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Alabama Crimson Tide is planning a full-capacity college football game at Bryant-Denny Stadium in the fall | Instant News

Alabama is moving forward with plans to host a full-capacity college football game at Bryant-Denny Stadium this coming season, athletics director Greg Byrne announced Monday.

Byrne tweet a short statement after the news the previous day that the school would return to direct teaching with no class capacity limitation in the fall. Byrne said they would continue to monitor medical guidelines “as we have had it all along.”

Alabama reduced its capacity to 20% last season as COVID-19 spread, infecting millions of Americans. Infections recently decreased significantly.

Last Friday, the Centers for Disease Control reported a seven-day average of 66,348 infections in the United States, which is down about 10,000 from the previous week.

According to data from the New York Times, Alabama has the lowest vaccination rate in the state, with 13% of people receiving a single injection.

The Bryant-Denny Stadium, which has a capacity of 100,077, is scheduled to host seven football games next season, starting with the home opener on September 11 against Mercer.


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College Soccer Match on TV Today (Saturday, Feb 27) | Instant News

College football fans continue to be treated to longer seasons, with FCS hosting the busiest days in spring. Several conferences kicked off their shortened schedule, including Big Sky and Southland, which gave fans several battles involving ranking teams to enjoy.

While most can’t find any games on the regular broadcast network, almost all FCS games will be active ESPN +, makes it easy to check out several games throughout Saturday. We’ve highlighted the best four of the lineup, complete with predictions and previews, but there are lots of interesting games, including a look ahead the return of the WAC in the fall.

So if you are wondering “What college football game is taking place today?“Know this: There are 20 FCS teams scheduled for today, Saturday, February 27th.

Note: All times are ET. Broadcast times and channels are subject to change.

Best College Football Games on TV Today

Both Jackrabbits and Fighting Hawks (Athlon Team of the Week) face a ranking conference contender for the second week in a row to start the season. Can a North Dakota exploration of the ball defense slow down South Dakota State’s efficient offense?

Bison hasn’t lost since November 4, 2017, and Saluki will try to stop the hit. Even without NFL-bound quarterback Trey Lance, North Dakota State won 25-7 last week, while Southern Illinois was blown up the road by North Dakota and in danger of being knocked out of Athlon Sports. The FCS Daya Poll.

The Eagles, who were runners-up nationwide two years ago, opened their spring on the road to the Vandals. This ranking team match should have great implications in the Great Sky Conference, which is again one of the best in FCS.

Nicholls may be favorites at Southland, which opens the season this weekend, but the Lions and Bearkats are both serious contenders in the playoffs. The draw has come close in recent years, although Sam Houston has a chance to win his fourth straight game.

Another NCAAF game on TV Today

  • Howard in Delaware State, 12 noon on ESPN3
  • Wofford in Chattanooga, 12 noon ESPN +
  • Northern Iowa in Youngstown State, 12 noon ESPN +
  • Robert Morris on James Madison, 12 p.m. on NBCSW + / FloFootball
  • Western Carolina in Samford, 1pm ESPN +
  • South Dakota in Illinois State, 1:00 p.m. ESPN +
  • Shorter at Kennesaw State, 1pm ESPN +
  • Missouri State in Western Illinois, 1:00 p.m. ESPN +
  • UIW at McNeese, 1pm ESPN +
  • Furman at VMI, 1:30 p.m. at ESPN +
  • Dixie State at Tarleton State, 3pm ESPN +
  • Southern Utah in Northern Arizona, 3pm on Pluto TV
  • Fortress at Mercer, 15.30 ESPN +/ Nexstar
  • Elon at Gardner-Webb, 4 p.m. ESPN +
  • Apply at Nicholls, 4pm ESPN +
  • Weber State in Idaho State, 6pm on Pluto TV


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Notre Dame will not participate in new EA Sports college football matches until the NIL rules are finalized | Instant News

One of the biggest brand names in college football is not yet sure if it wants to be included in the revitalized college football video game EA Sports when it returns to the market.

Notre Dame University athletic director Jack Swarbrick said his school will not provide EA Sports with the name, logo and other branding properties for the game until new rules determining whether athletes will be able to receive a cut of the game’s profits are finalized.

The NCAA has indicated that it intends to change its rules to allow college athletes the ability to make money off of some type of endorsement deal. Federal and state lawmakers have also pushed for laws that would open up similar opportunities, some of which are slated to take effect at the start of this summer.

“As the rules are developed, we really want student-athletes to be allowed to directly benefit from their name, image and performance history for use in play,” Swarbrick said in a statement. a statement released Monday.

