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Covid 19 coronavirus: Benedict Cumberbatch fears he is ‘patient zero’, spreading the virus around the world | Instant News

Cumberbatch stars as Doctor Strange the Marvel franchise. Video / Disney

Benedict Cumberbatch fears he might become the “patient zero” coronavirus.

The “Imitation Game” star was very sick towards the end of 2019 after flying to South Africa and he is now worried he helped spread the coronavirus around the world before even the first cases were confirmed.

Speaking to independent.co.uk, he explained: “I was so sick that when all this Covid problem suddenly broke out in the new year, I thought, oh my God, I’m actually impatient. I’m so sick – it’s pneumonia. limit. “

It was previously revealed that Benedict donated NZ $ 23,600 to purchase a hospital scrub.

The actor made a donation while he was in New Zealand. She contacted Savile Row tailor Emma Willis after she launched her Style For Surgeons initiative in April.

Emma – who previously wore Benedict, 44, for the on-screen shirt and for her wedding to Sophie Hunter in 2015 – said: “It’s just incredible. I got a call from him out of the blue saying: ‘This is Benedict, I’m in New Zealand”. She said: “I’ve heard of your Style For Surgeons and I would love to get involved. What can I do?” I said, ‘We aim to raise £ 30,000 and we have £ 12,000 more to raise to cover fabric costs, we cover manufacturing costs. ‘ He said: ‘The count is done,’ and transfers the rest of the money, “he recalls.

“He clearly feels a real need to be supportive. We are doing ongoing work with him and something is also being worked on. I think people, like Benedict, who use their influence and fame to support that important cause are amazing. They see how they can be. helping people through their fame in such a positive way. “

The actor previously said he was “blessed” to spend time in New Zealand with his family, including his elderly parents.

He spent level 4 standby time in New Zealand last year after accidentally getting caught in a border closure while working on a film in the country.

Cumberbatch was in New Zealand filming “The Power of the Dog” with Kiwi filmmaker Jane Campion when the country was locked in March last year.

He said he was lucky to be “trapped” in New Zealand with his family.

“We are very blessed to be there … Very, very lucky,” he told Newshub.

The actor revealed that he spent time in the country with his wife, three sons, and his parents, who are in their 80s.

“By then it was too late to risk going back home. My parents are with me in their 80s, and my father has severe asthma … and my three sons and my wife, our very cheerful group. We are very happy. could not have had a more fortunate situation, we were very lucky and I just hugged them close to me, “the actor” Doctor Strange “added.

“We couldn’t land in a more fortunate situation,” he said.

The actor, now back in London, can’t say enough good things about Kiwi hospitality.

“One of your greatest characteristics – if I am so brave to analyze it – is your hospitality, your hospitality, your open-mindedness to all entrants. We feel very, very honored to be in your company, we really do, so thank you, from the bottom of my heart, “he said during a video interview.

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Stocks fell as political concerns weighed on | Instant News

Stocks landed hard on Monday after fresh political noise weighed on a winning rally of PM’s confidence vote amid a lack of triggers, dealers said.

The KSE-100 Stock Index of Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX) slumped 1.72 percent or 786.29 points to close at 45,051.06 points. Volume increased to 459.87 million shares from 317.237 million on Friday. The KSE-30 Stock Index was corrected 1.58 percent or 303.10 points to close at 18,870.73 points. A total of 405 scripts are active, 85 of which are progressing, 311 are rejected and 9 remain unchanged.

Ahsan Mehanti of Arif Habib Corp said support was seen after the Prime Minister won a vote of confidence especially from institutional purchases in oil and banking scripts due to surging global crude oil prices and higher bank deposits.

However, concerns over political uncertainty and expectations of an electricity tariff hike under the IMF’s recovery program to loosen circular debt hit sentiment hard, added Mehanti. Topline Securities in its daily market review said PSX opened on a positive note, making an intraday high of 595 points mainly on PM Imran Khan’s winning vote of confidence at National.

Assembly, higher international oil prices and international markets.

