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Australia forces Google and Facebook to pay for news publishers | Instant News

Facebook and Google logos

Peter Foley / Bloomberg | Getty Images

Google and Facebook can be forced to pay Australian news publishers to distribute their content, in important regulatory steps from the country’s competition regulators.

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission was commissioned by the government earlier this year by developing a mandatory code for technology giants to pay for the use of news content. If agreed, draft code announced by the ACCC on Friday will allow Australian outlets to secure payments in a matter of months.

It aims to address “acute bargaining power imbalances” between news groups and Google and Facebook, the ACCC said. Under the rules, if the publisher and digital platform cannot agree on an agreement after three months of formal talks, will the “final bid” arbitration process be carried out? initiates that the results in the selection of bids “make the most sense” in 45 working days.

“Changes to our rules are designed to create a fair and just playing field,” Australian Treasurer Josh Frydenberg said Friday. “We want regulations in the digital world to reflect regulations in the physical world. We want to ensure increased consumer protection, increased competition and of course we provide a sustainable media environment for all Australians for the future.”

This step could make Australia the first country to force Google and Facebook to pay for news content. It happened after talks between online platforms, ACCC and media companies failed to produce an agreement.

It is not yet clear how much development will impact Google and Facebook’s revenue. Google’s parent company, Alphabet reports the first decline in income in history in Thursday’s second quarter earnings report, while Facebook posted an 11% increase in income. Both companies have been under regulatory spotlight lately, with their CEO appearing alongside Amazon and Apple bosses inside Congress antitrust trial on wednesday.

The draft code will be consulted for a month before being discussed in parliament. If approved, it is expected to be reviewed within one year.

Google said it was “very disappointed and concerned” about the draft mandatory ACCC code.

“This code discounts the significant value that Google gives news publishers across the board – including sending billions of clicks to Australian news publishers free of charge annually for $ 218 million,” Mel Silva, managing director of Google Australia and New Zealand, said in a statement. Friday statement.

“This sends a message about businesses and investors that the Australian Government will intervene rather than let the market work, and undermine Australia’s ambition to become a leading digital economy by 2030. The Australian Government sets a misguided disincentive to innovate in the media sector and doing nothing can solve challenges fundamental in creating business models that are suitable for the digital age. “

William Easton, managing director of Facebook Australia and New Zealand, said the company is currently “reviewing the Government’s proposal to understand its impact on the industry, our services, and our investment in the news ecosystem in Australia.”

Last month, Google said it would do it pay a number of publishers in Australia, Germany and Brazil directly to license their content, as part of a new service that is expected to be launched later this year. This marks a change in tactics for the internet giant, which for years has fended off demands from news organizations to pay for the distribution of their work.

The French competition regulator decided in April that Google must pay publishing companies and news agencies to reuse their content. Such regulatory pressures have increased as news outlets grapple with a sharp drop in advertising spending due to the coronavirus pandemic.


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Huawei said the HarmonyOS operating system can rival Google, Apple | Instant News

A guest holding his phone showing a picture taken during a press conference Huawei launched the new HarmonyOS operating system in Dongguan, Guangdong province on August 9, 2019.

Fred Dufour | AFP | Getty Images

A top executive from Huawei said the Chinese company’s cellular operating system was able to compete Google and Apple – but analysts told CNBC that it might be difficult to achieve, especially in markets outside of China where U.S. tech giant has a strong footing.

“Huawei is in a position to provide an ecosystem that is on par with the Google and Apple ecosystems,” Huawei’s vice president of consumer cloud services in its consumer business, Eric Tan, said on Tuesday. “We have the confidence to be one of the top ecosystem developers in the world.”

He talked about the company itself operating system, called HarmonyOS, which launched in August.

It emerged when the Chinese tech giant tried to forge the road ahead without American technology.

Huawei smartphones have relied on the Google Android operating system for several years. But in 2019, Chinese companies will be blacklisted in the U.S. which limits its access to American technology and that is what it means can no longer use licensed Android software on his handset.

In response, Huawei launched its own operating system in the same year.

On Tuesday, Huawei executives talked about HarmonyOS, playing their ability to become an operating system that could work on a number of devices rather than just smartphones, which could be attractive to developers who wanted to create applications that work on different hardware.

Management also talked about Huawei Mobile Services (HMS), a collection of various Huawei applications from maps to payments to the app store.

Huawei’s claim about being able to provide an “equivalent” ecosystem with Google and Apple is huge, considering the company only launched its operating system less than a year ago.

But Tan supports his comments by revealing that at the end of March, Huawei had 1.4 million developers, up 115% from the end of the first quarter of 2019.

In China, where Huawei is the biggest smartphone maker by market share, not having access to Google Android is no big deal. That’s because Google services, like search, are blocked in this country and users still can’t use them. It also means that Huawei’s HarmonyOS has the opportunity to be successful in the domestic market.

So overall without a tent developer on it will be a difficult sale.

Neil Shah

Counterpoint Research

However, in international markets where applications are built on Google services – integrating maps or payments, for example – Huawei can find HarmonyOS that are difficult to sell.

“It won’t be easy for Huawei to build a main application library outside of China, because many of them depend on Google for things like digital rights management, location, payment, and notification services,” Bryan Ma, vice president of device research at IDC, told CNBC.

Huawei was not immediately available for comment when contacted by CNBC.

“Developers often have to be selective on projects where they spend their time, and the key factor in decision making is whether there is enough critical mass in the user base to justify the time and effort spent in porting applications,” Ma said.

Huawei’s HMS is similar to Google’s Cellular Service and offers developer kits that can be used to integrate things like location services into applications. The Chinese company said there are 60,000 applications that use what is called HMS Core services, but do not break down the country or region in which they are located.

