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Establishing civilian supremacy is PPP’s top priority, said Gillani | Instant News

Rahim Yar Khan – Former prime minister and senior leader of the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) Syed Yousaf Raza Gillani said that establishing civilian supremacy in the country is his party’s top priority, adding that the history of the PPP is full of the sacrifices made by its workers. for the purpose of.

Speaking at the PPP Workers Convention and the media in Jakarta on Thursday, he said the party was committed to protecting human rights and civil liberties, including media freedom, as enshrined in the constitution.

He claims, the PDM gathering which will be held in Multan on November 30 will attract millions of people. “There will be a big demonstration that will be discussed by Maulana Fazlur Rehman, Bilawal Bhutto Zardari, Maryam Nawaz Sharif and other PDM leaders besides former president Asif Ali Zardari and former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif via video link,” he informed.

He was of the view that the enthusiastic participation of people in the three PDM meetings so far was actually a demand against Imran Khan’s government.

The PPP leadership said that parties under the PDM banner used all options, both inside and outside parliament, to overthrow the government, and the last option they had was to withdraw from the assembly and senate, which, he added, could be used. anytime.

Gillani said the PPP was the drafter of the 1973 Constitution, but that successive government amendments to the document took away its original character. “But PPP not only returns it to its original form through the 18th Amendment, but also gives NFC Award to provinces that strengthen democracy in the country,” he boasted.

He regrets that the people of southern Punjab are still searching for their own province despite the high claims made by Imran Khan before coming to power in 2018.


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Twitter has slammed for ignoring Indian propaganda | Instant News

ISLAMABAD: Several Pakistani politicians, including government ministers, have criticized Twitter for not acting on Indian media peddling fake news about the ‘Karachi civil war’ a day ago.

A massive disinformation campaign had started when a pro-India government account on Twitter posted a tweet about a civil war that didn’t exist in Karachi the day before. Human Rights Minister Shireen Mazari said it was “very unfortunate that @TwitterSupport [is deliberately] ignore the “fake news circulating.

“Facebook is also involved in Indian propaganda & hate posts! Likewise, Islamophobia is rampant but heaven forbids any word to imply even questionable comments about the holocaust,” Mazari said on Twitter, reports Geo News.

The minister quoted a tweet by digital rights activist and lawyer, Nighat Dad, who summoned Indian Supreme Court lawyer Prashant Patel Umrao over his claim that “10 police officers from the Sindh Police [were] martyred in the course of their duty to save the Karachi people “and that” the US Navy may enter Karachi port immediately “.

Maritime Affairs Minister Ali Haider Zaidi, however, blamed the Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM), saying “Indian media propaganda [is] at its zenith & sadly driven by the PDM circus “.

The Minister of State and Frontier Territories (Saffron) Shehryar Afridi highlighted the “false, fake and malicious propaganda campaign of the Indian media to slander the institutions of the #Pakistan state”. Afridi asked Twitter to take action against “Indian Social Media accounts that were involved in the malicious fake news attack on Pakistan”.

On the other hand, PPP Senator Sherry Rehman called Pakistan’s internal dissent as “a sign of its political health”. Rehman explained that what he meant was “democracy is never one person or viewpoint; that when freedom is restricted people push back; when constitutional rights are threatened, who dare to speak up ”.

The day before, the Indian media had been somewhat carried away by the events in Pakistan’s largest port city and made a whole civil war complete with gunfights between rival forces, bombings, and an imaginary area in Karachi called – ridiculous enough – “Gulshan-e-Bagh”.

Among those at the top of the disinformation campaign are India Today, Zee News English, CNN News18 and India.com – all verified Twitter accounts – claiming that armed clashes have erupted in Karachi.


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Civil society assistance, city planners are trying to finalize Karachi’s master plan | Instant News

Sindh Syed Chief Secretary Mumtaz Ali Shah said on Wednesday that the provincial government will beautify Karachi with the support and cooperation of civil society.

CS chaired a meeting with architects and urban planners in his office, where he said that the opinions of civil society representatives and urban planning experts would be taken into account when finalizing the city master plan.

