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General Mills invests in a potted dessert company | 2021-04-13 | Instant News

MINNEAPOLIS – 301 INC, the investment arm of General Factory, Inc., leads a multistage investment of up to $ 20 million in Pots & Co, in partnership with other investors. Pots & Co offers a variety of desserts sold in reusable ceramic pots in supermarkets across the UK.

Available in variations such as chocolate lava fudge cake, inverted lemon cheese cake, apple crumb and cinnamon, and sticky lava toffee cake, ceramic pots give desserts a soft texture and an artisan touch, according to the company.

Pots & Co will leverage the investment to expand its product reach and grow its footprint in the United States. This investment is supported by an increase in retail distribution, which is focused on the West Coast and Rocky Mountains. The company will initially supply a variety of potted desserts and has long-term plans to offer a new range of savory Mezze style sauces.

The increase in retail distribution marks a major expansion for the London-based company, which currently manufactures all of its products in the United Kingdom. The 301 INC investment will allow businesses to explore manufacturing capabilities in the United States, said Julian Dryer, founder of Pots & Co.

“We want to create one of the leading food brands in the world and we are very pleased that General Mills has invested in Pots & Co, enabling us to accelerate our business growth and create outstanding products for American consumers,” said Mr. Dryer. “We continue to focus on quality and exceptional taste, using only the finest natural ingredients to deliver high-quality desserts and savory food to supermarket aisles in the UK and US.”

Pots & Co is 301 INC’s first overseas investment.

“Our mission is to discover new and growing food brands with extraordinary offerings,” said John Haugen, founder and managing director of 301 INC. “Pots & Co fulfills that mission by focusing on natural ingredients to create restaurant-quality desserts. We are confident that Pots & Co will generate substantial growth with an increasing variety of desserts and by switching to savory products. “


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Why It May Be Time to Buy Brazilian Stocks | Instant News

Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, former president of Brazil, at a press conference in Sao Bernardo do Campo, Brazil, on March 10, 2021.

Victor Moriyama / Bloomberg

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Travel tips to know before getting on a plane :: WRAL.com | Instant News

By Monica Laliberte, Executive Producer, WRAL / 5 on Your Side reporter Even experienced air travelers make mistakes in the critical hours before they leave for the airport. The airfarewatchdog.com travel site offers the following reminders to help you save time and time: First download your airline’s app a few days before departure to receive an alert about any schedule changes. flight or boarding gate information. Dress for the occasion – wear comfortable and appropriate clothing, including something that you can put on or take off if you are cold or hot. Pack some snacks. Food and drinks at the airport are usually expensive, so bring a bottle that you can fill with water once you get through security. Keep in mind that spreads like peanut butter are not allowed by security, and for the sake of other passengers, don’t bring anything smelly like a tuna sandwich. For your own good, especially if you are traveling with children, don’t bring messy snacks. Dry snacks like pretzels or crackers are best. Finally, don’t forget your documents. Passengers 18 years of age and older must present valid photo ID to travel anywhere and a passport is required to leave the country. To save time and time, check in online or use the app you have installed, rather than at the busy airport. Airfarewatchdog.com also recommends signing up for the TSA pre-check. It costs $ 85 and it’s a process, but it helps you go through security without removing your shoes, laptop, fluids, and other inconveniences. Finally, take a ride to and from the airport. Arranging a ride that drops you right in front of you can reduce a lot of travel stress. More on this.

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SaskPower helps community skating rink with a one-time relief program | Instant News

SaskPower It is providing a one-time relief plan for community skating rinks in Saskatchewan from March 1st to September 1st, waiving part of the electricity bill.

This Community Skating Relief Program Exempt all demand fees for eligible skating rinks. Skating rinks still need to know the power used, basic monthly fees and applicable taxes.

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“In a small town in Saskatchewan, the ice rink is usually the center of activity. Whether it is a curling rink or a hockey field, this is the center of activity.” Don Morgan, Minister in charge of SaskPower Say.

Morgan told Global News that people often hold social events on the skating rink, such as weddings and funerals.

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The government has heard from many ice rinks that it is too expensive to maintain electricity during the off-season.

Morgan said of the rescue plan: “We think this is the right choice.”

Morgan added that for those who want to skate, make sure they wear masks and keep their distance from others.

Edmonton Community League’s free children’s game show Talented outdoor skating rink

Edmonton Community League’s free children’s game show Talented outdoor skating rink – February 21, 2021

SaskPower said that some commercial and industrial customers need to pay a certain fee because they usually use a lot of electricity in a short period of time.

A statement from SaskPower read: “The cost includes the cost of SaskPower in order to reserve spare power generation capacity when business needs it.”

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SaskPower explained that the ice rink consumes a lot of electricity while the factory is in operation.

To be eligible for this plan, the ice rink must be a community-owned non-profit ice rink or curling rink operated by the local municipality or aboriginal community.

Morgan said that interested skating rinks should contact SaskPower, who will give them a form to fill out.

SaskPower predicts that the average skating rink will save about US$1,600 per month when it is in operation, and save about US$330 per month after the season is closed. Crown Corporation expects to invest US$700,000 in this project.

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