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Williamsburg shoppers virtually travel through storefronts | Instant News

WILLIAMSBURG, Iowa (KCRG) – Customers who do part of their Christmas shopping at Outlet Williamsburg this year will see beautifully decorated window displays. All storefronts are designed with iconic locations in London, Paris and the Alps – like Big Ben or the Effiel tower. This is called the “Window Wonderland Getaway”. Outlet officials want people to take pictures in front of the various stages and submit them for a chance to win a shopping spree, gift cards or an event, a trip to London, Paris or a “mysterious” Alpine location. . way of telling people that there is something to look forward to, ”said Kristie Wetjen, General Manager of Outlets Willimasburg. To enter your photo for the contest, click here. Showcases will be displayed until March Copyright 2020 KCRG. All rights reserved. .

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Tips to top up all the money you’ll save on food and booze this December | Instant News

Nobody comes to your holiday party, and not many people want your cake.

This December you may find yourself spending less on food and liquor during whatever holiday season to date. (Enter financial complaints here.)

Canadians traditionally spend more – sometimes twice as much – on food-related purchases during the holidays, which can put financial strain on this season.

We’ve seen a spike in grocery costs this year because we eat almost exclusively at home now, and food costs have gone up, nearly 2.5 percent since last year, according to Canada’s Statistical Consumer Price Index.

But recent polls show most Canadians plan to – and should – follow health recommendations this season, which means you’re unlikely to have a party as usual or a big dinner. And, sadly, sharing holiday roasts with other households, one of my favorite pastimes, is indefinite pause.

This presents a great opportunity to save, which can be allocated for next year’s meetings, which are hopefully safer to gather. Or, you may find joy in reusing these dollars for family gifts, making extra payments on your credit card balance, or even making donations to your local food bank.

Here are some tips to add to your savings on food and liquor this December.

Those who plan to pay less – such as 30 percent less.

It’s always a great time to have a meal plan, but it’s very strong right now. Not only will focus your holiday grocery shopping on what you can afford while sticking to what you need – i.e. no impulsive candy cane purchases at the checkout – but it will also prevent food waste. The average family throws $ 100 a month worth of food in the trash, and it gets worse over the holidays because there is more perishable food in the fridge than usual.

The food plan has two other benefits; they save time by reducing the frequency of grocery shopping, and they save you from having to run out of urgent last-minute purchases, which are usually more expensive because you are practically buying at the most expensive store in your area.

Here’s what you need to start making a meal plan for the holidays:

Take a physical or digital calendar. Mark the days you want to shop, ideally no more than once a week. On each day, map out the foods and snacks you want to make, including baked goods for your immediate family, turkey or ham, wine, beer – as well as “blah” foods, like morning oatmeal.

Write down the materials you need (personally, I use the note function on my phone). Remember, the number is less likely than the previous holiday season!

Check online to see who is running the best sales for what you need, and go there to shop.

Lastly, and for some serious thrifty wins, use your loyalty points and gift cards for payouts.

If you use a meal prep box, make sure you include it in your plan so you don’t accidentally over-buy the food that week.

If the above process seems to bother you, I guarantee it’s worth it. The savings big! And, you will be exponentially faster after a few weeks; so stick to it, maybe even in the new year.

In the future, I highly recommend families consider grocery credit card cashback versus travel gift cards. It will take a while before the full-scale journey continues, so you’d better use the points for something practical now. The bonus is that there are several cheap grocery credit cards at no cost in Canada, with a vacation signup bonus.

100 percent OK to include takeout into your plan.



Restaurant and take away moreshopping is notorious for distracting aspiring budget-makers during the holidays. But it doesn’t have to be! Eating at home is minimal due to the pandemic. With takeout, you just need to include it in your budget and take it into account in your meal plan.

If money is tight due to other vacation spending pressures, cut back on your expenses; from once a week to twice a month, for example. And cut back on your orders – do you really need a side salad, or can you make your own? Regardless of the frequency and scale you decide on, consider buying a local restaurant, to support the restaurants in your community that are in desperate need of business today.

Having a little financial pressure on your budget this season is a good thing in the middle of a tough year financially for many. You will avoid unnecessary debt, save and focus on what matters most; connect with friends and family in a safe and socially distant way.



How do you plan to save this holiday season?

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Nintendo Puma will release sneakers with NES and “Super Mario” as the theme at Christmas | Instant News

key point

  • Puma will release a pair of new shoes with details of “Super Mario Bros.” printed on it. And NES
  • The sneakers are made in collaboration with Nintendo
  • The shoes will be on sale from December 4th

Puma teamed up with the video game giant Nintendo to release a pair of new shoes. For those who like “Super Mario” and like to play games through the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES), this may be the perfect Christmas gift.

new Future Rider NES men’s sneakers After its release next month (especially on December 4), this will be Puma’s latest product.The release date indicates that this shoe company and Nintendo, Intending to include it in the Christmas shopping list of video game players of themselves or others.

