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“Chromatica” Lady Gaga is an iconic intergalactic journey Art Entertainment | Instant News

From the first glance, “Chromatica“It seems unfriendly to our planet. That album cover Lady Gaga’s sixth studio album featuring the fashionable Gaga trapped in a futuristic spaceship. Music video for “Stupid love“And”Rain on me“Share the aesthetics of a futuristic dystopia that is similar to” Mad Max “and” Blade Runner. ” That song list itself divided into three parts, all introduced by the introduction to the sublime orchestra are more similar to concerts than typical pop albums. Lady Gaga has canceled Earth, and judging from his last bait, he has fun in space.

Like many of my favorite albums, my descent to “Chromatica” Lady Gaga is less than a familiar leap to nostalgia and more leaps of faith in a whole new soundscape. I didn’t jump into the full album stream until I registered myself for this review and honestly, I don’t regret taking that leap of faith. “Chromatica” does not make me stranded in an alien dystopia, but rather reminds me of the simple nostalgia from Gaga’s previous work.

For all intents and purposes, “Chromatica” is based on its origin on earth. This is an exciting exploration of time, dancing at a party without caring in the world. The atmosphere is strong on this album, the instrumentals are clean and friendly and the melody is empowering. Vocal Gaga? Perfectly and fully reflects the strength of his voice. He bellows and soared, showing a strong performance on the tracklist. The celebration came naturally to the planet Chromatica, and we were blessed to receive its voice.

The prominent songs on this album are scattered throughout the song list, leaving little or no tedious moment in playback. The first part has two main singles and features with Ariana Grande, but songs like “Alice” which are filled with references cannot be ignored. The second part features features with the BLACKPINK K-pop group, alongside prominent tracks like the powerful “911” and “Enigma” robots. The third and final part is the shortest one, consisting of three powerful, closer tracks that include features by Elton John, from everyone. “Babylon” also has a pleasant reference to “the style of the ancient city,” reflecting this cozy party.

Among all these intergalactic celebrations, Gaga also gives us an introspective look into her life. Gaga always serves us human connections in her discography, and between ignorance of futuristic aesthetics, she continues to serve. Gaga, like many of us, longs for emotional utopia, for empowerment and recovery from trauma. A close look at Gaga’s lyrics gives us a close look at her humanity, all while celebrating our relationship together.

“Chromatica,” like any work of fiction, is imperfect. It was a heavy-vibration album; Instrumental variations are not the specialty of this album, but rather focus on dance-pop instruments such as clean synth and unique piano chords. Short tracks are also a double-edged sword held by Gaga. This album never dragged, but rather soared during the 43 minute runtime, like an alien rushing to invade Earth. However, the short track makes me want more. It almost feels insulting now that I’ve never ridden in Lady Gaga’s booth, because after listening to this, I left wanting more.

If you haven’t already, give it a listening album. At worst, this is a fun album to keep for Zoom parties and future club trips, and at best, it’s a strong reminder that Lady Gaga continues to be a strong pop artist after many years. Personally, I depend on the latter, and I am excited for what Gaga will present in the future after what must be one of the most enjoyable pop albums to listen to. Go girl, give us more.


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Lady Gaga comes in a circle full of strange and beautiful fashion tastes | Instant News

Lady Gaga is known for her strange red carpet clothes (almost like aliens). Remember the raw beef dress at the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards? Or how did he ever wear a coat made from Kermit The Frog’s Muppet Show character in 2009?

Then, he softened it. His style takes on a more grim tone when his fame rises to the level of astronomy. In A star has been born In the 2018 era, Lady Gaga looked almost “normal” – appearing in a fashionable dress (but still a little avant-garde).

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For Met Gala last year, she made an appearance in a large, hot pink Brandon Maxwell dress (later stripped into four different outfits). Yes, it came with a matching cascading carriage and large bow on its head. But it still needs the similarity of clothes.

She wore a sophisticated Alexander McQueen black design at the 2019 Oscars, paired with an Audrey Hepburn-inspired hairdo. He even acceded to the appearance with diamonds. Classic, beautiful, and beautiful.

With the release of his latest album ChromaticaLady Gaga returns to her old mode. Some describe it as a combination of rocker edge and high fashion – but let’s call it what it is: unconventional and strange.

That doesn’t mean it doesn’t work. That striking a chord with his fans. The singer’s fashion feelings return to what they all know and love. It might symbolize how his style changed from a player to a movie star and back again.