Neil Shah, research director at Counterpoint Research, called the number of applications “limited” and said Huawei was still missing the main application.

“Outside of China, it will be difficult because most of the tent applications come from major US developers – Netflix, Facebook properties (Instagram, WhatsApp), Google applications, etc. – which are clearly prohibited from collaborating with Huawei, “Shah said.

“So overall, without a tent developer, it will be a difficult sale.”

Indeed, a number of key applications that are important in the international market do not exist in the Huawei app store, called AppGallery. Users cannot download Google applications or any Facebook service. Netflix or Spotify are also not available.

However, it has the Amazon Shopping application, as well as the TikTok video sharing application, which is owned by the Chinese company ByteDance.

Huawei has stated its desire to include Google applications in AppGallery.

“We hope Google services can be available through our AppGallery, as Google services are available through Apple’s App Store,” Eric Xu, chairman of rotation at Huawei said in an interview with CNBC in March.

But this will be a challenge, according to Ma.

“In addition to legal considerations, I feel it is very unlikely that Google will publish its own applications in AppGallery, because they have the same links to their services as third parties do. And if there is, they want to encourage the use of their services,” he said. the word.


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Google will start reopening the office in June, CA can vote by mail | Instant News

That April jobs report indicates the U.S. unemployment rate skyrocketed to 14.7%, the worst job loss since the post-World War II era, because coronavirus restrictions closed businesses for a month and millions of people lost their jobs. State officials are trying to inject a needle between reopening parts of the economy and preventing a revival of the virus.

As the number of coronavirus cases and deaths is increasing in Russia, delayed epidemics began to occur in eastern Europe, while outbreaks in western Europe subsided, according to WHO. Italy reports 243 new deaths from coronavirus, making it the third country to reach 30,000 deaths

This is CNBC’s direct blog which covers all the latest news on the Internet coronavirus epidemic. All times below are in Eastern time. This blog will be updated throughout the day when the news is broadcast.

  • Global case: More than 3.8 million
  • Global Death: At least 269,881
  • U.S. Case: More than 1.2 million
  • U.S. Deaths: At least 75,852

The above data was compiled by Johns Hopkins University.

5:15 pm: Tesla is not allowed to reopen US factories, local officials say

Maker of electric vehicles Tesla intended to reopen the U.S. car factory they are in Fremont, California on Friday. However, local authorities said that they had not given “a green light” to Tesla to reopen, and that Covid-19’s health orders were still in force for at least another week or two.

Provisional Health Officer for the Alameda District Public Health Department, Erica Pan, noted in an online town hall on Friday that although California Governor Newsom had relaxed the Covid-19 restrictions at the state level, “If there are local orders, whichever is more stringent applies.” –Lora Kolodny

17:00: Mayor of San Diego: Compliance with new coastal regulations bodes well for the reopening of state business

Mayor of San Diego Kevin Faulconer told CNBC “Squawk Alley” that residents followed the city’s beach restrictions, which he said was a good sign because California was trying to reopen its economy. “

I was out there at the beach alone last week with our coast guard. You can walk, you can run, surf and swim now. Do not sit. “To see compliance, I think it’s a very good sign when we start to reopen our business,” Faulconer said.

Faulconer’s comments came when California retailers selling products such as toys, books and clothing were allowed to start offering roadside services. The Mayor said that he believes San Diego residents are willing to abide by restrictions because they do not want to return the extraordinary benefits we have made, the sacrifices we have made over the past six weeks. “- Kevin Stankiewicz

4:45 pm: California Governor says all registered voters can vote by letter in November

Gavin Newsom, governor of California, spoke at a press conference in Sacramento, California, on Tuesday, April 14, 2020.

Rich Pedroncelli | AP | Bloomberg through Getty Images

California Governor Gavin Newsom sign an executive order allows all voters registered in the state to receive ballots entering this November.

This step was taken when several countries considered how to carry out the remaining 2020 elections while keeping voters safe from transmission and spreading deadly coronaviruses.

“I signed an executive order,” Newsom said, “which will allow every voter registered in California to receive a ballot.” Newsom, who announced the move at a press conference, clarified that California would still provide an opportunity for people to vote directly at the polling center. “Incoming ballots are important but it is not an exclusive substitute for physical location,” he said. –Jennifer Elias

4:30 pm: Nordstrom is closing 16 stores. Here they are

Nordstrom announced the plan earlier this week to permanently close 16 stores, because it took a hit with other retailers of the coronavirus pandemic. CNBC confirmed the full list of locations on Friday. Closures include department stores in California, Texas and Florida. 16 stores represent about 14% of Nordstrom’s full-line convenience store fleet. –Lauren Thomas

4:15 pm: Google will start reopening the office in June

CEO Alphabet Sundar Pichai made a gesture during the session at the annual World Economic Forum (WEF) meeting in Davos, on January 22, 2020.

Fabrice Coffrini | AFP | Getty Images

Alphabet CEO of Sundar Pichai will begin reopening offices globally in early June, targeting a 10-15% capacity, he said in an email obtained by CNBC.

“Our path back to the office will be slow, deliberate, and gradual,” he said, adding that the company has less than 5% of global employees working from the current office and some locations in the Asia Pacific region have reached 30% of capacity.

The majority of people who can work from home, will continue to do so “potentially” until the end of the year, even though they will be allowed to enter now and then. Pichai also overcame employee fatigue, encouraging employees to take a day off at the end of May. –Jennifer Elias

4 pm: New York City partners with Salesforce to track contacts

Bill de Blasio, the mayor of New York, wore a protective mask while touring the swimwear factory of Malia Mills, which has pivoted to make polypropylene dresses for medical workers, in the Brooklyn area of ​​New York, USA, on Wednesday, April 22, 2020.

