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10 countries vaccinated Americans are allowed to travel to – but it won’t be cheap | Instant News

Americans fully vaccinated against COVID-19 may soon turn their immunization documents into a golden ticket for international getaways. Domestic travel has started to rebound in recent weeks, but demand for international travel remains weak. Many countries continue to place restrictions on who can cross their borders amid the coronavirus pandemic, restricting entry to their own citizens or to people performing essential activities. In early April, internet searches for domestic flights were higher than they were at the same time in 2019, according to data from the Hopper travel app. But searches for international flights still lag behind pre-pandemic levels. Currently, only about a third of Hopper searches for flights this summer are for international destinations, with the remaining two-thirds being for travel to the United States. “It’s usually much closer to a 50/50 split in normal years,” said Adit Damodaran, an economist at Hopper. Don’t Miss: CDC Offers Travel Advice To Vaccinated Americans – But Stops Before Saying It’s Okay To Fly But some countries, in an effort to boost travel demand, have ushered in access easier for people who can show evidence. to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19. Iceland has taken this to the extreme – tourists are only allowed to visit the island country famous for its hot springs and volcanoes if they have been fully vaccinated against COVID-19 or can show documents stating that they previously had the disease and have since recovered. Iceland originally planned to put the new travel rules into effect on March 26, but the country’s government subsequently delayed the policy until April 6. Many other countries, such as Ecuador and Nepal, have taken a different approach to vaccinated travelers. Rather than requiring that they be vaccinated, vaccinated people can instead bypass requirements that they must be tested for COVID-19 before their travel. Thus, border patrols will instead ask for proof of vaccination rather than the results of a COVID-19 test upon entering the country. Which regions are ready to reopen their borders? So far, the list of countries that have relaxed the rules for vaccinated vacationers is short, but travel experts expect it to grow in the near future. “Evidence indicates more countries are relaxing entry requirements – eliminating quarantine / testing rules – for fully vaccinated travelers,” said Jordan Staab, president of SmarterTravel Media, owner of the flight booking website Airfarewatchdog.com. Several companies and organizations are developing “vaccine passports” that could make things easier for international travelers. The International Air Transport Association, an airline trade group, is launching a digital Travel Pass that allows users to upload proof of vaccination or COVID test results to a mobile app. So far, 23 airlines have agreed to test the IATA Travel Pass, including Virgin Atlantic and Singapore Airlines. Among the regions that seem most inclined to relax the rules for those vaccinated is the Caribbean, Staab said. “The Caribbean appears to be the region most open to tourists right now, and this is likely to continue, whether it’s opening up to all tourists or just fully vaccinated tourists,” he noted. Several cruise lines, including Royal Caribbean and Norwegian, have announced plans to resume cruises out of Caribbean ports with only fully vaccinated people allowed on board ships. In Europe, politicians from countries like Portugal and Greece, whose economies depend heavily on tourism, have suggested that they plan to allow people vaccinated to travel there. In these cases, however, Americans could still be barred from entry, depending on how the rules are set and whether specific vaccines are required for entry. The vaccine produced by Moderna MRNA, -1.54%, for example, has only received full or emergency authorization in 41 countries, while the vaccines from Pfizer PFE, -0.39% and AstraZeneca AZN, – 1.63% are approved to some extent by 100 countries. Unvaccinated travelers are not without options, however. Many countries have resumed allowing tourists to visit, even though visitors are not yet vaccinated. In these cases, travelers are usually required to take a negative COVID test before their trip, and are sometimes subject to additional testing and a period of self-isolation upon arrival. And some of those countries, like Mexico, may not be inclined to require proof of vaccination for tourists, as these policies could backfire and deter some travelers, especially from the United States. forcing them to have a vaccine to enter the country right now, ”said Bruce Rosenberg, COO of HotelPlanner, a group booking website. “On the contrary, they will say: ‘We are more welcoming and more open’.” United States Embassies, US News and World Report, The Points Guy Some areas of the world are more likely to remain closed to leisure travelers. Most of Western Europe, for example, has maintained very strict policies regarding who can enter their borders amid a wider lockdown context due to the pandemic. And many of the small island countries in the Pacific Ocean have kept borders fully closed amid the pandemic, given the relative lack of medical facilities and how prone they would be to nationwide outbreaks if any. sick people entered their country. Increase as more places resume operations Flight search models suggest that as countries add new policies that encourage vaccinated people to visit, they see a significant increase in interest. After Iceland reopened its borders to vaccinated visitors, there was a 93% increase in searches for flights, according to data from Hopper. And there has been a 77% increase in searches for flights to Portugal after authorities announced plans to welcome tourists returning from the UK. Airlines have significantly reduced the number of flights they operate amid the pandemic to cut costs, and they may be slow to fully resume operations in the event that another increase in COVID-19 cases around the world causes a repeated slowdown in travel. “Reduced capacity, increased demand and a need to recover costs will likely drive up airline ticket prices later this year into the next year,” Staab said. “Airlines will not immediately make 100% of their routes prepandemic, even if demand increases, which means that demand could outweigh supply, and airlines can increase their fares and continue to occupy seats. ” Airlines could even potentially increase prices “to compensate for the need to put in place an infrastructure to verify that passengers are vaccinated,” Staab added. In addition, the rising cost of jet fuel will increase spending by travelers. Airfarewatchdog is currently recommending people book their international travel by the end of May to get lower prices – as well as relaxed limited-time policies for free flight changes for economy fares. At the same time, however, prices could be reduced for other travel expenses, including hotels and activities. “Mexico and the Caribbean are still valuable because they are trying to attract customers to leave the United States,” Rosenberg said, adding that the same philosophy could apply in major European cities that are centers tourism. .

