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Ambi Skincare Partners With Emerging! A Fashion Runway Show | Instant News

Ambi Skin Care, developed by and for people of color, in partnership with Emerge! Fashion Runway Show, which celebrates a decade of diversity on the runway.

As main sponsors, the five winners of Ambi’s The Next Great Face Search will be featured in the virtual event, either as models or event commentators, along with some of the top emerging and emerging talents in the fashion industry. All winners will use Ambi products to get camera-ready prints.

The Next Great Face Search of Ambi launched in May 2020 in collaboration with model and reality star Cynthia Bailey and The Bailey Agency to uncover the next generation of brand ambassadors who embody the unique beauty and inclusiveness of America’s multicultural community. Diverse group of winners – incl Camera Carter, Teanna Gilliam, Saniyyah Bilal, Fate of Thompson and Heidy Jantzen – all of which beautifully embody the spirit of the Ambi brand and are also perfect for participating in designer Terri Stevens’ funkinbeautiful Design show on Emerge!

“Funkinbeautiful Designs is for women who know who they are – she is very confident in her beautiful style. I design for a woman who when she enters the room everything will stop. The winner of Ambi Next Great Face represents the unique beauty I love for my brand,” said Stevens.

Ambi’s Head of Marketing Nicole Ray Robinson sees The Emerge! platform and label A funkinbeautiful design as a perfect amalgamation of shared philosophy and a continuing reflection of Ambi’s commitment to broadening beauty conversations around people of color.

“At Ambi, we are committed to empowering women and men of all colors to showcase their own definition of beauty. Our winners were chosen not only because of their #GreatFaces, but also because they represent diverse backgrounds. Each has their own story to tell, and we are excited to offer them the opportunity to add New York Fashion Week as their newest chapter, ”commented Robinson.

Hosted by Ms. Claire Sulmers, founder of FashionBombDaily.com, and featuring speakers and presenters including André Leon Talley, Fern Mallis, Law Roach, Kenny Burns, Ozwald Boateng and many more, the virtual fashion show will feature top designers from the US, London , and Johannesburg, South Africa.

“I am very pleased Ambi Skincare is partnering with Emerge! Runway Fashion Show for its 10th Anniversary. This show celebrates talented designers around the world and I am delighted Ambi will help identify these talents,” said Dionne Williams, Emerge’s creator & producer! Fashion show.

In addition to the brand’s Next Great Faces being integrated into the show, as part of the partnership, Ambi will also have a branded presence in the live stream of the event, on its social platforms, and be included in the event’s “swag bag”.

Watch to watch Emerge! Fashion Show on February 16 at 6pm CST / 7pm EST.


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Conscious Consumerism Is In Fashion | Instant News

When Fashion Week 2021 starts, the household and personal products industry can learn something from garment men & women.

Tom Branna, Editorial Director02.14.21

The beauty and fashion industries are closely linked; What happens on the runway often has an impact on the color cosmetics collection for the next season. Of course, brands like Chanel, Christian Dior and others have straddled both businesses for decades. But recent studies by McKinsey pointed out that post-pandemic, the fashion industry is facing many challenges that are being addressed by FMCG companies including seemingly different businesses like household cleaning and laundry.

For example, fashion executives are determined to reduce excess stock. According to McKinsey, even before COVID-19, the fashion industry’s over-stocking and widespread price declines were creeping to the point where only 60% of clothing was sold at full price, creating billions of dollars in revenue and lost margins. The situation worsened during the pandemic, and few retailers were immune. The excess stock problem will only get worse if companies fail to adapt to the new “less is more” consumer mindset — which includes a preference for durable, higher-quality, sustainably produced goods, says McKinsey. Fashion executives are responding to this new pressure by placing SKU reduction high on the agenda. Other plans for reducing excess stock include taking advantage of improved customer insights analytics and reducing product development lead times – both issues in the household and personal product industry. According to McKinsey, some fashion houses are breaking away from seasonal fashion calendars – will a cosmetic palette of seasonal colors follow?

Here’s a glimpse into what keeps fashion executives up at night and how they plan to tackle the main issues.


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Manscaped Expands Further In Europe | Instant News

Manscaped, the leader in men’s care and hygiene below the waist, has added two new countries to its international list: Norway and Switzerland. The addition of this region follows a successful 2020 filled with expansion to more than 30 countries around the world.

