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Aggies pushed for a six-match winning streak | Instant News

BRYAN-COLLEGE STATION, Texas (KBTX) – The Texas A&M baseball team beat Texas A & M-Corpus Christi 7-0 Tuesday night at Olsen Field in Blue Bell Park. It was Aggies’ sixth straight win.

Texas A&M outfielder Ray Alejo scored 3-4 in play and progressed in two rounds. Ryan Targac also made two rounds of the game.

Nathan Dettmer started his career at Texas A&M. He hit 5.1 innings, hit three hits and hit one hit. Chandler Jozwiak threw 2.2 innings and scored six goals. Chris Farrell made the 9th inning for the Aggies and retired the Islanders in succession.

Texas A&M will return to action on Wednesday evening to take on Prairie View A&M. The first pitch is scheduled for 6:30 pm at Olsen Field in Blue Bell Park.

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The Minister is considering legal changes to the privacy of browsing data | Instant News

Covid-19 Minister Chris Hipkins has sought advice from officials on potential changes to the law that could address lingering privacy concerns with the NZ Covid Tracer app. Photo / Bevan Conley

Covid-19 Countermeasure Chris Hipkins has sought advice from officials on potential changes to the law that could address lingering privacy concerns with the NZ Covid Tracer app.

It comes after a prominent data expert and Privacy Commissioner John Edwards suggested changes to the law would ensure agencies can’t use tracking data for spying or criminal investigations.

The New Zealand app remains an important tool for helping tracers quickly trace the close contacts of people infected with Covid-19 – but at the same time, gathering large amounts of personal information from users.

The government has moved to ease surveillance concerns by creating “decentralized” applications, leaving location data – such as those loaded via QR codes – and interaction information, entered via Bluetooth tracking, on people’s phones until needed for contact tracing.

While this approach, widely used by other countries, helps protect user privacy, there is still little legislative protection against data used for other purposes by Governments.

Dr Andrew Chen, a researcher at Koi Tū: The Center for Informed Futures based at the University of Auckland, said one concern is that police or intelligence agencies could request a warrant for a phone call and then retrieve tracing data from it.

The Singapore government recently sparked protests when it passed a law allowing police to access data from the TraceTogether app for serious crimes such as murder, rape and drug trafficking.

In New Zealand, Chen noted that a recent police review of emerging technology suggests police have the tools and the ability to search data on cell phones.

This month, he wrote to Hipkins and Director General of Health Dr Ashley Bloomfield, suggesting New Zealand could take similar steps to Australia, which introduces amendments that define who and who is not allowed to use tracer app data, and for what purposes.

That effectively means that intelligence agencies that accidentally collect tracking data from cell phones have to erase the data and can’t use it.

But Chen told the Herald that there were still concerns surrounding the two scenarios.

“One of them is that law enforcement officers get access, as happened in Singapore, which is a major concern,” he said.

“The other thing is, just because the NZ Covid Tracer app is well designed, it doesn’t mean that other digital contact tracing tools are designed as well.”

For example, he said, there were about 30 different providers for QR code digital contact tracing in the past.

“We know, last year, there were companies that collected personal information from contact tracing and then used it for marketing purposes.

“So it’s actually nice to have some rules that specifically state data collected for the purpose of the Covid-19 pandemic should only be used to respond to it.”

Data expert Dr Andrew Chen.  Photo / Provided
Data expert Dr Andrew Chen. Photo / Provided

Chen previously suggested that the Government could amend the Public Health Response Act, but now believes the reforms would fit better elsewhere in the current law.

In a written response to Chen last week, Hipkins noted that Bluetooth location and contact data were recorded centrally only when given to the tracker – and even then, people can still decide if they want to release it.

“With the relatively small number of cases in New Zealand, there are very few people whose data is stored centrally,” said Hipkins.

“This data is well secured in the ministry system and the ministry has done only to use it for contact tracing purposes.”

Furthermore, he said, the application has protection that limits the time period for data storage.

Manually scanned and recorded locations are stored on the user’s phone for 60 days and then deleted automatically, while the Bluetooth interaction key is stored on the user’s phone for 14 days and then deleted.

Although data from apps uploaded to the ministry’s system is kept longer because some of it becomes part of a person’s health records, the ministry has committed to deleting it “in a specific category” at the end of the pandemic – including all contact details.

Hipkins claims that the risk of being used for surveillance is low, and has been told that the threshold for agencies forcing access to it is “quite high.”

The police also told Chen that they did not – and would not – seek or access any data from the app to aid in the investigation.

However, Hipkins acknowledged that the existing safeguards were “incomplete” – and pointed to similar suggestions for reforms being made by privacy commissioners.

“While digital contact tracing options are now more limited than ever before, I notice nothing is preventing people from using other existing options, or preventing new ones from emerging,” Hipkins said in the letter.

“I understand that the ministry has published standards and certification regimes for applications that use Government QR codes that include privacy expectations.

“However, alternative approaches are not prohibited, and for that reason the Government supports ensuring there is protection for all digital applications and tools used for contact tracing.”

He has asked the ministry for advice on possible legislative changes – a move that encourages Chen.

“It’s great to look at. At the same time, I think it’s important to convince people that the risk here is low – and that we should all use this app as much as possible.”


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Restaurants in St. Augustine Louis adjusts how they operate when the dining room reopens Headlines | Instant News

ST. LOUIS (KMOV.com) – For the first time in almost two months, a restaurant in the city of St. Louis and St. Louis County opens their dining room to customers.