Mark Kauzlarich | Bloomberg | Getty Images

The Mayor of New York City, Bill de Blasio announced that the city will partner with Salesforce to deploy call centers as well as customer relations and case management systems that will help officials track and isolate potential Covid-19 cases.

De Blasio said that tracking down people who came in contact with infected people would be very important to reduce restrictions and reopen the city. The city is implementing a “test and trace corps” which will be tasked with testing New Yorkers for infections and tracking all cases and contacts of known positive infections, de Blasio said.

The aim is to recruit 2,500 public health “pedestrians” in June, who will be trained using a contact tracking program led by former New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg. Sorry it’s too late, but here you are in case we still want to blog. –Noah Higgins-Dunn

3:30 pm: Coronavirus brings uncertainty to restaurant summer work

An employee in a restaurant waits for customers who arrive to be picked up at the Alhambra, California on May 7, 2020.

Frederic J. Brown | AFP | Getty Images

The corona virus pandemic has introduced serious uncertainty into the restaurant industry, leaving questions about how many jobs will be available this summer. While many restaurants currently only offer carry services, roadside pickup and delivery services, a full reopening can be good for adding summer jobs in times of high unemployment, Kate Rogers and Betsy Spring report from CNBC. Over the past few years, the restaurant industry has usually added more than 500,000 jobs each summer. –Hannah Miller

3:10 pm: Apple will reopen several stores in the US

People wearing face masks look at cellphones outside Apple stores during the May Day holiday in Shanghai on May 1, 2020.

Retector Hector | AFP | Getty Images

Apple said that would happen reopen its retail store in Idaho, South Carolina, Alabama and Alaska starting next week. The shops will limit the number of customers at one time and focus on repairing damaged products.

Apple will do a temperature check and employees will wear masks as part of the reopening process. In recent weeks, several locations have reopened in countries such as South Korea, Australia and Germany. –Kif Leswing

14:50: The NFL team sees initial ticket requests despite a coronavirus pandemic, SeatGeek said

Crews tested architectural light bands and exterior sign lighting as construction continued at Allegiant Stadium, a future $ 2 billion domed greenhouse Las Vegas Raiders on April 23, 2020 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Ethan Miller | Getty Images

National Football League Sales tickets are up 234% year on year compared to the first 12 hours after last year’s release schedule, despite concerns about the global health crisis. The company, which specializes in selling cellular-based tickets, said it was surprised by the initial activity mainly because coronaviruses continued to influence uncertainty surrounding live sporting events.

“Although we certainly think there will be some level of demand, we are surprised at how strong it is, because fans are hoping for football this fall,” Chris Leyden, a SeatGeek communications official, told CNBC via email. –Jasmine Kim

14:45: Media companies expect a difficult quarter of TV commercials

Bob Bakish, CEO, Viacom

Scott Mlyn | CNBC

Companies like Fox Corp. and AMC Networks warn about the decline in TV commercials in the next quarter.

A number of media companies have reported earnings in the past few days showing how TV is trending when advertisers withdraw spending or postpone the campaign until the end of this year. With many consumers trapped at home, consumers are entering linear TV, which is expected to add 8.3 million US viewers this year, the first viewer to see positive growth since 2011, eMarketer said in a new forecast this week.

But viewers are not the same as dollar signs. “At a time when lots and lots of companies are cutting their advertising budgets, or at least pausing them, now watch time offers or ad inventory exceeds the demand from advertisers to fill them,” eMarketer analyst Ross Benes told CNBC. “It’s great to get people to watch your show, but every viewer is monetized much lower than last month.” –Meg Graham

14:30: NYC child deaths encourage investigation of the impact on children

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo spoke at his daily briefing at the New York Medical College during the coronavirus outbreak (COVID-19) in Valhalla, New York, May 7, 2020.

Mike Fresh | Reuters

The New York Department of Health is investigate whether coronavirus causing severe inflammatory conditions in children after a 5-year-old boy in New York City died Thursday, Governor Andrew Cuomo said.

Other countries, including the UK have reported children with viruses that develop symptoms, which are similar to Kawasaki disease and toxic shock syndrome. The World Health Organization has called for a global network of doctors to be “on guard” for such cases throughout the world.

Coronavirus was previously believed to be mostly reserve children. The condition observed recently in children remains rare, but shows that the virus poses a threat to young children. “This is every parent’s nightmare, right? That your child might be really affected by this virus. But that is something we must seriously consider now,” Cuomo said. –William Feuer

14:15: Families of Covid-19 victims who die may have to return stimulus checks

Somodevilla Chip | Getty Images

When thousands of people died in the US due to the corona virus, millions of $ 1,200 stimulus checks were sent by the government.

That raises the question: Can the family of those who recently died because Covid-19 can keep a check for the $ 1,200 paid to the deceased? Apparently the answer is not clear cut.

The IRS said this week that it was most expect stimulus checks sent to the deceased to be returned. But there are exceptions based on the time of death and when the stimulus check is received. “Payments made to someone who died before receiving payment must be returned to the IRS by following instructions about payment, “the agent stated on its website.

Take two dead on the same day in 2020, for example. Someone receives stimulus payments via direct deposit the day before they die. The others are still waiting for checks by post. Someone’s first family will be able to save money. That might not apply to a second family. “I predict more guidance. I predict changes in this,” said Janet Holtzblatt, senior associate at the Urban-Brookings Tax Policy Center. For now, Holtzblatt said families in this situation had to delay spending on the stimulus money. –Lorie Konish

14:00: Melinda Gates says US coronavirus response is ‘chaos’

Melinda Gates, co-founder of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Chesnot | Getty Images News | Getty Images

Melinda Gates, vice chairman of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, criticizing the Trump administration responding to the coronavirus pandemic and giving it a D-minus value.

