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The Sindh government repatriated 32 Karachi DMC officials to the parent department | Instant News

KARACHI: In accordance with the decision of the Supreme Court (SC) Pakistan, the Sindh Local Government Department repatriated around 32 officials from lower levels working at the top level illegally at the West District Municipal Corporation (DMC), Karachi, to their former positions to their parents department.

These employees were illegally promoted to the upper class against the top service laws and court orders, and without approval from the administration department of the Sindh Local Government Department.

The officials mentioned above, originally computer operators, drivers, teacher assistants, clerks, guards, coolies, class assistants 1 to 11, were illegally promoted as director, deputy director, purchasing officer, supervisor, administrative officer and deputy classroom district education officer 16, 17 and 18. The Sindh Local Government Department Authority directs the city administrators and commissioners of the West District City Corporation (DMC), Karachi to return them to their former positions to their parent department, not to relinquish their salaries and benefits from these employees.

According to official correspondence, a copy is available with The News, M. Javed Qamar, originally a Class 11 computer operator of the Department of Rural Development, was transferred and later promoted to Class 18 Director at DMC West. Muhammad Khaliq, originally a driver from the DMC Class 5 Central Education Department, was transferred and then illegally promoted as an education officer in class 18 in the West DMC. Zahid Iqbal, originally an 11th grade employee of the South DMC, was illegally transferred to DMC, West and then promoted to director in the 18th grade. Sanjeeda Khatoon, formerly Assistant Teacher for Class 1, was promoted to director of 18th grade education. Muneer Ahmad, originally an 11th grader, was promoted to assistant town officer in grade 16.

Faheem Jamal, originally a class 5 pump driver, was promoted to deputy city officer class 17. Naik Muhammad, originally a grade 5 driver was promoted to deputy director of Class 17 Computer Education.Shakeel Ahmed, originally a class 5 driver, was promoted to Librarian in grade 17 , Muhammad Rashid, originally a grade 7 teacher from the Ministry of Education, was absorbed in the DMC, West and was promoted to Deputy Town Officer (DTO) in grade 17 and others were promoted illegally and against the rules of service and without the approval of the Administration Department, Sindh Regional Government Department .


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The PTI government is “giving serious consideration” to the problem of missing persons, said Sheikh Rasheed | Instant News

Home Minister Sheikh Rasheed speaks to media in Islamabad, Pakistan. News / Files
  • Interior Minister Sheikh Rasheed said the PTI government would use all resources to quickly recover the missing
  • Rasheed’s comments came during a meeting with a delegation of families and relatives of the missing
  • The term missing persons is a humanitarian issue and says the PTI regime is taking it seriously

ISLAMABAD: The PTI-led government is giving serious consideration to the problem of missing persons, Interior Minister Sheikh Rasheed Ahmad said Wednesday, reassuring families and relatives of victims that their loved ones will return soon.

The PTI government will use all resources to quickly recover the missing, Sheikh Rasheed told a delegation of families and relatives of the missing.

The minister informed them that Prime Minister Imran Khan had directed relevant bodies and concerned individuals to enact laws on the issue of enforced disappearance during a recent meeting he chaired from the federal Cabinet.

The law ministry is examining all legal aspects in that regard, he added.

The interior minister also sympathized with the families of the missing, calling it a humanitarian issue and saying the PTI regime took it very seriously.

Rasheed added that all relevant departments are making coordinated efforts that have resulted in the recovery of many missing people.

Earlier today, PML-N Vice President Maryam Nawaz met relatives of Balochistan’s missing persons during a sit-in in D-Chowk Islamabad, where participants have gathered to demand justice for their families.

“PM Imran Khan must come here and talk to these people,” said Maryam.

“The safety of citizens is the responsibility of the state,” the PML-N leader underlined, adding that if missing persons are guilty of any crime, they must be tried in court.

Shortly afterward, at a press conference following the Cabinet meeting, Minister for Information and Broadcasting Senator Shibli Faraz announced that Prime Minister Imran Khan had directed that the law on the issue of missing persons be expedited to work.

Faraz said the prime minister had directed the law minister to immediately reactivate the bill on the problem of missing persons, because now, after the drastic decline in terrorist acts, that problem had to be addressed.

The issue was raised in the Cabinet by Human Rights Minister Dr Shireen Mazari, who provided a complete perspective on the proposed law, he added.

“Prime Minister Imran Khan said that he himself attended such protests and sit-ins and expressed solidarity with the relatives of the missing,” he said.


