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Important roads were built to deal with traffic jams, said the Administrator | Instant News

KARACHI – Karachi administrator Laeeq Ahmed said on Thursday that a 97,000 square foot road had been built in Karimabad as it is an important area in the Central District. “Seeing that the road conditions in the area are dilapidated, work has begun to make it accessible to motorbikes. This will help solve the problem of traffic jams in Karimabad and its commercial area and keep traffic flowing, “the Administrator said while inspecting road construction under the Engineering Department in Karimabad, said a statement.

Ahmed said KMC used its machinery and labor force to reconstruct roads across the city. After surveying and inspecting various areas, this work is being carried out on a priority basis so that KMC Karachi’s resources can be used to improve the city’s infrastructure and citizens can take advantage of it, he added.

Administrators said that areas where traffic congestion is high and people commuting 24 hours is important to improve and keep roads clear. Improving the road network in the densely populated Central District will also help shorten distances and save fuel.

He said the Ministry of Works field team was carrying out reconstruction work on various roads and arteries wherever it was needed. The department is directed to complete the work without delay so that the community can be facilitated as soon as possible.

Previously, roads from Fresco Chowk to Old NED Campus, roads in Shahra-e-Qaedin, Malir, Korangi UC-15, Landi Kotal Chowrangi North Nazimabad have been repaired and rehabilitated which will help improve basic infrastructure.

He said that road rehabilitation work would also continue without interruption in the future. “The development goal should be to provide all possible facilities for citizens as that is the primary responsibility of local agencies,” he added.

The administrator directs the Department of Works to formulate a priority-based road repair and reconstruction strategy where needed.

“Planning ahead must be carried out in light of past experiences, Ministry of Work officials must play their part in this and work continuously to improve the city,” said Ahmed while pointing out that the work that will facilitate citizens should be done based on priority. .


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ISTEP Fund Helps Local Producers Expand Exports to UK, Brazil, Mexico | Instant News

ISTEP Fund Helps Local Producers Expand Exports to UK, Brazil, Mexico | RiverBender.com


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KTBA asks for a solution to the problem of adjusting the tax on services | Instant News

KARACHI: The Federal Revenue Council (FBR) does not allow manual adjustment claims to provincial services and an automatic function is also unavailable, causing difficulties for taxpayers, tax practitioners said.

In a letter, the Karachi Tax Supervisory Association (KTBA) highlighted that data / invoices from all provinces are not synchronized and are not available automatically.

This not only creates problems for taxpayers claiming the provincial input tax (service input tax), but they are also unable to submit their monthly tax returns for March 2021 (last e-filing date 18 April 2021).

In most cases, it appears that the service input tax data before the March 2021 tax period are not available, so taxpayers cannot claim them.

Banks and other businesses such as courier services, etc., deposit provincial sales tax (ST) as bulk entry instead of depositing it with each taxpayer, which affects the service input tax.

Furthermore, service input tax is only for taxpayers who have been taken who have submitted / submitted their returns electronically, who do not need to delay ST filing.

Taxpayers in some cases cannot claim service input tax in ST returns, although the same is available under Appendix A.

Apart from the above, there are other teething issues for taxpayers and tax practitioners, including but not limited to withholding taxes on STs that are seen as payable, previously deleted service input tax entries not being uploaded again, and service input tax deferral.

To solve this problem, KTBA suggested that until now the new system is fully functional “use the old system and the new system for service input tax claims” so that taxpayers can claim the original ST they paid for.

He also suggested that the old system of service input tax claims should be phased out, not a sudden ban. Once the system is fully functional, KTBA suggests providing the option to manually claim service input tax.

KTBA said the use of IT-based archive technology / digitization is the only way to solve complex multi-faceted problems, including fly / fake input taxes. However, the sudden implementation of the new scheme in the middle of the MoU signed by the federation and the province to develop a single SPT is likely to create chaos and chaos for taxpayers.

KTBA said appropriate measures, including but not limited to extending the March 2021 tax period date were needed to reduce pressure on taxpayers and KTBA members.


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78 percent of Ehsaas digital surveys completed: Dr. Sania Nishtar | Instant News

ISLAMABAD: Special Assistant to the Prime Minister (SAPM) for Social Security and Poverty Alleviation Dr Sania Nishtar on Friday said that Ehsaas’ digital survey will cover every corner of the country until June 2021 for proper identification of the poor, under the umbrella of the Ehsaas Program.

“More than 78 percent of the Ehsaas Program’s digital surveys have been completed to date to enroll underprivileged people to bring them into the social safety net,” he said in an interview with the PTV news channel.

SAPM promises that Ehsaas’ digital survey process will be impartial and merit-based without any political influence, according to Prime Minister Imran Khan’s vision. He urged the media to play their role in creating mass awareness about the survey, adding that the registration of new beneficiaries was dependent on data from the new survey.

Regarding the one-window facility to be eligible under the Ehsaas Program, he said the operation would be inaugurated this year, adding that the Center would facilitate beneficiaries to get information about all Ehsaas benefits and services available to them in one place. The first ‘One Window Ehsaas Center’ opens in Islamabad, which will be a one-stop shop that will integrate all Ehsaas programs under one roof, he added.

SAPM said single window operations centers will also be established in other major cities, which will help Ehsaas Program beneficiaries, in addition to reducing the possibility of duplication. He said the Ehsaas Program was the government’s major poverty alleviation initiative under the vision of PM Imran Khan, which brought positive changes in the lives of the poor and deserving.

He said the government had launched more than 140 programs, policies and initiatives for 14 different mass categories under the Ehsaas Program including the very poor, orphans, widows, homeless, unemployed, poor peasants, laborers, sick people, who are at risk of medical impoverishment. , those who are malnourished, students from low-income backgrounds and poor women and the elderly.

He said that the prime minister just wanted everyone in the country to have enough food and shelter, adding that the prime minister had launched various ‘arrows’ programs. [shelter homes] and ‘Koi Bhokha Na Soye’ [No one should sleep hungry] for the homeless, which has now opened across the country. The government is exerting maximum efforts and resources to bring about positive change in society and ensure the welfare of the poor, he added.


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