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“Winter is coming,” warns UK experts COVID-19 | Instant News

Famous lines of “Game of Thrones“About approaching the dangers of this winter might prove accurate, say, scientists at a new report. The researchers stated that the second wave of infections could hit Britain this winter, and this would be worse than the first wave that claimed as many as 120,000 lives.

The COVID-19 pandemic caused by acute coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) respiratory syndrome has gripped the world, and now experts warn that it is far from over. To date, the virus has infected 13.28 million people and claimed more than 577,000 lives worldwide.

Novel Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 This transmission electron microscope image shows SARS-CoV-2 – also known as 2019-nCoV, the virus that causes COVID-19. isolated from a patient in the US, emerging from the surface of cells cultured in the lab. Images were captured and colored at NIAID’s Rocky Mountain Laboratories (RML) in Hamilton, Montana. Credit: NIAID

Current status in the UK

To date, there have been 292,931 cases of SARS-CoV-2 detected in the UK, and the infection has caused 45,053 deaths in the country. Over time the death rate and new cases have declined in the UK, and in July to date, there were 1,100 deaths, the researchers said. However, there may be no room for complacency that they warn.

According to the nation’s scientific advisors from Academy of Medical Sciences, which was asked to predict using modeling analysis, the worst is yet to come.

worst-case scenario that makes sense for the winter COVID-19 epidemic in the UK.  This model assumes that Rt rises to 1.7 from September 2020 to July 2021. (A) daily infections, (B) COVID-19 deaths caused in hospitals (ie excluding care homes and over-deaths in the community), (C ) general beds are occupied and (D) critical care beds are occupied.  Solid lines show medians, dark bands interquartile range, and pale bands at credible intervals of 95% (CrI).

The worst worst case scenario for the winter COVID-19 epidemic in the UK. This model assumes that Rt rises to 1.7 from September 2020 to July 2021. (A) daily infections, (B) COVID-19 deaths caused in hospitals (ie excluding care homes and over-deaths in the community), (C ) general beds are occupied and (D) critical care beds are occupied. Solid lines show medians, dark bands interquartile range, and pale bands at credible intervals of 95% (CrI).

Predictions and warnings

37 researchers in the team say that winter deaths can range between 24,500 and 251,000 in hospitals in the UK. This will be related to coronavirus infection. Deaths can peak between January and February 2021, they speculate.

These figures are predicted in a scenario where there are no locks or drugs available to treat any infection or vaccine to prevent COVID-19. At present, there is no specific drug that can be used to treat COVID-19, and the treatment is mainly supportive and symptomatic.

Around 120 vaccine candidates are currently undergoing clinical trials in various parts of the world, including one promising agent tested by Oxford researchers. However, nothing is available for use in humans.

Lockdown is the total closure of offices, businesses, schools and public transportation to break the transmission chain. The predicted number of deaths does not take into account locking, availability of effective drugs or vaccines during this winter.


This report was requested by the chief British scientific advisor, Sir Patrick Vallance. The researchers write, “Risk … can be reduced if we take action immediately.” The actual status of a pandemic during winter is uncertain. However, what is clear is that the virus can survive better during winter and thus can spread easily among people who are trapped indoors during winter. The report states, “In cold, rainy or windy weather people are reluctant to open windows because they make cold winds and therefore they often have lower ventilation rates in winter. This can be a special challenge in modern airtight buildings that have a high level of infiltration very low for energy efficiency and for low income people who are trying to keep down heating costs. “

Burden on the health system

Thus, COVID-19 has a high level of infectivity but a low risk of complications and death. Only a small proportion of people – especially the elderly and those who suffer from other diseases, are at risk of complications.

These people may need intensive care and ventilation and are more at risk of dying. However, the spread of massive infections can also lead to extraordinary health care systems. This has been seen throughout Europe and in the United States for the past few months.

The NHS, too, is under pressure to meet the needs of thousands of patients. With the reduced number of COVID-19 cases, there has been a revival of flu cases and non-COVID-19 cases, the researchers explained.

The second wave of coronavirus infections can stretch the system to its capacity, they speculate. They say that there is a waiting list of non-coronavirus cases and this could reach 10 million by the end of this year if the situation with COVID-19 continues to worsen.

Expert talk

Prof. Stephen Holgate, a breathing specialist from the University Hospital of Southampton NHS Trust, is the chair of this report. He said in his statement, “This is not a prediction – but it is a possibility. Modeling shows that deaths could be higher with the new wave of COVID-19 this winter. But the risk of this event can be reduced if we take immediate action.”

