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Roborock S5 Max and S4 Max robot vacuum cleaners: which is better? | Instant News

Roborock is a brand known for its excellent production Robot vacuum cleanerMany of them can also vacuum and mop. The company recently launched a new robot, the $499.99 S4 Max, which is very similar to one of the existing robots in its product line, the S5 Max, which costs $599.99.

However, there are two big differences between Roborock S5 Max and S4 Max, not just the numbers. This is the way to tell you which robot vacuum cleaner is right for you.

Roborock S5 Max can mop, which means the robot is equipped with a water tank and mop padGear brain

S5 max

of S5 max It is a powerful combined vacuum cleaner and mop. This is the robot’s ability to clean floors reviewed and tested by GearBrain, and works with the smart assistant Amazon Alexa. You can schedule the running time of the robot when needed or even anywhere through its app.

The key to the S5 Max is that the robot can vacuum the floor through the 290ml water tank built into the robot, and it can also accommodate the bottom mop pad under the bottom. You can also control the output of the water tank through the app, from not using water to spraying a lot of water, which helps in areas of your home with more people, such as the front corridor.

We have tested many robot vacuum cleaners that can vacuum and mop at the same time, and the S5 Max is actually outstanding in this respect. The combined equipment that can handle these two jobs well. This is why it is one of the highest rated robot vacuum cleaners we have reviewed.

We also took into account its ability to handle and handle the work well. Its price is quite reasonable, at $599.99, with black or white options.

Robrock S4 Max

Roborock S4 Max has many of the same vacuum functions as the S5 Max-but the price is $100 lowerGear brain

S4 max

of S4 max It is one of the latest Roborock vacuum cleaners. It is a pure vacuum cleaner without mop function or accessories. GearBrain recently commented on it. The robot is a very similar device to the S5 Max. It has a suction power of 2,000 Pa, the ability to schedule the time the robot will run, and a mapping tool, so you can create forbidden zones for vacuum—all like S5 Max. It also shares the same 460ml trash can, which means it can pick up quite a bit of dust and debris before it needs to be emptied.

But the key difference? S4 Max does not have a mop. For anyone who wants a robot vacuum cleaner to handle vacuuming and mop, this is the key to pay attention. However, if there is no mop function, you will not have to deal with extra parts (such as a water tank) or accessories (such as a cleaning pad). For those who are not interested in mops and cleaning robots, this may be a plus.

S4 Max only offers one color choice, but it has a smooth matte black finish. But we found that this phenomenon is unlikely to show the stains or even dust accumulation we like.

Robrock S4 Max and S5 Max

You can control Roborock S4 Max and S5 Max simultaneously in the Roborock appGear brain

Which robot vacuum cleaner is better?

As we believe in GearBrain, a better robot vacuum is the robot that best meets your space needs. If you have wooden floors or floors that can be wet mopped, the S5 Max may be a better choice-especially if the mop is a function you want to do with the help of a robot vacuum cleaner. In addition, Roborock S5 Max is one of the better vacuum and mopping robot combinations we have tested, and we think it does a good job in both of these aspects.

However, if you are looking for a pure robotic vacuum cleaner-carpeted in the space, or don’t want to disturb the water tank and mop, then the S4 Max may be a better choice.

S5 Max is also priced at $599.99, while S4 Max is priced at $499.99. Since you will get almost the same robot vacuum, powerful 2000 Pa suction, mapping function and automatic response to the carpet, it is not worth the extra $100 for the mop function, especially if this is not what you want to use .

In other words, through this application, S4 Max does have some problems, because we cannot adjust different power settings, nor can we accurately see the battery level. Nevertheless, despite these wrinkles, the robot vacuum cleaner still works well and can return and clean the floor when it needs to be powered on by itself.

Then, the decision really depends on the buyer-a pure robot vacuum cleaner with two color options, or the option of mop. You can choose between budget and budget.


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The KU syndicate gave clean comments to the ICCBS director | Instant News

Karachi University approved its budget and made several key decisions to resolve pending issues at its syndicate meeting on Saturday.

