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KMDC is sealed after class is interrupted | Instant News


Karachi College of Medicine and Dentistry, which is under the Karachi Metropolitan Corporation, has been closed for two days, appearing on Friday, when principals, faculty and medical institution students found the facility gates locked upon arriving there in the morning.

According to the deputy principal of the KMDC school, Dr Aqeel Shaikh, the atmosphere at the institution heated up and a commotion was seen on Wednesday when some non-teaching staff became angry over not being paid their dues. After that, classes were suspended. Tensions continued to rise over the next two days, he said, adding that Karachi administrator Laeeq Ahmed had been informed of the matter.

The administrator issued a directive for the formation of a three-member committee, led by Dr Aftab Imatiaz, a professor at KMDC, and the college was closed on Friday on the committee’s recommendation, the deputy principal said. The Express Tribune.

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He hopes that the problem can be resolved on Monday, following which lectures will be continued at KMDC.

He admitted, non-teaching staff at KMDC had not yet been paid their dues and even though the payment of dues was an appropriate demand, their way of protest was not pleasant.

In a statement issued on Friday, Karachi commissioner Laeeq Ahmed said he had sought an explanation from the principal of the KMDC school Dr Nargis Anjum for not immediately informing him of the matter. He stated that a report on the matter had been sent to him on April 7th by Dr Shaikh.

According to a statement issued by the administrator, the principal was notified of the class suspension, the commotion at the KMDC and the abuse of patients, staff and house attendants by the institution’s staff, while the KMDC implementing committee recommended firm action against laboratory assistants Nadeem Zaidi and Asif Anjum from the accounts section regarding the matter. the.

The statement said the principal did not come to the institution during the entire episode without giving a leave application.

Administrators have also asked the Central district SSP to arrest people making a fuss and forcibly stop classes at KMDC, in addition to taking measures to provide security to medical institution staff, students and patients.

The administrator has sent a letter to the SSP for this purpose.


Meanwhile, agency employees staged a demonstration outside the closed gates of the KMDC, demanding payment of their salaries.

“We held a peaceful protest. We had the gates closed when we reached college today,” said one of the protesters, who asked not to be named. He added, “We received a message on Whatsapp last night, notifying us of the closure of the college, but no notification was issued. Closing of colleges, then, is illegal.” He also denounced wages from being paid.

“Even the salaries of class 16 and 17 officers have not been paid. For the past two months we have not received salaries. Some of them have not been paid salaries in the last four months,” he said. “Management has assured us that our salaries will be disbursed in April, but we have not been paid, while we continue to face financial problems. We have been protesting for the last four days.”

He admitted that with the issuance of the KMDC sealing directive, the management wanted to show its power.

Condemning the move, the protesters called it sheer injustice, with some claiming they had received threats earlier in the day. The protesters urged the Sindh government to help them get their rights and asked the provincial government ministers to pay attention to the matter.

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They also criticized the formation of a five-member executive committee, also chaired by Dr Imtiaz, to manage KMDC’s finances, accounts and other affairs.

The KMDC school principal has no authority over the committee and the principal cannot make any decisions without consulting the committee, they said, adding that it is unfair.

Patient difficulties

The transfer also caused inconvenience for patients who were unable to get health care assistance that day.

Many of them, standing outside the closed doors of the health facilities, complained that they had traveled to Karachi from distant areas, costing them a fortune.



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‘NA sealed to remove tampering proof’ | Instant News


Pakistan People’s Party Lawmaker Shazia Marri claims that activities in the National Assembly have been suspended under the flimsy pretext of disinfecting the venue but the real motive is to remove all evidence of interference during the Senate election process inside the building.

The installation of spy cameras to monitor voters as they elect the chair and deputy chairman of the upper house is a bigger scandal than Watergate, the lawmaker said, demanding a transparent investigation.

The MNA made this statement in a statement issued here on Sunday in reaction to the government’s decision to close the Parliament Building and disinfect the premises after 30 cases of Covid-19 were reported among staff in recent days.

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Marri said Prime Minister Imran Khan was trying to protect those involved in installing cameras in the Senate hall ahead of the election for chairman and vice chairman.

Without clarifying who the prime minister alleged was trying to protect, Marri added that the Pakistani government Tehreek-e-Insaf could delete footage recorded on CCTV cameras while the Senate building was sealed.

On the other hand, in a statement issued that day, Tehreek-e-Insaf MNA Nusrat Wahid Pakistan said that the in-house elections were free and fair and the Pakistan Democratic Movement was now confused over its defeat. He dismissed the opposition’s accusations as baseless and congratulated the newly elected chairman and deputy chairmen – Sadiq Sanjrani and Mirza Muhammad Afridi, respectively.

Published in The Express Tribune, March 15th, 2021.