“The continuing concern over inflation and political noise (the election of the Senate chairman and the long PDM march) caused the market to make an intraday low of 988 points,” the broker said.

An analyst at Pearl Securities said the index witnessed another major slump, despite starting the day in the green zone. Stocks took cues from regional markets, giving their opening gains supported by rising bond yields that shifted investor interest from equities to bonds, he said.

Additionally, the US Senate passed a $ 1.9 trillion COVID-relief bill but was unable to help declining market sentiment, analysts added. Dealers said the political uncertainty stemming from a possible change in Punjab’s political setting was troubling investors, at the same time that the recent rapid spike in inflation also caused investors to think twice about the impending monetary policy and its implications. As a result, companies marketing cement, steel, and oil and gas experienced major declines, they added.

Over the weekend rising international crude prices helped energy stocks stay afloat: however, selling pressure in other stocks caused Oil & Gas Development Company to drop 1.19 percent, and Pakistan Petroleum Limited 0.85 percent.

Lucky Cement fell 3.25 percent, Hub Power 2.49 percent, Habib Bank Limited 1.89 percent, DG Khan Cement 5.3 percent, and Indus Motor Company fell 6.88 percent. On the other hand, Pakistan Oil Fields rose 0.8 percent and Meezan Bank Limited 0.38 percent.

Among the top winners were Safir Textiles, up Rs63.65 to close at Rs1,046 / share, and Indus Dyeing, up Rs51.63 to close at Rs912.24 / share. The main loss makers were Indus Motor Company, down Rs75.73 to close at Rs1,024.42 / share and Philip Morris Pakistan, down Rs54.33 to finish at Rs1,300 / share.

Azgard Nine Limited leads the volume with 29,246 million shares traded. The script rose Rs1.05 to close at Rs33.95 / share. TRG Pakistan is second on the chart with 21.08 million shares. It strengthened Rs3.1 to close at Rs145.81 / share. Pakistani refineries are in third place with a turnover of 17.89 million shares. It earned 53 paisas for finishing it at Rs26.64.


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PMC agrees to address the concerns of all stakeholders | Instant News

LAHORE: Pakistan Medical Commission (PMC) has agreed to dialogue with medical professionals to address PMC agency issues, admissions, examination policies, and enrollment.

Pakistani President Dr Arshad Taqi’s Medical Commission said in a Webinar that they are ready to write to 162 medical universities and medical colleges seeking their advice and recommendations to initiate a dialogue to improve the health regulatory process. “We are also ready to release their concerns over various problems and steps taken by health regulators. We will trust all stakeholders to regulate medical education in this country ”.

The webinar entitled ‘Pakistan Medical Commission; concerns and hopes’ organized by the Islamic Medical Association of Pakistan (PIMA), the second series on the issue of the establishment and functioning of the Pakistan Medical Commission.

The webinar is aimed at the vice chancellor of medical universities, heads of medical and dental schools, as well as professors and senior medical professionals from around the country such as Dr Rumina Hasan, Prof. Dr. Tariq Rafi, Deputy Chancellor of Jinnah Sindh Karachi Medical University; Prof. Khalid Masood Gondal, Vice Chancellor of King Edward Lahore Medical University; Prof. Aamer Zaman, Vice Chancellor of Fatima Jinnah Medical University Lahore; Prof. Hussain Mehdi, Principal of Jinnah Karachi School of Dentistry and Medicine; President of the Pakistan Islamic Medical Association Center Dr Khubaib Shahid; President of PIMA Sindh Dr Fasih Hashmi; President of the Islamic Medical Association of Pakistan Karachi Prof. Azeemuddin; Prof. M Iqbal Khan, Vice Chancellor of Shifa Tameer e Millat University Islamabad; Dean of the Faculty of Medicine Peshawar Prof. Hafeez ur Rehman, Prof. hafiz Ijaz Ahmad, Former Dean of the Kidney and Liver Institute of Pakistan.

It was moderated by the leading surgeon Dr Abdullah Muttaqi. Previously, medical academics and the vice chancellor had expressed concern over the measures being taken by the Pakistan Medical Commission, saying the commission should raise its standards but that it needed to improve primary and secondary medical education beforehand.