According to Nicola Formichetti, fashion director Lady Gaga, this new appearance (seen on album art and other related material) represents a different part of the star’s journey throughout her life – punk rock, avant-garde and aliens, all in one.

“He is tied to this mode. But this is not a bad thing. It’s about where he started and how far he has come,” Formichetti said in an interview with Mode, about how Lady Gaga transformed into a different character.

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It remains to be seen if he is Chromatica The fashion journey will continue on this road. In the past, his strange and beautiful feeling of dressing protected him with a persona, now that feeling had matured so he could fully control it.

His explosive blow to the South Korean girl group Blackpink, Sour Candy (which topped the iTunes charts worldwide), doesn’t have a music video yet, but it will be the person to watch out for.

K-pop fashion meets Lady Gaga’s aesthetics? Why not?


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How Lady Gaga Revived Pop with Her New Album ‘Chromatica’ | Instant News

In recent years, pop music has slowly moved away from the spotlight and other genres (such as hip-hop, urbano, reggaetón, etc.) have risen to the surface.

Although this genre does not dominate the music scene today, pop music still has many important moments in recent years with stars like Billie Eilish, who steal the hearts of teenage girls everywhere with restless motives and personalities, Ariana Grande, who grew into himself as an artist and became the most honest person with his album Thank you, next and Taylor Swift, who constantly brings star power and anticipation to each record release – especially with his last (very romantic) studio album, Lover.

Each artist has made their honorable efforts, but no pop star has fully revived the genre to its full capacity in recent years.

Lady Gaga, who has run more than a decade in this industry, has shown her reach with various projects, including Famous monster (synth-pop), Joanne (country) and even A Star Is Born soundtrack (musical drama). He changed from everything to full Artpop queen to be stripped naked, no alter-ego Joanne for full actress, collecting Oscars for Best Original Song for “Shallow.”

There really isn’t a pop star who likes Gaga enough in terms of flexibility, and she just continues her consistent style with her latest album, Chromatica.

Born Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, the singer-songwriter came in full circle with her latest project, modernizing her smooth electro-pop sound Fame and Famous monster.

Not only is the set a perfect mix of catchy beat dance and dramatic production, it also shows Gaga’s unconditional vulnerability.

Divided into three parts, this pop star discusses various personal themes in his heart, creating a glimpse into his world. In “Rain on Me” with Ariana Grande, both touch on persistence despite problems and hardships. Although rain – used as a metaphor to show the great amount of misfortune that happened simultaneously – came to destroy it, Gaga showed that she was only happy to be “alive,” quipped that she was going through hardships despite wanting brighter, brighter days. Don’t rain in the Gaga parade!

In other songs “Free Woman” and “Fun Night,” he echoes the same tone, sharing the battle with happiness due to life’s hardships. Nevertheless, there is still a sense of optimism on the first side of the LP.

When listeners go to “Chromatica II,” the second part of the set contains more gloomy tones, they will find Gaga in a darker place. Although his “Sour Candy” collab with Blackpink is fun and uptempo, other songs like “911” “Plastic Doll” and “Replay” describe personal struggles with addiction, trauma, and perfectionism – all of which he experienced during his 10-plus length . career.

The trip with Gaga was rewarding and hopeful because one of the most influential pop figures landed in a peaceful place in the third and final round of this album. Starting with hopeful instruments, the overall tone changes to the theme of healing, endurance, and strength. With help from the legendary Elton John about “Sine From Above,” the cinematic song is a collaboration that is far too late. The abstract simplicity is felt in this song, as well as “1000 Doves” and “Babylon,” which concludes the project vigorously.

The work of art as a whole is cohesive and layered with raw acknowledgment relating to mental health and self-love. Courage in song writing, efforts to hone the perfection of electro-pop and the transition between songs make it the strongest pop album this year. Lady Gaga not only reviewed her roots as an artist, but reminded fans of pop music how many genres were missed. second vulnerability and true production value together – an achievement that is difficult to achieve as a pop artist today.

While pop music is mainly known for its interesting songs, Gaga proves that pop music can have a history and depth to it and we watched it with art that developed in Chromatica. The pop power plant digs deeper to tell its unique truth, is fully committed to who it is and proves it can deliver results in the most satisfying way. Her self-awareness, honest account, and motivation to challenge herself and professionally make pop music refreshing.


