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Committee formed to improve the conditions of the graves: Administrator | Instant News

KARACHI – Karachi administrator Laeeq Ahmed said on Monday that a management committee was being formed to improve burial conditions in the metropolitan city.

“The involvement of social and welfare organizations in cemetery management will improve the overall situation,” the Administrator expressed this view while speaking at a meeting at the cemetery where representatives from various Karachi social and welfare organizations participated.

He said that in the first phase, work would start on the six cemeteries which would be expanded to the whole city gradually.

Senior Coordination Director Khalid Khan, Director Land Tariq Siddiqui, Cemetery Director Iqbal Pervez, Senior Manager Al-Khidmat Manzar Alam, JDC Secretary General Zafar Abbas, Yahya Attari from Faizan Global Foundation, Rehan Yaseen and Faheem Anwar from Alamgir Welfare Trust, Arif Jamali and Sajjad from Chhipa Welfare President of Sunni Ittehad Council Khalid Noor and others also attended the occasion.

Laeeq said a management committee should be formed to oversee funeral affairs. The committee will also formulate procedures for issuing certificates, he said.

Committee members will provide services to every citizen without discrimination and will provide all possible facilities to citizens who come to the cemetery for the burial of their loved ones and relatives, he said.

The first six graves include Sakhi Hassan Cemetery, Mohammad Shah Karachi North Cemetery, Issa Nagri Cemetery, Colony Model Cemetery, Tariq Street Cemetery and Al-Noor Cemetery where the situation will radically change once the management committee takes over.

Ahmed said efforts would be made to persuade residents not to insist on burying their loved ones in the cemetery where the bodies were already buried.

In the debriefing on this occasion, the Director of the Tombs Iqbal Pervez said, there were 203 graves in the city, 89 other public graves, while 39 were registered and 50 were not registered. Among the graves listed are 11 in the Central district, two in the East, 13 in the West, 9 in Malir and 4 in Korangi.

Pervaiz said: “Even though most of these graves are full, his relatives insist that burials should take place in a specific cemetery. The situation has changed due to the COVID-19 outbreak and an increase in the death rate. “

The Karachi administrator said that apart from the construction of a new grave, the condition of the existing cemetery must also be improved because it will solve many problems for the residents.

Ahmed said that it is very commendable that the social and welfare organizations working in the city have reached out to help improve the conditions of the graves.

“These organizations are aware of the burial situation in different parts of the city. Their cooperation in this work will be important, “he said.

The administrator warned that the mafia would not be allowed at funerals, adding that citizens have the right to a place at the cemetery at a fair price for the burial of their loved ones. One window operation is introduced in this case.

He said that the issuance of a certificate after being buried in a grave is also an issue that will be worked out through the executive committee to formulate a strategy, in which all rules and regulations will still be considered. Ahmed hopes that the work, which started with 6 cemeteries in the city, will gradually expand to the rest of the city and people will not face any difficulties for the burial of their loved ones in the future. “This is one of the main responsibilities of local agencies to manage funeral affairs and Karachi Metropolitan Corporation (KMC) will fulfill all of its responsibilities in this regard,” he concluded.


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There might be a strong ‘economic magician’ committee | Instant News

As usual, the National Assembly session on Thursday started late in the day and came straight to question and answer time. One really hopes that because of the terrifying third wave of COVID-19, Dr. Naushin Hamid, parliamentary secretary of health, will be persuaded to provide a comprehensive and diffusive answer. To get an answer like that, Ibu Hina Rabbani Khar from PPP also asked a series of sharp questions. Yet the parliamentary secretary failed to come up with any plans that would help us to believe that the government has a well-thought-out strategy for reaching the herd immunity stage.

Instead of focusing on worrisome public health issues, however, “our representatives” spent about twenty minutes figuring out why Pakistan was not yet able to produce cars, locally, and seemed stuck to keep assembling them by importing their prime spare parts.

Ms Alya Hamza Malik, Parliamentary Secretary for Industry, was very well equipped with detailed answers. With visible pride, he told the house that thanks to a determined initiative from the Imran government, not one but twenty-one automakers of global repute felt motivated to build a factory in Pakistan. Six of them have already started producing cars that you can notice on our roads. These cars are not only cheaper than well-known brands, but also meet strict safety standards. Most of them are also environmentally friendly.

“Our representatives” are not satisfied. They continue to wonder what percentage of locally produced parts are used to manufacture the recently introduced car. The many questions that were anxious in this regard forced Ms. Alya Hamza to give a short lecture to explain the notion of “economies of scale.”

The operative part of his lecture politely explained that in order to encourage large auto parts production, newcomers to the auto market would have to at least get orders for half a million cars. He also feels confident that Pakistan may enter that phase soon because of the policies adopted by the Imran government, which he stresses are entirely focused on economic growth and prosperity.