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Dog Fashion for Your Pandemic Puppy to Be Fancy | Instant News

Off Brand is a column that studies fashion and beauty trends.

RECENTLY On a sunny day, a French bulldog named Hector walks with his owner to a cafe near their home in Los Angeles. As usual, Hector wore a $ 380 French leather “Dorró” collar and a $ 520 “Tascher” strap, both beige. That day she left the $ 680 “Colombo” harness at home, even though it was one of her favorites. Everything is made by Pagerie, a high-end dog accessories company launched by its owner, Mandy Madden Kelley, a lawyer turned fashion influencer into entrepreneur. According to Ms. Madden Kelley, a neighbor who was walking with a cat (this is Los Angeles) stopped and asked where Hector’s accessories came from. “It really looks like Hermès or something,” said her admirer.

For Ms. Madden Kelley – a New Zealander who blogs about motherhood, beauty and, yes, dogs – it was a fulfilling moment. “I felt very proud to say that it was a brand I launched,” he recalls. Pagerie, which it calls “the first ultra-luxury fashion house for pets,” made its debut on e-commerce sites during the pandemic accompanied by an image of models dressed in neutral colors walking in a charming Weimaraner fashion. Its peeled look is in stark contrast to much of the pet fashion world, which leads to cuteness and ornamentation – like the French bulldog I saw on Instagram wearing a T-shirt that says “I’m the lost Kardashian” and clutching a tiny t-shirt. faux fur pink wallet.

Ms. Madden Kelley got the idea for her business when she moved to America in 2014 and started attending fashion week. At events and events, he witnessed stylish ninth-dressed women at Chanel and Dior, but accompanied by dogs in not-so-polished plastic clothes. “I feel like there’s a disconnect between the way they present themselves and the clothes their pets wear,” she said.

Luxurious pet accessories have never existed before. Hermès, Goyard, Louis Vuitton, and Dior all made necklaces and necklaces; some offer more substantial accessories such as dog beds. Goyard straps and collars, in particular, are an ultra ne plus for pet-owner fashionistas in the most status-conscious corners of Paris, New York and Tokyo. But Ms. Madden Kelley is looking for something more considered, which takes into account the shape of the dog like the way her design heroes Ludwig Mies van der Rohe and Hans Wegner shape the chairs around the human form.


