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United States and United Kingdom Sign Civil Air Transport Agreement | Instant News

On November 17, the Governments of the United States and the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland finalized a civil air transport agreement. Secretary of State Michael R. Pompeo and Secretary of Transport Elaine Chao signed the Treaty for the United States on November 10 in Washington. Today, the UK Secretary of State for Transport Grant Shapps is signing on behalf of the UK, completing the Treaty signing process.

The agreement covers all the essential elements of Open Skies, such as unlimited capacity and frequency, open routes, open code sharing opportunities, liberal charter regime and market-determined pricing. The agreement also provides an extended “seventh freedom” of traffic rights for all cargo carriers and full market access to UK overseas territories and crown dependencies. Awaiting the entry into force of the Agreement through the exchange of diplomatic notes, both parties are prepared to implement its terms of respect and reciprocity as soon as the US-EU Air Transport Agreement ceases to apply to Great Britain.

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PM Khan accused the opposition of extortion over the FATF law | Instant News

(MENAFN – Gulf Times) Prime Minister Imran Khan said the opposition was trying to blackmail the government into a law on the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) in exchange for easing corruption cases against them.
He reiterated the government’s strong determination to continue the ongoing state accountability process.
In an interview with a private TV channel, the prime minister said the opposition was trying to blackmail the government under the pretext of the FATF law.
Khan said the opposition party’s goal was only to protect looted money, claiming that past governments destroyed national institutions, leaving large public sector organizations under heavy debt.
The prime minister also accused former prime minister Nawaz Sharif of targeting Pakistan’s military for his own interests.
Khan defends the army, who he says have always protected our homeland.
He said opposition leaders were trying to discredit the army, which was tantamount to dissolving the country.
The prime minister said that the incumbent government had put Pakistan on the right track, and that the people would soon see changes in the country.
Meanwhile, Minister of State for Parliamentary Affairs Ali Mohamed Khan said the government is ready to start talks with opposition parties, but that they must first return the national wealth that was stolen.
Speaking to private news channels, he said that the leadership of the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) and the Pakistan Muslim League of Nawaz (PML-N) were involved in massive corruption during their time in charge of the country.
Minister Khan said that the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) and other investigative agencies are carrying out an effective accountability process against corruption.
Answering a question, he said that if the opposition wants electoral reforms, then politicians must do it in parliament, which is the best forum for dealing with the issue.
Meanwhile NAB has decided to submit seven more references to corruption involving former ministers and government officials in different accountability courts.
The decision to effect this was taken at the NAB Executive Board (EBM) Meeting chaired by former NAB Chairman Hakim Javed Iqbal.
The meeting approved the submission of seven references to corruption, launched six investigations and three corruption investigations, said an NAB official.
He said the meeting had approved the closure of the investigation into Chaudhry Pervaiz Elahi, chairman of the Punjab Assembly and former Punjab minister, and others due to lack of evidence.
The official said that the meeting decided to propose a referral for former Balochistan health minister Rahmat Ali and others.
The defendants are alleged to have abused power and accumulated assets beyond known sources of income, and illegally awarded contracts and made illegal appointments.
The official said that the EBM agreed to another reference to Meer Mohamed Sadiqu, another former Balochistan minister.
The defendant is suspected of abusing his authority and illegally distributing five hectares of land in his name, which resulted in a loss of Rs280.2 million to the state treasury.
During the EBM meeting, the official said the anti-corruption agency also agreed to file a reference to Maqbool Ahmed, the former secretary of Balochistan’s monitoring and development.
The defendant allegedly misused his authority to award the contract to the contractor by reducing the cost of the reserve to Rs21mn from Rs32.15mn, which resulted in a loss of Rs11mn to the state treasury.
Likewise, the bureau also decided to file corruption referrals against former FC district officers Bannu Nisarullah Khan and Abdul Nawaz Khan, and others.


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Don’t let Imran turn the cops, Rangers into Tiger Force | Instant News

ISLAMABAD: PPP chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari said his party would not let Imran Khan turn institutions like the police, Rangers and military into his Tiger Force.

“We will save you from the destruction of Imran Khan and Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf because they fired people from Steel Mills, Radio Pakistan and Pakistan Television,” he said during a speech at a corner meeting in Rondu, Gilgit district. -Baltistan, where he is leading his party’s election campaign for the 2020 elections.

Former Gilgit-Baltistan Governor Qamar Zaman Kaira and PPP President Defender GB Amjad Hussain were also with Bilawal Bhutto during his visit to Rondu district. Bilawal said, “Right now, every level of society is protesting against the puppet government and the elected Imran Khan and only the PPP is the party which supports the oppressed masses, the marginalized and oppressed sections of society.”

He asked the public to give a two-thirds majority to PPP, so that they could realize the dreams of Shaheed Zulfikar Ali Bhutto and Shaheed Benazir Bhutto. He said the people of Rondu and all of Gilgit-Baltistan supported Shaheed Zulfikar Ali Bhutto and he ended GB’s FCR, subsidizing food, gasoline and clothing to people in GB and giving jobs to Gilgit-Baltistan people. “Then the GB people supported Shaheed Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto, who gave democracy to Gilgit-Baltistan, general elections to GB, brought Pakistani institutions to GB and gave women’s health worker programs to GB, thus providing jobs for women.

