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Pakistan closes restaurants and bars for violation of social distancing rules | Instant News

Pakistani authorities have closed more than 100 restaurants and six wedding halls in the financial capital of Karachi due to violations of social distancing rules amid a sudden increase in COVID-19 deaths.

The National Command and Operations Center instructs all provinces to enforce the implementation of standard operating procedures (SOPs) for public safety, especially in restaurants and wedding halls.

The government has also imposed lockdowns in several high-risk areas of the city to contain the spread of the coronavirus. Similar crackdowns on social distancing rules have been ordered in other parts of the country.

Pakistanis have been seen routinely violating social distancing since last month when wedding halls were allowed to open on the condition that they comply with the rules.

In mid-September, at least 22 educational institutions in Pakistan were closed for violating health guidelines.

Authorities previously reported 13 out of 15 deaths from COVID-19 a day in the country in southern Sindh province, of which Karachi is the capital.

Pakistan has reported 313,431 confirmed cases with 6,499 deaths.


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‘Provides an environment close to natural habitat for baby bears’ | Instant News

KARACHI: The Sindh High Court on Thursday directed the Karachi Metropolitan Corporation (KMC) and Karachi Zoological Garden to take immediate action to provide an environment close to natural habitat for the zoo’s precious baby Syrian brown bear.

The referrals come on the petition of Mashal Khan and others, seeking referrals to the zoological park administration to look after a baby brown bear, named Ranoo, in a natural habitat.

The petitioners proposed that the bear needed special attention to survive. They relayed that Ranoo belonged to a race called the Syrian brown bear and claimed that he had been forcibly separated from his mother, which was cruelty because the baby bear was still at an early age and could not survive without her in the harsh heat of Karachi. .

They say the Syrian brown bear can only survive in cold conditions and habitats with snow, forests, grasslands and grasslands in mountainous areas and because of the lack of this atmosphere, the species became extinct in Syria and its surrounding areas.


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The recreation areas in Karachi remain close until August 4 – Pakistan | Instant News

Last updated when July 27, 2020 8:21 a.m.

Parks, beaches, fitness centers, play areas, sports activities will remain suspended.

KARACHI (Dunya News) – To prevent the spread of a new coronavirus pandemic in the country, the Karachi government has decided to keep closing all recreational areas in the metropolis during the Eidul Azha holiday until August 4.

According to a notice issued by the Karachi Commissioner, parks, beaches, fitness centers, play areas, sports activities will be closed.

Previously, the Islamabad government had decided to close all recreational areas in the federal capital during the Eidul Azha holiday.

Islamabad Deputy Commissioner Hamza Shafqat said Monday the Murree Expressway, Margalla Hills, and other picnic spots will remain closed on that occasion from July 31, Friday to August 2, Sunday.

He urges people to stay home and avoid making road plans during these days to keep you and your family safe during a pandemic.

Responding to questions about Eid prayers, he said the government had the same plan as used on Eid.

Arrangements will be made in an open space by following standard operating procedures (SOP) with different prayer times to avoid meetings.

“Eid al-Fitr prayer is not the main problem, the problem is when exchanging Eid greetings traditionally on the day when people will avoid social distance prevention measures,” he said.

Citizens of the federal capital must show a sense of responsibility by complying with SOPs because law enforcement officials can monitor the people in their homes, Shafqaat added.

“If people don’t follow the SOP right now, the situation could be worse than after Eid,” he warned.

For other questions, he said SOPs were strictly enforced on livestock markets and animals were also vaccinated against the Congo virus.

Residents were asked not to bring parents and children at the cattle market to buy sacrificial animals, he said.


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Women’s Football – News – When one era ends in Germany, another era begins | Instant News

  • 1. FFC Frankfurt’s last Bundesliga match marks the end of an era
  • The pioneering German club is a powerhouse in Germany and in Europe
  • Schalke 04 forms its own women’s soccer department

June 28, 2020 is a special day for 1. FFC Frankfurt, when the club plays its last match in the Women’s Bundesliga. The match marked the end of the era of the most successful women’s soccer club in Germany after seven championship titles, nine DFB Women’s Cup wins, and four UEFA Women’s Champions League wins.

