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South Australia joins New Zealand’s coronavirus travel bubble, easing its tough border with Victoria | Instant News

South Australia will open its borders to travelers from New Zealand, take effect immediately, and allow 12 people who have recently arrived at quarantine hotels to enter the community.

Police Commissioner Grant Stevens also announced that the state would ease restrictions on its tough border with Victoria, and would also further free up travel in regional border communities.

It was revealed yesterday Five New Zealand travelers arrived unexpectedly at Adelaide Airport on Sunday and put in a hotel quarantine, at their own expense.

Commissioner Stevens has revealed there are now 12 New Zealand tourists in hotel quarantine and they are being contacted for release.

“I am pleased to announce that with the arrival of New Zealanders in SA, they will no longer be required to quarantine,” he said.

“We are also pleased to receive direct flights from New Zealand.

Commissioner Stevens said SA authorities had been in direct contact with New Zealand authorities and there was now a “level of comfort” that would allow the state’s coronavirus transition committee to make its decision.

A New Zealand traveler arrived in Sydney after NSW opened its borders last week.(AAP: Dean Lewins)

“We don’t have specific advice yet regarding the status of COVID-19 in New Zealand [when the travellers arrived], “Said Commissioner Stevens.

“Health advice has been assessed through direct communication through our Chief Public Health Officer with New Zealand authorities and there is a level of comfort there in terms of the level of COVID-19 that will allow us to make this decision.”

Commissioner Stevens said it was unfortunate that some travelers had experienced such discomfort in such a short time.

“But we do not apologize for taking steps to ensure the safety of the South Australian community,” he said.

“These people will be uncomfortable for a relatively short time, while we are making the right assessment of the risk in South Australia.”

SA is loosening its tough border with Victoria

To date, people from Victoria – including South Australian citizens – have been barred from traveling to SA unless they have essential traveler status.

Under the changes announced today, people will be allowed to move to South Australia without exception, but they will have to self-isolate for 14 days upon arrival.

Changes do not apply to short-term stays.

A row of road signs that read the Mallee Highway.  Lameroo and Bordertown are mentioned on the nameplate.
Travel restrictions between SA and Victoria have eased.(ABC Riverland: Meg Vonic-Joyce)

“People from Victoria who are trying to move to South Australia – we are changing course to allow them to do so without having to look for exceptions,” said Commissioner Stevens.

“They must provide specific information regarding permanent employment or accommodation. We will be able to allow this to occur without having to implement an exemption process.

Today, people in the cross-border communities of South Australia and Victoria are present capable of traveling up to 70 kilometers on either side of the border, for essential purposes only.

Those restrictions will also be relaxed to allow people to travel between communities across borders without any particular reason.

“If you live in a cross-border community, you can travel freely within 70 kilometers on either side of the border, with no specific destination… identified.”

The state transition committee has not explained when the border changes will take effect.

NZ travelers have been released from quarantine

It didn’t take long for some of the recent arrivals from New Zealand to be notified of the change in protocol, and released from quarantine.

Rob, who had been in New Zealand as a key worker, was put into an Adelaide hotel after being quarantined in NSW.

He said he had struggled to get an immediate answer on quarantine obligations.

“We sat at the airport for about an hour and a half waiting to find out which hotel to go to – you know, four police officers were sitting there and nobody knew.”

A man in a basketball shirt stands outside the hotel lobby with three suitcases
Casey, 18, from Auckland, waited outside the Hindley Street hotel after being released from hotel quarantine today.(ABC News: Sarah Mullins)

Eighteen-year-old Casey, who traveled from Auckland and was released from quarantine today, blamed the authorities for the border chaos.

“On their website – I saw a lot of things – it said some things I could, some things that said I couldn’t, it was all confusing,” he said.

She said she was now “really excited because I had a party and things I had to attend”.

The bubble movement follows controversy

Federal Tourism Minister Simon Birmingham urged South Australia to join the trans-Tasman travel bubble this morning.

“I think it’s a very, very strong basis for South Australia to think about joining New South Wales and the Northern Territory in allowing New Zealanders to enter SA free of charge,” he told ABC Radio Adelaide.

The Birmingham minister said there was only “one active case [in] all of New Zealand “and as such NSW and NT have opened their borders” on the basis of good health and health “.