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546 – SHOWBIZ Lady Gaga, Quibi Show, Alexandra Billings, ‘Queer Eye,’ podcast – Gay Lesbian Bi Trans News Archive | Instant News

Lady Gaga announced that her sixth studio album, Chromatica, will be released Friday, May 29, through Interscope Records, a noted press release. This album features collaborations with Ariana Grande, Elton John and Blackpink, and is produced executive by BloodPop and Lady Gaga. Chromatica will be available in a variety of physical formats including standard CDs, vinyl in various colors, and tapes in various colors.

Quibi launched the list for May, Variety reported. Besides the previously announced Reno 911! The revival that debuted on May 4, Useless Celebrity History, starring Adam Rippon, was launched that day. Then, the sports documentary film Blackballed, and Barkitecture (presented by finalist The Bachelorette Tyler Cameron) was released May 11; Dave Franco-starrer The Now and the Centerpiece flower design show will be available starting May 18; and Life-Size Toys produced by Nitro Circus are present in the May 25 application.

Transgender actress / activist Alexandra Billings will be the marshal and hostess of The Lavender Effect Live Virtual Pride Parade on Sunday, May 31, according to Broadway World. Billings is best known for his recurring role on the award-winning Amazon event, Transparent. The Lavender effect currently accepts applications from individuals and organizations who want to participate in a virtual pride parade; visit TheLavenderEffect.org .

The premiere of the sixth season of the Feud Family Celebrity – “Queer Eye: OG vs. Queer Eye: The New Class” – will air Sunday, May 31, at 7 pm. CT on ABC, the press release announced. (Episodes can also be seen the following day as requested and Hulu.) Queer Eye’s original players (Carson Kressley, Ted Allen, Kyan Douglas, Thom Filicia and Jai Rodriguez) will play for The Trevor Project; and Queer Eye: The New Class (with Bobby Berk, Jonathan Van Ness, Antoni Porowski, Tan France and Wesley Hamilton’s fourth season hero) will play for GLSEN.

Podcast producers from X-Reads, X is For Podcasts, Comic Book Queers, The Wolverine Podcasts That Goes Snikt, The Cerebros and Homo Superior have joined the X-Men podcast community together to gather financial support for comic book store owners through Books The Industrial Charity Foundation (BINC) and its Comic Book United Fund, the press release noted. Some of the allowances that listeners will enjoy for contributing to the fund include social media shouts, call info on podcast recordings, digital X-Men art from artists, and opportunities to appear as guests on podcasts. Donations must be made directly to the BINC Foundation: https://secure.donationpay.org/bincfoundation/ComicBookUnited.php.

Making the winner Cut Jonny Cota said he was eager to continue to sell his edgy street clothes in his shop and also support fellow fashion designers, despite the pandemic, ABC7.com note down. Also, the Cota brand, Skingraft, is working with the Tom of Finland store to launch their mask initiative. For each mask purchased, they will donate one mask to the Los Angeles LGBT Center, providing protection to special health care staff and homeless youth in need.

Speaking of Making the Cut, supermodel Naomi Campbell (who was a judge in the first season of the show) appeared at the front of this month’s issue of Essence magazine – but the photo was hardly just a cover for her, NDIGO noted. The May / June issue of Essence is a milestone for Campbell and women’s magazines, as they are 50 months old. Also, Essence’s cover was laid out and shot by Campbell on his iPhone.

Tyra Banks broke the silence on several clips from the Next American Top Model that reappeared on Twitter, Variety noted. The main video that caused Banks to respond was from season six of the show, where he told contestant Dani Evans that he would never be a model because of gaps in his front teeth; Evans then won that season, and became a model for brands such as CoverGirl and Sephora. “Have seen posts about the insensitivity of ‘ANTM’ moments in the past and I agree with you. Looking back, those are some really wrong choices. Appreciate your honest feedback and I send so much love and hugs virtual, “Banks wrote on Twitter.

The Walt Disney Company announced it would distribute four-year-old Hamilton’s direct arrest at Disney + starting Friday, July 3, WGN-TV noted. Earlier this year, Disney announced the film would be released in October 2021 and would include a theater release. However, due to the coronavirus pandemic, Disney chose to release films earlier and exclusively at Disney +.

