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Yamamoto Kenzo’s Kansai Collection Celebrates Two Works of Japanese Fashion Legends | Instant News

This year, fashion lost two of its most passionate talents Kenzo Takada and Kansai Yamamoto. Japanese designers arrived in Europe around the same time, around the late 60’s and early 70’s, and helped revolutionize fashion with their exuberant creations. For Kenzo’s current artistic director, Felipe Oliveira Baptista, the dream has always been to create collections that bring together creative second-hand works in new ways. “What really started me with this idea was their general explosion of joy, intuition, and freedom,” Baptista wrote. “Very good idea to start a dialogue between these two pioneers and punk fashions.”

After meeting the two designers in 2019 and receiving their blessings, Baptista began to imagine what the Kenzo x Kansai collection would look like. “Kenzo and Kansai are obsessed with animalia, and both are endlessly reinterpreting traditional representations of animals in Japanese art,” says Baptista. “Animals and animal prints often get the pop-manga treatment in Kansai, whereas in Kenzo it’s more about celebrating and their interactions with nature.” Both designers also value youth culture, comfort, and movement, as well as a general sense of joy. Most importantly, Baptista noted, “Both believe that fashion should speak to everyone.”

The Kenzo x Kansai Yamamoto collection which is inaugurated today is a posthumous tribute to these values. Photographed in Paris, Baptista’s interpretations of Kenzo and Kansai’s work include t-shirts, jackets, pants and accessories that feature images of animals, Japanese text, and a hint of color on your face. “I believe this is probably how both Kenzo and Kansai would like to be remembered. Both of them dedicate their lives to instilling joy into the world, ”he said. “My favorite cut is a black T-shirt with a Kansai tiger head on the front and back, in Japanese calligraphy handwritten by Kansai Yamamoto himself, three lines that read: Kenzo, Kansai, Felipe.”

The collection will go on sale on November 30th. Think of it as an important 2020 memento, a touching tribute to the loss of fashion and a small sign of where we are going from here.


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Megan Thee Stallion on Fashion Nova Collection and Making Fashion Accessible | Instant News

Megan Thee Stallion grew up struggling to find clothes for her body, so now she makes it herself. After launched a small merchandise collection with Crunchy Roll earlier this yearThe sexy girl is back on the designer chair with Nova Fashion for her first big fashion collaboration. Launching today, November 18th, Meg’s new collection avoids all the shopping troubles Megan handled growing up.

Megan recounted Teen Vogue that shopping was “always very limited”, as a child and teenager. “Whether it’s because the length of the legs is too short or the booty area is too tight, there will always be clothes or styles [want to] wearing, but couldn’t find it to suit the tall girl’s shape, ”he recounted. Now, the sexy girls who are also dealing with this problem have their own cool collection for shopping.

Jora Frantzis

This collection is Meg’s approach to accessible fashion. Meg wanted to create something that was not only affordable but inclusive for women of all heights, shapes and sizes. He remembers being a teenager and having pants from a popular brand that looked like capris on his body. “When everything is in the right place and complements your natural figure, you are sure to feel good. That’s the whole point of this collection, ”the rapper tells us.

Megan wants consumers to feel confident and sexy in these clothes. Her own beliefs flowed through her music, style, and entire aura. Now, her fans can have a little of that thing in their wardrobe. Long gone are the days of clothes being made for only one body type, it was unrealistic and it was a huge problem facing a lot of people. With her curves and awesome height, Megan is the first representation of the natural body to be praised in the mainstream. With this in mind, Megan used her own experiences to convey and design these works. “I really wanted to pay attention to length and flexibility throughout the collection so that everything looks customized but very comfortable,” he said.

When he’s worked with a well-known fashion brand, like Coach, for campaign and sitting in the front row at New York Fashion Week, Megan understands very well. She knows how hard it is to balance work, college life, and just making sure the bills are paid temporarily try to find clothes that are tailored to the natural body. (Emphasis on trying because if you’ve been there, you know it’s a full time job yourself). This is why she feels Fashion Nova is a brand to collaborate with. “I wanted anything cool to be wearing this collection, so working with Fashion Nova which has all the hottest looks at affordable prices feels organic in that sense,” Meg told us.


