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The troll makes up for the ban on accessibility and is a bastard | Instant News

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This week, a hypothetical player claimed to have been banned from using action role-playing games Road of exile Use macros to make the game accessible. Other participants and accessibility activists have also assumed their responsibilities. Now, it seems that the whole thing is a troll. According to my professional news point of view: what is it?

PC gamers Have an in-depth understanding of this situation.in a Posts deleted now On a Reddit of legal advice, a user who claimed to be poelegalthrowaway00 wrote that they have been using macros because of an industrial accident that affected the use of one hand and some fingers. Road of exile Let them refresh multiple potion fans, which is a necessary part of their game play. They wrote: “I was recently banned from using this account. I spent hundreds of dollars on the account and wanted to know if I had any problems because my disability meant that I had to use macros to play games… I don’t think This macro is deceiving because it won’t give me any unfair advantage, and in fact I can’t live without it.

Road of exile Players and advocates of game accessibility have used social media to condemn the ban. Steven Spohn, COO of Able Gamers Tweet About the situation Road of exile The Twitter account wrote: “Although macros are a tricky topic, you should investigate to find a fair solution.” This Road of exile account Respond to Spoon said: “We have contacted them on Reddit and are waiting to hear more information. We want to reiterate that this is not in line with our internal policies and we could not find any accounts that have been banned for this purpose. ” PC gamers Received similar responses from CEO and founder Chris Wilson Road of exile Developer Grinding Gear Games told the media “It’s not in line with our internal policy to prohibit this, and we couldn’t find any evidence that this happened.”

Grinding Gear could not find any evidence because the ban was clearly a scam.In another Now deleted Post, poelegalthrowaway00 admitted that the situation has been made up.They wrote: “I am an educator and I used this as an example to show my class how easy it is [is] Manipulate public opinion and discourse on social media. “They explained that they chose Road of exile The reason for this demonstration is that the game is “relatively innocuous compared to things such as politics.”If possible, please allow me to provide This opposite.

“use Road of exile poelegalthrowaway00 wrote, “This also proves how easy it is to convince people that you can persuade you to be an expert in the field even if you have no experience.” They ended up feeling sorry for me with an improvisational tone. If I hurt your feelings, he wrote: “If you feel confused or angry about it, don’t feel sad. Everyone is fascinated by these tricks.”

in a Reply For another user on reddit, poelegalthrowaway000 claimed that the experiment had passed the school’s ethics committee and wrote: “If a person’s misinformation on trivial things such as video games could have this effect, imagine Let’s talk about the meaning of politics, climate change, etc. This is done by thousands of people from various organizations.” WHO can Imagine!

PC gamers It was written shortly after the explanatory article was published that it was edited and claimed that someone published the article by hacking poelegalthrowaway00’s account, but who knows that this is true. All posts have now been deleted.

No matter what the facts are, whether this is some educational thought exercise, or the whole thing is a hoax of the trolls at the beginning, or the question that poelegalthrowaway00 originally posed is true, and the trolls hacked them to destroy it. The possibility-the whole thing is disgusting.in a Twitter Spohn feels deeply about this: “People are already skeptical about people who claim to be disabled… You make the world more difficult for legally disabled people to get the attention of developers.”

Spoon wrote on Twitter: “There is a troll who will not cross a line.” “Pretending to be disabled and asking for help in the game is forbidden. Even people who twitch know that it’s too much. Although I do. The day when someone passes the customs will come, but I cannot express my disgust and anger.”

“Honestly, I feel uncomfortable with all of this,” Wilson told PC gamers. “This is undermining the legitimacy of the actual problem, and the Twitter thread has caused us considerable public relations losses.”