According to the latest figures on the New Zealand Ministry of Health websiteIn fact, there are 37 active cases of COVID-19 in the country, with 36 currently in isolation or quarantine.

The minister’s office clarified that he was referring to one case of COVID-19 diagnosed outside of quarantine in New Zealand on Saturday.

It was the first case of community transmission detected in the country in three weeks.

The trans-Tasman travel bubble has caused controversy in recent days due to its abundance New Zealand tourists arriving in NSW and NT, continuing to travel to states that have not officially participated.

Said Victorian Prime Minister Daniel Andrews His government has repeatedly asked to be removed from the travel bubble arrangement.

But the Birmingham minister said this morning that every state and territory understands the full implications of the travel bubble before New Zealanders arrive.


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Sarina Isa questioned the jurisdiction of the FBR commissioners | Instant News

ISLAMABAD: The wife of Supreme Court judge Qazi Faez Isa has questioned the territorial jurisdiction and law of the tax authorities which ordered her to pay Rs35.8 million as a fine for her tax obligations.

“You [FBR Commissioner] has no territorial jurisdiction and regarding that matter, FBR’s own records confirm that my tax return was filed in Karachi, thus only a commissioner in Karachi has jurisdiction. Likewise, you also do not have legal jurisdiction. To process information received through the Automatic Information Exchange mechanism with other countries, in accordance with the Multilateral Convention on Joint Administrative Assistance in Tax Matters – the jurisdiction assigned to you as Commissioner for Domestic Revenue, AEOI Zone, Islamabad, is limited to cases included in jurisdiction of LTU Islamabad, “Mrs. Sarina Isa responded to the FBR notification on Tuesday.

Mrs Isa filed a seven-page reply to Commissioner Zulfiqar Ahmad, who punished her for tax liability by issuing a 164-page order against her following a Supreme Court order regarding three London property cases.

Ibu Isa, who will challenge the order next month, has raised questions about Zulfiqar Ahmad listening to his tax issues.

“Since you [Zulfiqar] has provided findings against me – your letter is dated May 10 2019 with No 140 titled ‘Complaints from PM office’ – I have asked you [must] don’t continue my case, but you do it anyway, and do it with gusto; has not once mandated me with a minimum period of 15 days to respond to any of your eight notices. Incidentally you got a promotion on July 25, 2019 vide FBR notification no. 1874-IR / 2019. Of the dozens of commissioners at FBR, who gave findings to me who was chosen, “he replied, revealing a copy of which is also available exclusively with this correspondent.

Despite several attempts by this correspondent in recent days, FBR did not answer Geo News’ questions regarding this case, except to confirm that the detailed report of Mrs. Isa has been submitted to the top court.

The Supreme Court order of 19 June 2020 has stated that, “The Inland Income Commissioner concerned will personally issue the appropriate notification under the Income Tax Ordinance, 2001.”

“Since you [Zulfiqar] not the ‘commissioner concerned’ that you have done violated the Supreme Court Order, ”argued Mrs. Isa in her reply. This correspondent spoke with tax experts who said the issue of jurisdiction had repeatedly been highlighted as of paramount importance in the rulings handed down by higher courts.

The Case of Domestic Revenue Commissioner Vs. Nestle Pakistan Ltd (2014 PTD 1472) deals with sections 30 and 31 of the Sales Tax Act, 1990, in which a higher court holds: “… it is important to consider the administrative tax governance structure under the Act. This can be seen from the nature of the appointment of officers and the scope of power enjoyed by them under the law. The special nature of this jurisdiction is reaffirmed in Article 31 of the Law, wherein the Inland Income official is obliged to exercise this authority and carry out the tasks assigned or imposed on him under this Law. “

“I have voluntarily declared my assets in London as soon as a statement on this subject is required by Section 116A of the Ordinance, which was inserted by the Financial Act, 2018 on 22 May 2018, and I did so without receiving any notification from FBR. In addition, documents relating to the acquisition of taxpayers’ assets and sources of funds, including certificates from the bank (where I manage my foreign currency account) are provided, which you unfortunately prefer not to consider. These stories are not hidden; on the contrary, I have stated them and they were previously known by the State Bank of Pakistan, and in connection with that I was never questioned, “he said further.

“Nor am I hiding, or trying to hide my London property, which is clearly visible in the names of myself and my children. If we wanted to hide it, we would create a trust or company and hide these assets under one or more different names and behind the company name and veil, ”he further argued.