The design of this new sneaker takes into account classic video game consoles and also has some details that will make those who miss the original “Super Mario Bros.” nostalgic. On the NES (in the US) or the Nintendo home computer (FAMICOM) in Japan.

Take a quick look at the functions of these shoes:

Puma’s upcoming Future Rider Nintendo Entertainment System men’s sneakers Photo: PUMA

NES design

Just look at the Future Rider Nintendo Entertainment System sneakers and fans, and you will quickly notice that it has the same color scheme as the NES console. It has a perfect combination of gray and purple, with red, white and black.

The design of the left shoe looks like the “power” button on the NES controller. On the other hand, the right shoe has a “reset” button to complete the appearance.

However, buyers should not look for arrow keys and face buttons, because there is nothing. However, Puma provides a small keychain, which looks like an NES controller to those who might want it.

Super Mario Bros. ”Details

There is a small detail on the tongue that looks like a sticker used by “Super Mario Bros.” NES cartridge.

But although this seems to refer to the only detail of the world’s favorite plumber, it is not. The insole also has a photo printed on it, with Mario’s enemy Bowser standing on the bridge in the original video game. Wearing these shoes will feel like stepping on him all the time.

Other details

Puma said that Future Rider Nintendo Entertainment System men’s sports shoes will start accepting orders on December 4. Each pair is priced at US$90 and can be paid in four installments through AfterPay at a price of US$22.50 per month.

This is not the only pair of shoes made by the footwear and lifestyle company in collaboration with Nintendo.Those who want to see other “Super Mario” themed shoes can Go to this website Take a look for yourself.


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Love Honey announces early Black Friday promotion, toys and underwear can enjoy up to 50% discount | Instant News

I hope to add fun to the things in the bedroom, buy myself some new underwear, or maybe a toy (or two), this is good news Dear Already started Black friday Early promotion, get up to 50% discount on sex toys and underwear.

of Preferential range From now on, until November, until Sunday, November 29-Black Friday is officially released for two days.

Whether you want to find gifts for yourself or your friends this Christmas, this global health brand can satisfy everyone’s fantasy or desire.

A Lovehoney spokesperson said: “Black Friday is the busiest day of the year for Lovehoney. That’s why we offer the best prices to our loyal customers. We started to provide a series of great prices nine days before Black Friday. Covers the entire trading day Black Friday weekend. They are all available while stocks last, so if it is worth a visit, please buy your favorite toys or small pieces or underwear at a high price immediately. In addition to these “hero products”, New deals are also available on the website, so now is a good time to buy specials before Christmas. Please look out for new deals before the start of the Black Friday weekend.”

So what are you waiting for? Stocks will not last long, so you can take advantage of these incredible transactions to the best of your ability.

Now we have spent some time picking out some great offers you can expect Dear -I hope that Christmas will not be disappointed.

Love Honey Black Friday Special:

Underwear and clothing:

Lovehoney Hot Date remote control vibration shorts -Original price £39.99, current price £19.99

Put boring briefs in your bedroom drawer – these shorts will light up date night with a creepy secret: a hidden remote control vibrator. Stretch lace and satin tie ensure a comfortable fit, while 10 customizable vibration patterns tease your clitoris.

Lovehoney Plus size late night contact babydoll, black -Original price £29.99, current price £17.99

From our relaxed and sensual “Late Night Contact” series, the wild desire in this black babydoll is inspired. From low lace cups and twinkling straps to flowing transparent skirts, you can get a glimpse of super sexy, don’t expect to blink.

Lovehoney Passion flower strap bra set -Original price £24.99, current price £17.49

This passionate floral suit comes from our passion flower series, turning your bedroom into a passion show. Composed of three beautiful works, this installation is enough to make you feel like a boudoir goddess. Slide it, turn on the music, and prop up the house.

Small and medium Lovehoney fantasy flirting nurse costume -Original price £24.99, current price £17.49

Put on this extremely sexy nurse suit and prescribe some serious bed rest for your favorite patients. From the distracting deep neckline and tight waist to the thigh hem and matching hat, it is bound to cause motorsport.

Lovehoney ferocious wet feeling zipper cat catsuit-black small -Original price £44.99, current price £31.49

Fall in love with every inch of your beautiful figure with this curvy and hug bodysuit. Made of smooth, reflective fabrics, this trend is all in one, highlighting your breasts, hips and deadly booty. If you want to embrace the inner Cat Woman, it’s perfect. Meow.

Lovehoney ferocious wet appearance zipper type A-Boo body-black small -Original price £34.99, current price £24.49

Show off your fabulousness from this erotic piece in our ferocious collection. The zipper hides and reveals according to your mood, allowing you to show your body little by little-if you want to tease your lover through a sexy performance and explanation, this is the perfect choice.

Lovehoney Plus code late night contact black no rot lace body -Original price £29.99, current price £17.99

When you work on this black body of our “Late Night Contact” series, let your lover whistle. The soft and transparent lace smoothes your body in all the correct positions, while the hip straps and ta-tas add a sexy decorative feel.


