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Hempel Acquiring Wattyl Australia, New Zealand | Instant News

Hempel A / S said it has signed a purchase agreement to acquire Wattyl – one of the leading paint manufacturers in Australia and New Zealand for the decorative and protective segment with a turnover of € 150 million and 750 employees – from The Sherwin-Williams Company.

The transaction is now awaiting customary approval from the authorities, which is expected to occur in the first quarter of 2021.

“We are now taking the first major step seen in our ambition to double Hempel by 2025, and the acquisition will have a profound and positive impact on our footprint and development in our South & East Asia region,” said Hempel Group President & CEO Lars Petersson.

“This acquisition is in line with our Double Impact strategy and growth ambitions for our decorative and protective segments. In addition, the Wattyl acquisition clearly highlights the key points of Hempel’s strategy: We will occupy leadership positions in certain segments and geographies, and we aim to double our revenue in five years to € 3 billion. Doubling our revenue will allow us to double our positive impact by investing in more sustainable coating solutions, innovation and digitization. ”

Wattyl’s business model is similar to that of Hempel Crown Paints in the UK, with a portfolio of branded products and nearly 100 company-owned stores throughout Australia and New Zealand, as well as strategic distribution partnerships serving DIY and trading consumers.

“Hempel and Wattyl’s collaboration, not only in decorative paints but also in protective coating solutions, will put us in a great position to realize our strategic ambitions, especially in the Decoration, Infrastructure and Energy segments, through a combination of industry expertise, knowledge and quality. product, “said Petersson.” As a result, our hopes for Wattyl as part of our family are high, and together, Wattyl and Hempel will create a strong platform for sustainable growth for our entire South & East Asia region. “

Going forward, Wattyl will still be managed by the current Managing Director, Matt Crossingham.

“The whole team and I are delighted to join the Hempel family, and we look forward to contributing to Hempel’s growth and development – not just in Australia and New Zealand – but throughout the South & East Asia region. We will get access to increased knowledge, experience and innovation as well as a wider product portfolio, which will benefit our customers, “he said. With Hempel’s ownership, I’m sure Wattyl will go to the next level. ”

From a branding perspective, Hempel intends to use the “A part of Hempel” endorsement in branding and communications.


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Whether Aspen, Pitkin County, or Colorado, the mask is now required | Instant News

People in aspen, Snowmass village and basalt are now under three separate orders of health mandates that they wear face coverings in public spaces.

On Thursday, the Governor, Jared Polis issued a decree throughout the state that require masks, similar to urban emergency decree aspen, which entered into force on 3 July and the order of the Council of the County of Pitkin health since may 9. Snowmass and Basalt elected officials also tailor the mask ordinances for their cities in the first week of may. Across the state, 39 counties and municipalities have laws that Mask as of Thursday.

“We have learned that widespread use of the mask is an inexpensive and very effective way to reduce the spread of COVID-19 infection by as much as 65%,” the decree said. “The widespread use to wear masks in Colorado can have significant economic benefits, allowing the state to prevent reclosures businesses and schools and, ultimately, a return to normal life more quickly.”

Order a Democrat, entered Thursday into force at midnight, you should erase all confusion, the visitors have a relatively face-covering requirements, Tracy Trulove, officer public information Pitkin County, said Thursday during the meeting of the coronavirus community.

“Order by state sets a clear standard, especially for tourists and our visitors,” she said. “And this is something that has been discussed quite a bit is how we get people who come here, to come into compliance?’ The Governor puts that mandate down.”

Under the order of the Polis, the mask is defined as a non-medical fabric face, covering the nose and mouth. In the same way as the local rules health, which, as policy, require masks in public areas including retail stores and restaurants, for example. The order of the state, however, expands to include offices, hallways, elevators, indoor businesses, common areas and gyms (except when an indoor pool, and personal services like hairdressing.)