The US does not have the national leadership to provide sufficient testing, protective equipment and supplies needed, and the lack of such response creates “chaos” in the country, Gates said Friday at the NBC “Today” event. In a separate interview with Politico on Thursday, Gates said “now we have 50 different home country solutions and not a national response” and give the Trump administration a D-minus value. –Jasmine Kim

13:45: WHO says ‘delayed epidemics’ occur in eastern Europe as coronavirus cases in Russia increase

People wear masks as a preventative measure against the coronavirus pandemic at Red Square in Moscow, Russia on March 17, 2020.

Sefa Karacan | Anadolu Agency | Getty Images

As the number of coronavirus cases and deaths is increasing in Russia, a delayed epidemic began in eastern Europe, while outbreaks in western Europe subsided.

“Russia is in a different phase of a pandemic and can learn several lessons that have been learned at great expense in Asia, in North America and in Western Europe,” Dr. Mike Ryan, executive director of the WHO emergency program, said at a press conference.

The World Health Official said the country had tested nearly 430,000 people and stepped up public health measures and laboratory testing in response to the pandemic. –Jasmine Kim

12:54: Assistant Vice President Mike Pence has tested positive for coronavirus

US President Donald Trump spoke when Vice President Mike Pence saw during a meeting with Texas Governor Greg Abbott about coronavirus response (COVID-19) at the Oval Office at the White House in Washington, USA, May 7, 2020.

Tom Brenner | Reuters

A Vice President Mike Pence’s staff tested positive for the corona virus, became the second White House aide this week to contract the virus. On Thursday, the White House announced that President Donald Trump’s personal attendant was also positive.

News about Pence staff broke out when Air Force Two was on the runway at Andrews Air Force Base to bring Pence to Iowa. The White House medical office has initiated a contact tracking program for these individuals, and retesting of individuals who have been in contact with them is ongoing, NBC reported.

The positive results of the two staff tests deepened concerns about the informal policy of the White House not to wear masks, despite CDC guidelines. Neither Trump nor Pence wore one, nor were the staff around them in the West Wing and the Executive Office Building adjacent to the White House. —Christina Wilkie

12:27: Abbott Labs antibody tests give very accurate results, the study said

Coronavirus antibody test from Abbott’s Laboratory it is very possible to give correct results, according to the company.

That cites a study at the University of Washington School of Medicine found that antibody tests had a specificity level of 99.9% and a sensitivity level of 100%, Reuters reported Friday. The results indicate a low likelihood of diagnosing healthy people incorrectly and there is no possibility of false negatives.

Antibody tests are considered important in making the country return to work, because the presence of antibodies has the potential to signal immunity against re-infection. –Hannah Miller

12:18: Italy became the third country to reach 30,000 deaths

Father Don Marcello blessed the coffin that lined the San Giuseppe church, waiting to be brought to the crematorium by the Italian military on March 28, 2020 in Seriate, Italy.

Marco Tacca Pier | Anadolu Agency | Getty Images

Italy reports 243 new deaths from coronavirus, making it the third country to reach 30,000, Reuters reported.

The Civil Protection Agency said the death toll since the outbreak hit the country in February was 30,201, according to Reuters.

The United States has the highest death rate from the virus, 75,852, and 30,689 deaths in the UK is the second highest, according to data from Johns Hopkins University. –Chris Eudaily

11:18 am: Amtrak reactivates train services in Northeast

Amtrak will introduce a modification schedule for the Acela train service between Washington and Boston starting June 1. Amtrak will return three Acela round-trip trips and improve services for its Northeast Regional line from eight to 10 round trip.

The train service also implements new safety measures such as mandatory cashless payments, new glass barriers at the station ticket office and limited seating in the train’s dining and cafe areas. Amtrak announced on Thursday that it would require employees and passengers to wear face shields on the train and at the station. —Hannah Miller

11 am: More borrowers lose mortgage payments under the CARES Act bailout

Nearly 4.1 million homeowners missed monthly mortgage payments, far higher than predicted by federal regulators. In just the past week, 225,000 more borrowers have taken advantage of the government mortgage bailout, according to data company Black Knight.

Homeowners can defer payments for 90 days under the CARES Act and then submit a one-year extension. The total amount of patience represents $ 890 billion in unpaid principal, Diana Olick from CNBC reported. —Hannah Miller

10:50 am: More than 78% of workers consider layoffs to be temporary, ‘silver lining’

Nearly 4 out of 5 unemployed workers see their layoffs as temporary, and economists say that could be a good sign for the economy. 18 million workers who described themselves as being laid off hoped to return to work in six months.

Michelle Meyer, US Bank of America’s chief economist, said it was “wisdom” in the dismal April jobs report, which showed a loss of 20.6 million salaries. But he said “time is the most important thing” to return workers to their jobs before they risk becoming permanent layoffs. —Patti Domm

10:35: Tickets for reopening are sold out of Shanghai Disney

A visitor wearing a mask walks outside the Shanghai Disney Resort, which will be closed during the Chinese Lunar New Year holiday after the outbreak of a new coronavirus, in Shanghai, China January 24, 2020.

Aly Song | Reuters

Ticket for opening day DisneyShanghai theme parks were sold out within a few minutes of being sold.

Shanghai Disneyland, which has been closed since January 25, will reopen to the public on Monday.

Before the coronavirus pandemic, the park saw around 80,000 visitors per day. The government has mandated that Disney operate at 30% capacity, or around 24,000 visitors, when it reopens. However, Disney CEO Bob Chapek said the park would begin operations below that capacity and increase to the 30% threshold for several weeks.