“Our launches to Norway and Switzerland complement Manscaped’s European regional expansion, which is a real milestone for the brand,” said Casey Gee, senior international business manager at Manscaped. “We are proud to increase our presence in Europe and can’t wait to get our products into the hands of this sharp and savvy new consumer. This growth catapulted an exciting year as we worked across continents, offering only the best formulas and tools to as many people as possible on a global scale. “

Born in 2016 and based in California, the direct-to-consumer (DTC) men’s grooming company designs and develops products and equipment for groin and body care and hygiene. The brand’s bigger goal is to advance men by enhancing the grooming experience while opening up confidence.

Manscaped makes it easy to browse and shop online, plus offers free shipping straight to your door. The brand’s newest customers in Norway and Switzerland can learn more and purchase their care kits here.


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As COVID-19 cases rise, Colorado travel expectations fall | Instant News

COLORADO SPRINGS – Usually Thanksgiving is a time of celebration. But with the increase in COVID-19 cases in Colorado and across the country, the holidays have become a time of caution. Those at the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs said nearly 200 students have decided to stay on campus for the Thanksgiving vacation. UCCS said it’s a higher number of students than they normally see. A first year student from Buena Vista said she would drive home to see her family, since she could drive there. “I have certainly talked to my family a lot and asked them what their opinion was … I know I won’t see my grandma, but I just want us to be mostly safe,” Shea Moss said. . AAA Colorado expects this to be the lowest Thanksgiving travel volume in four years and the largest annual decline since the Great Recession. They predict 897,000 travelers this year to Colorado, but also believe that number will decline even more. Overall, travel to Colorado is currently down about 10%. “Overall Americans are getting the message that this is not a safe time to have big plans. And they’re staying home. So we’re seeing our numbers go down, and we think hopefully, frankly, they go down a bit more, because that means people are doing the right thing … It’s historic for us to sit down and look at the data and say now is not the time to travel ”, Skyler McKinley, spokesperson for AAA Colorado said. Car travel is the only mode of transportation to see an increase this year, but only 1.7% from last year. McKinley also said that 70% of Coloradans have had to postpone or cancel their travel plans in 2020. McKinley said AAA Colorado has always been committed to ensuring the safety and security of its members. “This year, that means telling everyone who will listen – don’t travel, stay close to home. If you are getting together, make sure it is in small groups. Make sure you take the right precautions. And if you are traveling, and you still have the right to travel, follow these precautions, including wearing a mask, staying away from others, washing your hands and, increasingly, getting tested before you go. McKinley said. AAA Colorado estimates that the number of air travel is down about 75% from 2019. Colorado Springs Airport is forecasting an increase of about 10-15% in their number during Thanksgiving week. “While we continue to post an increase in air service, we expect a 35-45% drop from our normal level for the holiday season,” said Dana Schield, public communications specialist for the airport. Colorado Springs. With transmission of the disease reaching unprecedented levels across the county, state and nation, it will be important to explore other ways to celebrate. People are encouraged to celebrate only with members of their immediate household this year. We know Thanksgiving is normally a time when we get together with friends and families, but this year we are encouraging creative and safe ways, like video chatting or Zoom dinner with loved ones, or watching a movie together on Zoom. . You can also prepare food for an at-risk neighbor or friend and deliver it in a way that doesn’t involve in-person contact. Michelle Hewitt, El Paso County Public Health CLICK HERE for helpful advice from the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment regarding Thanksgiving this year. .

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Return from travel to China – HAPPI | Instant News

Strict lockdown measures can do wonders in stemming a pandemic. This is the lesson to be learned from China, which saw a surge in travel during the all-important Golden Week, which celebrates the founding of the People’s Republic of China in 1949. The holidays have given a big boost to the trade of detail of the trip to China. It is estimated that nearly 640 million people traveled during the holiday week, which lasted a day longer than normal because Golden Week came right after the Mid-Autumn Festival. revelers spent $ 68.6 billion (466 billion renminbi) during the period, according to the China Tourism Research Institute. The total represents an increase of 79% and 69.9%, respectively, year over year at the two festivals. Meanwhile, several European countries face another round of lockdowns as the coronavirus returns to the continent. .

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