He said that at this time, the numbers were low, and this could be “a window of critical opportunity to help us prepare for the worst that winter can throw at us.”

Co-author Prof. Dame Anne Johnson, from the Academy of Medical Sciences, said in a statement, “Facing these potential challenges, and after a difficult year, it will be easy to feel hopeless and helpless. But this report shows that we can act now to change things for the better. “He said,” COVID-19 has not disappeared. We need to do everything we can to stay healthy this winter. “

Health Secretary Matt Hancock has assured that the government already plans to handle the second wave this winter. A government statement said, “We remain vigilant, and the government will ensure the resources needed to avoid the second peak that will flood our NHS.”

Recommendations for prevention of the second wave

The report’s authors have made certain recommendations for overcoming problems with the second wave of the pandemic.

  • They urged further testing for infections and intensive tracking of all contacts of infected people to prevent the spread of infection.
  • A broad campaign to get more people vaccinated against seasonal flu to reduce the burden of flu cases this winter
  • Prevent transmission of coronavirus infection to other patients by making the area “corona-free” in the hospital.
  • Availability of adequate personal protective equipment (PPE) for health care workers to prevent infection and spread.

Window to act now

The researchers added that at present, many of these predicted figures are based on a modeling system, and if the parameters are changed slightly, the number of deaths and hospitalization can change significantly.

However, researchers urge the general public and policy makers to prepare for the worst case scenario while hoping for the best. “There’s a lot to do, and we don’t have much time to do it,” Johnson said. “A window to action now.”


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Tests the collector of Coimbatore positive for coronavirus, admitted to a private hospital | Instant News

The test result was positive on Wednesday morning, and he was mostly asymptomatic.

Coimbatore district collector K Rajamani has tested positive for coronavirus on Wednesday morning and was admitted to a private hospital for treatment.

The collector temperature rose Monday morning, and so he gave her swabs to test on Tuesday. After that, his test result was positive on Wednesday. The collector was placed in the medical center Kovai and hospital (kmch).

Clerk of the district health TNM confirmed that the collector is positive for coronavirus.

Official district medical Ramadurai Murugan said, “the collector visited the area of deterrence, to help planning, monitoring spread of the virus. He got a slight fever over the last few days and as it was in the cases of the coronavirus, he yesterday gave the test. It was positive this morning and admitted in a private hospital. It is largely asymptomatic until now”.

The collector was actively involved in the activities of the district administration to stop the proliferation of COVID-19. Collector conducts a sudden inspection of the protection zones within the district.

July 2, collector visited Selvapuram and Telugu street germasino and communicate with people. According reports34 people tested positive in the area of deterrence Selvapuram. Cluster Selvapuram out of gold prefabrication.

As of Tuesday night, Coimbatore was 188 new cases of coronavirus. Currently, the district has 1131 active cases of coronavirus. In Coimbatore, 1,480 people tested positive for coronavirus, of which 338 persons were discharged after recovery. The district reported one death from the outbreak of coronavirus.

In Tamil Nadu, 1,47,324 people have tested positive for the coronavirus so far. While the state performs more than 97 000 people, the state 47,912 active cases COVID-19.


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The fenofibrate can ‘downgrade’ Covid-19 colds threat level: researcher | Instant News

Jerusalem: a widely used anti-cholesterol drugs, fenofibrate, can lower the danger-level syndrome, which cold, at the Hebrew University (Hu) academic said after tests on infected tissues.

Professor Yaakov Nahmias, Director of the Center grass Hu bioengineering, in joint research with Benjamin tenOever at new York medical center, mount Sinai, showed that the novel coronavirus so vicious, because it causes lipids are deposited in the lungs and that the fenofibrate can repair the damage.

“If our results are confirmed in clinical studies, this treatment may potentially lower the COVID-19 severity in nothing worse than “cold”,” Nahmias was quoted as saying in a press release from Hu.

Two researchers focused on the ways in which SARS-cov-2 changes of patients lung in order to reproduce itself.

They found that the virus prevents the normal burning of carbohydrates. As a result, a large amount of fat accumulates inside the cells of the lungs, the condition, the virus needs to reproduce.

“This new understanding of SARS cov-2 may help explain why patients with elevated blood sugar and cholesterol are often at especially high risk of developing COVID-19”, – they noted.