The order also applies to people waiting for transport services “of any taxi, bus, tram, train, car, ride-sharing, or similar service, or operations MassTransportation”.

Also, the owners and operators of covered public spaces to post signs at their entrances to alert people to the law of the mask and denying them service if they do not adhere to. Offenders who do not wear masks and enter to face criminal charges under the order.

The first proposed test of Colorado at COVID-19 came on 5 March.

“Since then,” order policy’ said: “the number of confirmed cases continues to grow, and there is a community spread across the state. We saw more than 37,000 infections and lost more than 1700 population of the state.”

Out of whatever for 30 days and can be extended those 10 years of age and the other, where circumstances permit (see box).

“You can see the state is getting more heavy on the issue of the mask,” said George.

Over the past 10 days, as of Thursday, two patients were hospitalized in the hospital of aspen valley with covonavirus. One was deployed at a lower altitude to a higher service, the Director-General CD David Ressler said.

As of Thursday, there were 144 confirmed cases and two deaths in the County of Pitkin in March, according to the public health.

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Hot and muggy Sunday with isolated storms | weather | Instant News

Expect another hot and muggy Sunday with isolated thunderstorms before the rain picks up in the middle of next week.

Expect patchy fog and lows in the mid 60s to lower 70s years.

Sunday’s high will reach 80 degrees Fahrenheit in the lower 90s with isolated showers and storms firing in the mountains, with a couple going North.

Shower lighting storm a bit to pick up Monday as temperatures to back off.

Scattered to widespread rain and thunderstorms will move through the region Tuesday and Wednesday with high zooming back into the lower and mid 80s.

All will gradually dry before the end of the week lingering showers and storms and highs Bouncing back in the 80s and 90s years.

That will leave next weekend is mostly dry.

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Face offer a shield against Covid-19 | Instant News

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Lahore: As Covid-19 pandemic drags on, people begin to recognize that covering the face can prevent the spread of the virus and save lives.

This trend emerged after the increase in crying from experts in the field of health, which stated that the practice of wearing masks in public are effective in limiting the spread of respiratory diseases.

But wearing face-covering is only useful, though for a certain period of time. Initially there were concerns that face coverings can give a false sense of security, as they will not be able to block all the particles. In the absence of vaccine, prevention was the only option to limit spread.

“The wearing of masks has certain protocols,” said Dr Salman Kazmi, who serves as a senior doctor in Lahore’s Mayo clinic.

While wearing the mask, Dr Kazmi said, it should not be touched. “When you touch the mask, it is contaminated,” he warned. After wearing the mask for four to five hours, he said, it needs to be disposed of.

A wide selection of face masks available on the market. However, each offers different levels of protection against Covid-19 virus. Washable face masks offer limited protection from respiratory diseases, but medical experts recommend their use in public places.

Face, according to experts, can prevent the virus from passing diseases transmitted through coughing, sneezing, and during conversations.

Opinion on the use of masks varies greatly. Some medical experts believe face masks can prevent the spread of the disease, if 99% of the population carries them. According to information provided by experts in the field of healthcare, different types of masks offer different levels of protection.

In N95 respirators to ensure a high level of protection against respiratory infections after surgical grade masks. However, they are expensive and limited in supply. In the absence of proper face masks covering such as scarves or bandanas also offer some protection.

Citizens seem to be annoyed by the lack of regulation when it comes to the production of masks. “I prefer to wear a scarf than to buy one of the masks for sale at the roadside stands,” said Fayyaz Hussain, a resident of Lahore. “They are unhygienic and can spread infection,” Hussein receives.

Commenting on the use of fabric face masks and disposable paper mask, Dr. Saima Malik, a doctor in Lahore, said: “the fabric of mask protection for the population”. Trends indicate Covid-19 virus a public health crisis will continue to haunt countries, including Pakistan, for some time. Medical experts believe that people in Pakistan must learn to live with the face coatings.

Published in the Express Tribune, 27 Juneth, 2020.


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