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The Turkish consul general said the historic buildings added to Karachi’s charm | Instant News

Turkish Consul General Tolga Ucak on Wednesday said Karachi’s historic buildings make the city beautiful, and the beautiful Karachi Metropolitan Corporation (KMC) buildings in particular add to the city’s charm.

Ucak met the Karachi administrator, Laiq Ahmed and congratulated him on taking over the office. On behalf of the country, the central government has also expressed interest in helping to modernize the city’s public transportation system.

He said the Turkish government attaches great importance to Pakistan’s largest and most important city, so Turkey is doing everything possible to improve infrastructure and develop a transportation system in Karachi.

The administrator thanked Ucak for visiting KMC. He also appreciated the Turkish government’s offer of cooperation in various projects to bring improvements in Karachi. He said that launching a tram service in cooperation with Turkey to improve the city’s public transport system and other offerings would be accelerated.

Ahmed said that because of its special location in the region, Karachi was completed with a comprehensive and comprehensive plan and had urban infrastructure suitable for the population at that time.

He said that over time, many people from various cities in the country migrated and settled here, which caused the city to gradually become densely populated, so that due to the constant pressure on community facilities, local needs in terms of infrastructure could not be met.

He also said that the city has a leading position in the handicraft sector and also provides employment and housing facilities for many residents, so continuous efforts are being made to develop public infrastructure and facilities, which have yielded positive results.

He added that for the first time in Karachi’s history, the federal government provided 50 fire engines to Karachi which would modernize the fire fighting system and meet the needs of the city.

The administrator said that the city wardens would be trained to look better, adding that this would not only improve their professional and technical capabilities but the city would also have an excellent team in the event of a fire or other accident.

He said cooperation and friendly relations between Pakistan and Turkey would be further strengthened, adding that the cooperative project would bring the two countries closer to each other and enhance mutual understanding.

Ahmed said he has served in various capacities at the federal and provincial levels but considers it an honor to serve Karachi. He presents CG with an award and a memorial shield.

The administrator escorted Ucak to various parts of the KMC main building. CG appreciates the beauty of the building. Apart from checking the historical clocks, he also observed Karachi from the roof.


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Lawyer Jahanzeb, the new Honorary Consul of Australia in Karachi | Instant News

ISLAMABAD: The Australian Government has appointed a Karachi legal practitioner Jahanzeb Awan as the new Honorary Consul in Karachi who will have consular jurisdiction over the province of Sindh.

The announcement came from Islamabad’s Australian High Commission on Friday stating that Lawyer Jahanzeb Awan, Advocate of the Supreme Court of Pakistan, is partner and head of litigation at a law firm in Pakistan and specializes in civil, commercial, constitutional and emerging tax matters. before the Supreme Court of Pakistan and the High Courts of Sindh, Lahore, Islamabad and Peshawar. Awan is also a board member of various charitable organizations. He is Pakistani with family ties in Australia. He will provide consular assistance to Australians in Sindh on behalf of the Australian High Commission in Islamabad.

Jahanzeb Awan will work closely with Federal, Provincial and Local Government authorities in Karachi, particularly those relevant to Australian consular interests. He will also promote Australia’s trade, economic, commercial, cultural, educational, scientific and technological interests in Sindh.

Diplomatic sources indicate that this is the first time in decades a country like Australia has granted such an assignment to a Pakistani in the country’s largest city, serving the entire province.

Another prominent Karachi philanthropist, Byram Dinshaji Avari, also known as Byram D. Avari, has also taken advantage of his employment as Honorary Consul of Canada in Karachi, becoming the world’s second-largest country diplomatic representative for several years.


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Joint statement by the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Federal Foreign Office of Germany on new crossing points on lines of contact in eastern Ukraine (13 November 20) | Instant News

France and Germany have welcomed the creation of two new crossing points on the line of contact. This increases the number of intersection points along approx. 450km length of the seventh contact line. As such, Ukraine complies with the obligations agreed upon by Russia, Ukraine, France and Germany in the conclusion of the Normandy-format summit held in Paris on 9 December 2019. Therefore, Ukraine has taken steps to improve remote conditions at the crossing points before winter arrives. in and to alleviate the suffering of the people in eastern Ukraine. We welcome the support of the European Union in providing infrastructure at the new crossing points at Zolote and Shchastya.

We pay tribute to the involvement of Ambassador Heidi Grau, Special Representative of the Chair of the OSCE in the Trilateral Contact Group, and Ambassador Toni Frisch, Coordinator of the Humanitarian Working Group, in pushing for this Opening.

We call on Russia and the separatists to reopen all existing crossing points on the line of contact in the Donetsk region without delay. Thousands of people seeking to see doctors, withdraw pensions or visit relatives are currently barred from crossing the line of contact. Conflict must not be allowed to continue at the expense of the population, and divisions must not be allowed to widen.

Despite an agreement in the Trilateral Contact Group, the separatists have not fulfilled their obligation to allow the opening of the crossing points at Zolote and Shchastya on November 10 as agreed. We call on Russia to use its influence to ensure that this agreement is implemented. As a member of the Trilateral Contact Group, Russia is also in direct negotiations with Ukraine and bears responsibility for the successful implementation of the conclusions of the Paris Summit.

France and Germany remain committed to fully implementing the agreement reached at the 9 December 2019 Summit.


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Lancaster House Agreement: 10 year Franco-British defense partnership | Instant News

The Lancaster House Treaties, signed on November 2, 2010, is the cornerstone of a solid defense and security partnership between our two countries. This defense cooperation is based on shared interests and a common determination to defend the international order and multilateralism based on democratic and universal values. It rests on a shared vision and longstanding strategic closeness.

As we mark the 10th anniversary of the Agreement, France fully intends to pursue structuring bilateral defense cooperation in all areas over the coming years: operational, capability, industrial and nuclear. This cooperation will continue on the basis of close dialogue on all issues related to international defense and security, to consolidate the privileged defense relationship it has developed with Great Britain, and to maintain a high level of ambition in the years to come.

The domain of French-English cooperation

Over the past 10 years, thanks to the Lancaster House Agreement, Franco-British cooperation has been strengthened especially in the operational and nuclear fields as well as in terms of military capabilities.

  • Regarding its operations, the Combined Joint Expeditionary Force (CJEF) is declared fully operational this year. The CJEF is a binational force that counts up to 10,000 troops, can be deployed in a short time and is capable of conducting high-intensity operations. France and England are also working together on the field. Our two countries are working together on the battlefield, in the Sahel on Operation Barkhane and in the Levant. They also participate in NATO operations on the continent of Europe (Advanced Presence in the Baltic countries, Baltic Air Policing missions).
  • In terms of military capability, the Franco-British arms cooperation has been structured in the missile field around the sharing of information relating to research and needs, to identify the axes of our future cooperation and to streamline costs. The joint Future Cruise and Anti-Ship Weapon (FC / ASW) project is at the heart of our shared priority and could enter the assessment phase as early as 2021. The joint Maritime Mine Counter Measures (MMCM) project has also made significant progress since 2015.
  • The Franco-British nuclear cooperation as outlined in the Lancaster House Treaties was drawn up primarily by the Teutates Treaty, which aims to share radiographic facilities related to the prevention programs of the two countries and which will continue in the coming years.
Read the joint interview by French Ambassador to London Catherine Colonna and British Ambassador to Paris Ed Llewellyn, first published in la Revue de la Défense nationale on November 2, 2020.


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The Consul General of Pakistan guarantees assistance to communities affected by corona in NY | Instant News


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