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Marcus Rashford’s petition to end child food poverty signed by more than 1 million people | education | Instant News

Marcus Rashford’s petition to end child food poverty has hit millions of signatures as thousands of local cafes, restaurants and businesses step in to support struggling families without access to free school meals during the half semester break.

It is one of only five parliamentary petitions to have drawn a million signatures, and the first since the last general election, fueled by the 22-year-old Manchester United footballer’s campaign skills and deft use of social media to garner support.

Hundreds of thousands of people registered in protest afterwards Last week lawmakers rejected the Labor Party’s motion to extend free school meals through Easter 2021 to keep children from going hungry.

Labor has since been building pressure, calling for transparency over the role of the chancellor reports from a single line between the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Education. “It is hard to believe that this government refused to provide food to the poorest children in the country at the height of the pandemic,” said the shadow chancellor, Anneliese Dodds.

“And now the ministers are getting into a desperate blame game rather than admitting they made this mistake and correcting it.”

The chancellor’s spending review was set for November 25 and Downing Street said Rishi Sunak could announce extra support to feed families during school holidays, although many in government remain against food stamps.

The Rashford Petition calls on the government to expand access to free school meals, provide meals and activities during the holidays to prevent hunger and expand health start-up schemes to provide more support to young mothers regarding alimony.

A million milestones passed, Manchester United and England strikers using his Twitter account to highlight great-grandmother’s efforts Flo Osborne, 89, who has baked hundreds of pies to feed starving children for half a month.

More than 2,000 cafes, restaurants and other businesses in the UK have so far followed Rashford’s call to support struggling families for half a semester, according to All Of Us Together, a team of tech and campaign volunteers who have founded a interactive map to register participating organizations.

Coworkers tell House of Lords about his mother’s ‘panic’ over school meals – video

Alison Killing, of the All Of Us Together team, said they asked participating businesses to report back on how much food they gave during the week to create demand maps and help local councils support families.

“We want to make sure we catch the places that offer help, and make sure that struggling families see where they can get help locally – sharing maps on your local facebook group and in your community will go a long way toward making that happen. occur.”


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Fashion Forum | Instant News

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Closing the Australian education gap will take a generation, the study finds important | Instant News

One of the most comprehensive studies of the Australian education system found that postal code and family background influence the opportunities available to students from preschool to adulthood, with one in three disadvantaged students falling through the gap.

Sergio Macklin, vice chair of education policy at Victoria University’s Michell Institute, released the Education Opportunities in Australia report, which calls for additional resources immediately to help disadvantaged, Indigenous and remote students.

“Educational success is closely tied to the wealth of young people’s families and where they grow up,” said Macklin.

“I think Australia is really disappointing students from low-income families, Aboriginal students, and those in remote areas.”

The report criticized the progress of last December’s Alice Springs Education Council meeting at which, after Australia’s poor performance compared to its international counterparts, education ministers pledged to deliver a system that generates excellence and equity.

Last year’s poor results on educational equality have now been exacerbated by distance learning, with some students without internet or stability at home falling weeks behind their peers.

Author Sergio Macklin says there is a strong relationship between children’s educational success and their family’s wealth.(ABC News: Patrick Stone)

“The children and adolescents most severely served by the education system are probably the most affected by it,” said Macklin.

“So you’ll see work stress in the family dramatically increases student vulnerability.”

The report follows the progress of more than 300,000 students from school to primary school, to high school and into early adulthood.

Mr Macklin believes this problem will take a generation to fix.

The report found that disadvantaged students were more than twice as likely to be out of school or work by age 24 than their peers.

The national average of students who are not working or studying is 15 percent, but this increases to 32 percent of students from the lowest SES backgrounds, 38 percent from very remote areas and 45 percent among Indigenous youth.

“I think what this report highlights is that we are missing opportunities for youth in adulthood – and that’s a real problem for young people,” said Macklin.

Fight the trend

About half an hour outside of Canberra, in the New South Wales region, 14-year-old Caitlyn, 16-year-old Iliana, 13-year-old William and their mother, Mem, buck the trend, with the help of the Smith Family.

