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Microsoft Exchange Hack highlights broader concerns | Instant News

On March 2, 2021, Microsoft reported that it had observed targeted attacks, using four zero-day vulnerabilities in Microsoft Exchange Server to fully access all e-mails on the victim’s system. What should you do?

recent alarm “Global Network and Technology Practice” from Lockton pointed out that in addition to checking out Microsoft security updates, Such cyber attacks may trigger any cyber insurance established by the organization. The alert specifically pointed out that the cost of responding to the incident and complying with any notification or other legal obligations in the incident should be included.

Network insurance policies usually provide the insured with the option to notify the insurer of the circumstances that may lead to the losses covered by the policy. Although organizations running affected Exchange Server products may be eager to notify their cyber insurance companies, Lockton recommends doing so only when the organization discovers an exploited vulnerability in the system. If an organization discovers that an attack is underway, it should immediately report it to its cyber insurance company.

A good strategy should also cover the cost of restoring or recreating any damaged data, as well as any losses caused by the interruption of the organization’s business due to an attack. The network strategy should also cover the organization’s legal responsibilities for supervisors and/or individuals whose private information may be compromised.

Lockton explained that looking ahead, they hope that cyber insurance underwriters will begin to ask questions about whether there are vulnerabilities that may lead to attacks, and that insurance companies may refuse to provide insurance for organizations that have not remedied these vulnerabilities.

Indeed, according to reports, the Ministry of Labor Include questions Information about the employer’s written cybersecurity policies and procedures, and ask about cybersecurity attacks and the response to them as part of the plan review. Early this month The Government Accountability Office (GAO) called on the Ministry of Labor to set minimum standards for mitigating cybersecurity risks and formally declare whether it is the trustee’s responsibility to mitigate these risks in the determined contribution plan.


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Sikes: Remember, you still have to be careful in the kitchen. | Food-and-cooking | Instant News

Right ahead – dangerous blunt knife. You have to push hard so you slip frequently. The cuts followed and the bad. Keep your knife sharp and stored safely. Don’t throw it in the drawer.

Get good, heavy cooking utensils. The hot light pan is uneven and can easily burn the user.

Be careful with the temperature of your water heater. Yes, it has control. Don’t set it too high. Use your food thermometer regularly. This is the best way to make sure your food is cooked safely to eat.

Food can also be dangerous. Freezers can really trick us. How about chicken breast pockets or burger buns that have pretty grill marks? They’re ripe and ready – right? Unless the label says done, it is not. Ready-to-cook food should be treated as raw for food safety.

Thaw frozen food in the refrigerator if possible. Last night did it for everything but the big stuff. If not, put the package tightly closed in cold water in the sink. Let the water run a little into the bowl and your food will thaw faster than you think.

Take what you need from the bag and put the bag back in the freezer on the spot. Do not defrost and refreeze food. Put what you took out in the bag to defrost. Don’t put shrimp or anything in the water directly.

A microwave oven can be a handy tool. They can be used for cooking and defrosting – just like raw food. Most of us don’t clean the interior as often as we should. Yes, the door too. Use a cleanser. Don’t let it become a bacteria box.


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Keeping trade up to date, and dreaming, with Germany: GNTO | Instant News

Keeping trade up to date, and dreaming, with Germany: GNTO

Friday, 18 December 2020

TORONTO – The year started well for Germany, but like every other destination in the world, it saw a sharp decline after the first few months of 2020 due to the pandemic.

The good news is that Germany is in a good position to recover quickly once travel resumes, as it is the top choice for travelers looking for a safe country to visit post-pandemic, according to a tourist survey, said Julia Dywelski, Director of Marketing and Sales Office. Canada, the German National Tourism Office (GNTO).

Germany has a good friend on the list – Canada is there too.

“We started 2020 with a double digit increase from Canada,” Dywelski said during the Destination Germany update yesterday.

The increase is very encouraging because it shows Germany has been a year-round destination for Canadians, he said.

Germany is also strong on the world stage, ranking 8th on the UNWTO’s list of top 10 world destinations according to international arrivals. It has 1.4 million international arrivals in 2019, and 89.9 million international nights.

From Canada, the total stay was 733,951 in 2019. “Germany has always been in the top five European countries for Canada,” Dywelski said.

Keeping trade up to date - and dreaming - with Germany & GNTO

The rest of 2020 did not go as anyone had planned, and Germany, like many of its European neighbors, has been pursuing a tighter lockdown in an attempt to bring its COVID-19 numbers down. On December 16, German schools and shops were closed as officials watched the caseload.

It can be difficult for trade to keep up with ever-changing protocols and policies for countries around the world. In his virtual presentation, Dywelski highlighted several ways for agents to learn more about Germany amid the pandemic, including the COVID-19 update on germany.travel. Agencies can also see regular posts from Petra Hedorfer, CEO, Germany’s National Tourism Board, in the helpful ‘From Petra Hedorfer Desk’ update section here.

As for flights, there are currently 24 weekly non-stop flights from Canada’s three gates to Frankfurt, with Lufthansa and Air Canada. “The service is there, we only need facilities for travel restrictions, when the time is right to travel again,” Dywelski said.

Meanwhile, he added, “who says you can’t dream now and visit later?”

Highlights include an extension of Germany’s Beethoven celebrations in September 2021, marking the 250th anniversary of the composer’s birth.

Dywelski also shared his list of wish-list goals in the country for 2021. Here are some must-see spots, with more info at germany.travel/en/ms/top-100/germany-travel-attractions.

. The Linderhof Palace, in southwest Bavaria near the romantic village of Ettal. The smallest of the three palaces built by King Ludwig II of Bavaria, has a dining room with exactly one seating. The king liked his own company the most, said Dywelski.