Shah said at the meeting that the government is working on the Large Karachi K-IV Water Supply Project, the Karachi Loop Railway, the Bus Rapid Transit System, the Karachi Water & Sewer Service Improvement Project, the Malir Toll Road and other major construction projects in the city.

He said that the federal government, provincial government and the World Bank have provided the funds needed for these projects in the city.

CS confirmed during the meeting that the provincial government would not allow the construction of illegal buildings anywhere in the city at any cost.

He said that buildings under construction in the city must now carry a sign outside their premises with a QR code that allows the public to use their smart phones to confirm the legal status of construction as approved by the Sindh Building Control Authority (SBCA). .

Shah said the Sindh government is drawing up master plans for 17 cities in the province, where plans for Sukkur, Larkana and Islamkot have been completed. Master plans for the other 14 cities will be completed in June, he added.

He asked architectural experts and city planners for the opinion of completing the Karachi master plan. The planning & development department will brief the next meeting on the city master plan being finalized.

The Chief Secretary said that the construction experts should also provide their advice so that the conservation of heritage buildings in different parts of the city can be guaranteed.

Those who attended the meeting assured the provincial authorities that they would give their full support to finalizing the Karachi master plan. They said they would also provide their expert advice to complete a major building project for the city.

CS assured everyone that the advice of civil society representatives and city planners will be followed fully when preparing the city master plan.

The meeting was attended by Regional Government Secretary Najam Ahmed Shah, Pakistan Institute of Architects Arif Changezi, head of the Yasmeen Lari Heritage Committee, Dr Noman Ahmed from NED University of Engineering & Technology, Secretary General Shehri Amber Ali Bhai, Institute of Engineers of Pakistan Engr Sohail Bashir, Maria Ansari, Hameer Soomro, Asad IA Khan and the Director General of the SBCA.

Engineering Education

CS Shah chaired another meeting, where he said that a public-private partnership model should be adopted to upgrade the technical education institutions in the province under the Sindh Technical Education & Vocational Training Authority.

From the meeting, it was informed that there are 250 technical education institutions throughout the province, and up to 75 percent of graduates get job opportunities.

The chief secretary said at the meeting that the importance of technical education has increased manifold by working on the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor project.


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Sindhi civil society rejects the Islands Development Authority | Instant News

KARACHI: Sindhi civil society has rejected the federal government’s move to establish a “Pakistan Islands Development Authority” which calls it illegal, unconstitutional and a violation of provincial autonomy.

Constitutional experts, writers, scholars, political leaders, social activists, and civil society activists have rejected the federal government’s action in establishing the Authority through the Pakistani Presidential Ordinance and called it violating Article 172/2 of the Pakistan Constitution.

According to the official news, the President of Pakistan on August 31, 2020, through an ordinance, was formed by the Pakistan Islands Development Authority. According to the official announcement, an Authority has been established for the development and management of islands in the inland waters and territorial waters of Pakistan.

The Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) also rejected the presidential decree, saying it was like the grabbing of land for the Sindh government.

Secretary of the PPP Information Center Nafisa Shah in her tweet said that the PPP rejected the unconstitutional regulation establishing the Islands Development Authority. “This is nothing less than the seizure of land and occupation of islands belonging to the Sindh people based on Article 172/2 of the Constitution,” he said.

A joint consultative meeting was organized by the Pakistan Fishermen’s Forum, Pakistan Institute of Labor Research and Education (PILER), Pakistan Human Rights Commission (HRCP), Indigenous Rights Alliance and Aurat Foundation at a local hotel.

PFF Chairman Muhammad Ali Shah, Human Rights Lawyer IA Rehman, PILER Executive Director Karamat Ali and others spoke at the meeting.

Highlighting the issue, Muhammad Ali Shah said that the federal government has decided to form the Pakistan Islands Development Authority (PIDA) and build cities on the twin islands of Bhundar (Bundal) and Dingi without consulting the Sindh government despite the fact that the area falls under the jurisdiction of the province.

The federal government’s actions are not only contrary to Pakistan’s Constitution but also against international conventions and agreements, which grant social, economic and cultural sovereignty to indigenous peoples, he said.