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Wide sheet assessment of ‘clean chit’ for Sharif: Hussain Nawaz | Instant News

LONDON: The son of former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, Hussain Nawaz, said Sir Anthony Evan’s assessment in the Broadsheet vs National Accountability Bureau (NAB) case was “nonsense” for the Sharifs because the decision clearly stated that Broadsheet hired Matrix Research Limited to investigate Sharif’s family assets but found nothing.

In a statement, he said Matrix investigated Nawaz Sharif and his eight family members for one year immediately after NAB signed a contract with Broadsheet but that in the end nothing illegal was found.

He said Sir Anthony’s assessment was a “clean issue” for the Sharifs. He challenges the Pakistani government to show evidence of corruption or illegality before the British government or any other government.

He said the fact that nothing was found in Britain during the Broadsheet investigation or the Panama investigation proved that foreign governments did not believe the lies told in the Pakistani media about Nawaz Sharif and his family.

On the other hand, Hussain Nawaz claims that PM Imran Khan’s ministers and friends are really involved in corruption and there is evidence of corruption that they are doing but there is no accountability for them.

He said Faisal Vawda owned 19 undeclared properties in London but there was no liability for him and many others like him. Mark Bezant from FTI consultancy and Yasir Dajani from the same firm were appointed by NAB to comment on SF’s forensic report which basically relates to Sharif’s family and matters arising from the JIT report. Bezant was instructed by NAB to consider and comment on SF’s reports, so the evidence was limited to matters relating to the Sharif family, in particular the identification and valuation of relevant assets. The SF report resulted in the identification of 76 items from the JIT report that were considered potentially recoverable assets of the Sharif family, said Hussain.

He said the NAB representative argued that there were four double count items totaling $ 41 million that the SF report had not taken into account, further arguing that the liabilities of companies that own the property including mortgages are not taken into account. He said Bezant argued that the list of 76 property items, including funds that could no longer be obtained from the Sharif family, affected 69 of 76 items in the SF report and as much as 98% of the total value.

He said NAB representatives estimated that Broadsheet’s lost revenue was between $ 2.9 million and $ 2.3 million. Hussain said: “The bottom line is that NAB is the first to contribute to the preparation of the JIT report.” He said Nawaz Sharif was ousted on the basis of Iqama and not because of corruption because nothing was found against him.


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PML-N to protest the outside ECP for assessment | Instant News

ISLAMABAD: PML-N spokesperson Marriyum Aurangzeb said on Thursday that the party, under the umbrella of the 10-party opposition alliance of Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM), would hold demonstrations from various regions in Rawalpindi and Islamabad on January 19 that would merge into one show. great taste before heading to the Pakistan Election Commission (ECP) offices in the capital, reported the private news channel.

Speaking at a press conference in Islamabad along with other party leaders, he said the rally was being held to “get a decision from the ECP not given since 2014”. He was referring to the case of foreign funding against PTI, filed in November 2014 by Akbar S Babar, a founding member of the ruling party.

“The protest that PDM will hold on January 19 is to take the decision that was taken today when PTI received that illegal funding had entered through 23 foreign-funded accounts, that illegal funding could have been done through an agency. PTI accepts that the money was obtained illegally through 23 foreign fund accounts which were not declared accounts and the money was deposited in PTI’s accounts by check.

“There are signs that President Dr. Arif Alvi, Governor of Sindh Imran Ismail and Imran Khan Sahib himself along with other PTI leaders were present at the examination,” he claimed. Marriyum Aurangzeb slammed Shahzad Akbar, saying he should stand trial for Pakistan’s defamation.

Speaking to the media, Marriyum said Shahzad Akbar was angry with his press conference because his lies and corruption were exposed. He said the Chairman of Broadcasting Institutions clearly stated that the government team specifically asked about the discount itself, not the percentage of money that would be transferred to the state treasury. Even after a clearly incriminating statement, Akbar had the courage to tell about suing him. He challenges Akbar to double the number of defamation charges by adding his second presser to the accusations as well.

He said dictator Pervez Musharraf paid the country Rs600 crores for a witch hunt, which resulted in no recovery and all the money was wasted. After that, Pakistan had to pay an additional $ 25 million in fine, which was another Rs400 crores. Now, on top of that, the government will sign another contract with this company and have already prepared a draft.

Marriyum said, “Shahzad Akbar and Imran Khan were very fond of waving fake documents at press conferences against Shahbaz Sharif in the Saaf Paani Case, Ashiyaana Case, Multan Metro, DFID and others, but were unable to provide any plausible evidence or witnesses. these false claims are driven by victimization and political prejudice.

