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Fashion retailers are betting bras with wires and a splash of color will sell well in the spring | Instant News

After a year of nesting on pastel-colored loungewear, shoppers are opting for styles with floral prints, fun slogans and statement jewelery to jazz up work from home wear as optimism resurfaces in spring collections, designers and retailers have told Reuters.

While neutral and comfortable clothing remains more popular than in the normal spring, retailers from Neiman Marcus to Walmart and Macy’s Inc report an increase in sales of bright, upbeat, flowy fabrics or dresses for the first time since the start of the pandemic as shoppers prepare to face a return to normal life. .

“We are seeing a return to event dresses and even bras with cables,” Marie Ivanoff-Smith, fashion director at department store Nordstrom, told Reuters. “As the weather got warmer and more people went outside, we thought people really wanted to show optimism and joy with prints and bright colors.” So far, ditzy floral prints are up 31% in Europe and 16% in the United States from a year ago, according to Heuritech, a data company that analyzes millions of images every day on social media and catwalks.

The colors seen on the catwalks for the spring and summer 2021 collections were bright pinks and bright blues – “an energizing source of inspiration to help carry us through,” the company said in its February report. While bright colors and florals are the hallmarks of spring’s style, the difference this year is that the fashion line also includes nude shirts and what Walmart’s head of fashion editorial Alison Hilzer calls “slouchy cardigans”.

UK online fashion retailer ASOS said in an email that it noticed in recent weeks its customers “love the fun slogans, brighter colors and floral accessories as the weather is getting better and they are starting to get ready for next summer.”

“While neutral colors are still prevalent, we’re excited to inject some much-needed optimism into our wardrobes with bright accents. We love yellows and greens for (spring), “an ASOS spokesman told Reuters by email.

“Bold colors, drapery and light fabrics create the perfect complement for spring with collections from Dior, Loewe and Dries van Noten,” said Lana Todorovich, president and chief merchandising officer at luxury retailer Neiman Marcus.

“It is clear that the trend is coming out of this as well, although there is still a lot about comfortable clothing,” H&M CEO Helena Helmersson told Reuters on Wednesday after the Swedish retailer reported earnings.

The ‘stressful’ planning process

However, planning has never been more difficult than this year, as designers are used to completing designs for months and sometimes years ahead are forced to adjust collections and marketing in line with the fluctuating circumstances of the coronavirus pandemic.

In general, the fashion trend forecast is two years away, according to Emily Gordon-Smith, director of consumer products at fashion trend analysis firm Stylus. But amid the uncertainty of the pandemic, the company advises its clients to play it safe in “seasonless” clothes.

“We tend to plan for the next six months, which is stressful if you think about it,” said Nordstrom’s Ivanoff-Smith.

“How do you feel in New York? LA? Seattle? We realized that we needed to fulfill all scenarios, ”said Ivanoff-Smith. The Seattle-based department store “entered spring” by starting with casual clothes and then moving into specialty fashions such as jewelery and colorful dresses.

Still, convincing consumers spoiled by comfortable clothing seven days a week to return to high heels and suits may not be easy, says Gordon-Smith.

“Once consumers get used to comfort-based wardrobes, that’s a very difficult mindset to change,” says Gordon-Smith. “It will be supported by the desire to dress up again, but by our predictions, it won’t happen on a large scale until 2022.”

‘Get out of gym clothes’

But as spring returns and the burgeoning vaccination campaign brings joy, Neiman Marcus, Walmart and Macy’s say they are already starting to see people getting bored with comfortable and comfortable clothing.

“We’re starting to see many of our iconic designers showcase looks and clothes that reflect returning customers to special occasions,” said Todorovich of Neiman Marcus. Brands such as The Row, Brunello Cucinelli and Victoria Beckham have embraced “white optics that symbolize fresh taste, rebirth and natural reset,” he added.

“The customer mentality wants to get out of tracksuits and T-shirt pajamas and put on something that makes them feel beautiful and excited to go out,” said Hilzer of Walmart.

At Macy’s, Durand Guion, vice president of the department store’s fashion office, says she’s even starting to see a return to formal wear and wedding dresses as the country opens up.

“Marriage can be repeated again, friendship can be repeated,” he said. “I think a lot of that momentum will continue as vaccinations take place.”

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Book review: ‘Dress Codes’ will change the way you think about fashion | Art | Instant News

Dress Code


It may sound surprising, but you don’t have to be interested in fashion, or even in history, to enjoy “Dress Codes: How the Laws of Fashion Made History”. I happened to be attracted to both of them, and ended up enjoying the book for very different reasons.

Richard Thompson Ford is a professor of law, and you probably won’t forget him for even one page. His reasoned argument was cautious, full of examples, sounded almost like reading court opinion, only perhaps more words. You may never think of fashion as something trivial again.

Ford’s thesis is that the best way to understand what certain fashions mean in a particular era is to look at the limits placed on them, such as fossils that reveal the forms of living things that once produced them. Through this lens, he shows us that the first water sanctuary laws were enacted in the 1200s to ensure that only the aristocracy were allowed to wear certain fabrics, colors and decorations that reflected the rise of the middle class, which are now capable of emulating some. this mode. . The status of the upper class is threatened; fashion is a tool to preserve it.

Ford takes the reader through the evolution of fashion while examining the underlying motivations for status, gender, power, and personality, according to which he influenced all innovations in fashion in the past and which continue to influence us today. The writing is more than a little dense – it is packed with research, clauses, and polysyllabic, adjectives and proper nouns. But there is also enough humor and personal anecdotes to make the writing interesting. Nothing is spared from his incisive analysis: not easy targets of 19th-century women’s mutilation fashions or modern Silicon Valley T-shirts or New York Patagonian investment banker vests.