“This does not call for imposition of punishment. However, my salary paid by Karachi American School since 1982 was neglected; the proceeds from the sale and the profits derived from the sale of the two properties in Clifton, Karachi were also ignored; and so is my income from my farm; without arguing that I have worked at the Karachi American School since 1982, have bought and sold two properties in Clifton, Karachi and own the mentioned farmland. You ignore my entire life of work and my income with one stroke of the pen and assume that I can’t buy a property that is worth the equivalent of a house built on a 500-square-meter plot of land. Is it because I am a woman? Therefore, for all the reasons mentioned above, please withdraw the notification in question, “he added.

The commissioner, Zulfiqar Ahmad, passed his order on 14 September 2020 after the FBR team conducted a forensic analysis of Sarina Isa’s asset report, investigating a total transaction of GBP 0.698 million transferred from Karachi to London from 2003 to June 2013 in particular. It also performed a forensic analysis of Sarina Isa’s Rs119,915 million net assets for the 2017-2018 tax year, officials told Geo News. They further asked Mrs Sarina that her three London properties worth Rs104,680,020 should be justified against an investment stated at Rs2,404,320.


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The commissioner said no negligence will be tolerated during the anti-dengue drive | Instant News

FAISALABAD: A meeting was held to review the anti-dengue campaign arrangements at the Commissioner’s Office here on Friday.

The meeting was chaired by Commissioner Ishrat Ali while Deputy Commissioner Muhammad Ali, DHA CEO Dr Mushtaq Sipra, District Health Office Dr Bilal Ahmad, Dr Aurangzeb Outbreak Control Area Coordinator, Dr Akram and other officials from various departments attended the meeting.

Deputy commissioners Jhang, TT Singh and Chiniot joined the meeting by video link.

The commissioner reviewed the performance of the departments related to anti dengue fever and said that the officials of the relevant departments must be active in the field to achieve the desired results of the anti dengue campaign.

He asked to submit reports on the department’s performance regarding surveillance and prevention activities every day. He explained that carelessness and negligence of duty should not be tolerated and stern action would be taken against officials who show poor performance in this regard.

He said the strict supervision of anti-dengue measures was put in place by the divisional administration to make prevention and preventive measures successful and long-lasting.

He called on the relevant departments to take dengue fever very seriously and that dengue fever surveillance, clinical and medical service awareness campaigns and other departmental actions should be carried out with full responsibility.

During the meeting, District Coordinator for Epidemic Dr Aurangzeb gave detailed briefings on indoor and outdoor surveillance.

MPA FOR INITIAL SETTLEMENT OF KASHMIR BRIDGE UNDERPASS: Chair of the Faisalabad Development Authority / MPA Ch Latif Nazar said that no obstacles were left to the initial completion of the Kashmir Bridge Underpass mega project.

He stated this while checking the progress of the Kashmir Bridge Underpass on Canal Road. FDA Director General Muhammad Sohail Khawaja, Chief Engineer Shahid Mehmood, Director of Development and Planning Hassan Zaheer, Deputy Admin Director Yasir Ijaz Chattha and other officers were also present.

The FDA chairman discussed the project in detail and said that under the leadership of Prime Minister Imran Khan and Chief Minister Sardar Usman Buzdar, the government had focused its attention on the country’s rapid development and public welfare projects were completed quickly.

He informed that all remaining funds had been provided immediately under Prime Minister Imran Khan’s direction to complete the important city building project of the Kashmir Underground Bridge and now there is no reason to delay the completion of this project. He emphasized the unnecessary removal of machinery and excess material and said that the features of developing the underpass had to be clarified through proper site cleanliness. He said the tree pruning around the underpass was carried out in addition to planting ornamental saplings to create a green and beautiful environment on the site. He asked for the smooth flow of traffic on the alternative route until the final completion of the underpass and said special measures were being taken to control environmental pollution by managing water splashing on the road to avoid dust. The chairman also reviewed the drawings and design of the underpass beauty plan and said it should be made more attractive and impressive. He suggested that slipways be built following a traffic engineering methodology which would also benefit shop owners in nearby markets.

FDA Director General Muhammad Sohail Khawaja and other officers briefed on the latest progress of the Kashmir Underground Bridge mega project and informed that the east side of the underpass carpet road will be completed in the next few days.


