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Rallies were held to oppose the Center’s plans to build a city on the island | Instant News

KARACHI: Speakers at a rally on Sunday criticized the incumbent ruler for “destroying the country economically, socially and politically” and depriving citizens of their basic rights.

Large numbers of workers took part in rallies to condemn the International Monetary Fund’s “anti-people policy” and the federal government’s plans to build new cities on the islands of Sindh. The National Federation of Trade Unions (NTUF) and the Federation of Home Workers of Women (HBWWF) jointly organized a rally starting at Regal Chowk and culminating in the Karachi Press Club. Holding red flags, banners and placards, the protesters chanted slogans to highlight their demands. Responding to the demonstration, the speakers said the production process decreased while purchasing power decreased. They say rulers have pushed their citizens “into IMF slavery” and it appears that “IMF employees ruled Pakistan like viceroys” in the past. “Inflation has jumped to 14 percent and around 17.5 million people are unemployed, while among youth the unemployment ratio is more than eight percent,” said a speaker. “Due to the government’s worst economic policies, Pakistan’s loans have increased to $ 113 billion.” The speaker said important entities were being privatized and thousands of workers were unemployed. “The firing of 4,500 workers at Pakistan Steelworks with one blow is the worst example. This is also done at PIA and other organizations. “Speakers said workers were forced to work hard like slaves in factories and workplaces. “They are not even paid the minimum wage of Rs 17,500 per month as announced by the government.”


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The KCR line between the City, Orangi stations will be ready on Dec 15 | Instant News

The Karachi Loop Railway (KCR) running from City Station to Orangi Station will be ready by December 15, a review meeting for the KCR revival was announced on Tuesday.

Chaired by Karachi Commissioner and Administrator Iftikhar Ali Shallwani, the meeting was also informed that work on the 44 kilometer long KCR route is underway.

moment right now.

Pakistan Railways Division Superintendent Arshad Salam Khattak said PR was making arrangements to start the KCR on the 14 km line between Kota Station and Orangi Station.

He hopes that the route will be ready on December 15 or at the latest before the end of next month. The route between Kota Station and Orangi Station consists of Wazir Mansion Station, Lyari Station, Baldia Station, Manghopir Station and then returns to Orangi Station.

Commissioner Shallwani called on all stakeholders to work in close coordination with each other and cooperate with each other to smooth the work for the revival of the KCR in accordance with the orders of the Supreme Court.

He asked all officials to prioritize their efforts and ensure that the objectives related to the plan to revive the KCR are achieved as quickly as possible. The meeting also discussed the problem of encroachment along the route and road rights, making various decisions to resolve the problem as quickly as possible.

The meeting was also briefed on encroachment along the 44 km long KCR line that has been eliminated as well as the repair and laying work that is being carried out.

The Commissioner was informed that the construction of three overpasses and eight underpasses at 11 of the 24 level crossings had been initiated by the Sindh Transport Department, and would be carried out by the Border Works Organization.

The meeting also reviewed the progress of installing a sewer by the Karachi Water & Sewerage Board on a damaged line due to overflowing sewage affecting the stretch from Urdu College to the depot station.

The meeting also discussed installing fencing along the 44 km KCR route, and decided that fencing work would be carried out by the Sindh Mass Transit Authority.

Representatives from different departments brief the meetings on progress regarding their respective departmental projects, making sure everyone working on the project has started and will be finished soon.

The meeting was also attended by Sindh Transportation Secretary Shariq Ahmed, KCR Project Director Ameer Muhammad Daudpota, related deputy commissioners, as well as senior public relations and mass transit authorities officials.


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St. Francis de Sales delivers Thanksgiving baskets for needy families | Instant News


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Three “LeJ terrorists” were arrested in the City of Baja attack | Instant News

Malir District police personnel claimed on Saturday that they had arrested three high-profile criminals from outlawed Lashker-e-Jhangvi (LeJ) on charges of their involvement in a number of target killings and other heinous crimes, including escaping from the Karachi Central Prison.

