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How Soon Can the Chokehold Coronavirus Economy End? | Instant News

My friend Dave Rosenberg, who practices independently at Rosenberg Research, notes that when and how to reopen the US economy is a difficult call – which depends on many medical variables.

“If I had to guess, we would see a partial reopening in some areas starting in May. I feel one very important metric here is health care capacity (hospital bed, ICU, ventilator). “

I believe that easing of business restrictions and movement will largely depend on local conditions. Viral outbreaks spread in ways that we don’t fully understand. Avoiding so many people from circulation seems to have helped, but this closure is not sustainable for an indefinite period of time.

The first priority is to keep the health system ready for the worst; Dave and I agreed. We cannot allow more of this “extraordinary” situation like Italy and New York.

Instead, we need the facilities, equipment, supplies and staff available to treat a number of (still-high) corona virus patients … plus all other medical needs that have been ruled out.

Some people suggest that we isolate the most vulnerable people: those over 60 years old, and / or with the immune system, lungs or other problems. That might help, but it won’t be simple.

You are still talking about a large part of the population, plus younger caregivers who will be in contact with them, plus family caregivers. It also doesn’t last long.

Michael Roizen of the Cleveland Clinic helped prepare papers for Ohio and other states about how to think about reopening their country. He included this graph about the death rate in Ohio; obviously the risk of death increases dramatically with age.

But that changes when you consider other health problems. High blood pressure, smoking, being overweight, lack of exercise, all contribute to an increase in morbidity. So you can be younger and still in the high risk category because of your health.

The US still needs to sharpen up improve testing before we can ease the restrictions. It is getting better, and some private laboratories are even reporting overcapacity now because they have worked through the initial savings. But we need more confidence, maybe millions of tests a day.

We just have to bite the bullet and make it happen.

With the caveat that local schedules will vary, I think Dave is right that we can start reopening in May. But notice how carefully Dave said it (my emphasis):

“A in part reopen some area early in May. “

We will not all emerge from our holes, blink in the sun, and continue happily into spring. I hope the process drags on, it might be interrupted in some places if the case just starts to grow again.

Some governors talk about allowing restaurants to open with 50% capacity. How will it work for their cash flow? Not to work yet?

The government cannot just order the economy to be reopened. Consumers and businesses must agree, and all will make their own choices. Like everything else, it will be a cost-benefit analysis.

In the near future, it will look very different. Masks will be mandatory in some places and socially expected in other places. Most people will live close to home. Even if you want to get on a plane or train, you risk being trapped in someone else’s plague and not being able to go home.

Is the benefit of going to a restaurant worth the risk of going out in a public place, near strangers who might be infected? Maybe so, but fewer people want it as long as this virus is still a threat.

Life will not be as “normal” as we knew only a few months ago until we had an effective vaccine and most people are inoculated. That’s at least eight more months, maybe longer.

We will not just take the place we left behind. Social distance is not suitable with the type of economy that we always know.

As long as it still exists, the old economy is gone.

What will the economy look like over the next six months and in the post-vaccine world? I gathered thought leaders at my first virtual live conference that can help you separate signals from noise. It lasts for five days between 11 and 21 May. Learn more here.

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New Zealand will be waiting for you when it’s over | Instant News

New Zealand remains at the top of many tourist travel lists. A land of extreme natural beauty, New Zealand is breathtaking and impressive every time.

From trendy urban capitals to miles of vineyards, deepest fertile valleys and inviting beaches, New Zealand has gained its place as one of the most desirable places to visit on Earth.

But now that the world is locked and travel is very restricted because of this COVID-19 a pandemic, the dream of traveling to and exploring New Zealand needs to be put on hold, at least for now.

Visit Auckland, part of Auckland Tourism, Events and Economic Development has just released a beautiful video that celebrates all that makes this city and indeed the whole country so special.

All photography and videos for short films were taken before the virus appeared, with narration and editing taking place from home. Video name, Papatūāuku is breathing, comes from the word Maori, which means Mother Earth.

Throughout the two and a half minute film viewers are presented with other Maori words such as:

  • Tuawhenua- Auckland
  • Maunga-mountains
  • Moana – the sea
  • Tui-bird
  • Waiata- Traditional songs.

The main message presented is that all the beauty and natural splendor of New Zealand awaits you, and until you can travel, just listen.

Listen to the sound of the ocean, birds in the trees, and the wind blows across the land. Without the hubbub of normal traffic and people dimming the natural choir, the land comes alive.

New Zealand Worth Waiting

We all live in a kind of strange holding pattern today. We repeated our daily routine without escaping the anticipated direct travel plans.

For those who travel a lot, this forced break is very difficult. However, slowing down and taking the time to really listen to the world around you can be enriching.

My experience of New Zealand feels like a first date. It was fun and exciting, but I still wanted more.

I traveled to both islands, starting from the North Island in Hawke’s Bay, where the wineries are spread over more than 200 km of trails.

North Island

At Taniwha Station I met the eye-filled eyes of beautiful black cows raised for their precious Wagyu beef. First light is the first company to raise Wagyu cattle like this, get out in the fresh air and go on a diet that really eats grass.

Their expertise has caused them to become the only commercial scale producers of 100% Wagyu beef that is fed grass in the world.

Even though you may not be able to travel to Hawke’s Bay right now, you can still taste world-class beef from First Light available at farm food stores, fancy food stores, and grocery stores in California, Oregon, the State of Washington, Montana, and Texas .

