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The SC asked for comment from the federal government, others | Instant News

KARACHI: The Supreme Court on Friday issued a notice to federal legal officers and private respondents about the Karachi Metropolitan Corporation’s claim for the restoration of an 8-hectare area near Jheel Park in PECHS into an amusement park.

Harming the Sindh High Court order that restrained KMC and KDA from demolishing the owners of 106 housing units near Jheel Park, KMC proposed that land intended for recreational purposes could not be sold for residential purposes. Lawyers have argued that the Supreme Court has ordered the return of all garden facilities to their original positions.

The KMC advisor proposed that section 52A of the KDA Order, 1957 specifically prohibited the conversion of amenity plots to residential or commercial purposes and that sub-lease deeds in favor of the respondent were executed by someone, who had no right to do so and sued. The respondent’s right on the basis of the lease deed was misunderstood.

The three-member SC chair led by Supreme Court Chief Justice Gulzar Ahmed after the initial petition hearing observed that the points raised in the petition required consideration and issued notices to federal legal officers and private responders and summoned their comments.

Private respondents have opposed the attempt to dismantle the dead by the Karachi City District Government of their settlement unit on the land marked Special D (Survey Sheet No.35 / P / 1) Block 2 PECHS.


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Comments are insensitive | Instant News

Prime Minister Imran Khan’s insensitive remarks about rape highlight the large number of victims who blame in our society. Most research on the subject does not support the idea that the victim’s clothing is somehow responsible for provoking the rapist. On the other hand, it is evident that the perpetrators of these terrible crimes exploit the vulnerability of their victims. Sexual assault is an act of power and control. The argument that factors such as increased obscenity and Western culture have contributed to the increase in rape cases in the country is clearly untenable and disturbing. Also, this line of thought tends to misunderstand the nature of evil itself. In our country, because of the stigma associated with rape, threats from the perpetrator, and the indifference of the police towards victims of rape, many victims of rape do not report the crime.

To protect women and children from these crimes, the government needs to undertake drastic and urgent reforms in the existing police and justice system. The authorities need to recruit more women into the police so that such cases can be handled effectively. It is important to understand that the victim’s clothes do not seduce the rapist. In reality, it is the certainty of not getting caught that helps criminals commit such crimes. The women in our country have suffered terribly; they sin more than sin. They deserve a future that is better than the present for them.

Aadil Hussain



Prime Minister Imran Khan, in his recent telethon session, said that increased obscenity in society was leading to rape. He also talked about how the family system was broken. Pakistan is among the 10 most dangerous countries in the world for women. It is also important to mention that in our country, cases of rape are often not reported.

A person from any class or occupation can be raped. It is not right to provide any excuse for such crimes. In our country, even children are victims of sexual abuse. If a thief, murderer or terrorist can be punished, the rapist must also be punished.

Rehana Rafique



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Diablo II: The first impression of the resurrected technology Alpha | Instant News

Source: Blizzard Entertainment

“Diablo II: Resurrected Alpha” fell on Thursday. The technical Alpha of the single player game is quite limited, only three courses are provided and some tasks are completed, but even in a few hours of content, we have also learned a lot about how this Remaster works and how it compares with the original Diablo II Information about the distance between. experience.

These are my first impressions of “Diablo II”: resurrected in a technical test!

“Diablo II”: The resurrected Alpha maintains the true experience of the original “Diablo II”

Many “Diablo II” fans’ biggest wish for “Diablo II: Resurrection” is that the game remains faithful to the original experience. According to my initial impression, fans of Diablo can rest assured that unless you wish, the new content of the game will not change the original experience.

For fans of the original game, you can choose the traditional option to use the original graphics. When I played in the “legacy” mode, the experience was the same as when I played the original Diablo II. You can also use the options in the menu to set control bindings and settings to replicate the original version of the game. Therefore, if you only want the high-definition version of Diablo II, you can get the experience through this remake.

The developers did add some optional quality of life for those who wish to play the updated version of Diablo II. Now, for those who hate to click on our loot during good times, there is an automatic loot option in the menu. The 3d engine is also a good addition, for those who want to experience the game with more modern 3d sprites. I personally really like the 3d version.