Guests are required to buy their entry tickets before arriving at the park and will need to wear masks while in the park, except when eating. —Sarah Whitten

10:30 am: Restaurants and bars face a rocky road to recovery

While some restaurants and bars will reopen with limited capacity sooner than later, sector is likely to face widespread depletion, according to industry and health experts.

Companies that have been disadvantaged by prolonged closure will face steep costs to reopen their doors and sharp cuts to profit margins due to capacity limits.

And even if the restaurant is economically feasible to reopen, there is no guarantee that Americans will feel safe enough to appear in the numbers needed for recovery. In fact, 68% of Americans say they will feel uncomfortable eating in restaurants, according to a final April survey from SAP’s Qualtrics, an employee management software company. —Alex Sherman and Amelia Lucas

10:21 am: The recreation and hospitality sector lost 47% of jobs in April

That The recreation and hospitality sector lost 47% of its work in April because the wider US economy relinquished more positions last month than the others since before World War II. The majority of the 7.7 million sector decline was concentrated in the food service industry, including waiters, cooks and cashiers. Those workers alone saw a total net loss of 5.5 million.

Health care, too, saw a sharp decline of 1.4 million jobs because providers stopped elective surgery and routine checks to prioritize the preparation, and treatment, of Covid-19 patients. —Thomas Franck

9:57 am: Sorrento Therapeutics, Mount Sinai develops antibody cocktails

The Biopharma Company, Sorrento Therapeutics, and Mount Sinai Health System in New York City announced that they have joined developed an antibody cocktail called COVI-SHIELD which they hoped would protect from the corona virus for up to two months.

This therapy is designed to be resistant to future viral mutations because it uses three antidote antibodies to ward off disease.

Utilize the FDA-approved diagnostic tests below Emergency use authorization, Mount Sinai researchers have screened around 15,000 cured patients from Covid-19 for highly concentrated viral antibodies to be used to produce treatment.

The jury still does not know how effective the antibody treatment against Covid-19 is. The FDA is trying to find out the level of immunity people have after they recover from the virus. —Lori Ioannou

9:50 am: Stocks go up despite a surprise job loss

9:32 am: Moderna’s CEO says the supply of coronavirus vaccines will be limited, the US will help decide who gets it first

Moderna anticipating it will work “very closely” with the US government to determine who will get the first dose of an experimental vaccine if it is proven to work, CEO Stephane Bancel told CNBC. That the company announced Thursday that the Food and Drug Administration clears potential vaccines for phase 2 trials.

“We will all be constrained by supply for some time, meaning we will not be able to make as many products as needed to vaccinate everyone on the planet,” he said on CNBC’s “Squawk Box. “

Read the full report interview Moderna CEO Stephane Bancel from William Feuer from CNBC. —Melodie Warner

9:13 am: The Fremont Tesla plant will resume ‘limited operations’ on Friday

Tesla’s chief executive, Elon Musk, spoke at his company’s factory in Fremont, California.

Noah Berger | Reuters

Tesla will try to restart production at the U.S. car factory in Fremont, California, on Friday afternoon, CEO Elon Musk told employees in an e-mail sent overnight. The plant will continue “limited operations” by bringing back about 30% of employees who normally work on a given shift, Tesla’s HR boss, Valerie Capers Workman, said in a separate email.

Alameda District, where the factory is located, has protective orders in place that are effective until May 31, according to the report County Department of Community Health web site.

Read the full report Operation of the Fremont Tesla plant from CNBC’s Lora Kolodny. —Melodie Warner

8:43 am: The unemployment rate jumped to 14.7% due to a record 20.5 million jobs lost in April

The US labor market fell to historic levels in April as 20.5 million workers were cut from the nonfarm payroll, making the unemployment rate jump to 14.7%, according to the Labor Department. Economists surveyed by Dow Jones forecast salaries to fall by 21.5 million and unemployment to rise to 16%.

The unemployment rate in April exceeded the post-war record of 10.8% but did not reach the Great Depression level estimated at 24.9%. The peak of the Great Recession was 10% in October 2009.

Read the full report U.S. labor market from CNBC, Jeff Cox. —Melodie Warner

8:10 am: Hotspots from new cases are spreading in the Southeast

7:31 am: WHO requests further research on the role of the Wuhan market

This photo was taken on April 15, 2020 which shows the sellers wearing face masks as a shrimp offer at the Baishazhou Market in Wuhan in Wuhan in central Hubei province in China. RETAMAL HECTOR | AFP through Getty Images


The seafood market in Wuhan, China, played a role in the outbreak, but further research is needed to determine whether it is the source of the virus or is “a strengthening arrangement,” the World Health Organization said, according to Reuters.

WHO officials previously said coronavirus emerged from the seafood market in Wuhan and Taiwan possibly from bats, then jump to the “intermediate host” before infecting humans. Scientists continue to test various animals but so far have found no host responsible for the outbreak.

“The market played a role in the event, it was clear. But what is its role [was] we don’t know, whether it’s a source or regulation of reinforcement or just a coincidence that some cases were detected in and around the market, “said Dr. Peter Ben Embarek, a WHO expert on food safety and the zoonotic virus, Reuters reported.

WHO is in talks with China to send a follow-up mission to the country to investigate animal sources of the virus, a WHO officials said Wednesday. —Is Feuer

7:03 am: Indonesia eases travel restrictions earlier than planned

Indonesian mural artist Bayu Rahardian posing in front of his art in the midst of the COVID-19 corona virus pandemic in Depok on April 16, 2020.