He said the head of Broadsheet made it clear that he met Shahzad Akbar, Imran Khan and an official from the Pakistani intelligence agency as well as a delegation. He said it was a very sensitive matter.

Marriyum demanded that the draft prepared by Shahzad Akbar be published. The identities of the people who met chairman Kaveh Moussavi of Broadsheet should be published. Details of the meeting were announced. The legal basis for this meeting was announced.

Meanwhile, Home Minister Sheikh Rashid Ahmed said Thursday that the chairman of the Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) Maulana Fazlur Rehman should refrain from statements that are provocative and tend to sow hatred.

He said this while speaking at a press conference here with Defense Minister Pervez Khattak, Information Minister Shibli Faraz, Science and Technology Minister Fawad Chaudhry and Minister of Justice and Justice Farogh Naseem.

He said the government would not create any hurdles in protesting against opposition parties scheduled outside the Pakistan Election Commission (ECP) on January 19. He said that an alliance of opposition parties will come to Islamabad on January 19 to stage a protest in front of the ECP despite the fact that the former chairman of the election commissioner has not been appointed by the Pakistani government Tehreek-e-Insaf. “I hope the opposition party will show a good attitude after this decision and not create a law and order situation in the federal capital,” he added.

Shibli Faraz said if foreign funding was illegal then the agency would be responsible for this. Shibli Faraz asked the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) and the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) to submit evidence regarding the alleged electoral fraud at the ECP, in addition to holding demonstrations. He also asked the PML-N and PPP leadership to bring details and party account documents because the ECP review committee asked them several times to provide details in cases of foreign funding.

Meanwhile, Fawad Chaudhry criticized the opposition by saying that the PDM has criticized every state institution because it always has problems with each institution.

On the anti-Israeli protests planned by JUI-F, the minister said that Prime Minister Imran Khan would never recognize Israel. “We firmly believe in the (SAW) prophetic finality and will never recognize Israel,” he said, adding that Imran Khan was a leader who had not even thought about recognizing Israel.

Shaykh Rashid said that Maulana Fazl should serve for the cause of Islam rather than look to Islamabad. Responding to this question, the Minister of Finance said that PTI had submitted all evidence of foreign funding cases, including verified documents of 40,000 people.

Responding to another question, he said Pakistani politics had not entered a closed road and had come out on the ground. He said that Imran Khan would complete his five-year term as Prime Minister and all the nerves on his side were strong too.

He said only 92 of the more than 500 religious seminaries were registered in the federal capital and the government had no objection to registering more.

He said a committee set up by Prime Minister Imran Khan including the minister of Home Affairs and Religion had been in contact with clerics for seminary registration. He said religion should not be used for political gain. “We respect Madrasas and consider them to be strongholds of Pakistan,” he added.

Federal Defense Minister Pervez Khattak criticized the PDM leadership and said an alliance of 11 parties from opposition parties raised their objections to the results of the 2018 general elections they participated in. He said they were reluctant to let the National Assembly Parliament business function and were not cooperating on the parliamentary committee, which will investigate opposition claims of fraud in the 2018 general election.

Farogh Naseem, citing a statement by the Supreme Court on the sit-in case in Faizabad, said that it was clear that not all places were worthy of protest. “The state will protect your rights according to the law,” he said.


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The court makes a decision on the request for the release of the PM | Instant News

ISLAMABAD: The anti-terrorism court on Monday adjourned its decision in defense of Prime Minister Imran Khan’s release in the PTV attack case. The court will announce the verdict on October 29.

During the trial, the PM’s attorney submitted a written argument on the request for release in the PTV attack case. He said there were no witnesses who testified about his alleged involvement in the case, nor was there any evidence against him. The PTV attack case was a political case, he said.

The lawyer said there was no possibility that PM Khan would be convicted in the case as it was a baseless case and asked the court to acquit him of all charges under Section 265 of the Criminal Procedure Code (CrPC).

The court also ruled in November after Prime Minister Khan Babar Awan’s advisers finished their arguments. The government prosecutors, during the trial, notified the court that the prosecutors had no objection to Imran Khan’s release. Regarding the judge’s question whether the prosecution would oppose the plea for acquittal, the prosecutor said it was a political case with no consequences.

It is stated here that PM Imran, President Dr Arif Alvi, Asad Umar, Shah Mehmood Qureshi, Shafqat Mehmood and Raja Khurram Nawaz are facing trial for allegedly attacking the PTV building and the Parliament Building during the 2014 sit-in. The clash resulted in the death of three sit-in participants. . Hundreds including demonstrators and police officers were injured in the clashes.


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