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Oakland County Health Department aims to popularize Vaping – CBS Detroit | Instant News


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The NC governor announced $ 5 million to address food insecurity for communities hardest hit by COVID-19 | Instant News

“COVID-19 has destroyed the world, and as Pastors, we can handle this problem, but we don’t have the resources. “It is great to see Livingstone College playing a leading role as the AME Zion Church, other entities and state governments come together to tackle this great challenge,” said Dr. Dwayne Walker, Board of Trustees for Livingstone College and Pastor of Little Rock AME Zion Church in Charlotte.


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The Phenomenon Of Travel Deja Vu | Instant News

For those who have spent some time on the road (and remember that just over a year ago, intricacies such as traveling were considered tiring and part of the working day), there is a specific type of blur that sets in at a certain point. For me, this murky delirium usually hits between 15 and 20 hours of travel. The sterile similarity of the airport corridors blurs into each other in an endless corridor leading to nowhere. The stores are starting to repeat themselves, like glitches in the matrix (there’s a row of luxury stores that I think I saw in a specific model from Vegas to Venice). Hotel rooms, especially those intended for business, vary only in the view out the window. And people are starting to look like working acquaintances from decades past, elementary school teachers, or even the person you sat next to three flights home. Blinking as you step out of the recesses of the airport terminal into the brightness of the world beyond, the brain makes random connections with places past and present as it attempts to center itself in a new reality. Travel can cause a feeling of déjà vu and disconnection. getty This phenomenon is a strange sort of travel dissociation between place and geography – where the mind transplants elements of the strange new into the familiar. Scientists studied deja vu using virtual reality to map one location to another in the Sims video game, using the same layout for a rose garden and a junk. “These experiments have led scientists to suspect that déjà vu is a phenomenon of memory,” Sabrina Stierwalt wrote in Scientific American. “We come across a situation that looks like a real memory, but we cannot fully remember that memory. Thus, our brain recognizes the similarities between our present experience and that of the past. We are left with a feeling of familiarity that we cannot quite locate. So it’s no wonder that games like City Guesser are so familiar. The game features a walk down a city street (you can narrow your options from around the world to US, Europe, Canada, Japan, England, etc.). Those who like a challenge can be sent anywhere in the world (with a fixed location or time limit). Without context, you have to guess the location by dropping a pin on a map, which then tells you how far from the real place you walked in your answer. The game is far from easy, even in your home country. Think about how you navigate a new neighborhood – very rarely is it with a straight, straight path and a brisk walking pace. At home, we are distracted by phones, passers-by, the weather, and our own thoughts. In the game, our attention is drawn to interesting side streets, store windows and other details. City Guesser bears more than a fleeting resemblance to the Google Maps Street View-based GeoGuessr, which has a similar concept, but requires an account to play (GeoGuessr also relies heavily on the notion of community by including professional leagues and the possibility for players to make their own cards). Created by programmer Paul McBurney Jr., the game is inspired by user-submitted content on YouTube. “One of the most difficult feats in development has been acquiring footage for the game,” McBurney Jr. told The Burn-In. “City Guesser uses the built-in playback feature on YouTube to display content. People will post pictures of themselves walking around different cities. After posting, the original creators will decide whether or not they want to allow people to embed their video. “According to Palo Alto Online, McBurney Jr. is a 14-year-old local student at Gunn High School, who started working on the game in his spare time to bring people together.” One of the main goals of creating City Guesser is was to help others see places they had never been before, ”McBurney Jr. told The Burn-In.“ Once you’ve played a few tricks you’ll notice that all humans are the same where you go.” .

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Shawano Football will surrender to front row Edgar | Instant News

SHAWANO, WI- The Shawano Football team have found a game for next Friday night. The Hawks (3-1) will travel to Marathon County to face the Edgar Wildcats (4-0). Edgar is ranked No. 1 in Division 7 and was D7 State Runner-Ups last year. They’ve been in state championship game three of the past four years and last won the title in 2016. The Hawks were originally scheduled to play Menasha before the Blue Jays season ended. .

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Marcus Rashford: the public demonstration behind the campaign to end child food poverty | Public | Instant News

Marcus Rashford may have seen his efforts to get the government to provide food to the poorest children defeated in generally this week, however, the footballer has harnessed a force far greater than parliament in his fight to beat food poverty – the kindness of foreigners.

When the news broke that a Labor A motion to provide 1.4 million disadvantaged children in Britain with £ 15 a week in food vouchers over the holidays to Easter 2021 was rejected by the government on Wednesday night, dozens of hard-hit restaurants, bars and cafes contacted Rashford for assistance. .

The Manchester United and UK strikers’ campaign to end child food poverty calls for an extension of free school meals for more than 1.4 million British children, an increase in the value of Healthy Start fresh fruit and vegetable vouchers for low-income pregnant women, and an expansion of the holiday hunger scheme led by charity.

At 10.30pm on Thursday, Rashford expressed his intention: “Blown away by news of local businesses stepping up to fill the coupon scheme deficit during the mid-October period. Selflessness, kindness, togetherness, this is the England I know, “he said tweeted. “Add #ENDCHILDFOODPOVERTY to your tweet so I can track it. I will share as much as I can. “

Marcus Rashford talks about experiences with childhood poverty in the quest for free school meals – video

He then starts a steady stream of posts, mostly screengrabs from local sites on Facebook, tagged with where help can be found. Offers came from everywhere, including Wigan and Watford, St Helens and Middlesbrough, Hull, Falmouth, Liverpool and Lincoln.

Posting his last tweet just before midnight, the footballer restarted at 7.49am. As one observer put it: “Marcus Rashford appears to have established an alternative government.”

Owner He Trunk Tapas in Stevenage writes that the government’s decision not to fund food is “truly heartbreaking”, adding: “We can’t do anything to change that decision, so we need to help! We work in an industry that is being destroyed by this virus, but can’t use that as an excuse. “Customers applaud the move, offering to donate costs.” What a wonderful thing to offer, “wrote local Rohan Gordon.” Community spirit lives on. “

Even companies without a background in hospitality promise support, Summer Home Interior at Shrewsbury wrote, offering to make lunch bags for children as a receipt for free school meals, adding: “We’re not sure how successful this will be or how busy it will be so please be patient – we’re just trying to do our part for our community.”

Owner of Berry tea room at Cumbria offering packed lunches, saying as single parents of three children, they understand what it feels like to need help: “You can confidently send me a private message and stop by and pick it up. Please don’t feel embarrassed. “

Rashford on FareShare, Greater Manchester, with his mother. A charity network named the new warehouse in his honor. Photo: FareShare / Mark Waugh / PA

In north Liverpool, Panda taxi offer a free ride to any family who needs to the food bank, Manjaros at Middlesbrough promised to quietly deliver food packages, meanwhile Rhubarb Shed cafe in Sheffield offering sandwiches, cupcakes and hot chocolate after seeing other companies in Rotherham do the same. “Although this token may be small, we hope it brings smiles to the faces of some children during this dark time,” wrote the owner.

The tidal wave of goodness continued at Leeds, where Muntaz offering free chicken or vegetable biryanis to children between the ages of four and 16, writing: “This is NOT about politics. It’s about doing our part to help […] Kindness only produces good. We have to help each other during these difficult times. “

Boards including Redbridge and Southwark have also said they would go into breach. Redbridge board member Khayer Chowdhury writes: “If the government won’t feed starving children, this area of ​​London will.”

In response to the tweet, which continued on Friday, the mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, tweeted: “If you need to be reminded that our country is much better and more generous than this government, take a look @TokopediaTwitter feed this morning. #ENDCHILDFOODPOVERTY


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