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Louis Mobile Food Market will be in your Community in Partnership with St. Louis. Louis Area Foodbank Listing for August 1 – 21 | Instant News

Louis Mobile Food Market will be in your Community in Partnership with St. Louis Area Foodbank Listing for August 1 – 21 | RiverBender.com


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NGOs’ registration in the charity Punjab act 2018 left | Instant News


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Local groups gather to hold car seat checks in Brazil | Instant News


BRAZIL, Ind. (WTWO / WAWV) – Another effort to make the highway safer for children is an active Friday.

Opportunities and Services for Youth and CRADLES from Clay County hold car seat checks in Brazil.

Those attending the event can examine their car seats thoroughly to ensure the safety of the child.

Staff with CASY also said they could provide new car seats for those who might need them.

With many car seats improperly installed, leaders at the Friday event said inspecting equipment was important.

“9 out of 10 car seats are not installed correctly. Part of the reason is whether the seat is too loose, it’s not the right size for a child or the child is too big or they are in a car seat too big for them. We are here trying to make sure every child who leaves here will leave safely, “said Brandon Halleck, COO at Chances and Services for Youth.

Halleck said there would also be a permanent car seat installation station available at the Booker T. Washington Community Center in Terre Haute.

You can make an appointment by calling 812-232-3952


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Governor Sarwar shape of the body to check the sub-towns | Instant News

Lahore:Governor Punjab Chaudhry Muhammad Sarwar has formed six members of the investigative Commission for verification of sub-campuses established by the University of Central Punjab (UCP), taking into account the criteria and guidelines for notification from the government.

According to details, the Governor, who is also the patron of the UCP formed a Committee in exercise of the powers conferred on it in accordance with Section 7 (1) University of Central Punjab, Lahore Ordinance 2002.

The Committee is chaired by Quaid-e-Azam (qau) Islamabad Vice-Chancellor Professor Dr. Muhammad Ali while the other members of GCU Lahore VC Prof Dr Asghar Zaidi, LCWU VC Prof Dr Bushra Mirza, a retired bureaucrat Dr. R. Siddiqui, special Secretary higher education Department (hed) Punjab and the Director of R&D Punjab GEK Noman Maqbool RAO. The Committee was asked to submit a report within 60 days.


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Twice robbed, a man expects, if the registration | Instant News

Lahore:a man was robbed twice in the jurisdiction of the Sabzazar police station within two months, but no fir has been registered. Seven days ago, the mother of the applicant Ali was stripped of a gold bracelet and RS1,000 on the road in a block, Sabzazar and 15 days prior to this event, his store within the Sabzazar police, was sacked.

The victim reported the incident in the store robbery to the police on 26 April, with the video, but was surprised when Sabzazar police asked him to remove the word “armed men” of his complaint. The police were going to register the complaint on theft charges. Subsequently, no case could be registered. And on June 22 at 5 PM, the victim was on his way with his family when two armed robbers intercepted his car and grabbed a gold bracelet and RS1,000 from her mother. Cyclists looked teenagers who covered their faces with masks. Although the victim reported 15 emergency call to the police about the incident, he refused to file a complaint, keeping in mind undue fatigue, he was already in the hands of Sabzazar police in connection with a robbery.

The victim is not an exception, who refused to pursue the case because there are thousands of people who refuse to turn to the police. People who are afraid of criminals and fatigue in the hands of the police, did not report the incidents even disgusting nature to the police.

A lot of people can be found repenting in the city, why they involved the police in their Affairs. And watching the suffering of such people who pursue their questions at the level of the police, most families always offer their loved ones, to avoid the intervention of the police; otherwise, they will have to deal with unmotivated fatigue in the hands of the police and threats from criminals.

Similarly, other citizen not to report the incident of robbery in Shalamar police area in which he was deprived for PC1 rupees in cash and three expensive cell phones may 6, 2020, at 11:30 PM.

The victim Kamran Asghar from sehar road, Baghbanpura, rode in the car with a friend and manufacturer of auto parts, when four robbers on two bikes intercepted his car and forced him and two others hostage at gunpoint. The robbers made a thorough search in three, deprived of their money and three cell phones at gunpoint and rode away from the scene.

