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Joint Statement by Foreign Ministers of France, Germany, Italy, Britain and the United States – Rocket attack in Erbil (16 February 2021) | Instant News

We, the foreign ministers of France, Germany, Italy, Great Britain and the United States strongly condemn the February 15 rocket attack on Iraq’s Kurdistan Region. We extend our condolences to the victims, their families and the Iraqi people. Together, our governments will support the Government of Iraq’s investigation into the attacks with a view to holding those responsible to account. We are united in our view that attacks on the US and Coalition personnel and facilities will not be tolerated.


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Statement by foreign ministries of France, Germany, Italy, Great Britain and the United States (05 February 2021) | Instant News


5 February 2021

The governments of France, Germany, Italy, Great Britain and the United States welcomed the agreement reached by the Libyan Political Dialogue Forum on Libya’s interim executive authority tasked with leading the country to national elections on December 24, 2021.

This critical step towards achieving an inclusive, negotiated political solution is the result of a process that is truly Libya-led and owned, United Nations mediation, and the support of the Libyan people. In this regard, we laud the outstanding commitment of the United Nations Mission of Support in Libya and Acting Special Representative of Secretary General Stephanie Williams. We look forward to fully supporting the work of Special Envoy Ján Kubiš.

We call on all current Libyan authorities and actors to ensure the smooth and constructive handover of all competencies and duties to the new unified executive authority.

Since the Berlin Conference, Libya has made significant progress towards securing lasting peace and stability, including through the reopening of the energy sector, the 23 October 2020 national ceasefire agreement, the roadmap for holding national elections in December 2021, and now the election of a unified interim executive authority. .

The long road still lies ahead. The unified executive authority must enforce the ceasefire agreement, provide essential public services to the Libyan people, initiate a meaningful reconciliation program, address critical national budgetary needs, and organize national elections. The new interim government, to be proposed by the appointed Prime Minister, must be truly inclusive, allowing all Libyans to be represented, including with regard to gender, ethnicity and regional origin.

We call on the delegates of the Libyan Political Dialogue Forum to retain their important functions, ensuring the focus of a new unified executive authority in preparing for and holding the elections decided by the Forum.

At the Berlin Conference on Libya last year, the international community committed to supporting the resolution of the Libyan conflict. In the spirit of that commitment, all Conference participants must now support the new executive authority in fulfilling its duties to the Libyan people, implement a full arms embargo, and support the immediate withdrawal of all foreign fighters and mercenaries.

We are ready to hold accountable those who threaten stability or undermine the political process in Libya.


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Libya Political Dialogue Forum – Statement by France, Germany, Italy, Great Britain and the United States (21 January 2021) | Instant News

The governments of France, Germany, Italy, Great Britain and the United States welcomed the Libyan Political Dialogue Forum (LPDF) vote in favor of a new interim executive authority election mechanism, which will guide Libya to national elections on December 24. , 2021. This is an important step towards the unity of Libya. The LPDF decision affirms the clear demands of the Libyan people that it is time for a change in the status quo. We urge all Libyan parties to act promptly and in good faith to complete adoption through the LPDF of a united and inclusive government. As participants in the Berlin Conference process and international partner Libya, we will give our full support to the LPDF’s efforts.

We also welcome the appointment of the UN Secretary General Ján Kubiš as the Secretary General’s Special Envoy for Libya, and the appointment of Raisedon Zenenga as UNSMIL Coordinator and Georgette Gagnon as Resident Coordinator and Humanitarian Coordinator, and we will fully support them in their important role. We express our continued thanks to Acting UN Special Representative, Stephanie Williams, for her unwavering leadership in UN mediation until Mr Kubiš took up his position.

One year after the Berlin Conference, we underlined the important role of the international community in supporting a political solution in Libya as well as our ongoing partnerships with members of the Berlin Process. We remind members of the Berlin Process of the solemn commitment we all made at the summit one year ago, strengthened by UNSCR 2510. In particular, we must continue to support the ceasefire, restore full respect to the UN arms embargo, and end foreign poisoning. interference that undermines the aspirations of all Libyans to re-establish their sovereignty and choose their future peacefully through national elections. It is imperative that all Libyan and international actors support steps towards the full implementation of the Libyan ceasefire agreement signed on 23 October last year, including the immediate opening of coastal roads and the removal of all foreign fighters and mercenaries.


