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The Biden government plans to continue seeking the extradition of Assange: official WikiLeaks | Instant News

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – President Joe Biden’s administration plans to continue extraditing WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange from Britain to the United States to face charges of conspiracy hacking, the US Justice Department said.

FILE PHOTO: WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange addresses the balcony of the Ecuadorian Embassy, ​​in central London, England February 5, 2016. REUTERS / Peter Nicholls / File Photo

Justice Department spokesman Marc Raimondi on Tuesday said the US government would continue to challenge a British judge’s ruling last month that Assange should not be extradited to the United States because of the risk he would commit suicide.

In the Jan. 4 ruling, the judge, Vanessa Baraitser, said, “I find that Mr Assange’s mental state is such that it would be very pressing to extradite him to the United States.”

British judges set Friday as a deadline for the United States to appeal his decision to ban Assange’s extradition.

Raimondi said the United States would challenge Baraitser’s decision. We continue to work on his extradition.

WikiLeaks drew the ire of the US government after publishing thousands of pages of classified reports and documents produced by the American military and intelligence agencies, including detailed descriptions of the CIA’s hacking capabilities. WikiLeaks also published hacked emails from Hillary Clinton’s 2016 Democratic campaign and top advisers, which Clinton and some of her supporters said was a factor in her election defeat to Republican Donald Trump.

The debate over a possible American move to seek Assange’s extradition from Britain first emerged nearly a decade ago when Barack Obama was president and Joe Biden as vice president.

Obama’s Justice Department decided not to request Assange’s extradition on the grounds that what Assange and WikiLeaks were doing was too similar to journalistic activities protected by the First Amendment of the US Constitution.

Trump administration officials escalated public criticism of Assange and WikiLeaks just weeks after taking office in January 2017 and then filed a series of increasingly violent criminal charges accusing Assange of participating in a hacking conspiracy.

Assange’s supporters have pressured the Biden administration to drop the charges against him during Biden’s first 100 days in the White House.

Reporting by Mark Hosenball; edited by Jonathan Oatis


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Experian said it was investigating if it was involved in a Brazilian data breach | Instant News

(Reuters) – Credit data firm Experian said on Monday it was continuing to investigate whether the personal data of millions of people in Brazil it found being offered illegally for sale online could be linked to its Brazilian business Serasa.

UK-registered Experian, the world’s largest credit data group, said it had found so far that the data offered for sale included photos, social security details, vehicle registrations and social media login details, which Serasa did not collect or store.

“Although there is no in-depth investigation to date

evidence that our technology systems have been compromised, ”the company said.

The premarket indicator pegged a 2% decline for its shares on the open market.

Local news reports in Brazil said cybersecurity researchers found in January that the personal data of more than 200 million people may have been leaked and offered for sale online, but it is unclear where the data came from.

News of the breach comes less than a year after Brazilian health insurance company Hapvida said it had experienced a cyber attack that could potentially involve access to its customers’ personal information.

Sao Paulo-based aircraft manufacturer Embraer said in December that the plane had been targeted by hackers, who obtained disclosure of data allegedly linked to the company.

However, Experian says there is no evidence that positive or negative credit data was obtained illegally from Serasa.

Equifax Inc, Experian’s US-listed rival, announced the biggest-ever settlement for data breaches in 2019, agreeing to pay up to $ 700 million to settle claims that they broke the law during the 2017 data breach of customers related to US, UK and Canada and to pay back injured consumers.

Reporting by Muvija M in Bengaluru; Edited by Rachel Armstrong


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Leonardo Italia will provide a cyber testing and training system to Qatar | Instant News

MILAN (Reuters) – Leonardo Italia has signed a contract with the Qatar Foundation for Education, Science and Community Development to provide cyber security services, the aerospace and defense group said on Wednesday.

Under the agreement, Leonardo will supply the Qatar Computing Research Institute (QCRI) platform to facilitate training of cyber security operators and enable the agency to assess the resilience of digital infrastructure to cyber attacks.

Reporting by Francesca Landini


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New Zealand’s financial market regulator said NZX failed to meet technology standards | Instant News

FILE PHOTOS: People view exchange rates displayed on the NZ Stock Exchange in Wellington on 23 September 2009. REUTERS / Anthony Phelps

(Reuters) – New Zealand’s financial market regulator says the country’s exchange operator’s technology systems are “inadequate” following an investigation into several blackouts and cyber attacks that hit exchange operators last year.

The Financial Markets Authority (FMA) said on Thursday NZX Ltd’s technological capability to meet market operators’ obligations was not present across the platform, adding that the exchange lacks planning in its approach to cyberattacks because it is “predictable”. (bit.ly/2Nz1FPu)

The exchange operator suffered disruption due to high volume in April and was hit by a week-long distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack in August, which crashed its website and briefly halted trading.

“NZX accepts that they are not meeting the high standards it has set for itself in key areas of technology resources,” the exchange operator said in a statement.

NZX also said it would work with the FMA to develop an action plan to increase the exchange’s technology resources.

Reporting by Anushka Trivedi in Bengaluru; Edited by Aditya Soni


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Australia’s securities regulator said the server was hit by a cyber security breach | Instant News

(Reuters) – Australia’s securities regulator said on Monday that there was a cyber security breach on the server used to transfer files including a credit license application on which some information may have been viewed.

The Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) said it was aware of the incident on January 15 although it appears that a credit license form or attachment was not downloaded.

“While the investigation is ongoing, there appears to be some risk that some limited information may have been seen by threat actors,” the regulator said in a statement late Monday.

The server has been disabled and no other technology infrastructure has been breached, ASIC added.

The incident occurred with file sharing software provided by California-based Accellion. The same software was used by New Zealand’s central bank, which faced cyber attacks earlier this month.

Accellion did not immediately respond to a Reuters request for comment.

Reporting by Rashmi Ashok and Nikhil Kurian Nainan in Bengaluru; Edited by Toby Chopra


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