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The mother of two won the Miss Germany title in a revamped event | Instant News

BERLIN: A 33 year old man mother of the two people crowned as Miss German on Saturday in revamped contest that the organizer say focuses on a woman’s beliefs and personality rather than her appearance, leaving behind classic swimwear styles. Wearing a black trouser suit, Anja Kallenbach won the final of the “Empowering Authentic Women” contest broadcast on Youtube.
In the face of criticism that such contests are sexist and reinforce mysticism, other organizers, including Miss United States, also canceled swimsuit rounds. Miss Germany organizers said women between the ages of 18 and 39 need to show that “they have a goal in mind and are committed to a better tomorrow”.


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Mohsin Aziz gave PTI tickets to compete for the Senate for the second term | Instant News

PESHAWAR: Prominent industrialist and politician Mohsin Aziz said that neither he nor the other Pakistani candidate Tehreek-e-Insaf (PT) applied for party tickets to run for Senate elections when the leadership made a final ticket decision. -holder.

Mohsin Aziz, who is a prominent businessman family from Peshawar, was awarded a PTI ticket to compete for the Senate general seat from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP). He has completed one term as Senator.

“Like other PTI candidates who received tickets, I did not apply for party tickets to participate in the Senate elections. The PTI leadership finalizes a list of candidates. I have received a letter of nomination from the Peshawar General Election Commission and will now submit my letter along with the PTI ticket, ”he told The News when contacted for comments.

When asked if he was awarded a ticket because of his loyalty to PTI and Prime Minister Imran Khan or because of his appearance in the Senate, Mohsin Aziz replied that he did not know but it was the fact that he was loyal to the party and its founders and also tried to do well as a member of the Senate.

“I am one of the most vocal members of the Senate. I defended my party and its government and responded to criticism from the large number of opposition Senators. It’s a tough job, “he said.

Mohsin Aziz pointed out that because of his background as an entrepreneur and knowledge, he focused on issues such as economy, energy, hydel net profit for KP and exports. “As a member of the Senate sub-committee on petroleum and natural resources, finance, etc., I highlight relevant issues and defend government policies, including the budget. We are against certain decisions about privatization taken by the previous government and are leading a team of Senators to visit Peshawar and inspect the airport and recommend expansion, “he added.

Known as a philanthropist who is willing to donate for humanitarian and pro-poor causes, Mohsin Aziz also made a generous donation to the Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital. When asked if this could also be the reason for getting the PTI ticket a second time, he said that it was true he made a donation when Imran Khan decided to set up a hospital in Peshawar, but he did not believe that this was the reason. the reason he got party tickets to run for the Senate elections. “I had requested that my name as a donor not be disclosed, but my name was announced at a fundraising event in Peshawar in 2012. Imran Khan then came and sat with me to honor me for my donation to the hospital. , “He recalled.


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Turning plastic bottles into gorgeous scarves: Wildlife photographers focus on sustainable fashion | Instant News

OTTAWA – This is environmental elegance and, for that matter, the “junk-ion statement.”

This is a conversation starter for conservation; trash turned into pretty wrappers.

Women Wildlife Photographers, brought together by Ottawa-born photographer Clare Hodgetts, share their exquisite photos, printed on soft, flowing fabrics made from 100 percent recycled plastic bottles.

Clare Hodgetts, is one of the founders InFocus Canada, and is the fashion force behind printing magnificent landscapes and exquisite wildlife images into “wearable art.”

“Its mission is to raise money for important charities through sustainable fashion and spread awareness of the extraordinary and beautiful work done by professional photographers,” said Hodgetts.

This stunning scarf is part of the InFocus Canada Athena Collection.

I learned about this project when I received an extraordinarily beautiful Christmas present: a Sable Island horse scarf from one of my best friends.

The friend happens to be award-winning photographer Michelle Valberg, Nikon Canada Ambassador, and Geographical Photographer’s Canadian Residence.

When she gave me the scarf (a delivery on our TV station, because we couldn’t have our annual Christmas visit), I was overwhelmed by how beautiful it was, and how soft it was.

Valberg knows about my love for horses, and that I am a Nova Scotian with an emotional connection to Sable Island and its legendary herd.

When Michelle said, “Lee, that scarf is made from recycled plastic bottles,” my admiration took to the next level.

“Are you kidding? It’s so lovable and gentle. What a wonderful story.”

The Sable Island horse scarf is one of three donated by Valberg of Ottawa for the InFocus Canada project.

“Talk about a dream project,” said Valberg.

“Wearable art made from recycled plastic, showcases beautiful photos by female wildlife photographers, raises awareness and contributes financially to conservation programs.”

One of Valberg’s iconic images, ‘The Boss’, a rare spirit bear – a subspecies of black bear – in British Columbia’s Big Bear Rainforest, is featured on one of the packs.

Athena Collection

Each photographer selects his preferred conservation efforts and a portion of the sales will be donated.

Valberg supports Raincoast Conservation (protecting the home of Spirit Bear, its detectives, and countless other species) and The Nature Foundation, part of Canada’s Museum of Nature.

“Clare does an amazing job curating the photos woven so perfectly into these lush, soft fabrics (unexpected considering they’re made from recycled bottled material),” says Valberg.

Valberg said she is very pleased, and honored, to be part of the Athena Collection by InFocus Canada along with a prominent Nikon Ambassador group which includes Ami Vitale, Deanne Fitzmaurice, Viktoria Haack, Kritis Odom, Clare Hodgetts and Melissa Groo.

