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The Chair of the Rights of the United Nations urged the UK Parliament to amend a proposed law that limits liability for torture and other war crimes | Instant News


The UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Michelle Bachelet on Monday urged legislators in the UK to heed warnings that the proposed Overseas Operations (Personnel and Veterans) bill, in its current form, risks undermining key human rights obligations that Britain has undertaken. himself out of respect.

He expressed concern that, unless amended appropriately, the bill could protect military personnel operating overseas from being held accountable for acts of torture or other serious international crimes.

The bill is now in the final stages of the legislative process, and will soon be debated again by the House of Lords, Britain’s upper house, where amendments may still be made.

The purpose of the bill is stated as to provide greater certainty to Service personnel and veterans with respect to claims and potential claims for historic events taking place in complex armed conflict environments abroad. “It seeks to achieve this, in particular, by introducing new preconditions for prosecution of alleged violations covered by the bill.

In its current form, the proposed legislation raises substantial questions about Britain’s future compliance with its international obligations, particularly under the Convention Against Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment (CAT), as well as the Geneva Conventions. 1949. This includes the obligation to prevent, investigate and prosecute acts such as torture and extrajudicial killings, and does not distinguish when such offenses were committed.

“As it is currently being drafted, the bill will make it less likely that British service members in overseas operations will be held accountable for serious human rights violations that constitute an international crime,” Bachelet said.

Bachelet urged that all international crimes for which Britain is under an international legal obligation to investigate and prosecute be exempted from the proposed restrictions. He welcomed the fact that Schedule 1 of the bill already excluded many sexual offenses, including rape, from the bill’s scope. He urged that all other crimes with the same seriousness and care be treated in the same way.

“The prohibition of torture in international law is clear and absolute,” Bachelet said. “Article 2 of the Convention against Torture expressly states that ‘There are no circumstances of any kind, whether a state of war or threat of war, internal political instability or other public emergency, can be used to justify torture.'” it does not recognize the new distinctions that the bill will bring into law.

“The Foreign Operations Bill risks undermining these clear obligations in several ways,” Bachelet said. This includes the proposed introduction of formal presumptions to prosecution of related crimes committed more than five years earlier, when members of the military abroad. The law also requires prosecutors in such cases to ‘give special weight’ to certain matters, especially the adverse effects

about the conditions the service members faced during implementation. This could result in serious crimes not being adequately addressed – potentially violating UK obligations, including under the Convention against Torture and other international treaties.

Another potential obstacle to full accountability is the new requirement of approval by the Attorney General or, where applicable, the Advocate General of Northern Ireland, before prosecution can proceed for related offenses committed more than five years earlier.

The High Commissioner also expressed concern about other provisions in the bill, including those that would limit the court’s ability to consider certain civil suits in connection with overseas operations, after more than six years have passed. He pointed out that this could adversely affect the rights of victims to recovery, redress and access to justice that are recognized under international law.

Another concern is that the current text of the bill places the task on the Government to consider reducing the international human rights obligations set out in the European Convention on Human Rights, with respect to such overseas operations.

“I appreciate the Government’s involvement with my Office on this matter. I also note that similar concerns have been raised by many politicians, NGOs, lawyers and former senior British military officers, as well as by United Nations Committee Against Torture fund the United Nations Special Rapporteur group, including the Special Rapporteur on Torture, “Bachelet said.

“I urge UK legislators in both the Houses of Parliament and Government to take these concerns fully into account when reviewing the bill, and to ensure that British law remains completely unambiguous with respect to accountability for international crimes committed by individuals at any time, anywhere or by. who they are committed to, “he said.

“The ability of British courts to resolve the most serious charges against military personnel, with the independence and justice they are known to around the world, must be defended and strengthened, rather than diminished by such problematic grounds,” he added. .

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CHSAA wants to expand the game to all Season D sports. | Instant News

DENVER – On Friday, the Colorado High School Activities Association (CHSAA) announced that it wants to expand the game to all Season D sports.

According to CHSAA, an email was sent by CHSAA to the member schools last night that read, “” … as state restrictions are lifted, CHSAA communicated directly with the OCR (Civil Rights Office) to receive a final statement on what could be done to provide improved games, meeting, a comprehensive event for all Season D attendees. If given the green light to increase opportunities for students participating in Season D, across all spring sports canceled in 2020, the Commissioner will seek that opportunity. “

The release states that CHSAA will seek to add, at least, 1 to 2 more games in exchange for the season that was canceled last year due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The CHSAA says that the current calendar will not allow a full season, an extended play-off format or an upgraded qualifier.

This is an ongoing story, and will be updated as more information becomes available.


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The commissioner wants the rainwater channel to be renovated immediately | Instant News

Deputy commissioners, Karachi Metropolitan Corporation (KMC) officials and other relevant departments and officials have been ordered to speed up renovations of Mehmoodabad Nullah, Gujjar Nullah and Orangi Nullah with coordinated efforts and ensure work is completed as quickly as possible. maybe.

Karachi Commissioner Navid Ahmed Shaikh chaired a meeting on Tuesday to review the progress of the KMC’s ongoing operations to clear storm drains from encroachment.

According to a press statement issued by the commissioner’s office, the Sindh Industrial Trade Zone Association (SITE) has also been invited to raise their concerns so that they can be appointed to ensure smoother operations. He directed the officials concerned to ensure the application of the hydrological model designed by the NED University team so that there are no obstructions in the waterways.

KMC senior director Mazhar Khan briefed the meeting on the progress of work being done at nullah. He said that the work to eliminate encroachment in Mehmoodabad Nullah had been completed, while construction and renovation work was being carried out by the Border Works Organization.