In Tech Alpha, you have to choose between the old and resurrected versions of the game on the character selection screen. It seems that you can’t switch between graphics at will, just like the way the Halo Anniversary series allows you to use it, although the menu options may be lost even when I’m looking for the menu. I think if they add the ability to switch between the two graphics engines at will, then this game will be improved.

No matter which version you choose to use, the basic game is the same as Diablo II in terms of control, interaction and gameplay.

At the storytelling level, at least for the tasks available in Technology Alpha, the original voice line seems to be fully integrated into the game. Alas, I can’t talk to the movie yet. Blizzard only includes placeholder movies in the Alpha version. The developer promised to avoid dramatic changes on Blizzcon 2021, but based on this Alpha, I cannot provide any updates in this regard.

Diablo II: The Alpha Performance of Resurrection

At least after Blizzard solved the initial problem with the Battle.net server connection, the game’s technical Alpha version worked well. I am on a mid-level computer and run it at the highest graphics settings without any problems. This makes sense because it is an older game originally designed to run on older hardware.

Diablo II: Does the resurrection live up to the hype?

It’s hard to say whether this game will attract both old school and new fans at the same time. What I can say is that as a big fan of Diablo and Diablo style games, I am very excited after experiencing the early build of this game.

According to my first impression, when playing with the Legacy and Resurrected versions of Barbarian on Alpha, the battle and the world feel very similar to Diablo ll. I personally like the updated graphics engine, because the 2D graphics of Diablo 2 have never been liked as much as I personally.

If you like Diablo II and want a pure remake, you might like this game in the “old version” setting. If you are not satisfied with certain elements in “Diablo II” before 2021, you will find that the “resurrection” version adds modern life quality changes and modern graphics to “Diablo II” while being loyal to The most precious aspect of Diablo II.


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Does the focus on shelf life cover other opportunities for reducing food waste? | Instant News

Olga Kachook, senior manager at The Sustainable Packaging Coalition, asked whether fixation of the FMCG value chain on shelf life hinders packaging’s ability to prevent food waste.

Do you think packaging is a tool to fight climate change? Can be. Preventing food waste is a top solution against climate change, and making changes to packaging is the seventh most effective way to reduce climate emissions from food waste. Research demonstrated that changing packaging design could help prevent 650,000 tonnes of food waste a year.

While the potential to prevent food waste – and the associated emissions – with packaging is impressive, the details are immensely detailed. It is true that packaging can help prevent food waste by extending the shelf life, but this is not a definite solution. Rather, it depends on how the packaging is designed and used in practice.

First, let’s consider the disconnect between producers and consumers. Brands and retailers may consider extended shelf life for products a significant achievement for food waste prevention. However, consumer research seems to suggest that these benefits are not being recognized by consumers. In a survey of 1,117 Austrian consumers, only about a third pay attention to the function of packaging that extends shelf life, while nearly two-thirds of consumers do not agree that packaging helps avoid food waste.

It should be noted that packaging in a retail setting functions as efficiently and easily to distribute, store and price food as it does to extend the shelf life or protect the product. For companies and consumers alike, packaging is often about as much convenience as it is about food waste prevention.

Nowadays, food manufacturers usually try to make products with the maximum possible shelf life, as this gives companies more time to transport and retail the products. The payoff is that a longer shelf life can worry consumers, who are increasingly disinterested in seemingly highly processed foods.

From a packaging point of view, longer shelf life may also require more materials or more complex packaging, which may not be recyclable. For example, do cookies, which are often individually packaged in non-recyclable plastic film, need to have a retail shelf life of several weeks? Certain products, such as baked goods, are typically purchased by consumers for specific occasions on or near the day of purchase. With this in mind, we might design packaging that meets “real world” shelf life needs and doesn’t limit recyclability.

Consider how other remedies beyond extending shelf life can prevent food waste. For example, some foods, such as dry pasta, are suitable for freelance and unpackaged sales. Typically, pasta packaging accounts for 60% of the total carbon footprint of dry pasta. What if consumers could only buy what they needed from the bulk station and cut down on excessive buying? Combined with eliminating single-use primer packaging, a reduction in product waste can lower the overall carbon footprint of dry pastes.

