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The challenges of poor children increase as cheap schools continue to be closed forever | Instant News

After educational institutions closed for the second time last year due to the second wave of Covid-19, more than 300 low-cost private schools across Karachi have been permanently closed.

All Private School Management Associations (APSMA) and All Sindh Private Schools & Colleges Associations (ASPSCA) said that most of these schools have operated in underprivileged urban areas.

They say that owners and administrators of hundreds of other constituent schools have approached them for financial assistance, but the association is in no position to help them and save the futures of their thousands of students.

They indicated that around 12 private school associations operate in the province. They also pointed out that permanently closing schools would increase the number of children dropping out of school if the authorities did not take concrete action.

“As an association, we only provide legal assistance and technical support, and help member schools improve teaching and learning activities,” said ASPSCA Chairman Haider Ali. “We can’t solve the financial problems in every school.”

He said his association was collecting data on schools whose owners were unable to run their institutions after the suspension of educational activities during the second wave of Covid-19.

He also said that around 500 low-cost private schools across the province would not be able to reopen. However, he stressed, his party had not completed the closed agency data. “Extensive work like that takes time to complete.”

Agreeing with Ali, the head of APSMA Sindh Syed Tariq Shah said that low-cost private schools continue to close forever as they have to pay rent, salaries, electricity bills and taxes from the fees collected.

However, he pointed out, the parents have refused to pay the fees for the past nine months, while neither the authorities have taken the matter seriously.

He said school owners also frequently reported dropping out of school, an estimated rate of between 20 and 25 percent of enrolled students. He warned that this would continue to increase the number of school dropouts in Pakistan.

Citing Unicef ​​statistics, he said that with 22.8 million children dropping out of school, Pakistan was ranked second on the list of countries where children do not receive an education.

“Private educational institutions help the country provide access to basic education, but the authorities turn a blind eye to vulnerable units struggling to survive the current crisis.”


School owners who recently closed their institutions for good said they were facing financial difficulties because parents refused to pay fees.

“We sent them reminders, but instead of paying tuition fees, some of them took their children out of our school,” said Habibullah, who has been running his school in the Qasba Colony.

He rented a building in 2015 to start his school. Under the usual lease agreement, he is responsible for paying monthly rent, utility bills, and maintenance costs.

“Our school is not one of the institutions established to make money. We just want to give children around access to basic education. “

He said that when educational institutions closed for the first time last year because of the outbreak of the Covid-19 case, “we somehow managed the costs. However the second wave proved more challenging for our school ”. “In addition, the uncertainty about reopening educational institutions forces us to permanently close our schools because we have no money and there is no hope that any government agency will provide us with financial assistance.”

Another school owner named Muhammad Yousaf, who once ran a school in the Ranchore Line neighborhood, said the operating costs of low-cost private educational institutions were too high.

He said such schools are generally run in disadvantaged areas, where if they do not operate according to their daily routine, parents who are mostly working class do not pay tuition.

“Every time we ask parents to pay tuition fees, they argue why they should pay if the school is closed. This is one of the main reasons forcing us to permanently close the institution. “


Shah APSMA said that more schools tend to close permanently because their owners are unsure about reopening educational institutions. He pointed out that the Inter-Provincial Education Ministers Conference will be held on January 14 or 15, after which the owners may revise their decision.

He said the situation was not that simple because school owners needed to manage rent, salaries and other expenses. Therefore, he added, the authorities should pay attention to their problems, especially those running low-cost institutions.


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Turkish actor Celal Al gives blood to children with thalassemia in Karachi | Instant News

Celal AL interacts with children during a cake cutting ceremony by the Omair-Sana Foundation, in Karachi, on January 10, 2021. – Photo provided by the author

KARACHI: Turkish actor Celal Al, from the famous Ertugrul, on Sunday visited the Omair-Sana Foundation (OSF) and Karachi Children’s Hospital and gave blood to children diagnosed with thalassemia.

“I donated my blood for Pakistani children who suffer from thalassemia. This will not only strengthen the ties between Turkey and Pakistan, but will also encourage other countries to donate blood for those who need blood donations to lead normal lives, ”he said, during his visit at the invitation of the administrations of the two health facilities.

Accompanied by epic series producer Kemal Tekdin, the Turkish actor recited verses from the Koran, picked up slogans he sang in the drama series and also chanted “Jeevey Jeevey Pakistan”, “Pakistan-Turkey friendship zindabad” and vowed to come visit Pakistan again.

The production team of Dirilis: Ertugrul was invited to visit the Omair-Sana Foundation and the Karachi Children’s Hospital by its founders, Dr Kashif Ansari, a US-based oncologist, and Dr Saqib Ansari, a prominent pediatric hematologist struggling to remove thalassemia and other blood disorders from Pakistan.

Emir Jamat-e-Islami Karachi Hafiz Naeem-ur-Rehman and dozens of fans of the cast and actor Ertugrul were also present at the occasion.