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Mustafa Kamal made accusations against Khalid Maqbool of cooperating with RAW – Pakistan | Instant News

Published in November 16, 2020 12:46

Khalid Maqbool Siddiqui was given a diplomatic passport by RAW, said Mustafa Kamal.

KARACHI (Berita Dunya) – Chairman of the Pak Sarzameen (PSP) Party Syed Mustafa Kamal on Monday made accusations against the Muttahida Qaumi Movement-Pakistan (MQM-P) Chairman Khalid Maqbool Siddiqui in collaboration with India’s Research and Analysis Wing (RAW).

Mustafa Kamal held a press conference in Karachi and alleged that Khalid Maqbool Siddiqui went to India in 2000 at the direction of the founder of MQM, held meetings with RAW officials and spoke out against Pakistan. He tore up his Pakistani passport and traveled to America on a diplomatic passport given by RAW, the PSP chief said.

Syed Mustafa Kamal said Khalid Maqbool Siddiqui was arrested by US officials and released on bail. He returned to Pakistan after thirteen years and became the head of MQM-P, said Mustafa Kamal, adding that the MQM-P was created out of necessity.

He further added that the party name, symbol and flag were all chosen by the founder of MQM and it was he, not Khalid Maqbool Siddiqui and Amir Khan, who came to mind when the name MQM was used. I informed about the MQM and RAW connections four and a half years ago, stressed the PSP chairman.


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Indonesia, United Kingdom participate in developing telemedicine during pandemic – World | Instant News

The UK and Indonesia share best practices for accelerating community-based telemedicine in both countries as the demand for digital healthcare services increases during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The British Embassy in Jakarta and the Indonesian Ministry of Health organized two workshops on telemedicine on Monday and Tuesday. They highlight best practices from the UK and other countries, along with roadmaps for digital healthcare in Indonesia.

In a series of virtual workshops, the British Embassy is helping the Ministry of Health develop regulations and practices to improve access to safe and high-quality healthcare in the country.

Achmad Yurianto, Senior Advisor for Technology and Globalization to the Minister of Health, said that Indonesia, with the fourth largest population in the world, needs telemedicine to ensure access to health for all residents.

“I believe it [improved telemedicine] will benefit more than 269 million people living on 17,504 islands throughout Indonesia. Currently, the Ministry of Health is developing a telemedicine platform to open wider access to safe, secure and quality health services for all Indonesians in all regions – called SehatPedia, ”he said. The Jakarta Post on Wednesday.

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The British Embassy invited two health care experts from NHSx, a team of UK health care experts, to deliver the UK-Indonesia Telemedicine and Digital Healthcare Workshop.

National CCIO deputy for the NHSx, Gareth Thomas, said collaboration between doctors and governments was essential to support digital transformation in response to the pandemic.

NHSx innovation director Lisa Hollins said her organization is adopting remote monitoring technology so that healthcare practitioners can observe their patients at home using a telephone or other device.

“In a region where COVID-19 cases are relatively high, NHSx provides virtual wards for patients. Monitoring is done at home and decisions about treatment can be made remotely, ”said Hollins.


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The phenomenon of ‘ugly sandals’ attests to the cyclical nature of fashion | Instant News

About a decade ago, Crocs were the cutest.

Dome-shaped foam clogs became a kind of stereotypical fashion banned, shoes W Magazine noted usually reserved for “gardeners, nurses, Mario Batali, and families vacationing at Disney World”.

Time magazine named them on the list 50 worst finds. Facebook groups from 2009 called I Don’t Care How Comfortable Crocs Are, You Look Like A Dumbass has more than 1 million followers.

But Crocs’ fate has turned around.

Now, brands notorious for their ugly enrollment of celebrities like Justin Bieber and Post Malone to collaboration deals and you’ll find them on your feet. many influential Australian fashion identities.

The pandemic has helped – who needs fancy shoes when you never leave the house?

But it is more than that.