Addressing questions related to agriculture, he also refuses to support the perception that the agricultural sector is not doing well in Pakistan lately. He continues to insist that the average sugarcane and wheat farmer is never feeling as good as they are currently feeling. They get better rates than before and the factory owners also pay them instantly.

Hardly any member of the national assembly bothered to ask him that if things are so good regarding our agricultural sector, why does the government feel it must first approve and then quickly abandon the idea of ​​importing sugar and cotton from India to keep their prices ‘stable’ in Pakistan.

As an old school parliamentary reporter, I am sure that the amount of strong opposition will force the government to explain why the Economic Coordination Committee has decided to allow imports of the aforementioned goods from India after a long meeting held on Wednesday. It was more of the first major policy decision Hammad Azhar announced after replacing Dr Hafiz Sheikh as Minister of Finance of Pakistan. It is almost a day after the Federal Cabinet overturned the decision at its meeting Thursday.

But instead of asking questions about the ‘here and now’ issue, most members of the opposition would rather introduce a new set of laws they envision in their personal capacity wearing a ‘futuristic hat.’ Not surprisingly, ministers feel very comfortable in the face of reasonable, mature, and responsible opposition, even though their comfort often reeks of arrogance.

Ali Mohammad Khan, the state minister for parliamentary affairs, made the same point on Thursday. He is trying to pass a resolution to empower Asad Qaisar, Chairman of the national assembly, to form a parliamentary committee that devotes time and energy to ‘electoral reforms. “

The opposition members looked as if they were “shocked” by his move. Miss Shazia Atta Marri and Khurram Dastagir Khan delivered arrogant speeches reminding the government that they will not give “arbitrary power” to the Speaker. They also believe that there is basically nothing wrong with the legal instruments, which are designed to hold elections. The “real problem” came from elsewhere. Without specifying their point of origin, they continued to inform the Imran government that they should not expect compliant cooperation from the opposition, when it decided to move on its own in the name of reforming the election-related law. Instead of passing a resolution to the vote, the deputy chair quickly turned to “legislative work,” which of course led to a yawn.

In every nook and corner of parliamentary corridors, a small group of legislators and reporters eager to find out the intriguing details regarding the “massive overhaul” of the federal cabinet, Prime Minister Imran Khan may intend to announce “in a day or so.”

Imran Khan surprised us by suddenly announcing Dr. Hafiz Sheikh with the start of the ongoing week. His dismissal motivated many to feel as though he was fed up with ‘technocrats’ and after spending 30 months in government, he now wants to design and implement people-friendly policies with a new team. Instead of being dominated by ‘unselected advisers’, the team will represent the collective aspirations of hardline political types, who want to remain loyal to Imran Khan, rain or shine.

But after sacking Hafiz Sheikh and Nadim Babar, Imran Khan appointed another “unselected technocrat” to run the energy ministry. Omar Ayub Khan, who has accumulated a wealth of experience running a ministry dealing with finance since General Musharraf’s time as a “junior” minister, has run the ministry. He’s still there, but no one is sure about his future now.

Likewise, rumors are circulating that even after replacing Dr. Hafiz Sheikh, Hammad Azhar still need active and wise guidance to run a strong finance ministry. The name Shaukat Tareen, a veteran banker, circles in the context given.

Asif Ali Zardari first encountered Tareen after being elected President after the 2008 elections. Yousaf Raza Gillani was asked to hand the finance ministry over to him and he negotiated a hefty “bailout package” with the IMF. However, after a few months, he began to feel uncomfortable with the interference in his domain and opted to leave. Dr Hafiz Sheikh succeeded him, but failed to gain the trust of Asif Ali Zardari.

Don’t forget Shaukat Tareen, he was again approached to serve the Imran government in 2019, when Asad Umar felt unable to fly. Tareen refused because NAB had made a case against him.

The same case still exists, awaiting final closure by the Supreme Court. And Tareen does not want to face a so-called “media tribunal” after joining the Imran government to federal ministerial status and power.

However, the government seems determined to seek his direction, almost desperately. To facilitate the same, there may be strong committees of “economists” drafting policies for government. Tareen can chair him and Hammad Azhar will only be asked to implement the policies given by the committee.

But the young pastor must have felt very embarrassed. However, the federal cabinet has scrapped the first policy initiative he announced to allow imports of sugar and cotton from India. And this happened in the four days after he took over the finance ministry. Not a “good start” by all means.


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McFarling: Sweet 16 games, ranked by intrigue | Sports | Instant News

8.Creighton vs. Gonzaga (14:10, Sunday, CBS)

Do not take it wrong; Bulldogs are a lot of fun to watch. But they are the biggest favorites on the board in this round (-13.5). Their challenge comes later, if there is one.