Leading BMT Surgeon and OSF Secretary General Dr Saqib Ansari said he was pleased that Celal Al and other team members from the Erturgrl series visited the hospital and donated blood.

“Turkish blood is being donated to Pakistani children; This will further strengthen ties between the two countries, “he said.

Turkish actor Celal Al (center), as she donates blood to children with thalassemia, in Karachi, January 10, 2021. – Photo courtesy of Facebook

Experience in Pakistan

Speaking further on the occasion, Celal Al said that she was delighted to visit Pakistan, especially the two excellent health facilities where children with genetic blood disorders are cared for and managed free of charge and offer her full support in the care of children with thalassemia and other blood disorders.

Celal Al, speaking with the help of an interpreter, said Turks and Pakistanis are brothers but he did not expect such love and affection for Turkey and its people in Pakistan.

He wants to continue visiting Pakistan whenever possible, saying cooperation between the two countries and people must grow every day.

To ask, he said he liked Pakistani food, especially biryani and lamb which he ate in Islamabad and wanted to taste biryani in Karachi as well.

New joint project

Kemal Tekdin, producer of Ertugrul and other famous Turkish dramas, said work was being done on two joint projects in Pakistan based on the lives of “Abdur Rehman Peshawari” and “Babu Shah”. He said that the drama will be produced in Urdu and Turkish and will also be dubbed in English.

US-based Pakistani oncologist Dr Kashif Ansari who invited the Turkish team to Pakistan said he wanted to enhance cooperation in the media and entertainment industry between Turkey and Pakistan.

Ansari said that in the coming days, “instead of idealizing Indian actors and film stars, Pakistani children will idealize Pakistani and Turkish stars and heroes in Muslim history”.

“We are currently making a series about the poetry and messages of Allama Iqbal and Abdur Rehman Peshawari. Abdur Rehman Peshawari is a Muslim from the subcontinent who went to Turkey, fought alongside the Turkish brothers and also served as Turkey’s ambassador in Afghanistan. He was martyred there and is now considered a hero in Turkey, ”said the oncologist.


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Switzerland’s decision to close schools is one of the most effective measures to reduce the spread of Covid, the study said | Instant News

Switzerland’s decision in the spring to close schools was one of the most effective measures in reducing mobility as well as transmission of Covid-19, a study showed Sunday.

Researchers at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich, ETH, determined that school closures in Switzerland last March were responsible for cutting mobility by more than a fifth.

“School closures reduce mobility by 21.6 percent,” Stefan Feuerriegel, an ETH management information systems professor who led the study. “

“Closing schools reduces mobility, (which) then reduces new cases” of Covid-19, he said.

His team analyzed about 1.5 billion movements in Swiss telecommunications data between February 10 and April 26 last year to evaluate their impact on mobility as anti-Covid measures were introduced.

In decentralized Switzerland, its 26 cantons imposed measures at different paces before a nationwide partial lockdown, including school closings, was ordered on March 16.

Schools across the country remained closed for about two months before gradually reopening.

The study, which has not yet been peer reviewed, found school closures ranked third in terms of reduced mobility.

At the top of the list are the ban on gatherings of more than five people, which has seen it cut mobility by 24.9 percent, and the closure of restaurants, bars and non-essential shops, which caused people to move around 22.3 percent less. studies show.

Feuerriegel said it was not surprising that school closings had such a big impact on the movement of people.

“If schools are closed, we can expect big changes in behavior,” he said, stressing that “not only will children stay at home, but sometimes require their parents to change their mobility as well.”

School closures have become one of the most controversial measures introduced around the world to help control the pandemic.

Children are much less likely to develop severe disease from Covid-19 than older people, but it’s still unclear how much they transmit the virus.

The ETH study doesn’t address that, but suggests that school closings can significantly reduce transmission by encouraging people to move around and socialize less.

“Our analysis confirms the closure of schools as a measure to slow the spread, through reduced mobility,” said Feuerriegel.


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Karioitahi drowning tragedy: Father died saving the children from the sea | Instant News

Revell Douglas, 46, drowning rescued children on Karioitahi Beach, pictured with her sons Hamish, 11, Liam, 9 and Lockie, 13.

The famous south Auckland horse trainer who drowned rescuing children from the dangerous west coast waves was hailed a hero for his selfless actions.

Revell Douglas lost his life on Wednesday when he descended into the water on Karioitahi Beach, south of Auckland when a number of children with him got into trouble at sea.

Despite the efforts of first responders, Douglas died at the scene.

As stunned friends and colleagues accepted the tragedy, his devastated family this morning released a statement detailing how a beach outing ended up taking the 46-year-old sportsman’s life.

Revell, his partner Lou and his seven children were once at the beach where Revell trained his horse.

