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The civil award was awarded to the two guards posthumously | Instant News

CHAKDARA: Two security guards who were martyred during the June 2020 attack on the Pakistan Stock Exchange in Karachi were awarded the Pakistani civilian award “Tamgha-e-Shujaat” posthumously.

The martyrs’ relatives, Khuda Yar and Iftikhar Wahid, received awards from Pakistani President Dr Arif Alvi in ​​Islamabad.

The award for courage was handed over by the President to the legal heirs of the security guard for their courage because they had put up a strong resistance against the attackers before they were martyred.

Khuda Yar and Iftikhar Wahid, residents of Ouch village in Lower Dir district, were martyred when a group of terrorists armed with guns and grenades attacked the Pakistan Stock Exchange in the port city of Karachi last June.


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Civil society, experts join hands to tackle climate change and coastal vulnerability | Instant News

Climate change seriously threatens Pakistan’s coast belt and poses serious threats to livelihoods, health, the economy and the ecosystem as a whole, experts say and call for public action involving youth, women, grassroots level activists and frontline communities to lead the struggle.

They say humanity has only 10 years left to radically transform economies and societies to deal with the climate emergency that is threatening millions of people into hunger and poverty. They add that the climate crisis is here and now, and it is disproportionately affecting the world’s poorest people, youth, women, indigenous peoples and other marginalized groups.

Public action is key to unlocking greater ambition on climate change and youth engagement has an important role to play because they are the leaders of the future, they said while speaking at a seminar on youth engagement in addressing coastal climate vulnerability held at Karachi University.

This event was jointly organized by Oxfam and WWF-Pakistan as part of a national campaign called the “CLIMATE project”. It is a community-driven movement, the premier campaign of agile communication that connects and amplifies the voices of women, grassroots activists and frontline communities leading the fight against climate change. Such mobilization will create a change in major climate justice measures during the current pandemic and demonstrate public support for systemic change.

Welcoming the guests, Oxfam Climate Campaign Leader Shirin Abbasy said, “The damage related to climate change is a powerful story of inequality and injustice in both cause and impact. It is a crisis that touches almost every aspect of life, provides an opportunity to connect with our work on hunger, poverty and food systems, and link to land rights, rights in crisis, and access to health care.

“We know firsthand that the crisis is here and now, and we have responded through our humanitarian and emergency response work. We are here to celebrate and support women who stand at the forefront of this crisis as climate heroes. We support climate justice and fair climate action, not only against the climate crisis. “

Dr Tahir Rasheed, wildlife director, WWF-Pakistan, said that the severe impacts of climate change are being felt in the Indus Delta, which is a hotspot for rich biodiversity and home to the seventh largest mangrove forest in Asia. He said the delta was now at greater risk due to the inadequate supply of fresh water from the Indus River, vulnerability to climate change, pollution and other anthropogenic pressures. The impacts of climate change are also impacting the loss of biodiversity in the delta region, he added.

Dr Rasheed highlighted the main results of the joint WWF-Pakistan and Oxfam GB initiative in the Indus Delta and shared that two sectoral Local Adaptation Action Plans (LAPAs) have been developed based on a Vulnerability Risk Assessment (VRA). This will be a guiding mechanism for policy makers to support the development of resilience in communities that depend on natural resources.

Young people who can inspire hope, must come forward to reverse climate change and protect the mangrove ecosystem in the Sindh delta area, he added.

Abdul Rahim Soomro, secretary of the agriculture, supply and price department, Government of Sindh, appreciated Oxfam and WWF-Pakistan’s efforts to engage young people and raise awareness about the issue of climate change and its impact on coastal communities.

The role of youth, he continued, is very important in overcoming climate vulnerability in the future. This generation will also witness some of the grim impacts of climate change and thus increasing their capacity and knowledge of these issues will become instruments for future adaptation plans and strategies.

Waqar Hussain Phulpoto, additional director of the Sindh Environmental Protection Agency (Sepa), provided an overview of the agency and said they are working to reduce the effects of climate change by adopting the 3R (Reduce, Reuse and Recycle) concept.

Sugara Hajani, a 70-year-old local resident from Kakapir, Karachi, who cares for a mangrove nursery in Sandspit, shared that coastal women are well aware of the fact that their survival depends on mangroves that protect them from natural disasters and are an important source of fisheries.

Other women from the Sindh coastal belt shared their stories and experiences in supporting mangrove conservation and improving their livelihoods through small-scale interventions at the community level.

Arif Ali Khokhar, conservator at the Sindh Forestry Department; Aamir Alamgir, Professor of Environmental Sciences, Karachi University; Shoaib Kiyani, Professor of Marine Science at Karachi University; Khalid Mahmood, Director of the Fisheries Development Agency; Hamera Aisha, Conservation Manager, WWF-Pakistan; Jawad Umair Khan, WWF-Pakistan Coordinator; Shabina Faraz, environmental writer and Kalsoom Siddique, UNEP Youth Leader, also spoke at the occasion.