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MQM-P’s Karachi office was sealed off to play the party founder’s song reopened | Instant News



It is granted permission by law enforcement agencies

Web table – Posted: Feb 3, 2021 | Last Updated: 2 hours ago

Posted: 3 Feb 2021 | Last Updated: 2 hours ago

The electoral office of the Qaumi-Pakistan Muttahida Movement, which was sealed off for playing the party’s founding song, reopened in Karachi on Wednesday.

The day before, MQM-P office carrier seen running towards the sound system after the national anthem was played during the inauguration of the election office in Gulistan-e-Jauhar.

The song was played moments after MQM-P leader Amir Khan inaugurated an office at the PIA Cooperative Housing Society. It was later sealed by officers from a security institution and its sound system confiscated.

However, law enforcement officials gave permission to parties to reopen the election office. A large number of party workers gathered outside the office to reopen on Wednesday evening.

He said the song about the founder was not deliberately played by the sound system operator.

MQM-P opens offices for PS-88’s by-election campaign. The Sindh Assembly seats were vacant after the fall of MPA PPP Ghulam Murtaza Baloch.


MQM-P, Karachi, party founder, national anthem, sealed, election office


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The Qazi Medical Complex, the office of the chairman of Nowshera Medical College was closed | Instant News

NOWSHERA: Authorities closed the offices and secretariat of the chairman of the Qazi Medical Complex (QMC) Board of Governors as well as Nowshera Medical College (NMC) ‘s administration and records room officers.

The action was taken as investigations began into recruitment carried out during the tenure of former dean Dr Jehangir Khan despite the ban by the KP government.

It is known that at the direction of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) government, the Secretary of Health wrote to Deputy Commissioner Mir Raza Ozgan to initiate the action.

The letter stated that the KP cabinet meeting chaired by Chief Minister Mahmood Khan had dissolved the Board of Governors of the Qazi Medical Complex MTI Nowshera.

This was done because the chairman of the board allegedly ran the board alone for the past year and a half.

It stated in the letter that several irregularities were found at the Qazi Medical Complex.

The letter shows that the KP government on 1 January 2020 banned recruitment but even though there were people employed at the complex and Nowshera Medical College.

Prime Minister Imran Khan is also concerned about this issue. He has asked the chief minister of KP to investigate the case. But dismissed chairman of the Board of Governors Gulrez Hakeem Khan asked the court for help with a postponement order to delay the process.

The deputy commissioner on Friday directed Assistant Commissioner Furqan Ashraf to remove the chairman of the disbanded Board of Governors, Gulrez Hakeem Khan, from office.

It is known that when the assistant commissioner reached the office along with the police, Gulrez Hakeem Khan asked permission to take his personal belongings with him. Her request is consoled. The assistant commissioner then sealed the office and secretariat.


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Ministers prepare for border restrictions as Britain concludes another lockdown | Instant News

Topline In an effort to control the spread of the most infectious variant of the coronavirus which is causing another wave of Covid-19 cases across the country, UK ministers are preparing to announce new restrictions on international travel on Tuesday to supplement measures lockdowns that prohibit everything but essential activities and travel for the foreseeable future. The UK will announce tighter border restrictions on Tuesday in a bid to control a recent outbreak of … [+] coronavirus case. Getty Images Key Facts Cabinet Minister Michael Gove said the government will release new border restriction plans on Tuesday, which is the first day of the third Covid-19 lockdown in England. “The message is very, very clear to British citizens that they should not travel,” the minister told Sky News. It’s unclear what the new restrictions will entail, although it is possible they will include Covid-19 testing on new arrivals – which ministers have long ruled out – as well as stricter quarantines and a travel ban abroad. When the lockdown was first announced on Monday, travel agency ABTA urged the government to support the struggling sector which it said has not received personalized government support. “It is true, of course, that the government is taking action to control the spread of the virus,” the group said, “but it must be accompanied by the right measures to support travel companies that have little or no means. to work.” Key Context In an effort to control an upsurge in Covid-19 cases across the country, British nations have imposed strict lockdowns restricting individual freedoms. Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Monday imposed a new lockdown in England, banning all activities except essential activities outside the home, including the closure of schools and universities. Scotland has issued similar stay-at-home orders, Wales has closed schools and Northern Ireland is expected to finalize tougher restrictions on Tuesday. It’s unclear when many of these restrictions will end, although politicians have said they will likely be in place until at least mid-February. Much of the new wave of Covid-19 is being driven by a contagious new variant, B.1.1.7., Which was discovered in south-eastern England and London in December. While the new variant isn’t considered vaccine resistant – manufacturers are testing it to make sure – or causing more serious illness, it is more infectious. This makes the virus harder to control and can overwhelm hospitals with an influx of cases. Further Reading New Variant Of Covid-19 Has Appeared In England – Here’s What It Could Mean For The Pandemic And Vaccines (Forbes) Here’s What You Need To Know About The New Variant Of Covid-19 In England (Forbes) England to enter nationwide lockdown Amid Covid-19 Surge (Forbes) UK to tighten COVID-19 border controls soon – Gove (Reuters) Full coverage and live updates on coronavirus.

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