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The Swat Media Colony Foundation will be laid on the 18th | Instant News

MINGORA: Provincial Housing Minister Dr Amjad Ali praised the services of journalists from the Swat district and Malakand division for restoring peace in the region, saying that the Pakistani government of Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) is committed to solving the problem of mediapersons people.

Speaking with a Swat Press Club delegation here in the Shamozai area of ​​Swat, Dr Amjad Ali said he along with other provincial ministers will lay the foundation stone for the Media Colony in the Dangram area on February 18, which is a long awaited request from Swat. Members of the Press Club.

“We are committed to solving all journalist problems and will provide assistance to regional journalists. Prime Minister Imran Khan and Chief Minister Mahmood Khan believe in media freedom and recognize its role in democracy, “he said.

The minister said media colonies would be established in various parts of the province to provide assistance to journalists.

He emphasized that the Pakistani people have chosen PTI to bring change in the lives of the masses and the government is taking steps to fulfill all the promises made to the people. The minister urged the journalist community to have a voice for people who are helpless and in need.

Swat Press Club Chairman Mahboob Ali Yousafzai, Deputy Chairman Ghafoor Khan Adil, and President of the Swat Electronic Media Association Shahzad Alam thanked Dr Amjad Ali for taking steps for the Media Colony in Swat.


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The fire destroyed three factories in New Karachi, Shah Faisal Colony | Instant News

A fire broke out at a carton factory in New Karachi on Thursday and also spread to the adjoining towel factory, while another fire was reported at a thread factory in Shah Faisal Colony.

Firefighters said a fire broke out at a cardboard factory located near the Saba Cinema in the New Karachi area, adding that the flames swept through the entire building quickly and also spread to the adjacent towel factory.

The fire department spokesman said the fire broke out while the employees were working, adding that some of them were able to get out of the factory while the rest climbed onto the roof and were later rescued by firefighters.

The spokesman said that four fire engines were immediately dispatched to the scene, adding that firefighters managed to control the blaze after four hours of hard effort with the help of four fire engines and five water bows.

The owner of the towel factory said the fire broke out because of a short circuit at the carton factory and then spread to its establishment. He admitted that firefighters arrived late at the location.

Another fire broke out at the thread factory in Shah Faisal Colony. After receiving information about the incident, two fire engines were dispatched to the location where the fire was extinguished after an hour’s endeavors. The cause of the fire has not been determined.


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Journalist Dera found a home at the Gandapore Media Colony | Instant News

PESHAWAR: Federal Minister for Kashmir and Gilgit-Baltistan Affairs, Ali Amin Gandapore said that DI Khan journalists will also be given a home in the Media Colony in accordance with government policy.

He expressed this view while speaking with a delegation of Dera Press Club representatives who summoned him under the leadership of the president, Mohammad Yasin Qureshi on Thursday.

In addition, the supervisor of the development scheme Mohammad Nawaz Khan, former secretary general’s press club, Mohammad Fazalur Rehman, Mohammad Iqbal

Bhatti, Abdullah Jan, Zafar Abbas Awan, Ahmad Nawaz Khan Mughal and PTI local leader Syed Sanaullah Shah also attended the occasion.

The Minister appreciated the provision of equal facilities and membership for all journalists who work in accordance with the rules and regulations of the press club. He said they believed in collective development and termed the economic improvement of DI Khan’s journalists as necessary.

He said that like Gilgit-Baltistan journalists, the media block for DI Khan journalists in Pakistan’s Naya Housing Colony would also be set up according to Prime Minister Imran Khan’s vision.

He said journalists would be provided with housing in the media block in accordance with the Ministry of Information policy.

Ali Amin Gandapore said that he would soon launch the Dera Press Club solarization and beautification project.


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The ‘fake’ healer ordered for allegedly raping a woman at the Baloch Colony, Karachi | Instant News

The first information report (FIR) has been registered against the suspect, police confirmed. Photo: Files

KARACHI: A fake “faith healer” was arrested on Thursday for allegedly raping a woman in the Baloch Colony area of ​​the metropolitan city.

The fake pirate was arrested during a raid in the town of Dadabhoy, near the Baloch Colony after he allegedly sexually abused the woman by deception as a ‘faith healer’.

The first information report (FIR) has been registered against the suspect, police confirmed.


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Do you speak “Earth English”? Why future interstellar immigrants will try to chat | Instant News

Do you know what “crosstalk” is?

It is precisely because of the tone of the person’s last use that the statement made by someone sounds like a problem. Also known as High rise terminal (HRT) or rising inflection point.

People have been doing this now. This phenomenon started in Australia about 40 years ago and spread to the United States. It is now common in all ages throughout the English-speaking countries.

Now imagine the existence of interplanetary settlements on other planets. There are isolated human communities. Immigrants from the earth arrived in a colony that has lived in space for many years.

In a future era handed down from generation to generation, will humans be able to communicate with each other?

Old and new colonists may have difficulty understanding each other, and the people sent to the “home” of the earth and the information received from them may soon become meaningless.

They are in New article Published on Future law, Is a journal of the European Space Agency Advanced Concept Group.

The authors say that as communities become more and more isolated, the language is gradually dispersed. Therefore, not only will the language change rapidly between the colonists in the isolated interplanetary settlement, but the passengers on the spacecraft will also quickly change.

“If you have used 10 generations on this ship, new ideas will emerge, new social problems will emerge, people will create ways to talk about these ideas, and these will become the unique vocabulary of the ship,” Andrew McCann Andrew McKenzie said that the professor of linguistics at the University of Kansas co-authored “Language Development in Interstellar Travel” with Jeffrey Punske, an assistant professor of linguistics at Southern Illinois University.

The authors say that if the crew is physically and socially disconnected from Earth, then about 200 years will be enough time for major changes. If the community is small, it may only be a lifetime. They inferred from examples on Earth; from 1500 to 1800, Polynesians settled in the South Pacific, and in the 1800s, English-speaking people settled in remote colonies in New Zealand until Texas developed a unique “Dirk” The “Saas-German” dialect lasted for three generations until the First World War.

MacKenzie said: “People on earth may never know these new words unless there is a reason to tell them, and the farther they are, the less chance they have to talk to their families.” Generations will pass by, not on earth Anyone can talk to these interstellar travelers. “You don’t want to tell them too much, because they will only find out after a few years, and then you will receive their echo after a few years.”

For years of voyages, dialects may merge. New generations of dialects and even new languages ​​can consolidate the mission for generations.

The individual connection between the interstellar traveler and the colonists and the earth will soon disappear. “If we have “Earth English” and “Ship English”, and they have been different for many years, you must learn a little Earth English to send back information, or read the instruction manual and information that comes with the ship.” McKenzie ) In the English-centered research, just to emphasize some broad concepts.

Moreover, the language of returning to the earth will also change, so the language of communication between humans related to the earth and colonial humans will become an ancient language used only for this purpose. Does anyone want or need to learn how to communicate with people on earth? Or vice versa?

The author recommends keeping the older English form purely for ceremonial or religious purposes.

They also suggested that the crew of ships arriving in the colony may want to learn the local language before arriving to prevent discrimination. They wrote: “Every new ship essentially transfers language immigrants to foreign countries.” “Will children and grandchildren be discriminated against before they learn the local language?”

So, the next time you look up at the stars, remember that one day there may be a spaceship with humans desperately trying to learn to make all their voices sound like a problem.

I wish you a clear sky


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