MDCAT has such a strict policy that most of the dental colleges run out of students. The commission is supposed to include representatives of medical education, but also include people unrelated to the medical profession. In many ways, the Pakistan Medical Commission has relinquished its responsibilities to HEC and also granted autonomy to medical colleges.


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KU faculty members raised concerns over appointment & promotion procedures | Instant News

Several Karachi University faculty members have raised concerns over alleged irregularities in the process of examining professorships and the appointment of chairmen in the department.

They accuse university administration of nepotism and say several blue-eyed faculty members have been appointed to important positions while those who meet the same criteria have been ignored by top management.

Rejecting the allegations, KU Deputy Chancellor Prof Dr Khalid Iraq said on Thursday all appointments were made according to the rules and after the approval of the relevant decision-making body.

He said advertisements for promotions and appointments had been published by former VCs, but some faculty members held him responsible for making such decisions. Zoology Department Assistant Prof Dr Sumera Farooq, when submitting the application on June 1, 2020, has demanded justice in the examination process for the position of professor, and also called for an investigation into the alleged irregularities observed in the supervisory procedure.

He complained about the case of his senior colleague, Dr. Solaha, for the position of professor of zoology being placed at a selection board meeting on Thursday. “My files have not been sent to the referee. It would be a clear injustice if the two faculty members were not treated equally. Therefore, I request that you immediately take action to provide justice in my case and hope that you will also place my report in the meeting together with the report from Dr Solaha, “wrote Dr Sumera in his application.

Dr Sumera in a separate application has written that no information has been communicated to him about the progress of the case, nor has any corrective action been taken in this regard.

“In 2019, I was declared worthy of the position of associate professor, but in the selection board meeting held on May 3, 2019, Dr. Solaha and I were declared ineligible. It is only now known that Dr Solaha’s file was sent directly to the referee who violated the provisions of the legislation without paying attention to the prescribed procedures, ignoring the head of the Zoology department and the Dean of the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, “said his application. have written to KU VC.

“If Dr Solaha’s unworthiness is excused, why can’t my candidacy be considered for the professorship?” he wrote. Also, another influential faculty member, who is a close relative of the university’s former VC, has been appointed chairman of the Karachi University Business School (KUBS).

The KU administration also intends to promote him as a professor in violation of the rules set by the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan. One of the appointed teaching staff at KUBS said the current chairman has produced 150 research papers from 2015 to 2020. This means that he produces more than three papers every month. Despite investigating this case, the university administration assigned him to an important position.

Establishment of a VC

However, Deputy Chancellor Prof. Iraqi, commenting on the matter, said Dr Sumera had made false accusations against the KU administration.

All decisions are taken according to established criteria, after approval from related decision-making bodies such as syndicates and selection boards, he added.

He said the Dr Sumera case was also placed before the selection board meeting which was held Thursday. However, the members found that he did not qualify for the position of associate professor because there were fewer publications than the number stated in the advertisement at the time.

Prof Iraqi said that if Dr Sumera still believes that he has been discriminated against, he should raise the issue to the syndicate forum. “I’m not the only person at the university who makes all the decisions. I cannot provide assistance to someone or discriminate against them. As subordinates, every university employee is respected and equal to me. “

He further said that he did not make any new appointments at the university while all the promotion cases had been advertised by former VCs. The decision to appoint the chairman of KUBS was made by the syndicate six months ago, but a group of faculty members spread false information against the university and its management, he added.


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The German state wants an unused Astra vax for younger people | Instant News

BERLIN: Several German states asked on Sundays not to be used AstraZeneca the coronavirus vaccine to be given younger people, as concern about side effects and efficacy, as well as recommendations for use only for under 65 years, means the use of the dosage available is low.
The German health ministry said this week that it delivers only 15% of available AstraZeneca injections. The elderly are in the first row to be vaccinated, however German have recommended that the AstraZeneca vaccine be given only to people aged 18 to 64 years. EU regulators have declared it safe for all.


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