He said, “When the people of Gilgit-Baltistan supported former president Asif Ali Zardari, he gave the GB an identity, gave the assembly, governor and chief minister to Gilgit-Baltistan, and gave jobs and raised salaries and pensions to 150 and 100 percent respectively. -Each. Bilawal said, “Now you will support the PPP and he will give you your members in the National Assembly and the Pakistani Senate, you will be able to elect the prime minister of Pakistan and will participate in decision making for Pakistan.”

He said that PPP will give you right to rule and right to property. “We will provide a free Benazir birth card and hospital for heart, liver and kidney care, such as in Sindh province,” he said.

He asked the public to choose a PPP candidate from Rondu, Wazir Mohammad Khan, and rejected all puppets and independent candidates. He also asked the public to support the PDM opposition alliance for a democratic and prosperous Pakistan.

Bilawal said that he would be the voice of the GB people not only in Pakistan but all over the world.


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Imran asks the ‘Tiger Force’ to monitor food prices | Instant News


Islamabad, Oct 12 (IANS) Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan has assigned one million Korona Relief Tiger Force (CRTF) volunteers to monitor grocery prices, adding that he will discuss future mechanisms at a convention in Islamabad this week.

In a tweet on Sunday, the prime minister said: “On next Saturday I will meet with our Tiger Squad at the Convention Center. From now until then I want our Tiger Troops to regularly check the prices of daal, atta, sugar, ghee in the area. them, and post it on the Tiger Force portal. Will discuss the meeting on Saturday. “

Khan’s tweet came a day after he vowed to use all available resources in the state to lower food prices in the country.

In a series of tweets on Saturday, the prime minister said: “Starting Monday in the coming week, our government will use all resources available to the state to lower food prices.

“We have examined the causes of the price increase: is it true that there is a shortage of supply or is it just being hoarded by the mafia, smuggling, if any. Or price increases due to international prices such as palm oil, lentils, etc.

“Starting next week we will implement our strategy and action will begin to use all the organizations and resources of the country to lower food prices.”

The CRTF, which consists of a large number of doctors, engineers, lawyers and retired soldiers, has been established by the government to ensure the implementation of standard operating procedures (SOPs) aimed at reducing the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic.

It officially operates in the three Punjab provinces, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Balochistan in May following Prime Minister Khan’s speech to its members.


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The PPP criticized the government for asking Tiger Force to control prices | Instant News

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) leaders and senators Mian Raza Rabbani and Shireen Rehman strongly criticized the government for assigning Prime Minister Imran Khan’s Tiger Force to monitor and control daily commodity prices.

Former Senate chairman Mian Raza Rabbani on Monday called Prime Minister Imran Khan’s ‘Tiger Force’ to control commodity prices as a joke with the nation and similar mussolini has been asked to control prices.

“The state apparatus has been put into cold storage and the ‘Tiger Force’, like Mussolini’s, has been asked to control prices. This is a joke, ”he said in his statement Monday, when he criticized the government’s failure to control commodity prices. Raza Rabbani said, ‘Tiger Force’ has no legal sanction to take any action and or act on behalf of the country. He said the state apparatus had been put in cold storage and the federal government had to realize that Pakistan was not a fascist country where party functionaries and volunteers could act for and on behalf of the country.

He said the price of vegetables and dals had risen to such an extent that ordinary people could not afford more than one meal a day. “This is very condemned,” he said. Rabbani said the federal government had failed to take any steps to control the mafia and cartels because they were linked to their capitalist cronies. He said instead of controlling prices, the government is taking fascist steps such as media silencing, building narrow nationalism, declaring the government’s opponents as enemies of the state, choking academic freedom, destroying the workforce. movement and destruction of student movements; among many others. Rabbani said Pakistan in Jinnah would be a progressive federal welfare state, with a democratic government and a parliamentary form of government. “To reach Pakistan, the struggle must go on,” he said.

Meanwhile, the leader of the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) parliamentary Senate Sherry Rehman on Monday called on Prime Minister Imran Khan to stop paying attention and start taking action. “In the last two years, prime miners have noticed an eleven-fold increase in inflation, but we are still in the same place or this is also the responsibility of the previous government,” he said while condemning the increase in prices in the country.

Sherry Rehman said, “On the one hand, the prime minister said that the government has decided to use all the resources against inflation in the country and on the other hand, he is using the so-called ‘Tiger Force’ political volunteer service for hoard identification and management,” he said.

The PPP DPRD leadership questioned whether local government administrators were not competent enough to handle this matter. “How can the executive function of government be passed on to political volunteer forces, without training, credentials or legal legitimacy to oversee the functioning of the market,” he asked. He said asking politically tagged powers to monitor and check the prices of food and other goods in the presence of a full government including DC was a recipe for abuse of power that was given away. Sherry Rehman said instead of doing their job, ministers were busy targeting the opposition. He said, “Pakistan is experiencing the worst inflation, economic crisis and unemployment ever and we haven’t seen any action on that.” He said it was surprising that basic everyday necessities were beyond one’s reach now.


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