Adek Berry | AFP | Getty Images

Indonesia eased restrictions on domestic air and sea travel earlier than planned, according to Reuters.

The country two weeks ago imposed a ban on certain domestic travel with a view to keeping restrictions in place until the end of May. The government has lifted these restrictions for Indonesians working in the fields of security, defense and health services; those who have emergency health reasons; and migrant workers returning home, Reuters reported.

Travelers must be tested negative for Covid-19 and have a letter from their employer. —Sara Salinas

Read CNBC’s coverage of the Asia-Pacific and Europe CNBC team overnight here: Spain reports an increase in daily deaths; Australia plans to reopen in 3 stages


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Google tells employees not to pay for food, office-from-home benefits | Instant News

Ruth Porat CFO alphabet

Adam Galica | CNBC

Google employees will not be able to incur food or sports expenses while working from home – even if they have extra money from unused shows or travel budgets.

The company issued an updated policy in the past week stating employees cannot pay benefits when working from home, including food, fitness, home office furniture, decorations or gifts, according to materials seen by CNBC.

The policy also states that employees cannot use budgets that are not used to do things such as buying food for themselves or their teams during virtual meetings or donating to charities of their choice.

The clarification comes when some employees, who enjoy a large amount of benefits as one of their drawings to the company, hope they will be able to maintain some of these benefits after they are instructed to work from home because of the Covid-19 pandemic.

It also came as executives tightened the budget ahead what they characterize as Q2 “difficult”. CNBC reported earlier that Google cut the marketing budget in half, imposing a recruitment freeze in various sections throughout the company and pull back about skills training resources for many of its workers.

A company spokesman declined to comment on the latest policy, only stating that the company had several “efforts throughout the company” including COVID-19. small business funds and the San Francisco Bay Area Fund COVID-19.

Many teams have budgets intended for internal events and trips that are not used because the event has been canceled, according to an internal question and answer post. But it cannot be used for anything outside its original purpose.

“This includes sending snack boxes / gifts to Google employees or allowing the team to spend breakfast / lunch / dinner as part of a virtual meeting,” the company said at the forum. “This policy helps ensure tax reporting and compliance, as well as consistency and fairness for Googlers across teams.”

The unused budget also cannot be used for workers’ charity choices, according to policy. “We know that Googlers want to give back to their communities and support COVID-19 relief efforts, but the Internal Events budget cannot be donated to local charities / organizations,” he said. He added that if workers want to take action, they can see an internal website that details how they can contribute.

Free food missing

Free food has become a hot topic among employees who work from home, who have enjoyed a large selection of cafeterias and free drinks at the company’s corporate offices. Workers often discuss topics internally through e-mail chains and on the meme generator website, according to screens shared with CNBC.

A worker recently posted a GIF showing scenes of Hogwarts Academy students partying from the Harry Potter films, along with the phrase, “How I imagined the first day at the office,” which gets more than 730 “likes”. Several employees discussed the possibility of a cafeteria being reopened after the employee was allowed to return to the office. “Will you open an office without food?” contemplate one person. “Should I cook and bring my own lunch? * Crying from tears *.”

Those who are still required to work from the office receive lunch in a bag, said two employees at the discussion forum. Unspecified number of employees continue to work in offices in offices and data centers to ensure products run smoothly. Google did not respond to a request to comment on this or whether it has plans to impose the same lunch style once the office reopens.

Another meme features a picture of Joe Exotic, from the Netflix series “Tiger King,” with the phrase “I will never recover financially from this,” referring to employees who now have to pay for some things themselves.

The popular online forum Hacker News is filled with discussions from Google workers who appear to be lamenting the loss of free food and drinks.

“My productivity has also declined. Because (a) I don’t have a coffee machine at home, and end up having to walk a mile to Starbucks or struggle with drowsiness in the morning; (b) Now I need to cook, do the dishes, etc. , which was previously handled by the office canteen, “one person posted in place.

WATCH: Google cut the marketing budget in half


image source

Death due to slow virus in Italy, NRA fired employees | Instant News

This is CNBC’s direct blog which covers all the latest news on the Internet coronavirus epidemic. All times below are in Eastern time. This blog will be updated throughout the day when the news is broadcast.

Countries across the US reopened after several locking of the coronavirus intended to curb the spread of the virus had subsided even though it saw the deadliest day on record, according to data collected Friday by the World Health Organization. Warren Buffett revealed at Berkshire Hathaway’s first virtual annual meeting on Saturday that he sold all of his airline’s shares and saw no value in any major acquisitions amid the coronavirus setback in shares.

  • Global case: More than 3.4 million
  • Global Death: At least 244,911
  • US case: More than 1.1 million
  • US Death: At least 66,570

The above data was compiled by Johns Hopkins University.

5 pm: Egypt reopens hotel for locals, but with conditions

Egypt will allow hotels to reopen for local tourists, allow them to operate at a 25% capacity until the end of May, and with a maximum capacity of 50% from June 1, government officials said, according to Reuters.

The coronavirus epidemic forced tourism to shut down in Egypt, causing $ 1 billion in losses each month. To reopen, the government mandated that the hotel have a clinic with a resident doctor, regularly filtering temperatures and installing disinfection equipment, among others. –Riya Bhattacharjee, Reuters

4:30 pm: Pompeo says the virus ‘significant amount of evidence’ arises from Chinese laboratories

State Secretary Mike Pompeo attended a press conference at the State Department, in Washington, March 31, 2020.

Andrew Harnik | Pool through Reuters

Foreign Minister Mike Pompeo told ABC, “This Week” that there was “a large amount of evidence” that a new coronavirus was emerging from laboratories in China.