If this solution can prevent food waste, what’s stopping more consumers from buying unpackaged food, and more retailers from offering products for free? For consumers, this may be due to discomfort using bulk stations or concerns about the perception of freshness of food that has “left” in the trash. For retailers, there are hygiene, staffing, and payment procedures issues that need to be addressed. These barriers mask a real opportunity to reduce food waste and packaging waste.

Nestle is one example of a company that questions its shelf life requirements. It has suggested that packaging for shelf-stable products “can in many cases be over-defined, and that more sustainable use of materials can go hand in hand with reduced shelf life”. They note that their shelf-resistant foods typically have a shelf life of 18 months or two years, although consumers may not need them for very long.

Ultimately, it is not enough to assume that automatically extended shelf life prevents food waste. Like recently STOP the Food Save project concluded, “until concrete evidence of waste reduction is provided, the effects of extended shelf life can only be considered as a potency solutions to avoid waste. In practice, counterproductive effects can also occur that cancel out targeted waste reductions or even reverse them. For example, a long shelf life can result in too many products being offered or purchased at the same time. “

What can manufacturers and brands do about this? It’s time to explore the link between packaging and leftovers in more detail. Extension of shelf life is one possible strategy for preventing food waste, but there are other strategies – better closure and evacuation of products, smaller serving sizes, smart and active packaging, and increased re-sealing capabilities.

Ultimately, brands and manufacturers need to assess the design and performance of each package, particularly how it can help store and deliver food in consumers’ homes. The job of packaging is to protect food and prevent waste. Sometimes, this can be achieved through an extension of the shelf life. In other cases, design innovation is needed to ensure that the root causes of consumer food waste, such as serving sizes that are too large, can be addressed. With better design, packaging can become a truly effective tool for fighting food waste and reducing the climate crisis.


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Blaber at C9 2021 and C9 2020: “This year, we can easily complete all roles.” | Instant News

Source: Colin Young-Wolff participates in anti-riot games

After defeating the 3-1 liquid team, Cloud9 qualified for the 2021 League of Legends Champions League final. In all aspects, C9 surpassed TL. Surprisingly, the jungle matchup was the biggest. C9 jungle killer Robert “Blaber” Huang took full advantage of the extremely poor performance of TL jungle killer Lucas “Santorin” Larsen, and by the end of the series, there is no doubt who currently holds the title of best jungle killer in North America.

After Cloud9 defeated Team Liquid, Blaber talked with Inven Global to discuss his duel with Santorin, how his team has grown since the LCS locked in the finals in 2021, and his first time in more than a year next week. Ideas for offline games. The Greek Theater in Los Angeles.

Congratulations to the victory, Braber. The series was much worse than originally expected. What caused C9 to win so unilaterally?

I think all of us want TL to be much better than 100. The Liquid team defeated us in the lock and in both games, but honestly, I think we never doubted that we would win this series. All of us think we are better than Team Liquid, but none of us expect to beat TL easily.

It was not easy today-we proved that we were a better team, but it was not like we beat them 3-0. I think that if we play again, Team Liquid may improve in our next five best series. I don’t think we want to abandon them, but we all want to win.

Specifically, the jungle duel was much more than expected. What do you think of Santorin’s performance today?

I think his performance today is not outstanding. I think he is one of his worst series since I started playing against him. I don’t think he is a bad player at all. I think he will bounce back easily, but he definitely did not show the level I am sure I want today. It feels easy for me to play today.

When Cloud9 went bankrupt last summer, the topic around Santorin might replace you as the best jungle hunter in North America. Do you think you have re-established yourself as the best jungler in the LCS after today?

I mean, personally, I don’t mind being the best jungler in North America. To be honest, though, I think I am right now. I don’t think I need to prove this to anyone. I feel that I am doing my best now, which is very important to me.

It doesn’t matter whether other people think I am the best, or they think Santorin is the best. Now, I think my performance is very good. For me, performing best in North America is a must. I hope to do well internationally. If you can’t be the best in North America, then you won’t have a chance internationally. I really want to win the midseason matchup, so we can go to MSI and get better practice.

