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Nintendo Puma will release sneakers with NES and “Super Mario” as the theme at Christmas | Instant News

key point

  • Puma will release a pair of new shoes with details of “Super Mario Bros.” printed on it. And NES
  • The sneakers are made in collaboration with Nintendo
  • The shoes will be on sale from December 4th

Puma teamed up with the video game giant Nintendo to release a pair of new shoes. For those who like “Super Mario” and like to play games through the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES), this may be the perfect Christmas gift.

new Future Rider NES men’s sneakers After its release next month (especially on December 4), this will be Puma’s latest product.The release date indicates that this shoe company and Nintendo, Intending to include it in the Christmas shopping list of video game players of themselves or others.

The design of this new sneaker takes into account classic video game consoles and also has some details that will make those who miss the original “Super Mario Bros.” nostalgic. On the NES (in the US) or the Nintendo home computer (FAMICOM) in Japan.

Take a quick look at the functions of these shoes:

Puma’s upcoming Future Rider Nintendo Entertainment System men’s sneakers Photo: PUMA

NES design

Just look at the Future Rider Nintendo Entertainment System sneakers and fans, and you will quickly notice that it has the same color scheme as the NES console. It has a perfect combination of gray and purple, with red, white and black.

The design of the left shoe looks like the “power” button on the NES controller. On the other hand, the right shoe has a “reset” button to complete the appearance.

However, buyers should not look for arrow keys and face buttons, because there is nothing. However, Puma provides a small keychain, which looks like an NES controller to those who might want it.

Super Mario Bros. ”Details

There is a small detail on the tongue that looks like a sticker used by “Super Mario Bros.” NES cartridge.

But although this seems to refer to the only detail of the world’s favorite plumber, it is not. The insole also has a photo printed on it, with Mario’s enemy Bowser standing on the bridge in the original video game. Wearing these shoes will feel like stepping on him all the time.

Other details

Puma said that Future Rider Nintendo Entertainment System men’s sports shoes will start accepting orders on December 4. Each pair is priced at US$90 and can be paid in four installments through AfterPay at a price of US$22.50 per month.

This is not the only pair of shoes made by the footwear and lifestyle company in collaboration with Nintendo.Those who want to see other “Super Mario” themed shoes can Go to this website Take a look for yourself.


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To celebrate Google’s birthday, 22% discount on all devices for one day only | Instant News

Do you want to treat one of yourself GoogleThere are many equipments this Christmas, maybe someone will buy one? Maybe you are after Nest Mini? Maybe Nest Hub Max? Or what about the Nest Hello video doorbell? Well, you only need one day of luck, and customers can save 22% on the next device due to Google’s birthday.

Yes, today, September 27, 2020, go to Google website And bought a new device at a price of 22%, but the price was reduced by 22%.

Just enter the code: GOOGLEBDAY22 At the checkout where you want to apply the promotion, but only for one day-so make the most of it while you still can.

Now we have outlined some of the items included in the one-day sale-so what are you waiting for? Take a look and shop, it’s too late.

The most popular Google devices:

Nest Mini 2nd Gen

Google Nest Mini second generation

Meet the second-generation Nest Mini, which is the speaker you control with your voice.[1] Use Google Assistant to play your favorite music, and its bass is 40% stronger than the original Mini. And ask about the weather, news or almost anything.

Nest Hub

Google Nest Hub

The Google Nest Hub can provide assistance at a glance in any room in the home. Always view the best and latest photos from Google Photos. In addition, compatible connected devices can be viewed and controlled from a single dashboard. Just use your voice to watch YouTube and play songs from YouTube Music. You can even get information such as calendar, commute, answers and more-just ask Google.

Nest Hub Max

Google Nest Hub Max

Nest Hub Max can help your busy family keep in touch and keep normal. Leave a video message and make a video call. You can check in at home when you don’t use the built-in Nest Cam. Check your own calendar, commute, etc. And keep entertaining on the 10-inch HD screen and stereo speakers

Nest Wifi

Nest Wifi can cover the whole family through fast and reliable Wi-Fi. It will automatically update to get new features and help keep your network safe. The Nest Wifi Points Center has a spokesperson, so you can talk to Google for additional help from the entire house.

Nest Hello video doorbell

Google Nest Hello Video Doorbell

Google Nest Hello lets you know the people there, so you won’t miss any visitors or packages. With 24/7 streaming, you can sign in at any time.

Nest Protect smoke and carbon monoxide alarm

Google Nest Protect smoke and CO alert

The Google Nest Protect smoke and carbon monoxide alarm can find fast burning flames, smoldering flames and carbon monoxide. It will tell you where the danger is and alert your phone when you are not at home.

Nest Cam IQ indoor

Google Nest Cam IQ indoor

Google Nest Cam IQ is the best-in-class indoor security camera with clear HD video and advanced algorithms that can recognize when someone is in your home, remind you and magnify their face.

Nest Cam IQ outdoor

Google Nest Cam IQ outdoor

Google Nest Cam IQ is a very sharp outdoor security camera. When it sees a person, it will tell you with its brain, and Supersight will tell you a close-up of who is there. With Google Nest Aware subscription, it can even recognize familiar faces.

Nested learning thermostat

Google Nest learning thermostat

The Google Nest Learning Thermostat will program itself and automatically help save energy when you are out. You can use your phone, tablet or laptop to control

Nest thermostat E

Google Nest learning thermostat

Google Nest Thermostat E is equipped with a new matte display and proven energy-saving features. With the Nest app, you can control it anytime, anywhere.

Stadia Premiere Edition

Stadia Premiere Edition brings Stadia to your TV. It includes Google Chromecast Ultra for streaming games to the TV, and Stasta Controller3 for easy access.

You can use the rest of the equipment and the content included in the quote, Here.


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