It should be obvious to any reader KosakuInspiring players’ anger is far from harmless. Death threats and harassment are rampant in our hobbies, and these issues are far less important than accessibility.Regardless of the game, using false disability claims to prove opinions or just to make a joke is disrespectful, cruel, and positively harms people with disabilities, who often have toAccess right Assure them in accordance with the law. Wrong statements will give bad actors more ammunition, they will question the credibility of people talking about their needs and experiences, and demand that they have the right to participate in a world that usually only considers certain specific bodies.

Great work will make everything worse, worse, and make life harder for millions of people in order to make some Reddit votes. If you are really a teacher, then the best lesson your students can learn from you is not to be like you.


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Shortage does not eliminate big technology revenue—but | Instant News

The world’s largest technology companies effectively rely on chips to run.But their abilities provide them with some protection against Semiconductor production shortage At least for now, it is also plagued by other industries.

In the upcoming first quarter earnings report, how many protective measures will become obvious. Apple, Microsoft, Amazon.com, Facebook, and Google’s parent company Alphabet (Alphabet) are very different, but to some extent, they all sell their own devices with processors. , From smart phones to smart speakers to virtual reality headsets. They all run a huge network of giant data centers to provide cloud software, e-commerce and social networking services, as well as movies, TV shows and video games.

But the chip production is insufficient Troubled automotive and other industries The performance of large technology companies in the third quarter is not expected to change much. According to consensus estimates by FactSet, compared with the same period of the previous year, the revenue and operating income of the above five companies are expected to achieve strong double-digit growth. In fact, these five companies are expected to increase their revenue by an average of 29%-a feat considering that the group’s consolidated revenue may usually be slightly below $300 billion in the slowest quarter of each quarter.

The division’s operating income is expected to exceed revenue growth, indicating that analysts did not anticipate additional cost pressures that may be caused by factors such as component shortages. It is estimated that the operating income of the five major technology companies will increase by an average of 43% over the same period last year, reaching a total of approximately 61.5 billion US dollars.

How do large-scale technologies do this? The financial and operational influence of global technology giants usually puts them at the top of the list of chip and other key component manufacturers. Moreover, the prices of chips such as smart phones, personal computers and central processing units in data centers are much higher than the prices of many chips used in cars, which cost less than $1. As a result, chip manufacturers will give priority to the production of these high-end chips.


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Google will close the Google Shopping app for iOS and Android | Instant News

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If you want to use the Google Shopping app to shop on iOS or Android, you’d better switch to the web version. According to reports, Google will close its “shopping” application within a few weeks.

Found a hint that the axe is coming XDA developers Thursday was coded with a code in the latest version of the Google Shopping app, which allows users to shop in thousands of stores and use their Google accounts to buy goods.The news was later confirmed 9to5Google, Which means that the application will turn black, but will continue to work until June. Nevertheless, this does not mean that Google Shopping is about to disappear.This Web version And the “Shopping” tab in Google search will still be activated.

A Google spokesperson told 9to5Google: “In the next few weeks, we will no longer support the shopping application.” “All the features that the application provides to users can be found on the “Shopping” tab. We will continue to work on the “Shopping” tab. The “Shopping” tab and other Google interfaces (including Google apps) are built into features that make it easy for people to discover and buy products they like.”

The media reported that some users who upgraded to version 59 of the Google Shopping app received a message informing them that the app was unavailable in recent days.

The message read: “The app is currently unavailable, but you can continue shopping on shopping.google.com.”

Given that the web version is almost the same as the app, there is not much to mourn here, which is really surprising considering that it is Google. I am still disappointed by the demise of Google Hangouts and confused as to which Google product is the right choice. (Although there is a guide).

Are you hit by Google Shopping app news? do not be afraid.Will definitely remember it here Killed by GoogleSo far, this large technology giant has decided to record 227 applications, services and hardware.


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According to reports, Reddit is cooking its own club-style voice chat function | Instant News

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Rumors say that the homepage of the Internet may be the latest online platform to build social audio features in voice-only chat applications club.