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‘My pulse shot up to 120 while I was panting to the ER’: Italy resumed the AstraZeneca vaccine, and tightened lockdowns | Instant News

COMO, Italy – The death toll continues to increase.

In the past 24 hours in Italy, there have been 25,735 new cases of COVID-19, with the infection rate stable at 7%, as half of Italy is once again in strict isolation as a designated red zone. one year after the entire country was effectively shut down.

For the first time since the color coding system was introduced last year, Lazio – the region that includes the capital Rome – has been included in the red zone. One in five people in Lombardy are from Como. And we’re back in the red zone. It’s no surprise that Prime Minister Mario Draghi is eager to get Oxford-AstraZeneca

vaccine back in action, despite concerns about adverse reactions.

“I heard an ambulance today, like last year’s soundtrack.”

– Residents of Bergamo, the epicenter of the pandemic in Italy last year

Como, Milan, Bergamo, the city worst hit by COVID-19 last year, and the whole of Lombardy are back in the “red zone”, and are in full lockdown until April 6. On Easter, the lockdown will be extended nationwide, with Sardinia, which has been given “all safe,” returning to join us.

Last time, hairdressers, barbers, lingerie shops and make-up counters remained open – perhaps to lift the morale of the image-conscious Italian – but this time they have all closed. “We will appear like cavemen,” is one reaction to this action, but the government is wary.

On Thursday, the European Medicines Agency said that the benefits of the Oxford-AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine “continue to outweigh the risk of side effects” and added that single-use vaccines were “not associated with an increased risk of overall blood clots. ”

Italy is among several European Union countries that announced the resumption of vaccination against the drug after a regulator’s statement.

In an effort to restore confidence in the vaccine, Draghi himself said he would take the AstraZeneca injection. In Rome, Giovanni Rezza, head of prevention at the Italian Ministry of Health, to the Associated Press and another outlet on Friday: “It is clear that lifting the suspension is a huge relief for us as we have to speed up the vaccination campaign.”

That, he added, would be double the 200,000 vaccinations per day the country had achieved before the vaccine was suspended. It’s a race against time. So far, 104,241 people in Italy have died from COVID-19, a 14-day increase of 34%, according to a New York Times tracker. Worldwide, there have been more than 2.7 million deaths.

Vaccinations start here on December 27th. Pfizer

and German partner BioNTech SE
+ 3.80%

+ 1.61%

a two-dose vaccine, and, after a brief interval, the single-dose AstraZeneca vaccine, by booster injection approximately 12 weeks later, is available here.

Alison Fottrell: ‘Last time, hairdressers, barbers, lingerie shops and make-up counters remained open – perhaps to lift the spirit of the image-conscious Italian – but this time it has all closed.’

‘We came, we got stabbed and we left’

Before it was stopped here, AstraZeneca had been given to the teachers in a way that was like a carpet bombing, the speed of the meeting took us all by surprise.

One Saturday morning in early March, I woke up to receive a message to take myself to Milan. Accepting the inevitable fate of inoculation, I jumped out of bed, took the sugar cubes from the bowl on the way out the door for a long time, and went down the highway to the city.

By noon, I’ve been lining up, catching glimpses of coworkers I haven’t seen in person in over a year, and struggling not to run across the yard to hug them. We came, we got stabbed, and we left. At noon, I was in my car heading back to the lake.

Thankfully, my colleagues have managed to get through the storm of fever and chills for 48 hours. I, on the other hand, haven’t.

Shortly after the vaccine was paused, the college website published an announcement that those who had been vaccinated, and who had no serious repercussions, should calm down.

However, there is little advice out there for people who constantly experience side effects.

However, there is little advice out there for people who experience persistent side effects. Meanwhile, me pulse had jumped to 120 as I panted to the emergency room in Como in the early hours of one morning this week.

Ten days after I got the injection, the local hospital was full of patients. I practiced meditation to avoid the sounds of wailing and groaning from other rooms.