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Automart: car prices in Karachi – Market | Instant News

KARACHI: Prices for various makes and models of cars are valid in Karachi for the week ending Saturday (March 13, 2021).

Product Description                                    Fully               
                                          Standard      A/C          Loaded
                                             Model     Model          Model
                                      Non-Metallic   Metallic
Alto 660cc
Alto VX                                 1,198,000/-                       -
Alto VXR                                1,433,000/-                       -
Alto VXL                                1,633,000/-                       -
WagonR VXR                              1,640,000/-                       -
WagonR VXL                              1,730,000/-                       -
WagonR AGS                              1,890,000/-                       -
Cultus VXR                              1,780,000/-                       -
Cultus VXL                              1,970,000/-                       -
Cultus Auto Gear Shift                  2,130,000/-                       -
Swift DLX 1.3 Navigation                2,030,000/-                       -
Swift DLX Automatic 1.3 Navigation      2,210,000/-                       -
Jimny GA MT                             4,490,000/-                       -
Vitara GLX 1.6                          6,500,000/-                       -
VX Euro II                              1,134,000/-                       -
Cargo Van Euro II                       1,075,000/-                       -
RAVI Pickup-800cc
Ravi Euro II                            1,034,000/-                       -
Toyota Yaris ATIV CVT 1.3               2,769,000/-                       -
Toyota Yaris ATIV MT 1.3                2,619,000/-                       -
Toyota Yaris ATIV X CVT 1.5             2,999,000/-                       -
Toyota Yaris ATIV X MT 1.5              2,829,000/-                       -
Toyota Yaris GLI CVT 1.3                2,689,000/-                       -
Toyota Yaris GLI MT 1.3                 2,509,000/-                       -
Corolla Altis 1.8                       3,549,000/-                       -
Corolla Altis Manual 1.6                3,219,000/-                       -
Corolla Altis Automatic 1.6             3,369,000/-                       -
Corolla Altis CVT-i 1.8                 3,699,000/-                       -
Corolla Altis Grande 1.8
(Beige Interior)                        3,979,000/-                       -
Corolla Altis Grande CVT-i 1.8
(Black Interi                           3,999,000/-                       -
Hilux 4x2 S/C Deckless                  3,499,000/-                       -
Hilux 4x2 S/C Standard                  3,749,000/-                       -
Hilux 4x4 S/C Standard 2.8              5,099,000/-                       -
Hilux E 2.8                             5,912,000/-                       -
Hilux REVO G 2.8                        6,342,000/-                       -
Hilux REVO G Automatic 2.8              6,664,000/-                       -
Hilux REVO V Automatic 2.8              7,041,000/-                       -
Fortuner 2.7 G                          7,699,000/-                       -
Fortuner 2.7 VVTi                       8,399,000/-                       -
Fortuner 2.8 Sigma 4                    9,149,000/-                       -
Fortuner TRD Sportivo                   9,399,000/-                       -
Civic 1.5 Rs Turbo                      4,699,000/-                       -
Civic 1.5 VTEC Turbo Oriel              4,449,000/-                       -
Civic 1.8 i-VTEC CVT                    3,729,000/-                       -
Civic Oriel 1.8 i-VTEC CVT              3,979,000/-                       -
City 1.3 i-VTEC                         2,449,000/-                       -
City 1.3 i-VTEC Prosmatec               2,639,000/-                       -
City 1.5 i-VTEC                         2,529,000/-                       -
City 1.5 i-VTEC Prosmatec               2,699,000/-                       -
City Aspire 1.5 i-VTEC                  2,699,000/-                       -
City Aspire Prosmatec 1.5 i-VTEC        2,859,000/-                       -
Accord 1.5L VTEC Turbo                 11,999,000/-                       -
BR-V i-VTEC                             3,319,000/-                       -
BR-V i-VTEC MT                          3,159,000/-                       -
BR-V i-VTEC S                           3,479,000/-                       -
CR-V 2.0 CVT                           10,700,000/-                       -
1.3L & 1.5L (City, Aspire, BR-V, Civic Filer 50,000 OR 1.8L (Civic) 75,000.

Copyright Business Recorder, 2021


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The minister asks civil society to help Sindh regain control of the National Museum | Instant News

KARACHI: Culture Minister Sindh Syed Sardar Ali Shah said civil society in Karachi must act and urged the federal government to hand over the National Museum of Pakistan in the city once again to the provincial government.

Speaking at the inauguration of the Sindh Literary Festival (SLF) at the Arts Council on Friday, he complained that the federal government had wrested control of the National Museum from the province.

He announced that formal allocations would be included in the upcoming budget of the Sindh Culture Ministry for the new fiscal year making SLF a permanent annual feature.

Shah recalled on occasion that India had given 26 regional languages ​​to be used as the national language, but in Pakistan the languages ​​of the people of the provinces lacked such honor.

He regretted that the bill to adjust the status of the national language to the four provincial languages ​​did not get the Senate’s attention for passing it.

