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Grocery Rescue Partners carry food around Fremont County | Instant News

FRONT CALCULATIONS, Wyo. (Wyoming News Now) –

Holiday food distribution has come and gone, but for this non-profit, delivering food isn’t seasonal, it’s a 24/7 operation. For the Liberated Church at Riverton, using their own resources to distribute food around the community, didn’t make them think twice. But even with their daily freight and labor for the past 10 years, they don’t even want to take out credit.

Richard Mills, pastor at the Set Free Church, stated “I’m not really praying for food service or looking for it, but it’s what God has given us, so we’ll be the best stewards of what God has. provided and I just want to give Him all the glory. “

The Food Bank of the Rockies asked the church if they wanted to become a grocery rescue partner to become a container for picking up leftovers from the grocery store and distributing it where it was needed. Typically, department heads of the grocery store would collect food from their own section and give it to the grocery store rescue partner. “But nobody came to really get it, so they gave it all to hog breeders,” Mills said.

So, even though the church has been signed to become a groceries rescue partner with Wal-Mart, the department heads are still not used to gathering food, so all the church will take and distribute is bread, to Wal-Mart. employees find support among their coworkers. “He asked us what we were doing with the food, and we told him how we were doing outreach, feeding the people here,” added Mills.

Apart from feeding people in the recovery program, Set Free started serving people on the street and invited them to come to church for a hearty meal. “He started coming to hang out with us, and see what we were doing, so he asked all the department heads to start gathering food together,” Mills said.

The church then started getting bread, milk, meat, and produce. Even though they didn’t have the means to store everything, they did have vehicles and trailers for transporting food. Mills noted, “A lot of food started arriving over the years.”

Since then they have transported seven days a week to distribute food to various food distribution centers, city halls, senior centers, and churches in Arapahoe, Ethete, Pavillion, Hudson and Riverton. They even caught the attention of Sara Lee, who now supplied the bread.

“God has opened the door, and it’s all God because we really haven’t been chasing anything, just fell on our laps,” said Mills.

Although most of the food is distributed in various warehouses, Set Free Church distributes meat daily at 3pm

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Church Holds Food Drive in Silver Spring – NBC4 Washington | Instant News

At the City of Light Church in Silver Spring, a special wall had been installed outside on Sunday mornings. Instead of bricks, the walls were made of boxes filled with food, a kind of literal and figurative fortress against hunger.

“People are coming. The need is always great, “Dr. Abdul Sesay, the senior pastor, said.

The church holds these food prizes several times each week, distributing nearly 2,200 pounds of food. Members distributed culturally appropriate food boxes, with items such as palm oil, smoked fish and tortillas.

These efforts rely on partnerships with Montgomery County and local charities, as well as church members for food.

“We are doing this because the community needs it. I love helping people and I am very grateful for the City of Light, “said Mylene Mendoza.

The church expects the need to abate amid recent hopes that a stimulus package is imminent.

“We hope [the stimulus] going through Congress because there is a need here, “said Sesay.

Hours before the event, people were already queuing a quarter mile from the food drive. It was a scene that was repeated often at such shows.

As the walls of the squares begin to disappear into the hands of those in need, the church finds itself on a dual mission to feed hungry stomachs and weary souls.

“We even played music so we could be optimistic there, and went straight to the groove,” said Sesay.

Perhaps in the middle of the groove, those in need will find a ray of light in “knowing that this will pass. It will end soon, ”said Sesay.


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The reading ministry delivers 500 boxes of fresh food | Berks and Beyond | Instant News

The Way of Holiness, a Christian ministry operating from Calvary United Church of Christ in Reading, distributed more than 500 boxes of fresh food on Saturday.

Cars were pulled into the parking lot for the house of worship at 640 Center Ave. where volunteers wait to load baggage.

Olga Moreira, a Path of Holiness pastor, organized a giveaway after the food had been donated Thanks to Hope, a food bank in Leola, Lancaster County.

“They had contacts to deliver this food and they got volunteers, so we gave them,” said Steve Ohnsman, pastor of Calvary United.

The Way of Holiness, which is also worship St. Lutheran Church Mark in Reading, has ongoing pantries at both locations, Moreira said.

“If someone needs something, they can come at any time,” he said. “They can get something to eat, or if they need Pampers, school supplies, blankets for the homeless. Sometimes we have dinner.”

“The two pastors very kindly allowed us to work from our facility.”

But the Saturday giving was different, Ohnsman said.

“The nice thing about this is that it’s all fresh food,” says Ohnsman. “We distribute a lot of food from our church every day … but we really don’t have the facilities to store milk and things like that. This is great.”

Path of Holiness is also organizing a fresh food distribution in November, and it is hoped that the education will continue.


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Bethany Church organizes Christmas food gifts for hundreds of needy families | Instant News

ROUGE BATON – Hundreds of families no longer have to worry about what’s on the table this Christmas.

Bethany Church is working with the Greater Baton Rouge Food Bank, to provide about 1000 boxes of food to families across the capital.

People participating in the giveaway said this year’s turnout proves that there is a great need during the pandemic.

“We just want to be the hands and feet of Jesus. We know that this year is not very festive, so we want to give groceries to people in need,” said Bethany Church campus pastor Gerardo Vargas.

Food is given on a first come first served basis.

Dozens of volunteers, such as Katie Stepleton, came to help with this feeding.

“We are distributing so many boxes. We can feed so many different families and give them food for Christmas. There are a lot of people having a hard time this year, so we can partner with food banks and Farmers for Families and get the food on the table. for the folks this Christmas, “said Stepleton.

This year’s gift was a huge success with volunteers and smiles of thanks from many families.


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THE STROLLER: Food portions and information | Columnist | Instant News

TODAY WORDS is the hull of the ship. Example: Jessica, please wash and remove the hull before you cut it in half.

SUNDAY WORDS thicken. It means freezing and forming curds. Example: “Oh no – the pudding has thickened! Now how am I going to be the top of rhubarb compote? “

Community eating

Area churches are serving free meals and handing out food prizes this week. They include:

Smith Memorial United Methodist Church, corner of John Redd Boulevard and Daniels Creek Road, Collinsville, from 5 to 6 pm Wednesday. To order food, which will be served to take home, call 276-647-8150 and leave the names, phone numbers and number of people in the house.

Kingdom Point Church on Advance Auto, 2670 Greensboro Road, distributes lunchboxes as part of its “Neighbors to Neighbors” program.

First United Methodist Church, 145 E. Main St., from 9 am to 11 am Saturdays, for its food bank which includes fresh produce and meat.


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