Maybe that’s why Dr. Strada, who gently woke me up from my trance, was deeply ingrained in my soul – like a hatching duck who catches a glimpse of her caregiver and clings to the thought for safety. Despite the chaos surrounding him, Dr. Strada was gentle, patient and calm, and made me feel safe.

He was one of the “many outstanding examples” of the “silent protagonist of solidarity” that Draghi praised in his March 18 speech at a funeral in the city of Bergamo, as he laid a wreath on the inscription dedicated to the city’s 3,400 official victims. virus – although other estimates put that figure close to 6,000.

This is the day President Sergio Mattarella is formally designated as “A National Day of Remembrance for all victims of the coronavirus epidemic.” Bergamo has now become a symbol of the suffering of the entire nation, with Draghi’s speech inciting a commitment to care for our parents, to never again leave them alone and unprotected.

In April 2020, a local newspaper reported that it was already there 1,322 more deaths in nursing homes in Bergamo compared to 2019. The city has become a hotbed of the pandemic, with many elderly people being taken to hospitals where no protective procedures have been fully implemented.

Draghi went on to remember the field hospital that was set up in just a few days by Alpini, Civil Defense and volunteers. He concludes by acknowledging the support Italy has received from Europe, likening it to a family that stays by our side.

‘People are angry, they want to know how and why this happened. They felt the government had failed them, and that action was too late. ‘

AFP via Getty Images

‘We feel blind’

Local poet Ernesto Olivero has written poetry for many of the deceased, now carved in stone at cemeteries. The words may be dedicated to his hometown, but they extend to the world. What unites the victims of this pandemic is the solitude, provoked by the forced isolation that has been, and still must, be experienced by loved ones. And the exile that others face in their death.

The poem reads: “You there. I bet you are beside those who die alone, alone, with the occasional glued to a resuscitation glass of grandchildren, hearts, kisses, hello. You were there, close to each of them, you there, by their side as they struggled, you were there and you took their last breath, surrendering love to you … “

Locals initially did not understand the arrival of long poles of military vehicles rolling on the streets in the early days of March last year. It was only gradually that they began to realize that the morgue and crematorium had reached their full capacity and the coffins, which were lined up at the city’s only cemetery, had to be carried elsewhere.

“… You there, you died with them to take them there where you will be forever, forever. You are there, the friend of every friend who died in Bergamo, in Lombardy, in every part of our tormented land. You are there, and it is you who comfort them, who embrace them, who hold their hands, who turn their fear into calm trust. You are there, because you have left no one, you have been abandoned by everyone… ”continues Olivero’s poem.

‘Nobody sings on the balcony here in Bergamo. We are horrified, we are horrified. ‘

People are angry, they want to know how and why this happened. They felt the government had failed them, and that action was too late. “We feel confused, with very little information about what happened,” said one Bergamasco, who has been in self-quarantine since the outbreak. “Nobody sings on the balcony here in Bergamo,” he added quickly. We are horrified, we are horrified.

Hashtag #noenunceremo or #wewilldenounce has been trending since March 2020. His quest for justice, and his mission wholeheartedly – these are people trying to describe their grief. “If someone can act and not, if someone puts their own interests above the lives of thousands of people, they will criminally pay for their actions and be held responsible for their negligence,” the resident, who requested anonymity. , said.

To achieve their goal, they have formed a non-profit committee to collect every complaint and make all their evidence and complaints available to the court so that there will be a thorough examination. investigation and trial. As of April 2020, they already have 50,000 members, which increases to 70,000.

“We are the first to catch the virus, and we will be the last to eradicate it,” continued the resident of Bergamasco. Almost everyone here knows someone who has died. They are still haunted by images of firefighters rescuing seriously ill people from their flats to coax them out of their homes for treatment.

“The lockdown started late, the industrial sector didn’t want to close shop, and no wiping was done at the local Alzano hospital until the situation got out of hand. I still can’t think about it. I still can’t believe it. And I think it can happen again. I heard the sound of an ambulance today, like the soundtrack from last year. “

The Oxford-AstraZeneca medical leaflet has been updated. and the vaccine has been re-released on the Italian market with 200,000 suspended doses to be continued over the next two weeks.