Academy Award winner Nicholas Cage has been written to portray Joe Exotic – from the Tiger King viral document – in the new series from CBS Studios and Imagine Entertainment, Forbes noted, citing Variety. The eight-episode program around the world of big cat breeding will be brought by American Vandal broker Dan Lagana, along with Paul Young. This story was chosen from a Leif Reigstad Texas Weekly article titled “Joe Exotic: A Dark Journey Into the World of a Gone Wild Man,” and will soon be launched to network and streaming platforms.

CBS New York runs a segment that highlights the story of Yuval David, a gay actor, filmmaker and advocate in New York who refused to donate plasma after recovering from COVID-19 in March, the GLAAD press release noted. GLAAD has led a campaign to urge the FDA to lift its restrictions on gay and bisexual men who donate blood and plasma, with a petition calling for an end to the blood ban currently approaching 25,000 signatures. David also wrote about his story in Medium, where he recounted his experience with COVID-19, the details of which were refused to donate his plasma, and asked the FDA to lift its discriminatory restrictions on gay and bisexual men who donated blood.

Whitney Hilton – a registered nurse at McKay-Dee Hospital in Ogden, Utah – received a surprise when singer and songwriter Taylor Swift sent her a handwritten thank you note along with a special package filled with tons of lovers’ belongings, iHeart.com note down. “I need to THANK YOU TAYLOR SWIFT @taylorswift & @ taylornation13 @treepaine for sending me a box full of Merch & personal letters from Taylor himself for my 30th birthday / going to NYC to help as a nurse,” Hilton tweeted of her gift from Swift. Hilton (a Swift fan) recently detailed his “humble experience” of helping in New York amid a world health crisis in a blog post, describing the situation as “modern warfare.”

On Tuesday, June 2, Kino Lorber will release the 1968 drag documentary The Queen on Blu-ray, a press release announced. More than 40 years before RuPaul’s Drag Race, the first documentary about the 1967 Miss All-American Camp Beauty Pageant introduces audiences to the world of drag drag. Organized by the icon LGBTQ + and activist Jack Doroshow (better known by his stage persona, Flawless Sabrina), this competition boasts a star-studded panel of judges including Andy Warhol, Larry Rivers and Terry Southern.

R & B / pop singer and seven-time Grammy Award winner Toni Braxton returned with her new song “Do It,” through Island Records, a press release noted. Braxton’s latest single serves as a suggestion for anyone struggling with the decision to end an unhealthy relationship. Drawing from his own experience, Braxton urges “he will not change, if you bring him back it will be the same, just do what you need to do.” The lyric video is at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-ropCn3416M&feature=youtu.be.

Grammy-winning singer / songwriter, Brandy, released the official video for her new single “Baby Mama,” which features Chance The Rapper, a noted press release. On May 1, Brandy released the single “Baby Mama” through Brand Nu Entertainment / Entertainment One (“eOne”). Produced by Hit-Boy & Brandy, this horned song is an ode to raise Sy’rai’s daughter and a greater national anthem for all mothers who work hard to support their families.

Actress Amber Heard (Aquaman) revealed that her mother, Paige Heard, had died, Page Six noted. “I am heartbroken and broken unbelievably for losing my mother, Paige Heard,” Amber wrote on Instagram. “He left us too early, holding onto the memories of his beautiful and gentle soul. He will be longed from the bottom of our hearts forever.” Heard’s famous friends, including Cara Delevingne and Andie MacDowell, expressed their condolences.

Jessica Simpson said she was “humiliated” by Vogue after a former staff member claimed her breasts had taken off her dress at the 2007 Met Gala, Page Six said. In “Only at the Met” —a oral history of the annual ball, published in Vogue.com May 5 – The magazine’s former digital creative director Sally Singer remembers Simpson that “her breasts might come off her clothes on the red carpet.” Simpson responded on Instagram by posting a famous picture of Sophia Loren who looked aside Jayne Mansfield’s breasts at dinner with the title, “Feeling like Jayne Mansfield after reading #MetBall’s oral history (which is inaccurate!) Where I am. [Singer]. “

Model-changing-actress Cara Delevingne and her actress girlfriend, Pretty Little Liars alum Ashley Benson, have called it quits after dating for two years, according to a NewNowNext.com items that quote E! News. The couple, who went public with their relationship through a steamy Instagram post from June 2019, have reportedly broken up and were quarantined separately with friends. Previously, a source close to the duo was confirmed to E! News that they moved together in Los Angeles.