Kamran tells his family about the incident. It seemed that the family of the victim has already experienced some bitter experience in the hands of the police, or they were afraid of the police of the disgusting treatment to which they sent Kamran to return home and it was not necessary to inform 15 emergency police. Kamran did so.

In the news, ‘ said Kamran, the father of his friend who accompanied him during the incident, refused to bring his only son in this matter. He feared that the robbers would kill or nurture a grudge against his son if he recorded his statement in the FIR. “Because of this fear, the family does not allow me to report the incident promptly to the police, although personally I want to see the perpetrators behind bars; many other families could fall victim to wild daredevils,” added Kamran.

When contacted, dig operations Lahore Ishfaq Ahmed Khan said that the sacrifices do not inform the police about the incident minor or heinous nature were actually made by the criminals, extending their field days. He said that if the victims or the Complainants believe that they were not properly placed in the police station, they must comply with the Supervisory officer for a speedy redress.

Replying to another question, he said that the IG Shoaib Punjab Dastghir were sent to all officers in the Punjab province to be courteous with citizens and have zero tolerance for police misconduct and wrong citizens.

Dig said that despite the shortage of police officers in the Lahore police, serving more than 1.2 million people and by the grace of Allah the provincial metropolis was safer than in many cities of developed countries where people are reluctant to leave the house after sunset. He said they had identified areas where the citizens were plundered by the robbers and steps are being taken to make patrols in these areas more effective, besides taking some other preventive measures.

Delays in registration of firs and mitigate the heinous crime would not be tolerated, he added that he will convene all departments of the SPS to prevent the field officers involved in dereliction of duties, negligence, abuse and corruption, in order to correct our ways and be prepared for the responsibility and scrupulous officers and officials will be encouraged.


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The images used in the media are old but the PM is in Nathiagali | Instant News

ISLAMABAD: Many people on social media spend the second day of Eid al-Fitr discussing that where Prime Minister Imran Khan celebrates Eid. A news item that runs on a TV channel website tries to solve the puzzle. “Prime Minister [Imran Khan] photographed while walking on Nathiagali Monday morning. He spent the Idul Fitri holiday with his family there, “read a tweet on his website. Hyperlinks from the story are also attached.

Tweets from PM’s focal person on social media take the debate in another direction that makes many people believe that the story mentioned above is fake news. “These are very old photos [Nathiagali]. I was surprised to see how the media group [don’t] even checking basic facts before posting any news, “Dr. tweet Arsalan Khalid, focal person. Reading this tweet shows that not only is the picture old; reports that claim the presence of the PM in Nathiagali are also wrong. At least, this is how it is interpreted by readers including editors of websites that are attacked by trolls.

Another Twitter handle sounds sympathetic to the government adding, “It would be appreciated if this could be resolved with an apology from [TV website] to spread misinformation because references to original photos from May 2017 have been shared, “tweeted Imran Ghazali. Submitting this criticism, the website runs clarification and removes the story. This movement despite providing livestock feed that is urgently needed by the government’s cyber forces on Twitter, the news refused to surrender.

The video appears one after another further suggesting the presence of PM at the resort. News spoke with local residents who said that they had been locked up in their homes because of the VVIP movement. They say the tourism business has been closed because of the locking which is driven by the corona and no tourists are allowed in the area. The news then spoke to the information minister to reconfirm and he did. He even checked again before confirming this. It is further known that the pro-government channel reported Saturday night that the PM will spend the Idul Fitri holiday with his family in Nathiagali. The news also spoke to Dr. Arsalan. He said he only showed that the photo was old, he did not say the PM was not in Nathia Gali. Instead, he said he did not know where the PM was. When asked that his tweet was misinterpreted because of its misleading content, he repeated his position that he did not dispute or confirm that the PM was in Nathiagali.

It seems that the episode is simple, it has two lessons for journalists. One, they have to check the image they want to use. One way to do this is by directly approaching the person in the picture or talking to someone who is in a position to comment. But it is not a very easy fact because the person concerned might try to hide the fact. An alternative choice is to use a search engine to reverse images. It will be known when the picture first appears on the internet. The Russian search engine, Yandex, was the most recommended followed by Bing from Microsoft and then Google’s reverse image search.