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The German Consul General summoned the Administrator | Instant News

KARACHI – German Consul General Mr Holger Ziegeler on Thursday asked Karachi Administrator Laeeq Ahmed and discussed issues of mutual interest.

The administrator briefs Mr Holger Ziegeler on various Karachi Metropolitan Corporation projects. Ahmed said that Germany was making major developments in every sector and the model which was touted for raising morale in German cities was praised around the world. He said the KMC’s basic task was to provide civilian facilities to the community. He added that Karachi’s population is increasing rapidly and the problem is resolved through a comprehensive plan and strategy to make Karachi’s standard of living on par with people in other metropolitan cities.

Ahmed said that work is being carried out across Karachi to improve the city’s infrastructure. He said that public private partnerships could be affected in carrying out development work. The administrator said that there was a need to expand German and Pakistani relations in various sectors. “The standard of German products is very high so their demand in Pakistan is also high,” he added.

Ahmed said that Germany’s expertise and experience could be utilized for urban advancement, especially in infrastructure development, transportation, communications, solid waste and city services. He said that Karachi was an important city because of its geographical situation and had unique importance in the region. “This is the economic center of Pakistan and is important for neighboring countries,” said the Administrator.

He further said that COVID-19 had caused great damage in other countries, but fortunately Pakistan was not badly affected due to the high ratio of youth in the country’s population.

On the occasion, Mr. Holger Ziegeler said that Karachi is a commercial center and has offices of multinational companies. He said that industry and trade are the main development sectors of any country. The German Consul General appreciated the KMC for taking steps to improve the city’s infrastructure and hoped the same would bear fruit. Mr Holger Ziegeler also hopes that Pakistan and Germany will be closer and the latter will invest in Pakistan especially Karachi as it will benefit both countries. The administrator also gave Mr. Holger Ziegeler.


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The Turkish consul general said the historic buildings added to Karachi’s charm | Instant News

Turkish Consul General Tolga Ucak on Wednesday said Karachi’s historic buildings make the city beautiful, and the beautiful Karachi Metropolitan Corporation (KMC) buildings in particular add to the city’s charm.

Ucak met the Karachi administrator, Laiq Ahmed and congratulated him on taking over the office. On behalf of the country, the central government has also expressed interest in helping to modernize the city’s public transportation system.

He said the Turkish government attaches great importance to Pakistan’s largest and most important city, so Turkey is doing everything possible to improve infrastructure and develop a transportation system in Karachi.

The administrator thanked Ucak for visiting KMC. He also appreciated the Turkish government’s offer of cooperation in various projects to bring improvements in Karachi. He said that launching a tram service in cooperation with Turkey to improve the city’s public transport system and other offerings would be accelerated.

Ahmed said that because of its special location in the region, Karachi was completed with a comprehensive and comprehensive plan and had urban infrastructure suitable for the population at that time.

He said that over time, many people from various cities in the country migrated and settled here, which caused the city to gradually become densely populated, so that due to the constant pressure on community facilities, local needs in terms of infrastructure could not be met.

He also said that the city has a leading position in the handicraft sector and also provides employment and housing facilities for many residents, so continuous efforts are being made to develop public infrastructure and facilities, which have yielded positive results.

He added that for the first time in Karachi’s history, the federal government provided 50 fire engines to Karachi which would modernize the fire fighting system and meet the needs of the city.

The administrator said that the city wardens would be trained to look better, adding that this would not only improve their professional and technical capabilities but the city would also have an excellent team in the event of a fire or other accident.

He said cooperation and friendly relations between Pakistan and Turkey would be further strengthened, adding that the cooperative project would bring the two countries closer to each other and enhance mutual understanding.

Ahmed said he has served in various capacities at the federal and provincial levels but considers it an honor to serve Karachi. He presents CG with an award and a memorial shield.

The administrator escorted Ucak to various parts of the KMC main building. CG appreciates the beauty of the building. Apart from checking the historical clocks, he also observed Karachi from the roof.


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