“Viruses are parasites that have the ability to copy on their own, so they can take control of our cells to help to perform this task. Understanding how SARS-coronavirus-2 regulates our metabolism, we can retake control of the virus and deny it the resources it needs to survive,” Nahmias explained.

After this conclusion, researchers have begun to screen FDA-approved medications that interfere with the ability of the virus to reproduce. In his research laboratory, the cholesterol-lowering drug fenofibrate, sold under the brand name Tricor have shown extremely promising results.

Allowing lung cells to burn more fat, the fenofibrate is breaking the grip of the virus on these cells and prevents the possibility of SARS cov-2 to play. In fact, only five days of treatment, the virus almost completely disappeared, the researchers said.

“The second wave of infection peaks in different countries, these findings could not come at a better time,” Nahmias was quoted as saying, adding that “global cooperation can provide treatment”.

“The cooperation between the projects and the tenOever lab demonstrates the power of adopting an interdisciplinary approach to the study of SARS-coronavirus-2 and that our results can really make a significant contribution to reducing the global burden COVID-19,” tenOever added.

Although there are many international efforts at present is the development vaccines against coronavirusthe studies show that vaccines can only protect patients for several months, in the press release of the University said.

Therefore, blocking the ability of the virus to function, but does not neutralize it in the first place, can be the key to turning the tables on COVID-19, she added.

The research results will be published last week in the press-chamber’ a sneak peak.

This story was published by wire Agency to feed without changes to the text. Only the title changed.

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Now to prepare for the winter Covid-19 peak, warns the UK Academy of medical Sciences | | Instant News

(CNN) — health systems in many places the struggle in the winter. Conditions such as asthmaheart attacks and stroke usually worse in colder temperatures, and some infectious diseases such as the flu to spread more easily, which means that hall to face a greater burden of the patient.

This year pandemic coronavirus can create the perfect winter storm, and the scientists say the country must prepare for potential growth in those cases, which could be more severe than the initial outbreak.

In cold weather we spend more time indoors in poorly ventilated spaces — are precisely the conditions which are likely to be the coronavirus is more easily spread. Moreover, the cases of the coronavirus likely to become more difficult to track and trace given Covid-19 symptoms similar to those of the winter respiratory bugs. Governments may also find it harder to take action locks on quarantine-fatigue population.

The Northern hemisphere may have been last winter’s moderate flu season, but there is still the risk of a flu epidemic this year. Plus, pandemic is broken and extended health care in many countries, which leads to a backlog of sick and exhausted workers who are still recovering from the overwhelming number of cases so far.

Academy of medical Sciences in the United Kingdom according to the pattern that he described as a “reasonable worst case scenario”.The number Covid-19-related deaths in the hospital during the period from September 2020 and June 2021 in the UK can be both 119,900, the Academy offered. This forecast is more than twice 45,000 deaths UK still experienced. This number does not include potential deaths in nursing homes, which account for 30% of deaths in England.

“We must do everything we can to stay healthy this winter and priority should be given to those who are most vulnerable,” said Dr. Stephen Holgate, medical research Council clinical Professor at immunopharmacology and Honorary consultant physician University of Southampton and the Department report.

“We have these three months when things get better,” he said. “This is a critical window of opportunity to help us prepare for the worst that winter can throw at us.”

Keep those Windows open if you can

If you are indoors during the winter means there are more opportunities for person-to-person transmission of the virus, the report said. Less daylight means people stay indoors for longer periods and they are more likely to drive or use public transport.

Poor ventilation, combined with more public space, increases the density of viral particles circulating in the air, the report said. Lower humidity, lower temperatures and darker conditions can also mean that the virus lingers longer on the surface, she added.

“In cold, wet or windy weather, people are reluctant to open Windows as they create drafts, and therefore they often have lower ventilation in the winter,” – said in the message.

“This can be a particular problem in modern, airtight buildings that have very low infiltration rate for energy efficiency and for people with low incomes who are trying to keep heating costs down.”

Academy of medical Sciences said that his model indicated that Covid-19 cases, in the autumn and peak in January and February — the busiest time of the year for the National health service of the country.

Figures from the Academy of medical Sciences are based on the assumption that it will not be possible to enter the lock just as effective as one of the UK introduced in March 2020. The model does not account for the use of potential new medicines, or opening of existing drugs such as steroids dexamethasone, which could reduce mortality. That doesn’t account for other possible treatments or the potential of the vaccine.