The gradual reopening is accompanied by restrictions on social distance which must be obeyed by many restaurants, retailers, and businesses.

“We are very happy to have our dining room open again,” said Mike True, a manager at City Coffee House and Creperie. “We have been in business from our take-out window, but we have seen revenues reduced by at least half.”

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Dining room tables are six feet apart and chairs are only 25 percent of the coffee house’s capacity. After entering, the customer’s temperature will be determined by staff. If they don’t wear a mask, one will be offered to them.

“Wearing a mask is highly recommended,” True said. “We have some that we will give to people, but we will appreciate it if they use it.”

True said gloves will be given to customers who pay by credit card, so they can complete their transactions on the touchscreen display without taking any germs.

While happy to see customers keep returning to the store, True said he was also a little worried.

“We are also a little nervous because, ‘is it still too early?'” He asked. “We know many people out there think it’s too early, so we try to take every precaution we can.”

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At Chris’ Pancake and Dining south of St. Louis, the customer eats on Monday morning.

“Being one of the 13 children, you cannot be afraid of anything,” said a regular.

The owner said in the four rooms that make up the restaurant, he aims to allow only 20 people in each section. The menu can be accessed with a QR code and each table is cleared before and after use.

Taylor Pohlman finished the night shift as a nurse and wanted to celebrate her birthday at breakfast with friends.

“It’s like two for one,” he said. “Incredibly, I felt like I was locked in my apartment for two months and now I can go out and celebrate.”

While counties and cities give businesses the ability to reopen starting Monday, they are not required to do so. Some businesses say they will remain closed until the end of the month due to a lot of caution.

Others say that with a seating capacity limit, they will struggle to cover overhead costs and wait to be reopened.

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Chris D’Elia said Joe Rogan paid for the personal coronavirus test | Instant News

BUILD Series Thursday that Rogan had tested it for COVID-19 this week before performing. “Data-reactid =” 16 “> Joe Rogan paid a professional medical officer in Los Angeles to test visitors who started his podcast for Chris D’Elia virusona disclosed during a meeting with BUILD Series Thursday, Rogan asked him to evaluate COVID-19 today before conducting the program.

“I know I haven’t touched anyone but to my family members, which I deal with, which. I like the JoJogan podcast the most.[Wednesday] and also stated to him, I texted him, ‘Are we still doing this? Should we do this? ‘ And he resembled, ‘Yes, I have a doctor here, at first he was most likely the most friendly to you,’ “D’AElia shared.

When asked exactly how Rogan obtained the COVID-19 exam, D’Elia explained, “Because Joe pays for it, that’s why.”

“Joe is basically Bruce Wayne,” including D’Elia.

BUILD StudioRicky Camilleri answered. “Unreal. I don’t want to let my blood pressure get off the chart when I do an interview with you, but it’s wild to me.” “Data-reactid =” 21 “>” Unreal, “ BUILDStudio RickyCamilleri responded. “Not real. I don’t want to let my blood pressure come out of the chart while I do an interview with you, but it is wild to me. “


“I mean, there are lots of tests,” D’Elia said. “There are lots of doctors, there are lots of tests there. I just think that it’s hard for the public to actually get it, it sucks. So annoying.”

If you believe you are truly COVID-19, stay in LosAngeles and also have $ 299 for additional after that you can get evaluated independently as well.

VICE, Rogan underwent Dr. Abe Malkin. Malkin is a part of Concierge MD LA, which offers services at home. A recent video shows Rogan and his podcast guest, Bryan Callen, being tested by Dr. Malkin. “Data-reactid =” 24 “> According toVICE, Rogan has DrAbeMalkin giving an examConcierge MD LA, which supplies solutions at home. The current video clip reveals Rogan and his podcast visitors, (************************************ *** ********************************************* ***** ******************************************* ******* ***************************************** ********* *************************************** *****) Callen, get evaluated by DrMalkin

The company provides 2 alternative filters for COVID-19: nasal swab or antibody test. Dr. Malal told VICE his company had begun providing nasal swab checks a few weeks earlier, which was difficult due to lack of safety equipment and swabs. Now, he mainly provides antibody tests, which are not accepted by the FDA. One alternative will definitely make you refund $ 299 according to the MD Concierge site.

“There are about 70 companies that produce antibody tests, and only one of them is FDA-approved, Cellex. I don’t know how they got the contract that they got FDA approval, but it’s impossible to get that test, “Dr. Malkin claims.” I give everyone a disclaimer, it is not FDA approved, you cannot use this for diagnosis, more for peace of mind, for epidemiological data. But if they need a definitive diagnosis, they must get a nasal swab. “

DrMalkin included, “I’ve evaluated around 300[people] in recent times, about 5% of asymptomatic individuals appear beneficial in antibody screening, and also about 10 to 20% of symptomatic individuals actually appear beneficial in antibody screening. filtering.”


The solution that is present can clarify precisely how many stars and also rich people who seem to be able to access the COVID -19 exam.

(******************************************)(************************************************* ************************************************ ** ********************************************** **** ******************************************** ****** *************************) (***************)the latest coronavirus news and updates, obey together at https://news.yahoo.com/coronavirus According to professionals, individuals over the age of 60 and those who are immunocompromised remain one of the most dangerous. If you have questions, please referCDC and alsoWHO source overview.

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