The Minister of Culture stressed that the Sindhi language should be respected especially at the national level and given the status of the national language given that the whole of Pakistan was under the historical territory of the Indus Valley civilization.

He regretted that well-known Sufi poets from other provinces lacked the protection and official attention that Shah Abdul Latif Bhittai did, saying that he himself and the chief minister of Sindh remained involved in the annual celebration of Urs in Bhittai.

He said the SLF held at the Arts Council shows that the place brings compassion to people of all cultures and languages. He mentioned that the cultural activism exhibited at the Arts Council shows that the Sindh people strongly adhere to their culture, language and mystical mindset. Shah appreciates the fact that young people have participated in cultural activism in the province to promote their arts, literature and music. He said the linguistic division in the provinces based on Urdu and Sindhi must end.


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Civil society, residents are afraid of large-scale displacement due to the Malir Toll Road project | Instant News

Expressing their concern over the displacement of families due to the ongoing anti-encroachment movement along Gujjar Nullah and Mehmoodabad Nullah in the Manzoor Colony, the construction of the Malir Toll Road, and the expansion and reconstruction of ML-1, a group of city planners, civil society activists and residents said on the day Wednesday that the federal government and Sindh have committed human rights violations by destroying working class homes.

These observations were made at the Karachi Press Club at the press conference, which was held under the banner of the Karachi Joint Action Committee, an alliance of civil society groups.

Among the speakers was urban planner Arif Hasan, co-chair of the Pakistan Human Rights Commission Asad Iqbal Butt, executive director of the Pakistan Institute of Labor Education and Research Karamat Ali, co-director of the Zahid Farooq Municipal Resource Center, permanent director of the Aurat Mahnaz Rehman Foundation and Technical Director Sirajuddin Training Resource Center.

Hanif Dilmurad, leader of the Indigenous Rights Alliance representing the affected people on the Malir Toll Road, Shazia Zafar, a woman representing people affected by anti-encroachment operations along Gujjar Nullah, and others also spoke.

Hasan said displacement due to toll road construction and in the name of operations against encroachment had added to people’s misery by increasing unemployment and poverty.

“In the name of development, the government has occupied the land of low-income communities and used it for the benefit of the rich and influential as well as builders,” he said. “In addition, the government does not consult with residents prior to carrying out operations and development in their areas.” Butt is suing the federal and Sindh governments to ensure relocation, rehabilitation and compensation prior to eviction.

Malir Toll Road

Dilmurad, a social activist and researcher who has led protests against the construction of the Malir Toll Road in recent weeks, said that the provincial government has not consulted with residents or elected representatives in the area about building a megaproject that will destroy their homes. and livelihoods in more than 26 ancient villages and regions.

In December, Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari launched a toll road project, calling it “the largest civilian infrastructure project ever undertaken by any provincial government in Pakistan under a public-private partnership”.

The Malir Expressway will be built as a 38.5 kilometer controllable high-speed expressway to connect Karachi center to the M-9, the highway between Karachi and Hyderabad.

However, Dilmurad said the toll road construction would destroy more than two dozen older villages, displace large numbers of people and destroy plantations.

Samoo Goth, Old Shafi Goth, Lasi Goth, Lasi Goth, Magsi Goth, Thadoo Goth, Nai Abadi, Shafi Goth, Ayah Muhammad Goth, Gulshan-e-Maryam, Mulla Essa Goth, Nasir City, Clock Goth, Shahu Bagh, Fazal Bagh , Malir Bungalows, Yaar Muhammad Jokhio Goth, Rasool Bux Khaskheli Goth are some of the places that will be destroyed, according to Dilmurad.

“We have seen devastation during the construction of the Lyari Expressway. People who were displaced because of the project are still homeless and their suffering has not stopped even though 17 years have passed, ”he said.

Gujjar, Mehmoodabad Nullahs

Shazia Zafar, a woman from Haji Mureed Goth, said that despite having lease documents, the authorities have demolished their house in the name of eliminating disturbances along Gujjar Nullah.

The speakers demanded that the Sindh government follow up on Bilawal’s Sept. 5 speech to rain-affected people at KDA Chowrangi, in which he promised not to evict people living around Gujjar Nullah without providing alternative accommodation.

They said that in both pillars, the authorities made no effort to clear clogged rainwater drains, and instead they destroyed the homes of residents who had lived there for more than four decades.

ML-1 project

Speakers also discussed upgrades to the Peshawar-to-Karachi Mainline-1 (ML-I) railroad. Media reports quoting the railway minister said that an 1,872 km long line would be built alongside the existing line – turning it into a double track. “But there has been no survey on the demolition of houses due to the ML-1 project and the rehabilitation of victims because of that,” said Butt.

There is no EIA

The speakers also said that environmental impact assessments were not carried out prior to the construction of the Malir Expressway and the ML-1 project or before undertaking a demolition campaign, resulting in further environmental damage to the city. They demanded that the government immediately carry out an Amdal at the project site.


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