“The best experts have so far thought it was man-made. I have no reason not to believe at the moment,” Pompeo said, but gave no details about the evidence. However, when the interviewer pointed out that this was not what the U.S. intelligence agency concluded, Pompeo said, “I have seen what the intelligence community has said. I have no reason to believe that they are wrong.”

U.S. Department of Foreign Affairs did not immediately respond to requests for clarification of Pompeo’s comments.

President Donald Trump in Thursday said that he has a high level of trust coronavirus epidemic came from a Chinese laboratory. But US intelligence officials said they had concluded that the virus was “not man-made or genetically modified.” –Riya Bhattacharjee, Reuters

4 pm: NRA fires employees, cuts salaries across boards

Wayne LaPierre, chief executive officer of the National Rifle Association (NRA), spoke during the annual meeting of NRA members in Indianapolis, Indiana, USA, on Saturday, April 27, 2019.

Daniel Acker | Bloomberg | Getty Images

The corona virus pandemic forced the National Rifle Association to lay off dozens of employees, cancel its annual conventions and ignore fundraising and shooting events that are usually important to rallying bases in election years, the Associated Press reported.

According to the report, the organization, which has about 5 million members, terminated or falsified dozens of employees, imposed a four-day work week for several people and cut salaries across the board, including for CEO Wayne LaPierre.

“The cancellation of the annual meeting has a significant financial impact but, beyond that, the health crisis has caused us to postpone many fundraising events and membership along with competitions, training seminars and other income streams – these disturbances are the main drivers of our decision” Making process, ” said Andrew Arulanandam, a spokesman for the NRA. “Like every other business and non-profit, we are forced to make difficult choices in this new economic environment.” –Riya Bhattacharjee, Associated Press

3:20: The number of deaths from the corona virus is slowing in Italy

A member of Civil Protection cleans the coffins of COVID-19 victims in a hangar where 18 coffins are waiting to be transported to Florence by the Italian Army for cremation on April 7, 2020 in the village of Ponte San Pietro near Bergamo, Italy.

Marco Di Lauro | Getty Images

Italy sees the smallest number of coronavirus-related deaths since March 10, the Civil Protection Agency said. The death toll from Covid-19 slowed to 174 on Sunday from 474 on Saturday. The daily number of new cases also dropped to 1,389 on Sunday from 1,900 on Saturday. Italy has been locked longer than other European countries. –Maggie Fitzgerald, Reuters

14:54: Warren Buffet gives the airline another chance. No longer

Billionaire investor Warren Buffet has given up on his shares in the airline, divested from America, Delta, Southwest and Unite.

Buffet has ruled out doubts about the aviation industry in 2016, later becoming one of the largest shareholders in the four largest US airlines. “Oracle of Omaha” even be considered have your own airline at one point.

Coronavirus has changed the tone
. –Annie Nova, Leslie Josephs

14:27: Cuomo called the dependence on China for the ‘national security problem’ PPE

Governor Andrew Cuomo called US dependence on China for personal protective equipment as a matter of national security, after countries hard hit in the northeast such as New York had to turn to Beijing for supplies during the coronavirus pandemic.

“That is a matter of national security for me,” Cuomo said. “You should be able to get the masks and gowns and whatever medical equipment you need so that this nation can run a health care system in the midst of an emergency.”

“You cannot depend on China to have basic equipment to save lives in the United States, that’s what happened,” the governor said.

Cuomo announced a consortium with six northeastern states to develop regional supply chains for PPE and medical equipment in an effort to collect demand and reduce prices. —Spencer Kimball, Emma Newburger

12:53: Spirit Airlines requires that passengers wear face masks when traveling

Spirit Airlines will ask passengers to wear face masks when traveling, starting May 11. Passengers without face shields will not be allowed to board the aircraft, said the airline.

U.S. main airlines on Thursday said they would require travelers to wear face masks on their aircraft when operators take steps to try to protect the health of passengers and crew. —Melodie Warner

12:26: Skin care companies set record sales in April as demand for health products increased

Tula, a skin care company based in New York, is now trying to keep up with demand because consumers stay at home and invest even more in health and well-being.

Suppliers in the clean beauty market space generally offer products free of toxic chemicals and other undesirable ingredients such as sulfate and parabens. Tula posted a 400% increase in April sales compared to the previous year – the best April in six-year history – and doubling sales from March.

“Clean (beauty) is something we have said will be important to watch,” said Larissa Jensen, vice president and beauty advisor at NPD, a market research company that tracks consumer trends. “I believe that today’s situation only speeds up the conversation and reinforces its importance.” —Melodie Warner

12:05: Southwest Airlines CEO says, ‘We are at a low point’

Southwest airlines“The planes” are almost empty, “said CEO Gary Kelly, but he believes the situation will improve in the coming months.

“Maybe it will be better than April. I don’t think June will be a good month, but hopefully, it will be a little better than May,” Kelly told CBS’s “Face of the Nation.”

“There are reservations on the spot,” he said, “but that can easily be canceled. It’s really one day at a time.” Southwest Airlines has received $ 3.2 billion in federal aid, and Kelly said she applied for another government loan but, “we don’t know if we will take it.”

“I think we have got what we need to get through our path,” he said.

Not everyone is so optimistic: Billionaire investor Warren Buffet announced on Saturday he sold all of his shares in the airline, including 10% of its shares in Southwest Airlines. —Annie Nova

11:37 am: The space industry is entering at least ‘a year and a half’ because of the coronavirus, said Rocket Lab’s CEO

Rocket Lab CEO Peter Beck stands with one of his company’s Electron rockets.

Rocket Lab

Many companies in the space industry have seen operations that have crawled in the past two months due to the coronavirus crisis. Rocket Lab’s CEO Peter Beck told CNBC that these are just the “early days” of the crisis for industries that have seen a booming time over the past decade.