Pink Lovehoney Silencer Whisper Silence Classic Vibrator -Original price £19.99, current price £9.99

Don’t let distracting and disturbing sounds hinder your performance-enjoy the blissful orgasm brought by Silencer’s whisper-quiet vibrations. Explore with 7 powerful speeds and modes, the only one who makes noise is you.

Lovehoney black luxury mini massage stick -Original price £39.99, current price £19.99

Want to give full play to the joy of throttle in a pint-sized package? This mini wand packs all the power of a heavier opponent, but it is lightweight and easy to carry. It is very suitable for smoothing muscles and relieving pain, especially for erotic varieties.

Lovehoney magic bullet -Original price £12.99, current price £6.49

When this silver bullet pushes you to a climax with military efficiency, please stimulate yourself. Lovehoney Magic Bullet packs 10 delightful functions into a stylish silver case. It is a climax machine for you to enjoy.

Realistic Lover Classic Realistic Dildo 6 Inch Skin Color Pink -Original price £22.99, current price £13.79

Our most determined, flexible and inspiring friends can see the fantasy in the fantasy, which is your real plaything. This masculine, full-bodied dildo is always upright and eager to please, and it also has a suction cup base for hands-free adventure. Yes, please.

Lovehoney Bionic Bullet Vibration Love Ring -Original price £19.99, current price £13.99

The delicious and exciting Bionic Bullet cock ring achieves a common orgasm and an incredibly enjoyable time. Slide the two elastic rings through the masculinity, and then activate the vibration to stimulate the clitoris and ball tingling.


Slavery boutique black rose collar with nipple clip -Original price £24.99, current price £14.99

For walkers, this is a grand day when you parade your puppies in this collar, clip and lead sleeve. Wrapped in a charming rose pattern, you are sure to win the best performance award.

Bondage boutique in black lingerie under restraint -Original price £34.99, current price £17.49

With this quick and easy restraint kit, any bed can be turned into the culprit. Place it under the mattress of any bed and adjust the belt to the correct length. Then put 4 Velcro cuffs on your partner and fasten them. It’s very simple.

Slavery boutique artificial snake skin eye mask -Original price £12.99, current price £7.79

This buckle fastened faux snakeskin and brass eye mask exudes a luxurious atmosphere, combining style and function, suitable for luxurious BDSM games. The ergonomic shape blocks the view and improves sensitivity, while the soft lining ensures unparalleled comfort.

Slave boutique artificial snake skin silicone ball stopper -Original price £19.99, current price £11.99

This artificial snake skin and silicone ball stopper designed by Bondage Boutique can ensure your dominance and extend the playing time of BDSM. Combining luxurious styling with practical design features, this spherical plug provides comfort, reliability and stylish restraint.

Bondage Boutique Black Rose Faux Fur Lining Wrist Cuffs -Original price £16.99, current price £11.89

With elegant shapes and luxurious faux fur linings, who would not like these attractive soft and comfortable restraints? The combination of their subtle floral patterns and black metalwork on a black background adds sophistication and style to any level of restraint exploration.

Lovehoney Harmony 2 in 1 massage lubricant -Original price £7.99, current price £5.59

This super slippery multifunctional water-based lubricant has an irresistible sense of intimacy, which enhances the sliding sensation during sensory massages and intimate games. You can use our Harmony 2-in-1 lubricant anywhere for more smoothness and longer lasting fun.

Lovehoney cherry flavor lubricant -Original price £7.99, current price £5.59

The pleasant fruity flavor (and we haven’t gotten it yet), together with our delicious cherry flavored lubricant, will make you a real treat. Sprinkle it on the same sweet place of your lover, then kiss and lick the juicy nuggets on them for an O big carnival.

Lovehoney glow warming lubricant -Original price £8.99, current price £6.29

This irritating warm lubricant can bring you the wettest irritating gift in the bedroom. Its smooth water-based formula is designed to enhance sensitivity, provide a long-lasting gliding sensation, bring a sense of privacy and pleasure, and make you glow.

Binding boutique faux snake leather collar -Original price £24.99, current price £14.99

This artificial snakeskin collar combines fashionable style and practical BDSM design, provides style and substance, provides reliable binding, and feels just like appearance. Including a detachable antique brass lead core and three D-rings for a variety of performances.

Lovehoney ignite orgasm gel -Original price £14.99, current price £10.49

This light and smooth orgasm gel enhances skin sensitivity and helps bring you a full, intense orgasm. Ignite is water-based, with stinging skin extracts that can help you feel and arouse heavenly every time you have a stroke.

Lovehoney!board game -Original price £24.99, current price £22.49

For those looking for something more erotic than Buckaroo, here is Lovehoney’s brand new board game. A game hotter than the hungry hippo, big! Reward bold behavior and naughty behavior. Roll the dice and see what you are going to do.

You can buy all the discounts of Love Honey Black Friday, Here.


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