. Rudesheim am Rhein, a UNESCO site right in the heart of wine country.

. Schwerin Castle, one of Dywelski’s personal favorites. Perched on an island on Lake Schwerin, it has no less than 653 rooms.

. Wuppertal and its suspended monorail in North Rhine, Westphalia. It is the oldest electric train with cable car in the world.

Keeping trade up to date - and dreaming - with Germany & GNTO

Editor in Travelweek

Kathryn is an Editor at Travelweek and has worked for the company since 1995. She has traveled to more than 50 countries and counts Hong Kong, Jerusalem, the Swiss Alps and the Galapagos Islands among her favorite destinations.

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Sikes: I have a different approach to this year’s list Food | Instant News

Wednesdays are supposed to center on vegetables. Again, this doesn’t have to be a vegetarian dish, but it sure can.

There are weekends and times for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. My plan is to have a Saturday or Sunday dinner featuring fish or seafood dishes. There is plenty of time to shop around to make it happen.

Want to try the grill come play one of those nights. Sometimes, I crave for my favorite Friday night roast chicken.

Weekend lunch becomes a new canvas. Things that may not work at dinner can happen later. Plus, special wishes can be satisfied. Of course, I need to take the time to prepare those things on the dish list I want to eat. It looks like my new list will be fun to come up with.

The people in my class are always asking for a list of things. This month there are several requests for certain items. That’s important, and I will make it happen for our class in 2021.

What I want to share with you now is a list of places I recommend that you try as you fulfill your vacation-giving choices. Quality kitchen and countertop fixtures can be found at Sur La Table and Williams-Sonoma. Their website is very friendly.

My favorite stop is Yummy Bazaar. There are many interesting foods to be found. Food52 is another one. La Tienda and Dolceterra are great too. The Spice House is a great find.


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“We will return to Switzerland together,” said Prinz | Instant News

Swiss Glacier Express (Swiss Tourism photo credit)

“We will return to Switzerland together,” said Prinz

Monday, November 16, 2020

TORONTO – As the world waits for global tourism to restart, Claudio Zemp says he has the perfect destination for the first post-COVID-19 holiday: Switzerland.

As Director, Americas for Switzerland Tourism, Zemp is understandably biased. But Switzerland’s advantage as a post-COVID destination is clear. The country is known for its fresh air and wide open spaces, and its relatively small towns and villages.

“Tourists can rest and relax away from the masses,” said Zemp

Kicking off the first day of the Swiss Tourism ‘Road to Switzerland’ virtual conference this morning, Zemp thanked Trade for his loyalty and support over the past eight months. “Thank you for your tenacity, flexibility and creativity. They are all very important to keep our industry alive today, “he said.

The ‘Road to Switzerland’ is a one-day conference to be presented on two consecutive days, November 16 and 17, to accommodate different time zones in Canada and the US, the tourism council said. A total of 32 suppliers and 72 buyers took part.

The good news is that Switzerland is well positioned to take advantage of all the pent up travel demand that trade is hearing about. The bad news? The borders are still closed. EU countries and the Schengen Zone have opened for Canada on July 1 but in recent weeks have closed their doors again as much of Europe is again locked in lockdown amid rising COVID-19 numbers.

Agents and suppliers don’t have to worry about missing a big announcement every time Switzerland opens its doors again, says Zemp: “We’ll email you, we’ll call you, we’ll text you, we’ll knock on your door. There’s no chance you won’t be the first to find out that Switzerland has reopened. “


Also speaking this morning, Pascal Prinz, Director of Tourism for Switzerland Canada, promised the audience, “We will return to Switzerland together.” He highlighted the itinerary for The Grand Tour of Switzerland road trip as one of the many, many countries to choose from for post-COVID-19 travel. “It’s been pure bliss of 1,600 kilometers,” he said, adding that the tour even comes with its own Spotify playlist.

Pascal Prinz is Chairman of the new Canada branch of ETC
Prince Pascal

Meanwhile Paolo Lunardi, Manager, Trade Relations, North America for Switzerland Tourism, noted the new offers that will be coming to Switzerland at the end of 2020.

They include the launch of the Eiger Express in December 2020, the overhead cable line that will take visitors from the Grindelwald terminal to the Eiger Glacier station in 15 minutes. This new option will cut travel time to the ‘Peak of Europe’ – Jungfraujoch – to 47 minutes. Of course, visitors can still choose to take the iconic Jungfrau Train.

Also opening in December 2020, the Ceneri Base Tunnel will dramatically reduce travel time between Zurich and Milan, by up to 30 minutes, Lunardi said. With the new Ceneri Base Tunnel, a one-way trip between the two cities will now take three hours.

Switzerland has also opened The Circle at Zurich Airport, a new district at its hub airport that includes dining and shopping options, THE CIRCLE Convention Center at Zurich Airport, and two new Hyatt hotels with 554 rooms in between.

However, this brief opening to international travelers this summer and early fall gave tourism facilities across Switzerland the opportunity to roll out long-thought health and safety protocols for international clients, and bodes well for a post-COVID reopening. said Zemp. “Swiss precision will be an integral part of our hospitality offering,” he said. “We can’t wait for our guest from North America to return.”

For the latest updates Zemp agents and suppliers are directed to check MySwitzerland.com/trade. The site offers everything from itinerary ideas and travel info, to upcoming webinars (and access to past webinars), Swiss Travel Academy, promotional materials and more.

Editor in Travelweek

Kathryn is an Editor at Travelweek and has worked for the company since 1995. She has traveled to more than 50 countries and counts Hong Kong, Jerusalem, the Swiss Alps and the Galapagos Islands among her favorite destinations.

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