Skylar Astin, Dolores Catania, Julian Edelman and Isiah Thomas helped raise funds to send food to Holocaust victims who could not leave their homes during the coronavirus crisis, Page Six noted. Celebrities and athletes have joined 333 Charity and UJA-Federation to teach a total body conditioning training class with Trooper Fitness to benefit the survivors living in New York. Classes have a minimum donation of $ 20 / person.

Actor / comedian Jim Gaffigan starred in an AMC series as Rob Ford – the famous former mayor of Toronto, among other scandals, caught up in the smoking video gap during his tenure, EW.com note down. Gaffigan retweeted the Variety report linking it to the role, adding the “Stop the gravy train,” pledged Ford’s long campaign promise. Recently, Gaffigan starred in the film Amazon Studios Troop Zero, with Viola Davis, and has appeared on shows such as Bob’s Burgers and Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.

CBS updated 18 more series for 2020-21, including most of the drama and comedy trio, Deadline noted. The broadcaster took the drama All Rise, Blue Bloods, Bull, FBI, FBI: Most Wanted, MacGyver, Magnum P.I., NCIS, NCIS: Los Angeles, NCIS: New Orleans, Seal Team and S.W.A.T .; comedy Bob (Hearts) Abishola, The Neighborhood and The Unicorn; 60 Minutes and 48 Hours news programs; and the Undercover Boss reality series. They were joined by Evil, Mom, Young Sheldon, Survivor, and The Amazing Race which were newly updated for a total of 23 shows.

Betty White has signed a contract to star in the film Lifetime Christmas, EW.com . Eight-time Emmy winner and 98-year-old pop-culture legend in January, and her Hollywood career for more than eight decades, with White starring in series such as the Mary Tyler Moore Show, The Golden Girls and Hot in Cleveland.

Michael Buble will return to the “An Evening With Michael Buble” Tour in February and March 2021, with the opening night in Salt Lake City on February 6, a press release noted. His new single – “Gotta Be Patient,” a collaboration with Barenaked Ladies and Mexican singer Sofia Reyes – has just been released. Tickets will be honored for the rescheduled date.

Selena Gomez is heading to the kitchen with a quarantine-themed cooking event for HBO Max, Deadline said. The WarnerMedia streaming service has delivered 10-episode direct-to-series orders for the Untitled Cooking Project, starring and produced by Gomez through July Moon Productions. In each episode, the recording artist, actress and producer will be joined remotely by a different master chef.

Valerie Bertinelli has watched One Day at a Time reboot and she almost appeared in an episode, EW.com note down. Bertinelli, who played Barbara Cooper in the original One Day at a Time film from 1975 to 1984, said she really liked what Gloria Calderon Kellett and Mike Royce did with the latest iteration, and that it was only a matter of time before she would appear and surprise the audience. . Bertinelli said that “it’s just a matter of scheduling – that’s all that happens.”

Kino Marquee’s New French Shorts 2020 – an annual exhibition of some new cinematic voices from France – will open Friday, May 15, in the U.S. virtual screening room, a press release noted. Among the films are The Distance Between Us and the Sky (La distance entre nous et le ciel) – winner of the Palme d’Or and Queer Palme Short Film in Cannes 2019. The complete list of cities is at https: // kinomarquee. com / new-french-shorts-2020.

The American Horror Story franchise develops with the new anthology spin-off series, American Horror Stories, Deadline noted. AHS co-creator / executive producer Ryan Murphy mentioned the new series in a social media post, noting that it would feature an hourly episode contained. Sources have described the new project as a companion anthology series for AHS where each episode is an independent ghost story.

A new Netflix document delves into a famous 1996 case involving a man who killed his gay friend after the friend revealed his crush during the recording of The Jenny Jones Show, Queerty noted. Trial By Media is a true-crime series that looks back to some of the most famous court cases in our time and how the media can influence decisions. In March 1995, Scott Amedure appeared on the show to express his love for his friend, Jonathan Schmitz, with Jones acting as the moderator. The episode was never broadcast, because three days later, Schmitz withdrew cash from his bank account to buy a shotgun; he went to Amedure’s house in Detroit and shot him twice, killing him instantly, before turning himself into a cop.