“Scarves act as platforms to share and spark conversations about major issues,” says Hodgetts, “combining glamor and fashion with contemporary issues. Scarves are becoming more than just beautiful fashion pieces for the individuals who wear them, they also have an interesting story behind them. . “

“The scarf, made entirely from post-consumer recycled plastic bottles, sparked a conversation about a major issue, combining glamor and fashion with contemporary issues, beautiful fashion pieces with a story, raising money for charity,” said grateful Hodgetts.

Hodgetts says all photographers have a strong story to share. She says scarf is the way to do that.

“Ami Vitale is a National Geographic photographer and US Ambassador of Nikon. A focused aspect of her work is raising awareness about the last two Northern White Rhinos to live in the world and attempts were made to save the species from extinction. Strong thing. “

“We have a beautiful Ami scarf in the Athens Collection, and a donation of the scarf goes to BioRescue, a charity working to save this Rhino.”

“Melissa Groo is another great photographer who is part of our Athena Collection.”

Athena Collection

Hodgetts explains, “He (Groo) is a Fellow of the International League Conservation Photographers Association and uses his photos as a powerful tool for storytelling and conservation.”

Groo described his work as follows: “To raise awareness, and change minds, not only about the extrinsic beauty of animals but also their intrinsic value.”

Donations from Groo’s ‘Sunbird’ scarf went to Janet L. Swanson Wildlife Health Center – a wildlife hospital that cares for native and wild animals.

“There’s a story behind each scarf that makes it even more special,” says Valberg.

Hodgetts thanks you for a layer of beauty from this initiative.

“This project means a lot to me for a number of reasons. I’m glad we were able to produce beautiful pieces that make people feel comfortable wearing them. When ‘you look good, you feel good, and it’s important for me to contribute to empowering and uplifting people – people wearing them, “said Hodgetts.

So when you wear a scarf for your next Zoom meeting or family FaceTime, you can tell the story of photographers, charities and the sustainability aspects of your accessories.

Athena Collection

“Sustainable production is another important part of our story. We have a dedicated production partner, an Ethical Profile. Their CEO and President, Kemp Edwards, founded InFocus Canada with me.”

“Partnering with an Ethical Profile ensures our products are made in a third party facility that is audited for their commitment to environmental practices and corporate social responsibility.”

The scarf costs $ 77. A portion of each scarf will go to a charity or conservation organization of choice of each photographer. They can be purchased online at https://www.infocuscanada.ca/, in Ottawa at Shepherd Mode, as well as little choice inside All Environmentally Friendly.

Valberg is a wildlife photographer typically located anywhere in the world focusing on wildlife. He’s now out with his Nikon pointing at nature close to home during COVID-19.

“I encourage everyone to explore nature, while staying close to home, going out, embracing and loving our winter. Safe and healthy everyone. See you on the other side of the pandemic,” he said.


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PML-N decided to contest the upcoming Senate elections | Instant News

ISLAMABAD: The Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N), one of the main opposition parties in the Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM), has decided to contest the upcoming Senate elections, Geo News reported.

The developments took place at a joint parliamentary meeting of the MNA and senators chaired by party vice president Maryam Nawaz here Monday. Shahid Khaqan Abbasi, Raja Zafar-ul-Haq, Ahsan Iqbal and Rana Sanaullah, among others, attended the meeting. Meanwhile photographs representing Shahbaz Sharif and Khawaja Asif were placed on seats in an attempt to show solidarity with jailed party leaders.

Sources told Geo that Maryam informed the party parliamentary group about the decision to contest the Senate elections. The majority of party leaders supported the move. He told the media after the meeting that the opposition alliance was firm in his stance even though the government “begged” for cooperation, but the rulers “would not be given an NRO”. “You will be surprised to learn the details of the talks between the opposition and the PTI government,” he said.

When asked about the suggestion of PPP Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari to start a movement of distrust against Prime Minister Imran Khan, Maryam said the issue would be discussed in the PDM forum.

On the PDM’s anti-government campaign, he said the 11-party alliance would submit its resignation and go on a long march “when the time is right”. He said the incumbent government should worry about its own ministers, not the opposition.

Maryam went on to criticize the PTI government for its performance, stressing that the opposition should not tell people about the government’s failure because they were there for all to see. “Every day the masses are hit by a storm of inflation.”

He added that the country had not seen as many failures in the 73 years since emerging as it did in the last two and a half years of Imran Khan’s rule.


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Former minister Ghumman will contest the upcoming US Congress elections | Instant News

SIALCOT: Umar Ahmed Ghuman – former member of Pakistan’s National Assembly from NA-112 and former minister of state for Privatization and Investment, chairman of the Investment Council – announced on Sunday to contest the upcoming US congressional elections from the 8th District of Virginia.

Addressing a press conference at the Sambrial Press Club here, Ghuman thanked his constituency in Sambrial and promised to always look after the interests of the poor and proud of Pakistan.

He said the respect and vote of confidence he received from his home village was ready to make history, making him the first US Congressman to come from Pakistan as well as the first US Congressman to be elected to two different parliaments in the world.

He said Prime Minister Imran Khan was a longtime friend and also a former parliamentary colleague, adding that Khan’s stance on anti-corruption was justified and a very valid point.

He said he would do his best to serve the 8th District of Virginia and the Muslim American Community.


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