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Webinar on the Vietnamese market held in Switzerland | Instant News

This is also an opportunity for the newly formed SVBG to introduce itself to its Swiss partners.

The webinar aims to enhance trade and investment cooperation between Swiss and Vietnamese businesses.

Speaking at the event, Ambassador Le Linh Lan emphasized that Vietnam and Switzerland have maintained good friendship and cooperation for half a century.

This year, the two celebrated the 50th anniversary of their diplomatic relations.

Switzerland is Vietnam’s 6th largest European investor, with a total investment of US $ 2 billion, mostly in manufacturing – processing and electricity. Currently, about 100 Swiss companies operate in Vietnam.

Meanwhile, Vietnam is Switzerland’s four largest trading partners in ASEAN, with bilateral trade exceeding US $ 3.6 billion in 2019. Since 2012, Vietnam and the European Free Trade Association (EFTA) – the intergovernmental organization of Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland – started negotiations for the FTA, which is expected to be signed this year.


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The debut of the Swiss-Vietnamese business group – Nhan Dan Online | Instant News

Based in Lausanne, the SVBG, the first of its kind set up by Vietnamese expats in Switzerland, has been set to focus on offering trade information through workshops, forums and internal newsletters; provide legal advice and guidance; developing relationships for technology transfer and improvement; and introducing quality human resources. It will also make recommendations for a better business climate for the competent bodies of both countries, while organizing socio-cultural activities to achieve its objectives.

Speaking at the debut ceremony, Vietnamese Ambassador Le Linh Lan emphasized that the group appeared at a special time because Vietnam has brought the COVID-19 pandemic under control and prepared the best conditions to welcome Swiss investors.

In 2020, Vietnam’s economy grew 2.91 percent, making it one of the few countries that maintained positive GDP growth while many other countries in the world fell into severe recession. Also in August last year, the EU-Vietnam Free Trade Agreement came into effect, opening up enormous trade and investment opportunities for both parties. Last November, as Chair of ASEAN, Vietnam succeeded in pushing for the signing of the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP), the largest free trade area in the world.

Lan emphasized that the embassy supports the operation of the SVBG.

According to the diplomat, Switzerland is the 6th largest European investor in Vietnam, with a total investment of US $ 2 billion, mostly in manufacturing – processing and electricity. Currently, nearly 100 Swiss companies operate in Vietnam.

Meanwhile, Vietnam is Switzerland’s four largest trading partners in ASEAN, with bilateral trade exceeding US $ 3.6 billion in 2019. Since 2012, Vietnam and the European Free Trade Association (EFTA) – the intergovernmental organization of Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland – started negotiations for the FTA, which is expected to be signed this year.

As scheduled, SVBG will debut with its Swiss counterpart at the Webinar Market Focus Vietnam which co-hosts the group with the embassy and the Geneva Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Services.


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Ambi Skincare Partners With Emerging! A Fashion Runway Show | Instant News

Ambi Skin Care, developed by and for people of color, in partnership with Emerge! Fashion Runway Show, which celebrates a decade of diversity on the runway.

As main sponsors, the five winners of Ambi’s The Next Great Face Search will be featured in the virtual event, either as models or event commentators, along with some of the top emerging and emerging talents in the fashion industry. All winners will use Ambi products to get camera-ready prints.

The Next Great Face Search of Ambi launched in May 2020 in collaboration with model and reality star Cynthia Bailey and The Bailey Agency to uncover the next generation of brand ambassadors who embody the unique beauty and inclusiveness of America’s multicultural community. Diverse group of winners – incl Camera Carter, Teanna Gilliam, Saniyyah Bilal, Fate of Thompson and Heidy Jantzen – all of which beautifully embody the spirit of the Ambi brand and are also perfect for participating in designer Terri Stevens’ funkinbeautiful Design show on Emerge!

“Funkinbeautiful Designs is for women who know who they are – she is very confident in her beautiful style. I design for a woman who when she enters the room everything will stop. The winner of Ambi Next Great Face represents the unique beauty I love for my brand,” said Stevens.

Ambi’s Head of Marketing Nicole Ray Robinson sees The Emerge! platform and label A funkinbeautiful design as a perfect amalgamation of shared philosophy and a continuing reflection of Ambi’s commitment to broadening beauty conversations around people of color.

“At Ambi, we are committed to empowering women and men of all colors to showcase their own definition of beauty. Our winners were chosen not only because of their #GreatFaces, but also because they represent diverse backgrounds. Each has their own story to tell, and we are excited to offer them the opportunity to add New York Fashion Week as their newest chapter, ”commented Robinson.

Hosted by Ms. Claire Sulmers, founder of FashionBombDaily.com, and featuring speakers and presenters including André Leon Talley, Fern Mallis, Law Roach, Kenny Burns, Ozwald Boateng and many more, the virtual fashion show will feature top designers from the US, London , and Johannesburg, South Africa.

“I am very pleased Ambi Skincare is partnering with Emerge! Runway Fashion Show for its 10th Anniversary. This show celebrates talented designers around the world and I am delighted Ambi will help identify these talents,” said Dionne Williams, Emerge’s creator & producer! Fashion show.

In addition to the brand’s Next Great Faces being integrated into the show, as part of the partnership, Ambi will also have a branded presence in the live stream of the event, on its social platforms, and be included in the event’s “swag bag”.

Watch to watch Emerge! Fashion Show on February 16 at 6pm CST / 7pm EST.


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