A person familiar with the matter said on Friday that Reddit is quietly incorporating voice chats run by the host into the platform. Can be mixed and matched report. In an interview with the media, the source said that the development of this function is confidential and is still in the early stages.

If this voice chat feature does come to light, it is likely to be launched under Reddit’s “power-ups” banner, the company launched a plan last year to experiment with new subscription-based features for a single subreddit.

In its Initial announcement, Reddit lists several examples of these features, which are called power-on features, such as “capable of uploading and streaming high-definition quality video”, “video file limit doubled” and “embedded GIF in comments”, etc. . After the members of Subreddit purchase a monthly power-on subscription, Subreddit can release these privileges, and the minimum threshold of each community is determined by its size.

At that time, Reddit made it clear that it wanted to hear user suggestions.

Reddit said in its August announcement: “The new experiment will help create a framework that allows us to add a’nice to have’ feature to subreddit.” After getting input from the early testing community, more features will be added.”

GAbout all the buzz Social audio service these days, I suspect that “voice chat” scores very high in the suggestion list.in spite of I can Learn why Reddit might want to keep it secret now Given how it was messed up Try to introduce chat room last year. TLDR: Reddit launched this feature almost without warning, and the idea of ​​review seems to be zero, because subreddit mods cannot opt ​​out or control chat. It was a disaster.

Reddit did not immediately respond to Gizmodo’s request for comment, but we will definitely update this blog after it is updated.

Time will tell whether this audio chat boom is overwhelming, but it is obvious that the landscape is rapidly becoming crowded. Since its launch in March 2020, Clubhouse has inspired several imitators, with Twitter, LinkedIn, relaxationAnd TikTok’s parent company, Byte beating, According to reports, everyone is eager to operate through their audio chat function. Facebook also Start beta testing it Clubhouse clone, a web-based Q&A platform, This is the hotline this week.


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#BoycottGenshin is disrupting the Genshin Impact community | Instant News

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last night, Yuanzhen Shock Due to various wrong reasons, it became popular on Twitter. Which one is it?Well, this is the truth: no one really agrees that the core of the volcanic eruption that erupts next to it is Developer miHoYo’s cash cow. Currently, #BoycottGenshin tags Consists of legitimate complaints about stereotypes, other complaints that don’t require very few asterisks, and a lot of debate about which is which.

Although it is difficult to trace the exact source of the hashtag, it does seem to increase the speed due to the discussion of Hilichurls (one of them). XuanxinThe most common enemy types- A developer video that briefly introduces indigenous dance Used as their reference point.But others suggested that the conversation start Due to rumors that the upcoming in-game content has been delayed.Since the hashtag started, it has been trending many times Use a different name with Pick up the extra bones to pick upIncluding accusations of racial discrimination and color discrimination, involving two playable characters Xin Xin and Kai Ya, as well as minor NPCs vying to follow other child characters.

The scope of the fans’ debate has been widely announced, that is, all dissatisfaction with the legalization of SJW’s standard culture war strategy, and insistence that games (especially based on reality and can affect reality, especially in games that are popular across continents)Completely divorced from reality. As you can imagine, it’s on Twitter and elsewhere (for example, This Yuanzhen Shock Subreddit.

EBut the argument is The minefield itself in the larger #BoycottGenshin minefield. Hilichurl’s discussion is the clearest statement, it’s what it’s saying because it’s still It’s not entirely clear. To be sure, miHoYo showed a video of an indigenous dance in the studio tour video as a reference for its animal humanoid enemies, but this is not good.

“I just want to say that Hilichurls inspired by indigenous people are definitely not good,” said a player who claimed to be an indigenous person. Wrote on Twitter. “People used to laugh at their dances, but people (including me) now find that this situation is really hurtful. This makes us feel that we are being laughed at something that is of great significance to us. miHoYo, our culture is not something you can accept and use. Things. It’s not good, it’s not funny, I’m really disappointed. Many of us are.”