According to a statement issued by the university’s Department of Public Relations, Iraqi Deputy Chancellor Professor Dr Khalid Mahmood chaired the meeting, where the abuse committee presented its report on the suicide case of HEJ student Nadia Ashraf.

In the report, the committee did not consider ICCBS Director Prof. Dr. Iqbal Chaudhry responsible for the suicide of Nadia Ashraf. The report said the student had no contact with Dr Iqbal Chaudhry, so he could not be held responsible for the suicide. The report was supported by the syndicate.

The meeting did not endorse the appointment of Assistant Professor Dr Qamar Al-Arfeen at the Center for Digital Forensics in light of the fact that there is a third division in academic records. It was decided at the meeting that the post would be advertised again.

The syndicate approved a request to review teacher appointment cases that referred them to the sub-committee.

During the meeting, five elected syndicate members, Dr Shah Ali Al-Qader, Dr Mansoor Ahmed, Dr SM Taha, Dr Mohsin Ali and Atiq Razzaq, protested the suspension of PhD allowances for retired teachers and walked out of the meeting. . However, National Assembly Member and Member Syndicate Shahida Rahmani assured them of restoring PhD allowance. The syndicate members will meet with the Chief Minister in the next week so that the teachers’ concerns can be conveyed directly to the government.

The syndicate meeting approved a five percent increase in the salary and direct payment of the Dean’s Research Grant.

Reports of the implementation of evacuating Karachi University residential homes of illegal occupants were also presented. It said four homes had been vacated while seven employees who were illegally occupied had been suspended.

The meeting informed that the houses would be vacated of all squatters.

The syndicate also approved the appointment of a new department head. Dr. Sohail in Pharma Chemistry, Dr Rabia Haris in Farmaceutics, Dr Nadeemullah in Social Work, Dr Noorin Mujahid in Economics and Prof Dr Musarat in Zoology have been appointed as department heads.

The budget for 2020-2021 that was presented at the meeting was approved with several recommendations after a long discussion.

Likewise, a syndicate member who nominated a member of the provincial DPRD, Sadia Javed, as the representative of the KU Syndicate to the Karachi Secondary Education Council for two years.

The meeting approved the appointment of Professor Dr Javed Iqbal as Director of the Institute for Space and Planetary Astrophysics.

The decisions and actions of the university’s vice chancellor were also approved as well as minutes of the last Syndicate meeting held on 22 August 2020. There is no problem with decisions taken during the selection board held on 19 and 20 October 2020.


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The government is currently pursuing the PM’s vision for a clean and green Pakistan: Governor | Instant News

KARACHI – Sindh Governor Imran Ismail said the Clean and Green Pakistan campaign, which started with Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP), is now very successful and the current government is following Prime Minister (PM) Imran Khan’s vision for clean and green Pakistan.

He expressed this view while participating in a tree planting campaign under Clean and Green Karachi at United Medical and Dental College Korangi, a spokesman said on Saturday.

Previously, the Governor of Sindh also launched a tree planting campaign.

The Dean, United Medical and Dental College Dr Bilal Faiz, received the governor of Sindh. Parliament Secretary for Climate Change Rukhsana Naveed was also present at the occasion.

The governor said he hoped other agencies would also take part in the Clean and Green Karachi campaign and play their full role in this. The role of United Medical and Dental College in the tree planting campaign is commendable, he said.

He added that the government could plant trees, but protecting them is a shared responsibility of the community.

Imran Ismail said that Karachi has been turned into a concrete forest while beautiful birds migrate from Karachi to other areas due to litter, and the fruit trees in Karachi have also become extinct.

He said that we must plant environmentally friendly trees that bring economic benefits as well as a pleasant climate. He also congratulated the college management on the tree planting campaign.


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Swiss Sauber joins the elite club F1 team | Instant News

ISTANBUL: Switzerland, a country that has banned motor racing for 60 years, on Sunday (15 November) will see the only Formula One team join the elite sports club grandee outfit.