In this series, Team Liquid’s only win came from a combination with more options than Cloud9, but when this happened again in the fourth game, you won the most convincing game in the series. Can you talk about the difference between the second and fourth innings in terms of draft and game level?

I think we worked very hard to win the draft in Game 4. I think people mistakenly think that Ashe and Lucian will not cause harm, but they both caused such a great harm, I don’t know how it came about. In addition, we have a Sion, so in the front and back battles with Ashe, Lucian, Brau and Sion, we will always win.

Ashe has one of the highest DPS ceilings of all ADCs. I think someone might argue that it is not enough to just let me be attacked by Nidalee, but there is really no problem with Braum and two ADCs to build Kraken Slayer.

Nidalee is not a marshal, but you will continue to succeed in this champion. In the current competitive jungle, what are her advantages?

I think Nidalee currently has a very strong conflict ability. Her clearance speed is very fast, and in the front and back team battles, she is actually pretty good-she has healing, spears, and can fly kites and fight easily. If they come to her, she can slow Everfrost or take root on the front line-for example, Udyr must rush to you to be useful, so you can root him while Everfrost takes root on him. I think Nidalee is a very good champion now.

Source: Oshin Tudayan participates in Riot Games

Since your last series against TL, your top driver Ibrahim “Fudge” Allami has made great progress. What do you think of his expectations for his own growth?

I think Fudge is in very good shape now. I am very happy to have players like Fudge join my team. He knows how to play in the jungle, he can play both the strong sides of the map and the weak points, and he can play with the backpack and the vest.

I am very happy to be able to join Fudge to the team. I think his performance is very good. I think he can definitely improve in the laning phase. When Fudge was on Cloud9 Academy, he was playing against bad players, so he was able to get rid of some of the mistakes you couldn’t fight against the best opponents in the world like Alphari…maybe not one of the best mistakes in the world. World, but he is definitely an excellent top driver, right?

Many times, Fudge is much worse when asking to play around, but now, I think he has made progress in asking for resources or help. Before, we were not good at offense in both offense and defense, so I think he has made great progress in this area. I think his performance has been good.

Regarding Fudge’s flexibility, it seems that your mid laner Luka “Perkz” Perković can still play more champions than his counterparts in the LCS. From the perspective of the jungle, how do you integrate new midfield players into the team? Since last year, how have you contributed to the change in the identity of the team?

Obviously there was no optimal synergy when Perkz and I first joined. Now, I actually don’t think our synergy is bad. At the time, the jungle was very strong, so I didn’t play too much. I just farm all my camps and play games.

It was such a jungle when Taliyah, Udyr and Olaf were all OP. Now the jungle is weaker, I think the mid lane is very strong, we play more together as a duet. The jungle is still very strong, but now I think it is much easier to work in this area, because this is the method we are practicing.

As the longest-serving member of Cloud9, do you have more responsibility to ensure that these new players are properly integrated? You can’t plug these players into the positions of Eric “Licorice” Ritchie and Yasin “Nisqy” Dincer without making any changes, right?

Yes, I have participated in many C9 rosters, including the Sneaky rosters who have been to Worlds, and I think our rosters have more flexibility this year. To be honest, last year, we felt that it was much easier to win by playing on the robot lane and carrying the robot lane. Nisqy is really good at this, and Licorice’s weaknesses are really strong.

It feels like we are one-dimensional. Either through the robot channel, or through the robot channel, and when we can’t do this, we can’t really win the game. This year, we can easily complete all roles. I think this is our big advantage. So far, our team has the largest treasure trove of champions in each role among LCS players, so we draft it very easily.

This is the first time Cloud9 has beaten Team Liquid in five series. Since 2018, as a starter of C9, is this a major achievement for you personally?

I actually didn’t think about it at all. For me, beating TL is undoubtedly of great significance to me, because I have always considered TL to be our biggest organizational competitor. Every time we play them, it is dangerous, but they defeat us. I’ve always wanted to beat them, so obviously, it’s really good for me, but we haven’t won them all yet. Even if we win this series, if we lose the finals, it doesn’t make any sense.


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