They are members of a proud Indigenous family who hail from the country of Djangadi, far northeast of NSW.

a family sitting side by side on the sofa, smiling at the camera
Mem’s sons William (left), Caitlyn (center) and Iliana (second from right), bucked the trend with support from the Smith Family.(ABC News: Gregory Nelson)

Distance learning has been a challenge for everyone, but solving it in a two bedroom apartment that accommodates three teenagers and their single mother has its own challenges.

Even getting a table is a big hurdle.

“I’m afraid they will fight,” said Miss.

“How do we all get enough space? Because there’s nowhere to go and you’re not really allowed out.

William slept in the living room and his bedroom became a kind of school headquarters.

“I’m in the waiting room and it’s the most common area in the house. Iliana and Caitlyn have their own bedroom,” William said.

a mother and her three teenagers sat on the sofa, chatting happily.
Nona said she is proud of her children’s efforts to engage in online learning.(ABC News: Gregory Nelson)

Caitlyn feels a difficult change from school.

“After a few weeks, I realized it was lousy, because I sometimes have trouble just learning online,” said the 9th grader.

But for the eldest of three children, Iliana, who is 16 years old, feels comfortable.

“I think we had a little trouble at first adjusting because we didn’t know exactly who was going to be where and who was bothering whom, but eventually we found our rhythm about how to do things,” he said.

A teenage girl looks past the camera with a smile.
Her oldest sister, Iliana, says it will take time, but she has “found a rhythm” with online learning.(ABC News: Gregory Nelson)

Nona is proud of the dedication of her three children.

All are on track to become future indigenous leaders, and with the extra support they were fortunate enough to organize, they have returned to school on par with their peers.

Positive solutions

The Smith Family’s head of research, Anne Hampshire, said it was proof it could be done.

He said equality in education could be achieved faster than in a generation if philanthropists, educators, welfare agencies and all levels of government came together.

“What is concretely seen, the kind of support that makes a difference, is a high quality pre-school program before children start school and then provide financial, emotional, and educational support – things like high-quality reading programs, after-school learning clubs. , “said Ms Hampshire.

He said the investment would soon be paid back through lower levels of welfare and health problems for those who continue to pass through the gap.

“The international evidence is that [with that], more people can do well educationally. “


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Many councils in the UK activate half-semester food schemes | education | Instant News

More councils in Britain are offering food assistance to struggling families during the half-semester holiday amid public discomfort over the government’s refusal to offer assistance and support grows for footballers Marcus Rashfordcampaign

At least 78 councils had announced on Sunday evening that they would activate a half-hour meal scheme, either by offering food vouchers or providing additional financial and logistical support to local food banks and charities.

The majority of councils offering assistance are run by the Labor Party, including Manchester, Liverpool, Birmingham, Newcastle, Bristol, Leeds and some areas of London, with a small number of Conservative-run councils violating ratings on the matter.

The Tory-run Staffordshire county council, which includes South Staffordshire constituency education secretary Gavin Williamson, said it would provide part-time assistance to up to 18,000 children, joining Hillingdon – in the Boris Johnson constituency – Medway, and Kensington & Chelsea, all Conservative – Run .


Staffordshire cabinet member for children and youth, Mark Sutton, said: “We know that times are tough for many families right now, with increasing pressure on household budgets, so we want to help those in greater need to ensure that their children are children can get proper food during the holidays. “

However, some Conservative-run councils say they will not offer any assistance within half a year beyond existing local safety net schemes either because they have no money or because it is not their role to provide food support.

The leader of the Tory board of Walsall, Mike Bird, said: “Unfortunately, I have to be the gatekeeper for the Walsall council because we haven’t got the money yet … When you keep going to the well and fetching water, it dries up.”

Jonathan Nunn, the Tory leader of the Northampton council, said: “We have considered it as a board but the costs will be a barrier for the board to fund it … At the moment we have no plans to lobby the government so it will probably remain as is. We are glad people others step in and help those who need it. “

Others emerged ideologically against the intervening council. Responding Friday on Twitter to a resident who said it was embarrassing for the government to pay a consultant £ 7,000 a day but not feed poor children, Rushmoor’s Tory board leader, David Clifford, answer: “What’s embarrassing is government day instead of parents feeding their kids – if I need, I’ll go to our food bank – it works really well and isn’t run by the government.”

This issue seems to divide the city’s Conservatives: members of the opposition council in Sutton urgent a Liberal Democrat-controlled council to provide half-semester meals for children who receive it at school, and the North Tyneside branch of the Conservative party praise the local Labor Party-run council to take similar action.