And my side effect? Until now, they haven’t shown any signs of abating. The doctors looked confused and confused about the prognosis. They have no facts. They will report it and send you for tests. And cross their fingers so they can find some answers. As we face this Year 2 Pandemic, we are all walking in new places.

Alison Fottrell is a teacher and writer based in Como, Italy.

This essay is part of the MarketWatch series, ‘Submissions from Pandemic. ‘

AstraZeneca has been re-released on the Italian market with 200,000 deferred doses to be continued over the next two weeks.

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Best Grammy Fashion Towards… Mask-Dress Matching | Instant News

When rapper Megan Thee Stallion was named best new artist at Grammy Awards this year, he was too stunned to take off his face mask. Luckily, it matched her outfit: an orange-orange Dolce & Gabbana dress and over 200 carats of Chopard diamonds. She finally remembers to take off her satin accessory before she takes the stage for her thank you speech. Co-winner Taylor Swift had an intricately embroidered mask with bright flowers to match her Oscar de la Renta gown, while Harry Styles opted for a yellow Gucci plaid blazer straight from the 1995 film. Do not understand—That also matches the mask. And the Nike X Meals outfit specially nominated for best up-and-coming artist Chika comes with a teal-and-lavender mask to match the ruffle.

For many of us, in the past year, the use of face masks in the United States has gone from being non-existent to discouraging non-essential workers to being necessary for everyday use. When we leave our homes, the mantra now is: phone, wallet, keys, mask. And while a vaccine for all US adults is on the horizon for May and the end of the pandemic may see, masks will probably remain. Currently, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are push double cover.

With that in mind, masking becomes creative, not to mention color coordinated. Over the past few months, celebrities have stepped out of coffee shops and evenings wearing masks to suit their ensembles. Model Bella Hadid coordinates a brown corduroy suit with a Skims $ 8 clay-colored mask in Paris during Couture Fashion Week; Designer Marc Jacobs complements the winter New York look with a plaid mask in the spirit of a winter scarf. On a January shopping trip in LA, rapper Cardi B paired a Pierre-Louis Auvray dress that gave the illusion that it was a very risky dress with a red mask – the color was opaque. To Kim KardashianThe French fashion house Balmain creates logo-cut tops, purses, biker shorts, gloves and masks (a similar printed cotton style can be yours for $ 295).

BBella Hadid in a corduroy suit by The Row and a mask from Skims.


Pierre Suu / GC Image

Masks are now available in many colors such as nail polish, including colors such as “sweet pea,” “rose quartz,” and “apple cider”, from mask suppliers such as Kaze, mask maker KN95, which sells for $ 36 for a pack of 10. Brands Countless fashions have adopted masks not only as a protective item for their customers, but also as an accessory to suit their seasonal collections. Brand likes Louis Vuitton and Fendi have also started selling mask covers for $ 490 to $ 630, which are designed to be worn over other face covers. Many other brands have created masks to match their most famous prints and creations. Ulla Johnson create a mask from last season’s exclusive print, including rosy tie dye and detailed florals ($ 20); Marine Serre’s signature moon print, featured on the bodysuit, pants, and beret, can also be found at a mask for nearly $ 150; St John’s luxury knitwear even had wool knits for $ 45 mask siblings. Other brands, such as jewelry lines Roxanne assoulin, Lele Sadoughi and Aurate offers chains, often beads or gems, for masks, which range from $ 75 to $ 250.

Kyle Kuzma in a mask by Henry Mask to match his C’est Bon pants.


Adam Pantozzi / NBAE via Getty Images

Todd Heim, a textile assembler and art director who sells his works under the mask “Steak Diane”.