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Transfer of Commissioners demands high milk prices | Instant News

Pakistan’s Tehreek-e-Insaf leader and member of the Sindh Tajalan Sindh Assembly have demanded the dismissal of Karachi Commissioner Iftikhar Shalwani because of his failure to control milk sales at high prices.

He said on Friday milk was sold at Rs90 per kilo in Punjab but sold at 120 per kilo in Karachi. PTI lawmaker said that instead of advising citizens to boycott milk sellers, the commissioner must fulfill his responsibility to ensure that the vendor does not sell milk at high prices and he must take action against profiteers.

He said the commissioner had failed to implement milk prices in Karachi and provided assistance to the public. “The Karachi commissioner’s price control committee is nowhere to be seen.”

Taj said milk sellers had raised milk prices for no reason and sold commodities at whatever price they chose. “The Karachi Commissioner does not consider himself responsible because he does not answer questions from the media. The prices of food, vegetables and fruits also rose in the city. “

Because of the poor performance of the commissioners, he must be immediately removed from his position and the person responsible and honest must be appointed as a commissioner capable of resolving public problems based on priorities, he said.


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Uncharted waters: fish and wildlife conservation Commission is seeking a ban on the use of drones to fish | news | Instant News

In response to new fishing technology, Montana fish and wildlife commissioners want to prohibit the use of unmanned aerial vehicles and remote-controlled boats to target fish and to bait.

Phil Kilbreath performance Department, pan said his division began to receive questions about the legality of using drones and remote controlled boats to fish in Montana.

State regulation to impose fines for the use of drones for tracking animals during the hunt, but do not determine whether the rules apply to fishing.

At the Commission meeting fish and wildlife are held through Thursday zoom, Kilbreath is a video of the sky rigger, new unmanned accessory, developed by an Australian company ulcer the sea.

The sky rigger is investing in a drone that holds the fishing line that allows operators to “safely fly the bait or lure, and silence the target fish from the top”, according to the website the ulcer sea. When a fish strikes, the attachment automatically releases the line and the angler can pull the fish out of the water.

Videos of people fishing with the help of this attachment and such attachment has circulated around the Internet.

Department of law enforcement in the fwp has received reports of anglers using remote-controlled boats for the transportation of lures and Bait in the zone of closure of Libby dam. In other States, mini boats are typically used to access fishing areas, said Kilbreath.

A remote controlled boat is now specially designed to help anglers spot fish and transport of bait or lure in the right places. Operators can attach them to the boats, which often are rigged to shoot fish under water. Some boats can even catch fish without the angler to control the rod or line.

Said Kilbreath Montana law bars individuals with a gun, trap or other devices to entrap, to catch, or to fish. If drones and remote-controlled boats are considered “other devices”, – pans-appear has the legal authority to regulate them, he said.

With drones and remote-controlled boats allow people to move their fishing gear in places where they otherwise could not achieve, many might claim that they are “other devices” and should be regulated, according to Kilbreath.

However, others might argue, drones and remote controlled boats as the downriggers and planer boards, which are legitimate, in that all allow anglers to fish areas that they otherwise could not fish, said Kilbreath. The downriggers and planer boards is used to control the depth of the lure or bait, depending on the preference of the angler, allowing anglers to fish at great depths.

Kilbreath said he thinks it would be difficult to argue that such devices are illegal for fishing, and the operators, ultimately, to control them and decide.

Commissioners at the meeting generally supported the ban on UAVs and remotely-controlled boats used for fish.

“We can compare this with a downrigger or Board a plane, but is, in fact, the technology of ancient people using… for hundreds of years,” said Shane Colton, fish and the Chairman of the Commission of wildlife. “It’s very detached to catch fish.”

“If we do not have enough regulations or rules of the Commission, I think we should take,” said Richard Stuker, Commissioner.

Tim Aldrich, another Commissioner, said he supports the addition of new rules, and he doesn’t want to allow it to become “run of the mill technology for so-called fishing”.

The law prohibits drones from flying near wildfires in national parks. They also can’t work in state parks without a permit.

Commissioners asked Pany to proceed with the development of proposals for new legislation that prohibits the use of drones or remote controlled boats for fish.

To see what else is going on in the County of Gallatin subscribe to the online paper.


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