Second, rejection must be read and interpreted carefully. It often happens that facts are selectively shared to mislead readers. In the case in question, simply clarifying the fact that an old photo is used as if it were a new photo, does not necessarily mean that the story is completely wrong. The PM spokesman rather than being defensive can also add that the PM in almost 21 months hardly takes personal breaks and these are the first days he tries to enjoy with his family for a long time. A senior source at PM House revealed that even during this time he kept calling in to follow up in preparation for the post-Idul Fitri schedule.


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Keep the market open until midnight to check density, PTI advises | Instant News

Demanding to extend trading hours on the market until midnight, the leader of Pakistan’s Tehreek-e-Insaf Pakistan said on Saturday that large crowds gathered in the market because of limited working hours four days a week.

The Sindh government must develop separate standard operating procedures (SOPs) for each department, Karachi PTI President Khurrum Sher Zaman said at a press conference.

“Because of the locked up and bad policies of the Sindh government, everyone, especially the working class, has been greatly affected,” said Zaman, who is also an MPA.

He called on the Sindh government to allow the opening of shopping centers under separate SOPs. “Likewise, transportation must be restored soon. The livelihoods of millions of people are related to transportation, “he said.

He said the provincial government was at the forefront of legislation while lagging behind its implementation. He asked the government to answer in the Sindh Assembly why the health department signed a contract with a private hospital.

“Is the Sindh government hospital closed? Why does the Sindh government give Rs175,000 per patient every day to private hospitals? “He asked.

Zaman claimed that the entire Sindh cabinet was based on sympathizers and good relatives, who committed corruption. He advised Chief Minister Murad Ali Shah to remove incompetent ministers from his cabinet and bring positive changes in them.

Positive results were given by conducting fake tests on the corona virus in the province, he said. “The Sindh government deliberately spreads fear and panic among the people.”

MPA Zaman said the federal government gave money to Sindh on behalf of the National Finance Commission. “After the enactment of the 18th amendment, health is now a provincial problem,” he said.

The PTI leader also said that the steps taken by the federal government to prevent corona virus were welcomed not only nationally but also throughout the world. Under the Ehsaas cash emergency program, the prime minister has treated the poor and those affected by the lock.

“This country needs to declare a national emergency and take action on the basis of war,” he said. “But unfortunately, the Sindh government, including Pakistani People’s Party supremo Bilawal Zardari, has carried out politics even in situations like this.”

Karachi Senior PTI Vice President Mahmood Maulvi, Secretary General Saeed Afridi, Karachi Spokesman Jamal Siddiqui and Karachi PTI President’s Advisor Imran Siddiqui were also present at the press conference.

JI attitude

Other political parties have also demanded the Sindh government to extend market time to prevent crowding.

In a statement issued on Friday, Karachi’s Jamaat-e-Islami (JI) Emir Hafiz Naeem ur Rehman called for the government to allow the market to open longer, or people would continue to crowd large commercial centers at a time. .

He also condemned the government’s decision to impose fines of up to Rp1 million on shop owners who violated standard operating procedures (SOP).

He said the federal minister should be fined for allowing people to enter the country from abroad without being filtered, which eventually spread the country’s epidemic.

The head of JI city said it was the government’s responsibility to ensure that people followed the SOP in the market. He also demanded that the government extend the market time because of Eid.

According to the head of JI city, traders have faced financial problems because they have restarted their business after 60 days. He said it was natural for customers to flock to stores in large numbers when the time of stores had been shortened.

He demanded that the government increase shopping time and said it was the government’s responsibility to ensure that the SOP was followed.

Commenting on traffic jams in the city during the day, he said traffic police were not available to control vehicle traffic.


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The KP Assembly Speaker examined the corona arrangement | Instant News

PESHAWAR: Provincial Assembly Chair Mushtaq Ahmed Ghani visited the Khyber Education Hospital to pick up the situation regarding the coronavirus on Friday.

He was received by Medical Director Prof. Dr. Aamir Azhar and hospital media manager. The speaker was briefed by the medical director about the current situation of COVID-19. Mushtaq Ghani was informed that KTH has a 55-bed corona isolation unit and a 20-bed private room insulation for KTH staff.