The humble Sauber team will embark on a historic 500th race at the Turkish Grand Prix – a feat only achieved by three other teams, led by Ferrari.

The Hinwil-based team, founded by Peter Sauber as a sports car company, entered F1 in 1993 and since then have raced under multiple identities including the BMW Sauber and, most recently, the Alfa Romeo.

This weekend at the Istanbul Park circuit, Kimi Raikkonen, the individual record holder for most F1 race entries – he started his 326th race on Sunday – will make himself smile with delight.

He returns to racing with the team that gave him his debut in 2001, after working with McLaren, Ferrari and Lotus, and is proud of the survival and achievements of the Swiss privateer team.

“This team is a little bit bigger than when I started F1 with them,” recalls the 2007 world champion, now 41.

“It’s the right team. We have all the equipment, we’ve made the car. The gearbox and engine are from Ferrari, but other than that we do everything.”

In his first season, Sauber finished fourth in the constructors’ championship, their best result. Since then, despite being sold to BMW and repurchased, the Sauber brand has continued.

“Money is always a problem with small teams, but that’s how it is,” said Raikkonen.

“That’s an incredible number – 500 – for the team and I think only three other people have done more Grand Prix.

“So I think for the private team they have been here for a long time, survived very difficult times and, hopefully, we can get them to go higher in the coming years.”

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Ferrari, McLaren and Williams are the trio of rival teams that have participated in more races. They also won the most team titles.

In contrast, Sauber only had one win to show their longevity, and that came with Robert Kubica at the 2008 Canadian Grand Prix when BMW was in control.

Raikkonen’s Italian team-mate Antonio Giovinazzi, a Ferrari protege in his third season, also showed affection for the unsung Swiss team who have nurtured and developed many young riders, including current Ferrari star Charles Leclerc.

“This is an extraordinary achievement, a small team like Sauber who did 500 Grand Prix is ​​extraordinary,” he said. “I’m proud even though I was a small part of this record, because for me this is an important team.

“I made my debut with them in 2017, my first full season with them and now my third season with them.”

Even though the team was taken over by Swiss investment group Longbow Finance when it was in financial danger in 2016, they have retained their home and staff in Hinwil – and its Swiss identity.

“I am proud to be part of this family,” said Giovinazzi. “To be a small team, they achieved extraordinary results and they have a great record like this.”

Switzerland banned motorbike racing after the 1955 Le Mans tragedy, when 83 spectators died after a car crashed into a crowd.


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Airbnb removes 300 New Zealand listings in party house cleaning | Instant News


Party house cleanup: New Zealand is the latest region to undergo the Airbnb crackdown. Photo / Unplash, Vlad Tchompalov

Airbnb has removed 300 New Zealand properties from its lettings platform this weekend, as its global crackdown on problem homes continues.

The website says the decision was made after an update to its policy which included a ban on parties and events on Airbnb’s listing which went into effect in August. So far, the changes affect bookings for large groups or guests under the age of 25.

Now it is the turn for the hosting order to be examined carefully.

“Our message to everyone who uses Airbnb is very clear; bad behavior doesn’t have a place on Airbnb,” said Derek Nolan, head of site policy for Australia and New Zealand.

With more than 300 listings removed, this represents just under 1 percent of the 37,000 rooms rented across the country.

The houses were identified as properties that had caused “repeated disturbance” to the community. The website introduces a new tool on the Environmental Support Pages for neighbors to report non-compliant parties. The community surveillance hotline for this “police party” has caused several delays this weekend, Airbnb said.

Nolan said most users on his platform – hosts and guests – “make a positive contribution to the environment, including by supporting jobs and helping ensure tourism funds flow to local businesses”.

This comes a month after the cleanup of the list of similar problems occurred in Australia. The platform announced it had removed 500 properties from Australia and stopped 9,000 “high-risk” bookings in October.

The global crackdown on problem users came as the website announced its intentions for an ambitious Initial Public Offering on the US market. In a statement announcing the IPO, Airbnb said winning back “community trust” would be an important engine of success.


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