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How many games until Kei Kamara caught Chris Wondolowski on the MLS goal chart? | Instant News

By 2020 guaranteed Chris Wondolowski ‘last season with San Jose Earthquake, his place at the top of the all-time MLS goals list (159) is relatively safe. But it is also not locked in stone, especially if Kei Kamara something to do with it.

Kamara has 127 career goals in MLS, and has scored around 0.43 goals per game since 2010. To make a 32-goal difference, Kamara needs around 75 matches to catch Wondolowski.

Putting the steps and length of the scoring score into the scale, we are looking at about two and a half seasons before Kamara will catch Wondolowski. That is also assuming that Wondolowski does not make further distances on the charts, with the status of the 2020 season also entered.

Kamara, 35, also showed some signs of slowing down as he approached 350 regular season matches played in MLS. He surpassed 12 goals each from the last three seasons and has one goal in two matches before the season is stopped. Currently his second season with Colorado Rapids, a team that he netted 14 times in 2019. They have also risen to the top since Robin Fraser was appointed head coach last August, with Kamara as the focal point at the top.

However, don’t expect Wondolowski to calm down. He jumped over Landon Donovan (145 goals) last year with a four-goal match against Chicago Fire FC, and returned for a one-time tour this year. Wondolowski, 37, has also reached double-digit goals every season since 2010.

Another layer that must be considered is if Kamara’s production level drops or an injury arises. But those are all unpredictable elements, making the hunt for MLS targets closer than you think.


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