Even in the anti-#BoycottGenshin crowd, some people agreed that miHoYo dropped the ball here.However, others pointed out that Hilichurls are not pure villains (they are Manipulated by another group of villains) And they are very similar to one of Bokoblins Yuanzhen ShockThe most influential is The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.The former misunderstands why stereotypes are harmful (just because characters who may not be villains have enacted stereotypes, they don’t suddenly get better), while the latter has become a bigger topic, namely the #BoycottGenshin hashtag is just beginning to study :existing “Primitive” humanoid enemies In many action-adventure games and RPGs.

In short, Bokoblins’ animations, skull necklaces and other portraits more subtly evoke local stereotypes (not to mention other stereotypes, such as those around Haitian Fudu), which are integrated into a series of videos Game enemies, these enemies are based on the stereotype of “tribes” to convey the message of lack of civilization or wisdom.Orcs are Their own conversation, But when discussing the orcs, the author NK Jemisin continued to write about fantasy non-human races.

“An orc is a person who can be slaughtered without a conscience or an apology,” Jemisin wrote in a 2013 blog post. “A creature that looks like a human, but it’s not. It’s a bit like a person whose most basic moral considerations like the right to live are not worthwhile. The only way to deal with them is to completely control them, or completely eliminate them.”

This is not strictly Yuanzhen Shock in other words. Whether we are talking about Hilichurls, Bokoblins, or other endless badass racial fantasies, it will always return to the same ugly calculus. in this aspect, Yuanzhen Shock Neither exemption from liability nor exception. This is Trope’s latest ranking and represents a broader systemic issue in the game. In the medium of imaginable infinite worlds, it may be time to get rid of the notion of subhumans. Maybe it’s already here.

#BoycottGenshin’s other arguments (the tricky people are not all supported by people who support the hashtag).On the one hand, the in-game text Does describe a character with a darker complexionYinyan has a “fierce appearance” that can be compared with “one of the little hooligans wandering in the market”, which inspires the “fear” of people who see her and make their children cry. On the other hand, this seems to be more attributable to her clothes-all spikes and punk rock gear-rather than just her skin tone. Another darker-skinned character, Kaeya, is described as “exotic.” However, this may be because he is from a place called Khaenri’ah, rather than Teyvat, the country where the game took place.

still, Player pointed out Compared to the rest of the game, the skins of these two characters are only black May not be a coincidence It was considered terrible, and it attracted accusations of colorism, but it went further Promote discussion About specific regions of Asia Yuanzhen Shock Is drawing inspiration from its current (and upcoming) language environment. This is also very tricky. Some people cited the Asian roots of the game as a reason to shut down the representatives in the game.Many people do with Representatives opposed to other forms seem to have no first-hand experience of the culture and place they are discussing.

The topic of pedophilia is equally confusing. There are two underage characters, Barbara and Flora, Have older male NPC cravings. In the former case, it is a misguided super fan because Barbara is basically a pop star. In multiple missions, the game described it as being in an awkward situation in a completely bad situation. Taking Flora as an example, things are not that simple. Otherwise, an unknown National People’s Congress stated that he would one day “acknowledge my love for Flora on a dandelion boat”, if not because of the addition of This line, it would be very offensive. In the early version of the game, Flora’s character model at the time was an adult female rather than a child. However, miHoYo has been canceling the production line for several months, and although fans have noticed it previously, it still hasn’t.Then the game Rely on telescope Petite, high-pitched female character with a childish appearance and tendencies- There are also tricky (though less discussed) meanings.

Some people on Twitter have described the #BoycottGenshin feature as the sudden irritation caused by the DLC delay, making it inherently ambiguous. Obviously, despite this, many doubts (and others related to security and game business models) are brewing. Yuanzhen Shock‘S fan base for a while. Whether hashtags will bring tangible changes, or like many other well-intentioned campaigns, whether the modern, participation-driven Internet structure is destined to drown out toxicity remains to be seen.


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