He said at the meeting that the rainwater channel was 3.5 kilometers long, and the renovations would include the construction of a 12-foot long road as well as a three-foot walk on both sides. He also briefed the meeting on the progress of the work on Gujjar Nullah, which is 13 km long. He said encroachment from the 7 km area had been eliminated, while the eviction of the 6 km area was being carried out.

He also said that the Orangi Nullah, which is an 11-kilometer drainage channel, has been cleared of encroachment up to an area of ​​6 kilometers, while work to evict encroachment in the remaining 5 kilometers is being carried out. The meeting also informed that the three rainwater drains will only be used for rainwater drainage and not for sewage purposes, where the sewers will be placed under roads and paths along this nullah.

The meeting also listened to complaints from representatives of the SITE Association, while they formed a committee chaired by District Deputy Commissioner Keamari Mukhtar Abro, with SITE Managing Director Shehzad Abbasi and KMC director Khan as members.


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We have a poverty crisis in New Zealand, we need to do more | Instant News

Aotearoa New Zealand Green Feast

The Greens are calling on the Government to do more for New Zealanders who continue to fall behind, as key benefits will rise to less than $ 8 a week tomorrow, Thursday 1 April (at the start of the financial year).

“We are experiencing a poverty crisis in New Zealand, and we must go further and faster to provide income support that enables everyone to live with dignity,” said spokesman for the Green Party for Social Development & Employment Ricardo Menéndez March.

“The current government expects one person over 25 to get by on just $ 250.74 a week, and tomorrow they should celebrate that raise to $ 258.51. That extra eight dollars wasn’t even enough to buy a lump of cheese.

“The government is dishonest in going on to say that indexing benefits to wages is the best thing they can do – even the Children’s Commissioner says they have to be brave and brave, and totally revoke benefits. Indexing of allowances against wages would mean little without a substantial increase in core benefits to close a gap that has continued for decades.

“For a third of New Zealanders who rent a roof over their head, and on average spend more of their income on housing than those who own a house, tinkering around the edges alone is not enough to help those who are already struggling. to endure, especially in the last 12 months since COVID-19 hit.

“And when the Auckland average house price rose $ 100,000 in February alone, we needed to do more.

“The Expert Welfare Advisory Group says our current welfare system is ‘no longer fit for purpose and needs fundamental change’.

“The Greens have plans to support all students and unemployed people, no matter what, with a Guaranteed Minimum Income of at least $ 325 per week. If there is anything we learn from COVID-19, whether bold and urgent action to change the system for our collective well-being is possible.

“We ask the Government to immediately increase the core benefits, as requested by their Expert Welfare Advisory Group in 2019.

“The workforce must implement the recommendations of the Welfare Expert Advisory Group. The gradual increase only keeps New Zealanders in poverty. “

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The commissioner, the food authority issued a notification in defense of the rising milk prices | Instant News

The Sindh High Court (SHC) has issued notices to the secretary of the provincial head, the Karachi commissioner, the Sindh Food Authority and others about a petition against the sale of milk at an increased price.

Petitioner Abdul Sattar Hakim submitted in his petition that the high court had previously set the price of milk at Rs90 per liter as per government notification; however, milk vendors in various parts of the city sold milk for Rs140 per liter in violation of court orders.

The petitioner said complaints had been filed with the Sindh Food Authority and the Office of the Commissioner against the sale of milk at a higher price but no action had been taken and instead the Commissioner’s Office had given freedom to the association of milk sellers to sell milk at a higher price. rates.

The applicant’s attorney notified SHC that the Office of the Commissioner had failed to fulfill its legal obligation to ensure that milk was sold at the declared price in the city. He added that the sale of illegal milk at higher rates has had a negative impact on the lives of the general public, especially children and babies.

The high court was asked to direct the food authorities and the Office of the Commissioner to ensure that milk is sold at the declared price, and detain milk sellers from selling milk at a higher price.

The applicant also asked SHC to direct the Sindh Food Authority to ensure that the milk available in the shop is chemical free so that it does not harm children and others.

A bench in the SHC division headed by Judge Mohammad Ali Mazhar, after the initial hearing of the petition, issued notices to the Karachi commissioner, the Sindh Food Authority and others, and summoned their comments.

Application for zoo animals

The SHC has directed the Karachi Metropolitan Corporation and the conservators’ wildlife department to submit comments on a petition calling for the provision of natural habitats for animals at the Karachi Zoo.

Petitioner S Yahya Ahmed, a representative from a non-governmental organization, stated that the zoo manager was responsible for significant damage to the animals currently being kept at the zoo.

He said there have been reports of deaths and diseases of animals living in the zoo, but the government is reluctant to disclose information about the health and welfare of these animals.

The petitioner argued that the lioness in the zoo looked very tired while the monkeys also lived in a very small enclosure and were not properly groomed. He said the zoo administration was not trying to re-create the tigers’ natural habitat and that the enclosures served as cages rather than shelters. He said zoo administration should be accountable to the public at large and ordered to reform its practices and procedures to improve zoos to international standards.

According to the petitioner, the animals in the zoo are subjected to inhuman conditions and their treatment violates Article 3 of the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act 1890.

The SHC was asked to direct the zoo administration to provide a list of all the animals present as well as those that have died over the past decade, and disclose their medical records. The petitioner also asked the high court to convert the zoo’s status to a wildlife reserve and to hire an experienced independent veterinarian to carry out a health assessment of all the animals currently residing there.

KMC and wildlife department officials appeared before the court and asked for time to submit comments on the petition. The wildlife conservator also sent a reply to the cause of the show notification and said that due to some coincidence, the notification was not given to him.

SHC issued a cause of performance notice issued to him at a previous hearing for his failure to appear in court. The division bench chaired by Judge Mohammad Ali Mazhar directed the KMC and the wildlife department to submit comments by April 15.


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