Hampshire’s conservatively-run county council says that while it oversees schools and children’s services, the responsibility of helping families in distress during half a semester rests with the county council’s responsibility. Tory-run Kent also said he would not offer extra support.

Wandsworth, which is controlled by the Conservatives, was questioned by a local charity for limiting its half-hour aid package to children receiving social work support. Wandsworth food bank tweeted: “So far this scheme has only helped children with social workers. That doesn’t help all the 5,700+ Wandsworth kids who receive free school meals. “


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Marcus Rashford: the public demonstration behind the campaign to end child food poverty | Public | Instant News

Marcus Rashford may have seen his efforts to get the government to provide food to the poorest children defeated in generally this week, however, the footballer has harnessed a force far greater than parliament in his fight to beat food poverty – the kindness of foreigners.

When the news broke that a Labor A motion to provide 1.4 million disadvantaged children in Britain with £ 15 a week in food vouchers over the holidays to Easter 2021 was rejected by the government on Wednesday night, dozens of hard-hit restaurants, bars and cafes contacted Rashford for assistance. .

The Manchester United and UK strikers’ campaign to end child food poverty calls for an extension of free school meals for more than 1.4 million British children, an increase in the value of Healthy Start fresh fruit and vegetable vouchers for low-income pregnant women, and an expansion of the holiday hunger scheme led by charity.

At 10.30pm on Thursday, Rashford expressed his intention: “Blown away by news of local businesses stepping up to fill the coupon scheme deficit during the mid-October period. Selflessness, kindness, togetherness, this is the England I know, “he said tweeted. “Add #ENDCHILDFOODPOVERTY to your tweet so I can track it. I will share as much as I can. “

Marcus Rashford talks about experiences with childhood poverty in the quest for free school meals – video

He then starts a steady stream of posts, mostly screengrabs from local sites on Facebook, tagged with where help can be found. Offers came from everywhere, including Wigan and Watford, St Helens and Middlesbrough, Hull, Falmouth, Liverpool and Lincoln.

Posting his last tweet just before midnight, the footballer restarted at 7.49am. As one observer put it: “Marcus Rashford appears to have established an alternative government.”

Owner He Trunk Tapas in Stevenage writes that the government’s decision not to fund food is “truly heartbreaking”, adding: “We can’t do anything to change that decision, so we need to help! We work in an industry that is being destroyed by this virus, but can’t use that as an excuse. “Customers applaud the move, offering to donate costs.” What a wonderful thing to offer, “wrote local Rohan Gordon.” Community spirit lives on. “

Even companies without a background in hospitality promise support, Summer Home Interior at Shrewsbury wrote, offering to make lunch bags for children as a receipt for free school meals, adding: “We’re not sure how successful this will be or how busy it will be so please be patient – we’re just trying to do our part for our community.”

Owner of Berry tea room at Cumbria offering packed lunches, saying as single parents of three children, they understand what it feels like to need help: “You can confidently send me a private message and stop by and pick it up. Please don’t feel embarrassed. “

Rashford on FareShare, Greater Manchester, with his mother. A charity network named the new warehouse in his honor. Photo: FareShare / Mark Waugh / PA

In north Liverpool, Panda taxi offer a free ride to any family who needs to the food bank, Manjaros at Middlesbrough promised to quietly deliver food packages, meanwhile Rhubarb Shed cafe in Sheffield offering sandwiches, cupcakes and hot chocolate after seeing other companies in Rotherham do the same. “Although this token may be small, we hope it brings smiles to the faces of some children during this dark time,” wrote the owner.

The tidal wave of goodness continued at Leeds, where Muntaz offering free chicken or vegetable biryanis to children between the ages of four and 16, writing: “This is NOT about politics. It’s about doing our part to help […] Kindness only produces good. We have to help each other during these difficult times. “

Boards including Redbridge and Southwark have also said they would go into breach. Redbridge board member Khayer Chowdhury writes: “If the government won’t feed starving children, this area of ​​London will.”

In response to the tweet, which continued on Friday, the mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, tweeted: “If you need to be reminded that our country is much better and more generous than this government, take a look @TokopediaTwitter feed this morning. #ENDCHILDFOODPOVERTY


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