7. Oral Roberts vs. Arkansas (7:25 pm Saturday, TBS)

No 15th seeded team has ever made the Elite Eight. By all means, run straight to television if Oral Roberts stays this close, just to give yourself a chance to watch history. But the Razorbacks are the 11-point favorite for a reason. This is where Cinderella usually gets her job done and calls Uber.

6. Oregon vs. USC (Sun 21:45, TBS)

Sweet 16’s final game saw two of the four Pac-12 teams still in play. Trojans are favored by just one point, making them the smallest spread on the board. But how many East Coasters have watched a lot of Pac-12 basketball this year? It was a late tip for us parents with no connection to the team.

5. UCLA vs. Alabama (Sunday 7:15 pm, TBS)

You have to imagine the teams playing in the First Four getting less love at the pool office than some No. seeds. 13 and No. 14 out there, simply because no one bothered figuring out who was going to win those extra games. The Bruins are at their peak at the right time, and this game is an athletic show.


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Football officials will likely band together against a committee installed by FIFA | Instant News

KARACHI: Football stakeholders in the country are preparing to forge a union to pressure the FIFA-installed PFF Normalization Committee to hold PFF elections instead of focusing on overseas events and tours.

Sources in various provincial and district associations said that Haroon Malik’s NC did not treat them fairly.

“Football at association level has been damaged and we cannot tolerate further delays in the PFF election,” a source told ‘The News’.

Former PFF president Syed Ashfaq Hussain Shah a few days ago held a marathon meeting with stakeholders in Karachi and other Sindh cities. It is hoped that a high-level stakeholder meeting will be held in Islamabad within days to decide on future action plans against the bizarre approach of Haroon’s PFF NC which is supposed to hold elections on 30 June this year.

Sources say it is likely Ashfaq’s former PFF will regain administrative control from the NC. In 2018 Ashfaq was elected chairman of the PFF in an election held based on a decision by the highest court.

However, the same body submitted a claim to the NC which FIFA posted in September 2019 on the condition that the NC would conduct fair and transparent elections.

Sources say Haroon is interested in taking on a mandate from FIFA to revise the PFF statute which is not the duty of NC.

Sources say there is no international sports law, an individual can change the law. Sources say Congress or a public body can do that. Even the International Olympic Committee (IOC) declared the general council of its association as the highest authority for making constitutional amendments.

Sources say FIFA should know that Pakistan is a very complex country and the texture of its football is also very complicated. The full involvement of stakeholders in conflict resolution is required.

Sources say the way the National Women’s Football Championship is organized reflects how little football knowledge the NC PFF has.

Sources said that every stakeholder who had a meeting with Haroon Malik was dissatisfied with his (Haroon) body language.

Haroon the other day told reporters here at KPT Stadium that the PFF election roadmap will be announced in the first or second week of April.

Sources said the roadmap is ready and could be launched by the end of this month, stressing NC’s main objective is to reveal it by the time Ramadan is about to start and stakeholders also don’t have time to react quickly and effectively.

Sources said without the consent of stakeholders, NC and FIFA should not take any steps that could be disastrous for Pakistani football.

Sources also emphasize that NC will be responsible for every penny spent on unnecessary events.

Sources said the NC training program for the preparation of the national senior team for the SAFF Cup which will be held in Bangladesh in September this year also has several gaps.

FIFA in September 2019 installed NC under Humza Khan, giving him a nine-month mandate to hold PFF elections until June 2020. However, it failed to meet the deadline. Its mandate was extended to 31 December 2020, and again NC could do nothing. After Humza’s resignation, FIFA brought in Haroon who is a Canadian citizen.

Sources said stakeholders would not tolerate any more delay tactics on the part of the NC.

Sources say only the elected body can work on football development as it not only has a full four-year mandate but also has provincial associations that contribute to the development of football.


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Foreign funding: Akbar S Babar seeks PTI records from the ECP oversight committee – Pakistan | Instant News

Published in March 10, 2021 5:37 am

Akbar S Babar seeks PTI records from the ECP oversight committee

ISLAMABAD (Dunya News) – Akbar S. Babar has requested PTI records from the ECP oversight committee. The Election Commission will hear his application on March 16 regarding foreign funding.

In detail, the ECP examination committee meeting regarding the alleged foreign funding of PTI has ended. The meeting reviewed the notes submitted by PTI.

Speaking to the media outside the KPU after the meeting, Akbar S. Babar said that we have appeared before the KPU and KPU 150 times. Today is the Oversight Committee meeting.

“We have asked for the details of the accounts of four PTI employees via SBP. We have also provided sample accounts, “he said.

He said the foreign funding case is a stigma in our system, only 30 days are left, 3 years have passed but the investigation is still pending. All PTI accounts are kept private from us.

Akbar S. Babar said that foreign funding from the United States and the Middle East was kept secret. Despite all the evidence, no action was taken against Imran Khan.

“Institutions are asked to enforce the law. If there is evidence, why should no action be taken,” he said, adding that Imran Khan was above the law.


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