Thanks to Steak Diane

Last summer, designer Tory Burch started the #WearaDamnMask campaign, launched with selfie in a paisley-patterned mask that matches her black-and-white blouse. “Frankly, I am frustrated, and I want to share a simple public health message that is free of any political interference,” he wrote by email. His campaign encouraged thousands of people and celebrities to like Kerry Washington, Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon to share how they styled their masks on Instagram. Since Tory Burch started selling mask by May 2020, the company raised more than $ 3 million for the Tory Burch Foundation, International Medical Corps, and the Innovative Genomics Institute. “We want them to be a part of the way you dress in the morning and a form of self-expression,” says Burch of the masks, which match some of his brand’s ready-to-wear pieces and sell for $ 35 for one of the set of five or three in a printed bag. . He said, “We’ve seen people wear them at work – from our offices to Congress halls. And styled with everything from power suits to summer dresses to bikinis. ”

Face mask subscription model Henry’s mask designed to suit a customer who perceives a face mask as an accessory. “You match your clothes. Literally, I don’t wear that mask – it doesn’t fit my shoes, ”said Patrick Henry, who started the brand with his brother, Chase Morgan, last year when Henry’s luxury tailor brand RichFresh, which dressed Weeknd and John Legend, needed masks for Memphis-based factory workers. The company ships customers packs of two or four face masks each month for $ 29.50 to 49.50, and, for every mask sold, masks are given to healthcare workers and families in need. According to Henry, customers have requested masks in every color, and he has noticed that clients of his basketball players, such as Lebron James and Kyle Kuzma of the Los Angeles Lakers, match their Henry masks with team logos or post-match ensembles. Jennifer Lopez wore a geometric patterned version of her lavender workout outfit, as well as a floral mask paired with an airy white maxi dress.

“Sometimes I’ll actually start with a mask,” says Jenny Walton, a designer and illustrator based in New York. At the start of the pandemic, he started making face masks with what he had around his house, such as an old Prada dust bag (provided to keep his wallet). Now, she makes masks of various textiles to sell on her website for $ 25 each and, as a result, has a large collection of her own to choose from, from muted neutrals to more pleasing prints. She has a cookie cutter mask that matches a brown trench coat, while she chooses a checkered mask to add a menswear style to an understated look.

Tory Burch in a shirt, vest and mask of his own design.


Courtesy of Tory Burch

Jennifer Lopez in a Pangaia T-shirt and sweatpants and a mask from Henry Masks.


Robert O’Neil / SplashNews.com

“I personally like it when things don’t match. I like wearing more unexpected color combinations, ”said Ditte Reffstrup, creative director and co-founder of the Danish brand Ganni, who, last year, started selling face masks from fabric scraps from their previous collection, and part of the proceeds will be donated to UN Women. The face mask layered design and ruffled edges embody Ganni’s colorful aesthetic, priced at $ 35 for a three-person pack, and the brand expects customers to style it that way. Reffstrup said, “Since face masks have become a daily necessity for so many people, it’s only natural that people would want this to be an extension of their personal taste as to how they style their appearance.”

Even that basic blue surgical mask has been tucked into a chic wardrobe. When street style photographer Acielle Tanbetova, best known for her Instagram account Styledumonde, photographed pedestrians outside during Paris Couture Week last year, she noticed that many people were wearing bright blue clothes and accessories, almost identical to the hue of a hospital mask. “People wearing black will wear black or darker masks, people wearing blue will wear blue surgical masks,” he wrote by email. A passerby photographed chooses blue leather pants and all-white accessories, with a blue mask. On the other hand, the bright blue sweatpants and blue denim bucket hat accentuates the blue color of the base mask.

And masks have even been paired with another pandemic proponent who may be hard to give up: PJs for the day. Underwear and sleepwear brand La Perla has seen a $ 160 handcrafted silk face cover, which features the same subtle lace cut as their signature underwear, which is bought along with a silk robe, slip, and nightwear. “At first we didn’t envision this trend, but our customers found a way to turn the necessary devices into something they positively expressed in their style,” said Morgan P. Richardson, president of American brands for La Perla. “A lot of women wear our silk pajama shirts during the day as ready-to-wear, so they go great with matching face covers indoors and out.” Make sure you are actually wearing the pants too.