Still on the North Island, I traveled next to the city of Napier, which has a charming art deco vibe. After a thirty-minute trip, I found myself following waves of fluffy sheep up and over the hillside. Sheepdogs that gather them and move them over and over again in an easy day’s work clearly enjoy their work.

We then walked down to Ocean Beach by racing ATV across the sand before stopping for the posh picnic lunch provided by Atkins Farm and chef Shaun Clouston, from Logan Brown.

We serve the juiciest lamb chops and beautifully presented charcuterie board, I have since been reinvented at home for a taste that immediately conjures up memories of this perfect summer day.

Atkins Ranch is known for 100% New Zealand sheep being fed delicious grass, which is available throughout the US and Canada. The company even has an American base in San Francisco.

South Island

My trip culminated in the South Island in a thrilling helicopter that began at Lake Wanaka. Far above the alpine mountains, I had the opportunity to see the way the helicopter worked before landing at Motatapu station.

As we meandered through the valley, the small dots below were identified as sheep and deer before we arrived on the ground and met the farmers for sheep dog lessons. We were given a small silver whistle and were instructed on how to make a sound that could be seen. This is much harder than you think!

The animals here live lives that only most livestock can dream of. They really roam in a truly ideal environment. The farmers here work together Silver Fern Farm to produce 100% beef, lamb, and venison that can be purchased throughout the United States.

By scanning the QR code on a lamb meat steak or venison medal, you can track the animal back to this lush green pasture!

Like everyone today, I spend these days in a locked place not exploring new places but enjoying memories and photos from my past trips.

Now is the time to wait patiently but that does not mean that we cannot enjoy the simple pleasures that remind us of some of our most precious travel memories. Or inspire future trips after the world emerges from this slowdown.

I cannot continue my love relationship with New Zealand directly, but I can fill my plate with kiwi flavor, such as grass-fed lamb, Wagyu beef and venison raised right on the fertile hillsides, deep valleys and fields the greenest grass. With every bite I plan my future back to this most beautiful part Papatūāuku.

So yes, as the widely watched video from Visit Auckland suggests, we can’t travel to New Zealand now but until then, listen. I will add, until then, eat!


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The Alton Spouse Shares a Look in Service and Business in Italy During the Coronavirus Crisis | Instant News

Alton Spouse Shares Look in Services and Businesses in Italy During the Coronavirus Crisis | RiverBender.com


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European Border May Be Near Until September Because of the Threat of A.V. US | Instant News

The European Schengen Zone will probably close its borders until September, to defend against COVID-19 threats from A Aand other travelers. The president of France Emmanuel Macron is reported to have increased the likelihood that countries that are normally border-free remain closed to most foreigners for another six months.

During a video conference last Friday with trade union, Macron said the idea was being considered by Schengen member, according to French media reports. The reason he gives is the fact that this pandemic is developing at different speeds throughout the world, and is “correct does not affect all countries simultaneously ” BFMTV reports.

So the implication is that Europe needs to protect itself from the threats posed by travelers coming from high-risk countries. According to the TV station, “Emmanuel Macron cites the example of United States of America, where the coronavirus crisis was delayed for several weeks and which will therefore peak later. But also in Africa, where the situation is developing differently. In Asia, a second peak may occur. ”

Macron comments came two days afterwards The Élysée Palace justifies France lockdown, in place since March 17, will continue until April 15. They also come at the time of the call by European Union officials for member states to extend border closure for at least another month, until mid-May.

That EU said it needed more time to battle health crisis, among others Europe is a global center. Despite seeing “encouraging first results”, it was want to extend the closure of the company the outside bordered until May 15.

“… the experience of Member States and other countries affected by the pandemic shows that measures implemented to combat the spread of the virus need more than 30 days to be effective,” the European Commission said in a pers conference on Thursday.

30 EU and Schengen countries close their borders on March 17 contain a pandemic. Since then, ttravel restrictions entries are blocked to these countries for all tourists and most foreigners. The initial 30-day border closure will end before April 16. If members agree to renew it, Europe will remain in an unprecedented state. lockdown, barricaded to the outside world for at least two months.

That travel restrictions mapped by the Commission have been opened by 26 Union members, as well as four other countries that are part of Schengen but not from the EU: Switzerland, Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein. Ireland is the only EU country that does not implement border closures.

Border Closure Takes Nearly Zero Air Travel in the European Union and Schengen

These countries will remain off limits to all except EU citizens, permanent residents and others with important reasons for traveling for more weeks if there are travel restrictions be extended. Those who were released also included doctors, medical staff, diplomats and cross-border workers, as well as transit passengers.

The European Union said the closure of the border had seen air passenger traffic on the block reduced to almost zero. The only flight operations are mostly for cargo and repatriation. The EU is pushing for unilateral action to curb the spread of the virus, after many countries initially chose to close borders little by little.

Meanwhile, each country extends border closures

Some states meanwhile are taking action at the state level to maintain border closures. That Austrian government has he said was told the European Commission “will expand its internal border controls on land borders with Germany, Italy, Switzerland and Liechtenstein for another 20 days.” That’s until April 27.

So between the European Union which has not criticized calls for longer travel bans, measures to enforce national borders, and talks about the possibility of closing the multi-month Schengen area, everything is far from clear for European travelers.


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