The 4 Pops Fireworks Spectacular Boston live concert of July 4 has been canceled – but a special broadcast, both retrospective and new content, will take place that day, a press release noted. Boston Pops will present “A Boston Pops Salute to Our Heroes” to pay tribute to frontline workers of COVID-19 and respect those who have lost their lives during the current health crisis.

Actress Chloe Sevigny welcomed her first child with girlfriend Sinisa Mackovic, noted Extra. In March, the American actress Horror Story reacted to the news that some hospitals in New York would not allow my father to attend, writing on Instagram, “I hope all families expect peace. Today’s news in NY is very troublesome for all. #Support #prayers. “The boy’s name is Vanja Sevigny Mackovic.

Andre Harrell, whose Uptown Records is considered one of the main bridges between hip-hop and R&B, died of heart failure at age 59, Deadline noted. Harrell is a key to the careers of Sean Combs, Mary J. Blige, Heavy D & The Boyz, and Jodeci, among many others. He is also an executive producer of the New York Undercover television police drama as well as the films Strictly Business and Honey.

The Southern Charm personality of Bravo TV, Kathryn Dennis, was called racist after sending monkey emojis to Black radio host, Page Six revealed. Charleston, a native of South Carolina, had a bad fight with radio host / activist Mika Gadsden over a “Trump Boat Parade” plan thrown by a local business, the message showed. Dennis argues that supporting Trump doesn’t make him racist – and then sending emoji tweets in exchange of angry direct messages. Dennis later admitted that “using monkey emojis in my text is rude.”

Singer Billie Eilish filed a restraining order against a fan who was suspected of stalking her at her parents’ house during quarantine, according to Page Six. Page Six obtained documents showing that the 18-year-old singer petitioned for the prevention of civil abuse in the Stanley Mosk Courthouse against Prenell Rousseau. Rousseau, 24, allegedly appeared at Eilish’s parents’ home for the first time in early May and asked if the singer “Bad Guy” lived there; Eilish’s father reportedly told Rousseau that he had the wrong house, but the alleged stalker returned at 9:00 in the evening. that night and showed “erratic behavior.”

Fighting actor Kevin Spacey, who has been accused of sexually harassing and harassing many men – including teenagers – throughout his career, has likened the impact of career downturn to the economic catastrophe caused by the coronavirus pandemic, BuzzFeed News reported. “I often don’t like to tell people that I can relate to their situation because I think it ruins the experience they might have, which is their own unique and very personal experience,” he told Bits & Pretzels Virtual Founders Episode breakfast podcast on the month of April which has reappeared recently. “But in this case, I feel as though I can relate how it feels to your world to suddenly stop.”

Singer Aaron Carter was hit with lawsuits for allegedly tearing a painting to promote his clothing line – and then launching a Twitter attack on the artist, Page Six said. Carter allegedly posted a picture of the painting “Cosmic Lion” on his now-missing Love Collection website, which sells clothing and jewelry. Artist Ali Shimhaq, from the Maldives, confronted Carter about the alleged theft on Twitter, which triggered profanity, the lawsuit said.

Screenwriter Lena Waithe and “Harriet” actress Cynthia Erivo – who is the rumored couple – may have been caught by their own Instagram Story post, noted The Jasmine Brand. The two women posted photos while watching an online concert by singer Erykah Badu, who appeared to be in the same home theater room, decorated with starry ceilings and bean bags. This happened only a few months after rumors circulated that Lena Waithe had moved with Cynthia Erivo in the midst of a sudden separation from Waithe’s wife, Alana Mayo.

Lori Loughlin will still be tried in October for her alleged role in the student admission scandal, Yahoo! note down. On May 8, a federal judge rejected a defense motion to overturn the charges against Full House star, her fashion designer husband, Mossimo Giannulli, and other parents. The defense is looking for ways to dispose of this case because of alleged violations of the investigation.

Queen’s guitarist and astrophysicist Brian May shared Instagram from the hospital wearing a face mask revealing that he tore his butt muscles “to shreds” while gardening, EW.com note down. May said that he needed to “go dark for a while, get some rest, at home” because of his injury. “Please, please don’t send me sympathy – I just need a healing silence for a while,” he said.

Believe it or not, Carnival Cruise Line announced that they plan to start sailing again on August 1, iHeart.com note down. The company said that eight ships will depart from Texas and Florida. “We take a measurable approach, focusing our return to service on a number of specific homeportes where we have more significant operations that are easily accessible by car for most of our guests,” the company said in a press release.


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