Senior Police Inspector (SSP) Irfan Ali Bahadur from Malir District said that in response to intelligence information that several well-known terrorists belonging to forbidden clothing were present in Kota Baja, the pre-dawn raids were carried out and three terrorists were arrested after the police faced several. resistance.

The suspects were identified as Syekh Muhammad Moinuddin alias Papu alias Ismail, Arbaaz alias Aryaan and Aareeb alias Bilal.

During their search for their hiding place, a detonator, three device fuses, two remote controls, three device cables, different ribbon types and colors, scissors, two hand grenades, 1,000 grams of large ball bearings, 515 grams of small ball bearings, 2.5 kilograms of nails of different sizes, 90 kilograms of explosives, batteries and coolers were found and confiscated.

SSP Bahadur said preliminary checks revealed that the three had expertise in making improvised explosive devices (IEDs) and were planning to carry out terrorist activities in Karachi.

They are also suspected of attending militancy training in Afghanistan and being linked to the banned LeJ. Moinuddin and Arbaaz are the brothers of the terrorist Mumtaz alias Feroun.

Moinuddin revealed that he had joined the organization in 2007, and from 2008 to 2009 he remained an accountant for the organization. In 2013 he and his brother Mumtaz alias Feroun were arrested by CTD Sindh, while his brother, Mumtaz alias Feroun, along with his colleague, Ahmed, managed to escape from the Central Prison in June 2017 and fled to Afghanistan.

Furthermore, he admitted that he then went to Afghanistan and stayed there from March 2018 to June 2019 with his brother, Mumtaz, and a colleague, Asad alias Munna. During his stay in Afghanistan, he attended militancy training for about 45 days, and at the instructions of his brother, Mumtaz, he set up a terrorism training camp in Afghanistan. In May 2019 he came to Balochistan and attended militancy training there too.

Moinuddin revealed that he and his younger brother, Mumtaz alias Feroun, and Bilal were coming to Karachi and when they were near the Border Corps checkpoint in Panjgur District, Balochistan, there was a clash with Retribution personnel. In the shootout, Mumtaz alias Feroun was killed while a JOC and Jawan from the FC Intelligence Unit were slaughtered.

Arbaaz alias Aryaan said, on the instructions of his brother, Mumtaz alias Feroun, he joined a banned group in 2019. On June 17, 2019, he and Mumtaz alias Shahzad attempted to kill police police Allah Dino and Ahmed Ali. in Orangi City No. 10 in the Mominabad police control room, where the two policemen were martyred.

Aareeb aka Bilal aka Orangzeb revealed that he had joined LeJ in 2019, and that same year on March 9 he and his colleagues planned to rob a liquor store in Hawa Goth, Orangi City.

He said that when they returned from there, they met the police, and in the PC shootout Habibullah was martyred. He further revealed that he had transferred millions of rupees via Hawala Hundi to their leaders in Afghanistan. He is also suspected of being involved in the killing of police policemen Allah Dino and Ahmed Ali in the Mominabad area.

Further investigations are underway.


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The governor regretted the reduced green cover in the city | Instant News

Sindh governor Imran Ismail said the uncontrolled planning had given the shape of a concrete jungle to Karachi as beautiful birds had migrated from the city due to reduced green cover and unsupervised municipal garbage piles.

He made this point on Saturday while attending a tree planting campaign at the United Medical and Dental College (UMDC) under the government’s Clean and Green Karachi initiative.

Ismail said the fruit trees were almost extinct in the city. He said, apart from having socio-economic benefits, tree planting must be environmentally friendly to reverse the climate change phenomenon. The government could have planted trees, but in the end it was the responsibility of the community to protect the plantations, he added.

The governor appealed to other city-based institutions to actively take part in efforts to improve the city’s environment. Khyber Pakhtunkhwa is the first province to start the drive as the current government has worked to implement Prime Minister Imran Khan’s vision of planting trees and keeping the environment clean and healthy.

Ismail also planted trees as part of a plantation campaign at the university. Previously, the Dean of UMDC, Dr. Bilal Faiz, welcomed the governor’s arrival. Parliament Secretary for Climate Change Rukhsana Naveed was also present at the occasion.


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