“Building cities and building islands will make about 800,000 fishermen lose their livelihoods and they will suffer from extreme poverty,” he said.

Apart from Dingi and Bundal, these islands are home to thousands of hectares of mangrove forests. These forests are nurseries for fish and shrimp, while the tributaries from Karachi to Thatta are fishing grounds for fishermen.

With the construction of a new city, the fishing grounds for fishermen will end along their route. The development of islands and the building of any city will also destroy the environment.

Chairman of Awami Tehreek Ayaz Latif Palijo, Chairman of the Sindh Tarqi Pasand Party Dr Qadir Magsi, President of the Sindh United Party Syed Jalal Mehmood Shah, senior lawyer Yousif Leghari, former advocate general Sindh Barrister Zameer Ghumro, advocate Shabir Shar, advocate Shahid Soomro, author Manzoor Solangi, author Shakeel Soomro, author Asghar Soomro and others have also rejected federal government action and presidential regulations calling it a clear violation of the constitution and provincial autonomy.


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Processes are underway to identify, remove deadwood from the civil bureaucracy | Instant News

ISLAMABAD: The long awaited process to remove deadwood from the civil bureaucracy is ongoing following directions from the Prime Minister’s Office to implement announced policies.

A close aide to Prime Minister Imran Khan told The News that the PM’s Office had issued a directive to all ministries and divisions to start the weeding process. The source said that the ministries and divisions were asked to form a Pension Council and Pension Committee as stipulated in the rules and start processing cases according to the law based on material evidence.

It said the IHC’s recent ruling against those who oppose promotion rules has also helped with the early retirement of troubled civil servants.

All the kodal formalities have been completed by the PTI government to carry out this much needed task. Under the prevailing legal framework, those who have completed 20 years of service and are not fit to continue government service will retire prematurely, for which instructions for all ministries, divisions and other government agencies have been issued by the Prime Minister’s Office.

The reasons for early retirement have been identified and this includes officers who:

a) have received average performance evaluation reports (PERs, formerly known as ACRs) or negative comments have been recorded in three or more PERs from three different officers;

b) has twice been recommended for supersession by the Central Selection Board (CSB), the Departmental Selection Board (DSB) or the Departmental Promotion Board (DPB) or has not twice been recommended for promotion by the high power Selection Board and the recommendation has been approved by the competent authority competent;

c) have been found guilty of corruption or have bargained or voluntarily returned with NAB or other investigative agencies;

d) have had more than one chance to be placed in category ‘C’ by CSB, DSB or DPC under the Civil Service Promotion Rules (BS 18-21), 2019;

e) guilty of doing something inappropriate.

The pension board and pension committee have been notified. For early retirees of BS 20 Officers and above, there will be a retired committee consisting of the Chair of the FPSC who will be the chairman of the agency, while the members will be the secretary of the Cabinet Section, the Formation Section, the Finance, Legal and Justice Division and the Secretary / head of the division concerned.

For the early retirement of officials of BS 19 and below, the government has established a retirement committee. There will be various pension committees in each division or department to recommend to the competent authorities a directory of pensions from service with respect to civil servants in BS 19 and below.

The retirement committee for officers BS 17 to 19 will consist of a chairperson, who will be an additional or senior joint secretary of the division concerned; representatives from the Formation Division, Finance Division, Legal Division and the heads of departments or officials concerned.

The retirement committee for Civil Servants at BS 16 and below will consist of the Chairperson, who is the senior joint secretary or joint secretary of the division concerned, representatives from the Formation Division, Finance Division, Legal Division, and the head of the department / office concerned.

For the purposes of implementing this new scheme, all federal ministries and divisions have been directed to maintain a list of civil servants who have completed the designated years of service and fall into the category of those who are eligible for retirement.

This board and committee will pass on its recommendations to the competent authorities. If the competent authority agrees with the recommendation for a civil servant directory pension, it will issue a reason notification to the civil servant concerned, notify him of the proposed basis for making directives for directory pension, and will give him the opportunity to conduct a private hearing if requested by a civil servant who concerned.


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