“The children are already in the water, when some of them are having a hard time. Revell and Lockie’s eldest son, along with Lou, helped save the children but Revell tragically lost his life while doing so.

“She will be missed by all,” said the family.

Those who live and work alongside champion horse trainers and avid rugby players have been struck by death.

The tribute posted on Facebook described his final moments as heroic.

Our sincere condolences to Revell Douglas’ family and friends as well as his colleagues at Hygain, “said Show Circuit magazine on its Facebook page.

“Yesterday he drowned a hero, while saving one if his children.

“RIP Revell, you are a great man who is well respected by everyone in our community.”

“Our friend Revell Douglas, a champion man, horse rider, friend and father.
Hygain won’t be the same. The Rev went out, and will always be a hero, “wrote Adam Campbell.

The bereaved family said Douglas was a passionate horseman who had partnered with his father Don Douglas. Over the years, the couple has trained a number of successful accomplice.

Douglas worked in the racing and horse industry most of his life, including time as racing manager for Alexandra Park and general manager of the Pinjarra Trotting Club in western Australia where he and his family lived for three years.

Revell Douglas has coached a number of successful collaborators in partnership with his father Don Douglas over the years.  Photo / Provided
Revell Douglas has coached a number of successful collaborators in partnership with his father Don Douglas over the years. Photo / Provided

Most recently, he worked for Hygain and Mitavite Horse feeds as the New Zealand region manager.

On Friday, fellow harness coach Jeremy Young dedicated the win at Cambridge Raceway in memory of his late friend.

“It’s a bit of an emotional win for me. It’s for the guy I met at the stables when I first started at Puke, Revell Douglas. The champion guy. It’s a great privilege to win that race and I’ll miss you,” he said on Facebook. .

Douglas, who played representative rugby for Manawatū and in England, was married to Julia for 14 years and has three sons: Lockie 13, Hamish, 11 and Liam, 9.

Along with broad horse interest, Douglas was active in the County rugby circle and coached the youth team at the Karaka Rugby club for the last seven years.

In a post on their Facebook page, the Karaka Junior Rugby committee and community extended their deepest condolences and sincere thoughts to family and friends by saying “one of our club members and team coaches who tragically lost his life by drowning while saving the life of one. his son at Karioitahi Beach on Wednesday morning “.

The Pinjarra Harness Racing Club said this week it was very sad to learn of the tragedy.

“During his time as manager, Revell’s passion for Harness Racing and PHRC was evident. His persistence and drive to improve the club led to some impressive changes. Including increased funding for the Pavilion, making it what it is today,” wrote a post. .

The National Equestrian Center also paid tribute by posting the horse rider drowning while trying to save one of his children.

“Revell drowned trying to save one of his cubs today. A great man with extensive knowledge of all things horse.”

Drowning is one of six people who lost their life in the first six days of 2021.

Four year old Mystique Genuine Pairama from Upper Hutt died in Lake Rotokawau on Monday and Zion Brown from New Pymouth died in Lake Arapuni on Tuesday.

Hours after Douglas lost his life, someone drowned in Two Mile Bay on Lake Taupo.


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Police suspect beggars in Karachi may have kidnapped children | Instant News

Photo: Geo.tv

KARACHI: Police have arrested several beggars from the streets of Karachi and have raised suspicions that the children accompanying them may not be their own and may have been kidnapped.

To verify these suspicions, the police plan to carry out DNA tests on the arrested children and adult beggars.

According to articles by Geo NewsThe police are working with 10 agencies to carry out a joint investigation to crack down on the beggar mafia in the city.

Karachi police chief Ghulam Nabi Memon told the outlet that several important decisions had been taken in this regard.

“The Sindh government’s Social Welfare Department, Child Protection Authority, Roshni Helpline, Saylani Welfare Trust, Anti-Violence Cell, Traffic Police and other organizations are working with the police,” he said.

According to Ghulam Nabi Memon, there is growing evidence that Karachi beggars are involved in several criminal activities, including drug trafficking.

“Most of these beggars are not native to the city. They can speak Seraiki and have been involved in the begging ‘profession’ for generations, or come from ethnic Bengali or Burmese ethnic groups,” the police chief said. added that many of them are also foreign nationals, with most of them Afghans.

“In our meetings with various organizations, we raised suspicions about the children being accompanied by these beggars and decided to do DNA tests to find out whether the children had been kidnapped,” he said.

In many cases, beggars intentionally amputate [the limbs and hands] of the children who are kidnapped so they can use it as a tool in their begging business.

According to the Karachi Police Chief, under the supervision of the Social Welfare Department in the city, facility centers and shelter houses are available in Korangi and Malir districts where complete accommodation and food facilities will be provided for beggars and their children.

“An anti-beggar unit is also being activated across the city, where the first phase of a pilot project will soon be launched to make Karachi a no-beggar zone,” Ghulam Nabi Memon said.


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