Then, the speaker visited the A&E Department where he checked OPD 24/7 from various specialties and other facilities provided by the hospital. He also visited a triage screening center for corona patients where he was briefed by triage in charge Dr. Nadia Iqbal. Media Manager Farhad Khan informs the speaker that all basic needs including breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea, dinner and other necessities are provided for patients treated in private isolation rooms, and isolation units from hospital resources and staff working in the unit isolation and isolation of A&E, triage, private rooms are provided with Sehr and Iftar on a self-help basis. Nearly 150 employees were given Sehr and Iftar, he added.


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NAB hands Rs111m checks to the Punjab government | Instant News

LAHORE: Director General of the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) Lahore on Wednesday handed over checks of more than Rs111 million to representatives of the provincial government.

The amount has been recovered by the Lahore Regional Corruption Office through holding Plea Bargain (PB) in various corruption scandals – corruption cases of the Punjab Sports Council, officials of the Lahore Development Authority and other cases of release of fake plot files, etc., Punjab Power Development Company (PPDC ) Case, Case of the Gujranwala Development Authority (GDA), Bethel Leaving Scam of embezzlement of import duties and fraud of the State Life Insurance Company (SLIC).

On this occasion, NAB Directorate General Lahore stated that the policy adopted by the Chairman of the NAB, Judge Javed Iqbal (Retd) had begun to obtain useful results because the recovery process in corruption cases had worsened. He claimed that over the past two years, NAB had directly and indirectly recovered Rs178 billion from bad elements and the same thing had been included in the national treasurer. He observed that corrupt elements were not suitable for relaxation.

NAB will make cases where it is deemed necessary, whereas, the bureau will not leave business needs behind for the purpose of recovering looted money. He said that according to instructions from the NAB chairman, the Lahore Regional Chapter had struggled to bring all the massive corruption scandals to their logical goals without causing delay.


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How Grocery Bills Skyrocket Even When Food Becomes Scarcer – NBC Boston | Instant News

This is what shopping looks like at the time of Coronavirus.

For one, that’s more difficult to do, considering social distance.

Our household has completely changed. We are all more at home. Many restaurants are closed, even limiting takeout or delivery options. Campus children and other relatives might add household numbers.

“There is no reason for me to be in the store the next few weeks, other than boredom,” said Simma Levine, in her 50s and a producer for a non-profit organization in New York. To prepare for the closure of the city, Levine and her family moved to their Connecticut weekend place, where they spent, cooked and ate more.

Empty shelves are increasingly common. Early in the morning, Gayle Glick, 62, said her husband gave a report on what was available in the shop. “I can make a special request,” said Glick, a retiree in Toledo, Ohio. “Sometimes I get the stuff, sometimes I don’t.”

Self, the lender who built credit, asked 1,340 Americans about shopping for groceries and their eating habits survey fielded April 10-14.

Not surprisingly, only more than two-thirds of those surveyed said they were spend more on weekly shopping, according to Self.

The average household spends an additional $ 69 a week on food, because the average grocery shopping rises to $ 155 per week. That is an 80% increase for food at home when compared to the Bureau of Labor Statistics calculations from 2018 for that category. Some people even spend more: Just under a quarter say they spend between $ 100 and $ 200 extra every week.

The extra money is used for a lot of homemade food. About a third of survey respondents said they learned to cook or experiment in the kitchen.

Because her children are not attending school, Nadia Malik, 36, a personal finance blogger in Dallas, said saving snacks, juice boxes, and junk food is very important. Lunch does not produce much, because children eat breakfast late at night and dinner early.

Slim cuisine

Malik is one of the few who managed to cut costs, going to the store only to buy milk, eggs and fresh products. “I carried out wholesale transportation four weeks ago,” he said. “I stretch whatever I have at home and replace the meat with lentils – and surprisingly, the kids love it.” Overall, he said he cut food costs by around 35%.

About 1 in 4 survey respondents said they rationed food, both to save money and avoid repeated trips to the store. “I fluctuate between eating less for food rations and reducing food costs, overeating because of boredom and self-medication because of stress, anxiety and depression due to a pandemic,” said a commentator on social media who asked not to be identified.

Some give up on junk food.

“My husband brings home junk food all the time, before and during quarantine,” Glick said. He tried to avoid the so-called Quarantine 15 – Refers to the number of pounds used during locking – and so far he has succeeded.

This story first appeared on CNBC.com. More from CNBC:


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