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From Louis Vuitton to Prada: 32 Best Looks at Fashion Week Spring 2021 | Instant News

This month, more designers are choosing to return to pre-Covid formats by showing their fall collections on the runway. Even though the shows are broadcast live without a live audience, they still offer the familiar feeling of traveling to a spectacular place, whether in chic airport attire or through fantasy and historical references. While we spent last season thinking about what we would wear as we slowly walked out of the house after a year in quarantine, the new season, which ends in Paris on Wednesday, is all about where we want to go. The tailored outerwear options from Hermès, Fendi, and Max Mara feel like a prime investment piece for international jetsetters who are ready to start accumulating flight miles again. There are also more glamorous moments, such as a Valentino micro-skirt tuxedo and a black sequin coat from Prada casually styled over trousers and a turtleneck. Below, we’ve selected some of our favorite performances from this season.


Courtesy of Acne Studios

Oversized coat looks polished with monochrome accessories of different textures.


Thanks to Balmain

A striped sweater dress and a pair of doorknob earrings from a neck pillow add comfort and fun to the easy travel ensemble.


Courtesy of Chanel

The Chanel suit gives a leather twist to the look.


Thanks to Chloe’s kindness

Hand-woven ponchos accented with puffer collars are perfect for bohemian adventures.


Courtesy of Courreges

The all-white crochet keeps the 60s-style loungewear modern.


Thanks to Dior

Maria Grazia Chiuri’s two-chest coat and cherry red shoes show the dark side of childhood fairy tales.


Thanks to Dolce & Gabbana

The strong shoulders on the double-breasted blazer are offset by the bare feet.


Thanks to Eckhaus Latta

Cut-and-sew knitwear is perfect for now.


Thanks to Giorgio Armani

A fringe bib adds a personal touch to a traditional black suit.


Jason Lloyd-Evans / Courtesy of Erdem

The classic trench was reimagined with a new neckline.


Thanks to Etro

A pair of silk boxing shorts with Etro’s signature paisley print.


Thanks to Fendi

Kim Jones turned to Fendi’s house code to reinvent the sleek classic.


Courtesy of Gabriela Hearst

Simple silhouettes are often the ultimate luxury.


Thanks to Giorgio Armani

The long, unadorned coat has a mysterious allure.


Thanks to Givenchy

A delicate dress made of colorful paillettes shone under a black blazer.


Filippo Fior / Courtesy of Hermes

The sumptuous brown finish reminds us of taking a walk around the countryside.


Thanks to Isabel Marant

The flowery meadow, which is featured in the space parking garage, sends the dress into the future.


And Lecca / Courtesy of Jason Wu

The fringe trim adds fun to the stripped style.


Thanks to Lemaire

The gray finish is perfect for back office use.


Yannis Vlamos / Courtesy of Longchamp

A comfortable camel puffer coat can replace customized outerwear.


Courtesy of Louis Vuitton

Colorblock cloaks make the casual ensemble even bolder.


Thanks to Max Mara

Slouchy camel coats covered bare feet and leather shoes.


Johnny Dufort / Courtesy of Miu Miu

Boudoir fabrics redesigned for ski slopes.


Lousy Auber / Courtesy of Nehera

The layered look borrows stylish ideas from men’s clothing.


Thanks to Nina Ricci

An unusual accessory adds a much-needed bit of fantasy.


Thanks to Prada

The black sequin coat turns this casual look into a dress up moment.


Valerio Mezzanotti / OWENSCORP

Comfort meets couture in a deconstructed collection.


Thanks to Salvatore Ferragamo

The electric green shoes brighten up the all-leather look.


Andrew Nuding / Courtesy of Simone Rocha

A cord-knit sweater – and a crinoline ensemble reinforced with leather harness.


Courtesy of Ulla Johnson

The striped sweater dress was made in collaboration with the non-profit organization Manos del Uruguay.


Thanks to Valentino

Ultra short hem adds fun to a classic tuxedo.


Thanks to Versace

The bonded blazer features a new monogrammed print of the house.

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