While he still hopes that some creative and well-funded companies can move forward, Beck warns, “This is a half-year job, maybe even longer.” Beck is one of the most experienced leaders among the latest generation of space businesses, having built Rocket Lab into a multi-faceted company. —Melodie Warner

11:20: Gilead CEO says remdesivir is available for coronavirus patients this week

Gilead ScienceRemdesivir medication will become in the hands of coronavirus patients as early as this week, CEO of the biotechnology company said Sunday.

“We have donated all the supplies we have in our supply chain and we do that because we recognize and recognize human suffering, human needs here, and want to make sure nothing gets in the way of this to patients,” Gilead Science CEO Daniel O ‘ Day told CBS “Face of the Nation.”

Preliminary results Gilead’s own study showed that at least 50% of coronavirus patients treated with a five-day dose of remdesivir improved. Food and Drug Administration on Friday Emergency use authorization granted for remdesivir to treat Covid-19, a disease caused by coronavirus. —Melodie Warner

11:06 am: Online schools get a chance to shine when the traditional campus closes

Online schools usually cater to older students who balance work and family responsibilities. Now, these schools attract a wider audience, including recent high school graduates who will go to a traditional, pre-pandemic four-year institution.

Online colleges have made big strides in their distance learning offerings over the past decade, while other schools are now struggling to accelerate. Online schools have additional advantages, such as prices, as well as shorter sessions, which allow students to start faster and finish faster. —Melodie Warner

10:37 am: Kudlow is not committed to funding the third round of PPP small business loans

Larry Kudlow, director of the US National Economic Council, spoke to media members at the White House in Washington, D.C., USA, on Monday, April 6, 2020.

Stefani Reynolds | Bloomberg | Getty Images

Director of the National Economic Council Larry Kudlow that word The White House did not make the decision to provide further funding for emergency loan programs for small businesses affected by the coronavirus pandemic.

Asked by CNN’s Jake Tapper about “State of the Union” whether third round funding was needed, Kudlow said it was “possible” but was not committed to more aid for PPP or funding for state and local governments.

Initial $ 349 billion for the Paycheck Protection Program in Indonesia $ 2.2 trillion stimulus package March passes out in a matter of days. The second half of the program, launched last Monday, has so far provided loans of more than $ 175 billion from a total of $ 310 billion approved by Congress in the latest aid package. —Melodie Warner

9:59 AM: Americans who pay for TV sports they don’t receive should not expect a refund in the near future

More than 80 million American households still have cable or satellite television and pay for live television broadcasts that they haven’t received in nearly two months. About $ 20 of a standard monthly cable bill can be linked to payments for sports, and New York Attorney General Letitia James argues this week that Americans should not be forced to pay that money.

Cable executives may be willing to give customers money back, but only if the programmers they pay for sports give them a refund. If the sports season is completely canceled, maybe the league will return the programmers for TV fees. In that case, the programmers will likely return the distributor and the distributor will give credit to consumers. —Melodie Warner

9:44 am: Small towns and rural hospitals may be weeks away from the peak of their coronavirus

Men see cattle in cattle storage in Lexington, Nebraska, USA, on Friday, April 24, 2020. Nebraska businesses that have laid off workers during the coronavirus crisis can be forced to pay tax credits and other incentives they receive through the state main part. business incentive programs, the Department of Revenue said.

And Brouillette | Bloomberg | Getty Images

Hospitalization related to Covid-19 has begun to slow down in several cities it might take weeks to reach its peak rural community throughout the U.S., health officials warn. This virus also has the potential to become more deadly in many rural communities where a large portion of the population is older and has health-like conditions obesity and diabetes which can put them at risk of serious illness or death.

It took less than three weeks for Hall County to become Coras-19’s largest Nebraska hot spot. The area reported its first coronavirus case at the end of March, right when the outbreak soared, and now has more than 1,000 cases of Covid-19 on Friday. —Melodie Warner

7:27 am: Vietnam reports the first corona virus case in nine days

Vietnam reported the first corona virus case confirmed in nine days on Sunday, bringing positive cases reported to 271, his health ministry said. Vietnam is said to have implemented strict quarantine measures and made early contact in the course of the pandemic, quarantined cities with suspected cases in early February, using military assistance and public scrutiny. This country does not report deaths due to the corona virus. –Natasha Turak, Saheli Roy Choudhury

6:00 am: Roche expects to make more than 100 million antibody tests every month by the end of this year

A photo showing the logo of the Swiss pharmaceutical giant Roche in Basel.


Swiss drugmaker Roche said on Sunday that it expects to be able to produce “significantly more” than 100 million new antibody tests every month by the end of 2020, double the current production.

Roche earlier on Sunday received authorization for emergency use from the US Food and Drug Administration to approve his test, which relies on taking intravenous blood samples to identify whether someone has previously been infected with coronavirus and whether they have antibodies to maintain it.

Roche said the Elecs Anti-SARS-CoV-2 antibody test had a specificity greater than 99.8%, which means very few false positive tests, and that could help assess human immune responses to the virus. The company says it has begun sending new antibody tests to top laboratories globally. –Natasha Turak, Saheli Roy Choudhury

5:59 am: The number of Iranian deaths rose to 47203

The number of Iranian deaths from coronavirus rose 47 to 6,203 from Saturday to Sunday, the country’s health ministry said Sunday. The case in Iran is the highest in the Middle East, increasing on Sunday to 97,424. –Natasha Turak, Saheli Roy Choudhury

Read CNBC’s coverage of the Asia-Pacific and Europe CNBC team overnight here: Roche hopes to make more than 100 million antibody tests every month by the end of 2020.


image source