The story of not only Crocs but Tevas, Birkenstocks, UGGs and other ever outdated shoe types is truly about cyclic and subversive nature of fashion.

The evolution of the ‘ugly’ shoe

When they were first imported from Germany to the US in the 1960s, Birkenstocks were an odd thing.

They transitioned into trends over the decades, first among the counter-culture types of California and then at Paris Fashion Week 2013, when creative director Celine Phoebe Philo wore them on her models.

Before long, they were in the habit of Vogue’s office.

Birkenstocks have become a must-have summer sandal in recent years.(Reuters: Ina Fassbender)

This reclaimed “badness” has helped many brands.

You can see it on Tevas the cool recently – “some the ugliest sandal known to mankind” but also one of the “hottest products” of last year.

And it’s behind the normcore trend, which celebrates ill-fitting basic denim and the kind of gratuitous white sneakers that Jerry Seinfeld wore in the ’90s.

Nicole Adolphe, head of style at The Iconic, says these kinds of brands have gone from “something you associate with your dad or for around the house to a choice of consumer-driven style-driven footwear.”

“The essence of the evolution of this force is revival of the ugly trend“she said, covering” oversized sneakers, mom-fitting denim [and] flat shape, because consumers rebelled against traditional fashion constructions. “

Our insatiable appetite for different, new and exciting – the internet-accelerated framework of thinking – means that what is even recently considered strange can quickly be embraced, says Icaro Ibanez-Arricivita, lecturer and fashion researcher at Queensland University of Technology.

Two pairs of feet wear matching colorful sandals
Teva sandals have been named by fashion insight company Lyst as one of the “hottest products” of 2019.(Instagram: Tevas)

Part of the appeal is ironic – liking something you don’t like seems subversive and cool – and part of it is generational.

“This is something parents don’t get,” said Mr Ibanez-Arricivita.

This is partly a clever marketing trick

Crocs president, Michelle Poole, told The New York Times recently that the company is collaborating with Post Malone because the brand is also “marmite”, a reference to a British spice that tends to be loathed or defended with gusto.

In this way, he has rejoiced and profited from his outer status.

Last week, when Bieber – another controversial pop star – teased the news of his collaboration with Crocs on social media, the company’s share price was up 12 percent.


Mr Ibanez-Arricivita relates this back to the idea of ​​Karl Lagerfeld at Chanel in 2002 to collaborate with the main H&M road network.

“This the tension between the comfortable and the fashionable, the uncool and the cool … those fine lines, transmitted in the right way, can mean cultural influences [and] it equals a lot of money. “

This also happened with the UGG.

A model stands on the runway in a dress and UGG boots as participants watch and take photos of her
UGG on a runway in Berlin in 2009.(Reuters: Tobias Schwarz)

While it has always had an ingenious image of being comfortable in Australia, and popular with surfers in the US, it was reimagined in the 2000s after being bought out by US company Deckers.

As Deckers claimed in a lawsuit against another shoemaker, “repositioning the brand as a luxury sheepskin line”. It was done in part thanks celebrity endorsements from Leonardo DiCaprio and Sex And The City’s Sarah Jessica Parker.

For Birkenstocks, Celine’s 2013 show saw celebrities like Miley Cyrus embrace the brand, helping to redefine the shoe’s image (although a company executive said in 2015 they “don’t count the next fashion trend”).

There’s an element of locking convenience here

Ms Adolphe said Australians had shifted their purchases this year to account for more time spent at home.

“We’ve seen them get attracted to comfort driven footwear from brands like Birkenstocks, UGGS and the like,” he said.

But while locks play a role, this pivot is mostly just fashion doing what fashion does.


Jessie Webb, 27, from Melbourne, is one of the Millennials who voted for Crocs in 2020.

“I kind of like that they have been disliked in the past, so I wear them for convenience and practicality, I also think they are used as a statement.”

Mr. Ibanez-Arricivita said that beauty and ugliness can be seen; they are not the innate qualities of an object.

“Anything that isn’t cool will eventually become cool. It’s just about when and how.”


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