Birgit Prinz, Nadine Angerer, Saskia Bartusiak, Melanie Behringer, Nia Kunzer, and Steffi Jones are just some of the big names who wore Frankfurt shirts for years.

However, the merger of the club with Eintracht Frankfurt ushered in a new chapter. From next season onwards, 1. FFC will become the women’s soccer department of Eintracht and compete in the Bundesliga under the name Eintracht Frankfurt. The two parties signed a merger agreement for this effect in mid-June 2019.

The newly formed club hopes to achieve long-standing success by combining the activities of women and girls’ soccer. The FFC last won the league in 2008 and lifted their last big trophy in 2015 when they defeated Paris Saint-Germain 2-1 in the UEFA Women’s Champions League final.

“I am very happy and grateful that the ‘marriage contract’ with Eintracht Frankfurt has now been signed after a long and very focused preparation period,” said the long-serving FFC manager, Siegfried Dietrich on the club’s website.

“After more than two decades of success for FFC, it is a dream come true for us to be able to add not only our expertise but also our staff, members and fans to this large Eintracht family and settling in our impressive new home in just in right time.

“But the signing of the merger agreement is also a historic and pioneering moment that not only gives our life’s work a future full of new goals but will also send interesting messages when it comes to German women’s football clubs and the competitive appeal of the Women’s Bundesliga.

“Although there is a touch of pain about the transition and emotions around playing our last few games in the FFC shirt, the excitement we feel about our new target and the new age of women’s football in Frankfurt is far greater.”

Plans to strengthen the squad are already in full swing. German international goalkeeper Merle Frohms moved to the edge of the Main from SC Freiburg, while Slovenian international Lara Prasnikar came from Turbine Potsdam. The second division side of the FFC, who were unable to complete their season due to the coronavirus pandemic, have also continued training – in the Eintracht kit.

“The inaugural season will be a very special season, because this is the beginning of something new,” said coach Kim Kulig. “The anticipation has been huge for weeks, and now wearing an eagle on our chests really means stepping into a new chapter.”

Schalke looked to new horizons

This pioneering spirit was not only evident in Frankfurt but also in Gelsenkirchen, and especially at FC Schalke 04, where the club wanted to establish a football arrangement for all women and girls. They “started small” at Schalke and did not expect to compete with the women’s soccer department at other clubs. As a result, the club will have a women’s team in the Kreisliga B regional league and an U-17 team in Kreisliga.

The person in charge of this project is Bodo Menze, former founder and head of Schalke’s Knappenschmiede youth academy. “My attitude towards women’s football has changed from time to time,” he explained.

“Recently, the show at the last Women’s World Cup was really impressive and made me excited. I also think it’s very relevant to the community – including when it comes to grassroots sports. I shared the idea of ​​forming a women’s soccer department some time ago, which that is why I am now very happy to be able to support this project, “explained Menze on the Schalke website.

The good times are ahead for women’s soccer – and not only in Germany, where six clubs now have top-level women’s and men’s teams. Real Madrid will also field the women’s team at the top of Spain for the first time next season …


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Cecil McBee fashion brand to close all stores | Instant News

TOKYO – Japanese clothing maker Japan Imagination will close all core brand outlets, Cecil McBee, which the Nikkei has studied.

This brand primarily targets young people in their teens and twenties, and has gained popularity since the 1990s. But sales have tended to fall since peaking in 2007. The economic effects of the COVID-19 pandemic have also accelerated brand declines.

The company will close all 43 Cecil McBee stores throughout Japan in February 2021, with branches at the Shibuya hotspot scheduled to close in November.

Japan Imagination will also end several other brands and close 92 stores – almost 90% of their locations – and lay off most of their 570 employees.

Cecil McBee was launched in the 1980s and gained a large following among young people. Its main shop in the popular Shibuya shopping tower recorded monthly sales of around 100 million yen ($ 932,000) during its peak.

But the brand began to be defeated by Forever 21, H&M and other newcomers, falling into red in fiscal 2020 with sales of 12.1 billion yen, about half of what was previously high.

The pandemic was the latest blow to the brand, because stores in many parts of Japan were closed for more than two months to curb transmission. Although the store reopened in mid-May, there is growing concern over a second wave of infections.

The company decided to close the Cecil McBee outlet because it was not possible to cover costs if retail stores were asked to close again. However, the brand will still be available online.


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