information to support their claims, it does not stop people from believing the things presented.

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Claims –

It was reported last weekend that various cell towers had been burned. Various 5G towers were burned in Britain after people assumed 5G was responsible for the spread of the corona virus worldwide. The burned cell towers belong to the companies Vodafone, EE and Three UK which have confirmed that each of their 5G towers were attacked.

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Ranking – Correct

Various 5G towers in the UK were attacked by arsonists. Cell towers burned as a conspiracy theory of 5G cellular connections responsible for the ongoing coronavirus outbreak has spread widely on the internet. Four large British cellular companies also issued a joint statement to stop people burning 5G towers.

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Origin –

The conspiracy theories surrounding the 5G data connection and the coronavirus outbreak started from various YouTube channels and spread to almost every social media platform on the internet. One theory states that the coronavirus outbreak began in Wuhan City, China after 5G connections started rolling there. Another theory claims that the radiation emitted by the 5G tower depletes oxygen levels in the atmosphere and causes respiratory problems for humans. However, all of these theories have been refuted and lack credibility.

Google Trends Analysis –

When news of the burning 5G tower in the UK began to circulate on the internet, many people quickly looked to see if the incident really happened. This results in a surge in Google search for the same topic. See Google Analysis below –


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the corona left

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