In order for athletes to receive money from video games, they may need the ability to negotiate as a collective group on prices using their name, image, and likeness. It is unclear whether future rules will allow this type of group licensing arrangement. The NCAA Group working on this specific rule change has so far been against granting group licenses.

EA Sports announced earlier this month that it is plans to revive the popular college football game and have begun negotiating with FBS-level schools to include their names and other publicity rights in the new version.

General manager Daryl Holt told ESPN that the game maker is ready to move forward without using the name or image of the player in the game, but they are keeping track of the proposed changes and will consider including players if the new rules allow it. The company hasn’t said exactly when the game will return, it’s just that the game isn’t ready this year.

The new rules governing the deal for NIL athletes may have existed long before the first versions of the game were available for purchase, giving Notre Dame and other suspensions time to decide to participate if they wanted.

The first state law to open the door to a college athlete support deal is scheduled to take effect this July. Federal lawmakers too propose several national options but likely won’t vote on any of them until later in 2021 at the earliest. Most, but not all, of the proposals would allow for the type of group licensing rights that would allow athletes to take part in the game and make money from it.

Meanwhile, the NCAA has also been working to reshape its rules in hopes of implementing the changes at the start of the next school year. A working group proposed changes by the end of 2020 that would open up several opportunities for athletes to make money while in school but would not allow them to arrange to negotiate group licenses.

While group licensing can be achieved without the help of a players’ guild, most pro sports leagues rely on their unions to negotiate these types of deals. The NCAA opposes unions or imposes any rules that might further blur the lines between amateur college sports and professional leagues. At the time the proposal was submitted, the group leader said they hoped to consider future group licensing arrangements.

The association was scheduled to vote on proposed rule changes last month but decided to postpone the decision indefinitely.

Notre Dame is the first school to publicly declare that it wants to wait for the new rules to take effect before making a decision whether to participate in the game. Swarbrick is not saying that players have to be involved in order for Notre Dame to eventually participate in the game. However, he is one of the few athletic directors to have shown public support for allowing group licensing for athletes.


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Outside officers working on Badgers football matches to face extra checks, UW police say College Football | Instant News

“What we’ve been doing is harmonizing and responding to what we’ve seen across the country around the question of police harassment, promoting racial equality and justice, and want to make sure we take the opportunity to apply that particular lens to the way we approach asking for support from other agencies. until police match day, “he said.

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The review process will now include documenting complaint patterns, complaints about the use of force and violations of civil rights, Roman told the Athletics Council. Authorities of the agent officers must sign to verify the mark does not appear in their performance history.

Training for visiting officers will also include materials on police bias, impartial policy, and mitigating mental health crises.

Roman said changes had to be made for the start of the 2021 football season. He said it was too early to know whether the additional demands would reduce the number of officers available.

“Specifically the complaint history, I don’t think we will disqualify many people using it because I think it’s something we are always aware of in our vetting process,” Roman said. “But the additional training and the ability to demonstrate it’s possible for some to create a sense of, well, that’s a lot more time and effort than I thought it was worth.”

UW senior athletic director Jason King and AD associate Michael Jackson worked with Lt. Cherise Caradine and Captain Jason Whitney of the UWPD on policy reforms, said deputy athletics director Chris McIntosh.


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FCS spring college football preview – Games, teams and storylines to watch | Instant News

Did you enjoy your college football season? Get things done? Can flowers be planted? Reconnect with your (non-football) family and friends? Decompress a little?

Good, because the offseason is over. Sort of. The Championship Football Division, whose championship and most of its games were canceled or postponed last fall, will roll out with spring only once this weekend. Technically it started with McNeese State’s overtime win over Tarleton State last Saturday, but we’ll call it Week Zero. Starting with a Friday night trip from South Dakota State to Northern Iowa on ESPN +, the journey officially rolls in earnest. Eleven of the 13 conferences – everyone except the Ivy League and MEAC – played part of the schedule over the next nine weeks, with the 16-team playoffs (down from the usual 24) starting at the end of April.

Odd, for short, competing with March Madness … but this is football. And pretty good football at it.

Games and storylines for each week of the season

Each conference has its own start date and number of games, but over the next two months you will have the opportunity to catch a lot of interesting teams and players.

With variations in mind, here are the five most interesting games to watch each week, along with the most interesting storylines to watch. The rank listed next to each team belongs to them pre-season ranking from last August. Not all of the pre-season’s top-25 teams have played this spring, but most have.

(It probably goes without saying for anyone watching college football in the fall, but schedules are very, very changeable.)

February 19-21: Missouri Valley Week

No.5 South Dakota State at No.3 Northern Iowa (Friday), No. 24 Southern Illinois at North Dakota, Samford at ETSU, Youngstown State at No. 1 North Dakota State (Sunday), Tarleton State in New Mexico State (Sunday).


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