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The yukon civet struggles for food after the bad salmon runs out | Instant News

Pete Kaiser’s sled dogs, Ray Redington, Jr., and Jason Mackey rest in Galena during the Iditarod. (Photo by Zachariah Hughes / Alaska Public Media)

It takes about 4,000 salmon to feed all of the dogs in Pat Moore’s dog yard. He mixes it a bit with kibble and red meat, but mostly salmon fills his dog’s stomach.

But king salmon and weak companions walked this year forced the Alaska Department of Fish and Game to stop subsistence fishing entirely in parts of the Yukon River. That leaves many ferrets, like Moore, without a major source of their dog food.

Moore is one of perhaps nine ferrets living in the Yukon River village of Tanana – but he’s not sure how many of them survive.

“After this is all over, there won’t be nine,” he said.

Moore has about 20 dogs in his yard. He tried to sell most of them when the coronavirus pandemic shut down interstate travel in March.

“I don’t have a market in the lower 48,” Moore said. “And nobody in Alaska wants to take a chance because they don’t know when the next race will be. So I have a lot of purebred dogs. “

Gerald Alexander is a musher at Fort Yukon. He said he feeds his dog mostly dry, expensive food to ship to Alaskan bush communities outside of the highway system.

“The price is very expensive for a bag of friskies,” he said. “Actually 32 pounds costs $ 60 dollars a bag.”

Alexander, who is a member of the Yukon River Intertribal Fish commission, contacted its director for help.

The director, Stephanie Quinn Davidson, said the Yukon River community relies on two types of salmon for their diet: kings and friends. But society has turned more to salmon companions over the years as king salmon numbers have dwindled.

“Now the autumn friends don’t come at all,” said Davidson. “And no fishing.”

Davidson said this was the lowest number of harvests in a long time.

“You know, we have a situation where the subsistence crop is probably the lowest in two decades.”

Davidson asked for help with the disaster via Twitter earlier this month.

“So I was very surprised by the response we got, he said. “I don’t even know how many times now I have professional identifiable polytheists call me and say, we want to help you, you know, we’ll put you in touch with the dog food companies we use. “

So far, however, only one dog food company has been actively seeking out how to deliver dog food to the Yukon River prayer room. Davidson hoped for more.

Pat Moore said a shortage of dog food could kill his enemies completely in Tanana.

“Many of us have been in the tooth for a while. And this will be the last nail in the coffin, I guess. “

Moore said he had enough food to last through December – three months away. But before long he and the other idolaters had to make a tough decision about their dog’s future.


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The FBR is considering a withholding tax for construction, agri vehicles | Instant News

KARACHI: The Federal Revenue Board (FBR) is likely to expand the scope of tax cuts to cover vehicles used in agriculture and construction in an effort to expand the tax base throughout the informal economy, the source said on Saturday.

The tax manager proposes the FBR to impose income tax deductions on motor vehicles used in the agriculture and construction sectors. The source said the Karachi Regional Tax Office (RTO) -II recommended revising the definition of motorized vehicles in the 2020 Finance Bill to bring all motorized vehicles specified by the provincial excise department under the scope of the 2001 Income Tax Act to collect withholding taxes. .

At present, motor vehicles, including cars, jeeps, vans, sports, utility vehicles, pickups, trucks for personal use, caravans, limousines, wagons, and any other cars used for personal use are subject to withholding tax at registration.

Karachi’s RTO-II in its budget proposal for fiscal year 2020/21 proposed the inclusion of motorized vehicles, including those used for construction and agricultural purposes for collecting income tax withheld. The tax office proposes an amendment to the Income Tax Act, 2001 for withholding income tax withheld.

“Motorized vehicles including cars, jeeps, vans, sport utility vehicles, pickup trucks for personal use, caravans, limousines, wagons, other cars, and mechanically driven vehicles that are adapted for use on the road whether the driving force transmits there. from external or internal sources, “said the budget proposal document.

“This also includes chassis that is not yet installed on the body, tractors and trailers, combined harvesters, rigs, road roller forks, construction and earth moving machinery such as wheel loaders, cranes, and excavators, graders, dozers, and pipe liners, road construction and road cleaning / sewerage factories and any motorized vehicles as defined in the Provincial Motor Vehicle Act of 1965 and governed there under and other laws. “Sources say, tax authorities face the challenge of mobilizing revenue without burdening taxes at the time of an economic contraction that has not had happened before because of locking for two months.

Sources in RTO-II said the agricultural sector was exempt from income taxation and because ambiguity in the definition of vehicles used by the construction sector escaped from the tax deduction levy.

The source further said the withholding tax on motorized vehicles was adjusted to one’s income tax liability. They say the proposed amendment will help in expanding the tax base because a large number of taxpayers in the agricultural and construction sectors operate in the informal economy.

The source said the recommendation had been submitted to the Federal Revenue Board for collecting withholding taxes at the time of transfer of registration of all types of motorized vehicles.


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Punjab is considering a proposal to introduce prison reform | Instant News

LAHORE – A high-level meeting held on Monday under the leadership of Senior Minister Abdul Aleem Khan pondered various proposals for realizing prison reform. . Additional House Secretary Secretary Momin Ali Agha and DIG Prison (HQ) attended the meeting, among others.

The meeting discussed proposals to build new barracks in Punjab prisons and to improve existing ones. A proposal to improve the prison industry with private sector participation was also discussed. The Senior Minister proposes that prisoners should also be given a share of the profits from the products made by them.

While briefing at the meeting, Principal Supplementary Secretary Momin Ali Agha said that in connection with the coronavirus, detainees were given the facility to talk with their relatives by telephone. Likewise, many steps have been taken to improve the quality of food in prisons, the secretary said.

He assured all possible cooperation for reform in prison according to the direction of the Senior Minister where planning work would begin immediately.

Addressing the meeting, Aleem Khan said that he personally worked to repair various parts of the Lakhpat Kot Prison while fans, water coolers and other facilities had also been expanded at Sheikhupura Prisons and Mattresses. The Senior Minister also decided to visit the Lakhpat Kot Prison together with senior officials immediately so that the situation could be reviewed on the spot and further decisions could be taken accordingly.

The Senior Minister said that he requested special permission from the Chief Minister of Punjab regarding prison reform which he was very grateful for. He said that Prime Minister Imran Khan had a personal interest in detainees’ welfare activities. Aleem Khan further stated that there was an urgent need to bring the number of prisoners in prisons throughout Punjab to capacity and to introduce massive reforms in the sector.

He added that providing basic facilities such as proper food, drinking water and toilets for detainees was the main responsibility of the government.

The Minister said that he personally went through this process and was practically aware of the detainees’ situation. He pointed out that most political leaders went to prison but did nothing to improve prison after coming to power.


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Government considers bonus system in civil bureaucracy | Peshawar | thenews.com.pk | Instant News


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FBR contemplates online integration of service provider transactions Business | thenews.com.pk | Instant News


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