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The witness denied knowing about Clifton’s ‘multi-level illegal’ case | Instant News

A prosecuting witness brought by the National Accountability Bureau to the accountability court on Wednesday denied knowledge of the case relating to the alleged illegal use of a commercial piece of land in the upscale neighborhood of Clifton Karachi to build a multi-storey building.

The Accountability Court-III, at a previous hearing, had charged former Karachi mayor Mustafa Kamal, district coordinating officer Fazlur Rehman, former district executive officer of Iftikhar Qaimkhani, then district officer Mumtaz Haider, former district auxiliary officer Syed Nishat Ali, then sub-district of Clifton. -registrar II Nazir Zardari and five builders, Muhammad Dawood, Muhammad Yaqoob, Muhammad Irfan and Muhammad Rafiq.

Meanwhile, the judge has halved the case against one of the real estate developers, who allegedly fled overseas, and issued a perpetual warrant for his arrest.

According to the anti-corruption watchdog, in 1982 the Karachi Metropolitan Corporation created 198 stalls and shops on two amenity plots adjacent to the Kothari Parade for hawkers, while four commercial plots, each measuring 255.55 square yards, were also created. in the region. .

NAB claims that the real estate developer later purchased four commercial plots and 198 hawkers’ stalls. However, the two convenience plots were never transferred on behalf of the builder.

The regulatory agency claims that builders in connection with the mayor of Kamal and other officials illegally obtained 102 kiosks that were transferred to support the name of the real estate development company via a deed of carriage without obtaining permission from the Karachi Development Authority.

The NAB reference claims that the price of the stalls shown in the registration deed is only Rs260 million, but the market value is valued at Rs2,155 billion and the enforced sale value is adjudicated at Rs1,724 billion.

The supervisor claims that the builder who allegedly escaped was the next beneficiary of the joint plot illegally transferred on behalf of his company in relation to the then main recipient and sub-registrar II Clifton.

The court, after recording the trial proceedings, postponed the matter until 23 January, issuing a directive to NAB IO to present another witness that day.


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The man who was shot dead during a Karachi police meeting turns out to be the driver of the local leader of PTI – Crime | Instant News

Published in November 27, 2020 15:51

Laila Parveen says her driver Abbas has worked with her for five years.

KARACHI (Dunya News) – A man who was shot dead among five gang members during an alleged police meeting in the Clifton Karachi area on Friday turned out to be the driver of local Pakistani leader Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Laila Parveen.

Laila Parveen, deputy secretary of the women’s wing, said her driver Abbas had worked with her for five years and that the house was also hers where the robbery incident had been reported.

The PTI leader further claimed that the car shown to be belonging to the robber belonged to her husband, making everything suspicious.

Following these developments, the Karachi Police have decided to contact Laila Parveen for further investigation. Police stated that the five suspects who died in the meeting were involved in more than twenty criminal activities.


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Police arrest a man on suspicion of attempted rape, attempting to throw a minor off a building in Clifton Karachi | Instant News

KARACHI: Police arrested a man who allegedly tried to rape a girl and threw her from a building in the Clifton town area, Geo News reported on Tuesday.

The incident is said to have occurred on September 25 when four men allegedly took a girl into a building in the Shah Rasool Clifton Colony to rape her.

However, the attempted rape failed when one person told the victim’s brother and mother that the men had forcibly taken the minor into the building.

Police said that when the two reached the building, the suspects attempted to throw the girl from the building. The girl’s brother called the police helpline 15 to inform them of the development.

The three suspects managed to escape while one of them was arrested and handed over to the police. The victim’s mother said she was not satisfied with the progress made in the case, adding that the incident took place on September 25 and the police had failed to arrest the other three suspects since then.


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Our city is in pain and every day it is told to us: Shaniera Akram | Instant News

Shaniera Akram once again raises her voice against the practice of dumping garbage / waste on Karachi beach, Sea View.

Activists / philanthropists took to Twitter to share depressing images of Clifton’s trash-strewn coastline. “I’m sick of this. We clean the beach, again and again, only to dump municipal rubbish into the ocean & sewers, which is eventually swept onto our shores,” he lamented in his scolding.

Akram later added sadly that “I’m not even going to the beach anymore. I’m fed up,” calling the situation an ’embarrassment for the country’.

His first legitimate outburst was followed by a stream of tweets showing a mirror of reality to the Karachiite average. “It’s not just the beach, trash is everywhere. It’s on our street corner, on our street, outside our shop, in front of our office, next to our school, dumped on vacant lots, outside our homes, at one our only beach, and it’s in our oceans. We literally swim in it! “wrote Akram.

He then shared how he always associates the word ‘proud’ with Pakistani people; “We take pride in everything, our family, neighbors, friends, office, home, garden, etc. However, the situation in Karachi is at least sad.

“All I see is rubbish & people breaking the law. Stores with piles of garbage, dumping and dumping tanks at sea, Housing blocks look like they’re destroyed because no one wants to paint or fix them. Karachi is no longer proud,” he wrote.

Akram then walked to the beach in the morning to gauge the reality of the chaos, posting a photo of himself on Sea View surrounded by trash. “Our city is in pain and always tells us every day. We are screaming for help but no one can hear us. This must stop! This has humiliated our city, our people and our culture. This is not who we are,” he wrote.

Akram’s advocacy for garbage / waste dumping on the Karachi coastline has been a long struggle and it is here hoping that his much-needed voice is no longer heard.

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Karachi on High Warning as Police Seize Some Roads in the Middle of ‘Terror Threat’; But Cop said ‘No need to worry’ | Instant News

Image for representation. REUTERS / Akhtar Soomro – RC2TBH92QYEI

Law enforcement personnel in Pakistan on Thursday closed several areas and roads around foreign diplomatic missions in the Clifton neighborhood in Karachi.

  • PTI
  • Last Updated: July 24, 2020, 9:29 a.m.

Law enforcement personnel in Pakistan on Thursday sealed several areas and roads around foreign diplomatic missions in the Clifton neighborhood in Karachi, reportedly because of terror threats. Residents in the area were shocked to see blockades in many areas in luxury residential neighborhoods.

According to law enforcement sources, many areas in the Clifton neighborhood especially those around foreign diplomatic missions were closed due to the threat of terror. Police sources said high security warnings had been issued for the city’s ‘Red Zone’.

?? Multiple routes [have been] blocked as part of some additional security steps. There is nothing to worry about, “Deputy Inspector General Javed Akbar Riaz Selatan said. Increased security measures came a month after four militants tried to storm the Karachi Stock Exchange building.

The four terrorists were killed in a gun-and-grenade attack which also claimed the lives of four security personnel. In November 2018, a terror attack on the Chinese consulate in Clifton was foiled by security forces in which seven people, including three terrorists, were killed.


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