To get a flu shot

It was especially difficult, says the report, in the project as seasonal flu will be playing this winter. If often varies in severity from year to year.

It may be that social distancing measures to prevent the spread Covid-19 can reduce the spread of influenza. Hong Kong, which was one of the first switched to Covid-19 infection control measures, last winter was much shorter and less severe flu epidemic, a study showed.

However, it is possible to have a cold or the flu, at the same time as Covid-19 — and this can increase the risk of sneezing and coughing, making it easier for Covid-19 to spread, said the report of the Academy of medical Sciences.

Moreover, influenza and other respiratory diseases, which share the same symptoms that Covid-19, likely and group cases of coronavirus harder to track. The expected number of people in England and Wales alone who meet this case definition Covid-19 (cough or fever or loss of smell) will increase from 100,000 a day in summer to 360,000 per day in the winter, the report said.

One thing all experts agree unequivocally that as many people as possible should get the flu vaccine.

“This autumn, before a seasonal circulation of influenza viruses is increased, I urge the American people to be prepared and to embrace vaccination against influenza with confidence for yourself, your family, in the community,” Dr. Robert Redfield, Director of the American Centers for control and prevention of disease, said on 23 June.

“This single law will save lives,” added Redfield.

It is not known

Although we know much more now than we did six months ago about Covid-19, it is not yet known the extent to which intrusion Covid-19 this spring immunity. There is also the possibility that the coronavirus may interact with common cold, influenza or rhinovirus so suddenly this winter.

It is also difficult to detect the trend of what is happening in the southern hemisphere, where in the middle of winter now, the report said. Australia and New Zealand as quickly responded to the threat with Covid-19 and transmission remains at very low levels, the report said. However, some countries in South America there has been a surge of cases.

In the United States and the United Kingdom, many students have not yet returned to school and a new school year is a factor which generally increases the transmission of influenza. Although this has not been demonstrated Covid-19, said the schools, kindergartens and universities need to closely monitor the first signs of a resurgence in cases.

In addition to flu shots, the Academy of medical Sciences recommended campaigns to inform the public as well as individual counseling for at-risk groups. He also said, ensuring testing and trace work fine and can cope with overlapping symptoms of the flu and other winter infections.

He stressed that the projections are not a prediction but a possibility.

“The simulation shows that the deaths could be more with a new wave Covid-19 this winter, but this risk can be reduced if you take action immediately,” said Holgate.


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Pakistan condemned the ‘cold-blooded killing’ of Peer Mehrajuddin by Indian troops in occupied Kashmir | Instant News


ISLAMABAD: Pakistan on Wednesday condemned Indian brutality against the Indian people who occupied Jammu and Kashmir (IoJ & K).

The Foreign Office, in a statement, said: “When the world was grappling with the COVID-19 pandemic, India was busy recruiting further Kashmiris at IOJ & K.”

“The cold-blooded killing of Peer Mehrajuddin by CRPF (Central Reserve Forces) in Budgam, today, is the latest in an assassination carried out by Indian occupation forces.”

The Foreign Office said police chose to blindly fire on peaceful demonstrators while they took to the streets and stated that this brutality could not be “condemned enough”.

“No matter how brutal the tactics are, India will not be able to destroy the will of the people of Kashmir. India also will never succeed in suppressing Kashmir’s determination to realize their irrevocable right to self-determination,” the statement said.

“The world community must hold India accountable for its crimes in Jammu & Kashmir occupied by India. Justice for Kashmiris is still needed for peace in South Asia,” he added.

Earlier in the day, hundreds of angry demonstrators clashed with government forces in Kashmir after troops shot dead Mehrajuddin at a checkpoint, officials and local residents said.

Mehrajuddin’s death came amid rising tensions in the Muslim-majority Himalayan region after New Delhi canceled its semi-autonomous status and imposed a curfew to quell the riots last August.

The young man was driving his car when paramilitary soldiers shot him near a checkpoint on the outskirts of Srinagar, the main city in the disputed region.

Police claimed he ignored signals to stop at two checkpoints “in suspicious conditions” before troops fired on vehicles.

He was taken to hospital but died of his injuries, police added in a statement.

But Mehrajuddin’s father, Ghulam Nabi, denied the police claim and said his son was shot and killed in cold blood.

– Additional input from AFP.


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