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Karachi shivered as the chilly Siberian wind continued to blow | Instant News

Temperatures in Karachi dropped to 5.8 ° C on Saturday morning as Siberian winds continued to cast cold waves on the city.

Pakistan’s Meteorological Department said Siberian wind speeds may increase today.

The Met Office estimates the wind can travel at speeds of 45 to 54 kilometers per hour.

Wind speeds, however, are likely to decrease from tomorrow, said director Met.

Earlier this week, the Met department said cold weather would continue in Karachi for the next 10 nights.


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The protests continue to condemn the killing of the coal miners | Instant News

PESHAWAR: More protests took place in the city on Friday to express anger and grief over the recent killing of coal miners in Balochistan.

Imamia Jirga members gathered at the Peshawar Press Club along with women and children on the second day in a row to register a protest against the killing of 11 coal miners in the Balochistan city of Machh.

They also staged a sit-in on Sher Shah Suri Street outside the Peshawar Press Club affecting the free flow of traffic.

Protesters carried banners and placards condemning the killing of innocent coal miners from the Hazara community.

Speakers balked at the government and said the rulers had failed to protect citizens.

They regret that the relatives of the coal miners who were killed have been protesting in Quetta over the past few days and refuse to bury those who died, but Prime Minister Imran Khan has so far not bothered to visit them.

Another protest rally was held at the historic Qissa Khwani Bazaar to condemn the murder of the colamists.

The protesters, mostly members of the Shia community, walked past the market and then held a Dhanrna on the street near the Kabuli Gate.

They carried banners and waved slogans to condemn the acts of terror carried out in the city of Machh in Balochistan.

The third protest was staged by the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Civil Society Network, a rights-based body.

Protesters hold placards condemning the barbaric acts in Balochistan. They demanded the government to arrest the perpetrators and

provide protection to citizens.

Meanwhile, members of Majlis-e-Wahdatul Muslimeen here on Friday staged a demonstration to condemn the recent killing of coal miners in Balochistan and express solidarity with the families of the abandoned.

Chanting slogans, protesters, including Maulana Bashir Hussain, Javed Iqbal Haidri and others marched from Bannu Imambargah Hussainia to the Mandan Gate, demanding the immediate arrest of the perpetrators of the bloody incident.

They criticized Prime Minister Imran Khan for not visiting the family protesting the coal miners being killed.


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The Karachi people face great difficulty as protests against the Machh massacre continue | Instant News

Massive traffic jams were again observed in various parts of Karachi on Thursday as the Hazara community and Shiite groups continued their protests and demonstrations in more than 20 places in the city to show solidarity with Hazara families protesting the Machh tragedy in Quetta.

Eleven Hazara Shia miners were brutally murdered before dawn on Sunday while they were sleeping near a remote coal mine in Balochistan’s mountainous Machh region. Islamic State (IS) claimed responsibility for the attack.

Since the bereaved families in Balochistan have not yet buried their bodies in protest and demanded the prime minister must visit them, the Shia groups, including Majlis Wahdat-e-Muslimeen (MWM), the Shia Ulama Council, the Jafria Alliance, the Imamia Student Organization and the Jaffaria Student Organization, along with Hazara communities have been staging sit-ins on various Karachi streets to express solidarity with the family.

Protests have been ongoing since yesterday at 20 locations in the city, according to a Karachi Traffic Police statement. These areas are Numaish, Kamran Chowrangi, Airport to Natha Khan, Colony Shah Faisal, Gulistan-e-Johar Morr to Johar Chowrangi and Safoora Chowrangi, Malir 15 to Quaidabad, Khuda Ki Basti, Surjani and Steel Town Chowrangi, Ibrahim Hyderi and Korangi, Nipa Bridge, Power House Chowrangi, Safari Park, Five Star Chowrangi Nazimabad, Gulberg, Ancholi, Azizabad IRC Imambargah, Nazimabad Council Office, and Nazimabad Chowrangi 1.

According to a traffic officer, Rangers and police have also been deployed to assist traffic police and ensure law and order in the area. However, traffic was badly affected by the protests and passengers were directed to take alternative routes.

Civil society protests

The Joint Action Committee (JAC), a joint platform of civil society organizations, on Thursday staged a protest demonstration outside the Karachi Press Club against the killing of 11 Hazara mine workers in Machh.

Carrying placards inscribed with demands to protect the lives of Hazara people, the participants called for the immediate arrest of the terrorists and demanded that the families of the victims be compensated more than Rs. 1.5 million for each worker killed.

Speaking on the occasion, JAC leaders Karamat Ali, Anis Haroon, Qazi Khizar and Saeed Baloch condemned the killing of Shia Hazara workers in Balochistan. They described the prime minister as stubborn about not visiting the bereaved families, who had staged a sit-in in Quetta and were not prepared to bury the victims before the prime minister visited them.

They condemned the federal government and Balochistan for “their failure to protect human lives in the province”. They said the FC had several checkpoints on every nook and corner and corner, but even so, the terrorists killed the workers and escaped easily.

They said the terror act was a failure of the security apparatus and the provincial government.

Wahid Baloch, Dr. Riaz Shaikh, Seema Maheswari, Paryal Marri, Habibuddin Junaidi, Zehra Akbar, Asghar Dashti and other activists also attended the action. Later, several JAC leaders visited the main protest at the Numaish Chowrangi in Karachi.

‘Protests to continue’

At the main sitting camp set up by MWM in Numaish Chowrangi, MWM leader Allama Baqir Abbas Zaidi said peaceful sit-ins would continue across the country to show solidarity with the families of the Hazara community martyrs “until his own heirs announce the end of the sit-in and burial of bodies” .

Leaders of various political parties, including Pakistani People’s Party minister Nasir Hussain Shah, Shehla Raza and Saeed Ghani, MQM-Pakistan leader Kishore Zahra, Pak Sarzameen leader Shabir Qaim Khani and Dr Arshad Vehra, visited the camp to show solidarity with the protesting Hazara community. in Quetta.

In another sit-in, MWM leaders Bashul Ali Hussain Naqvi, Allama Dali Anwar Jafari, Allama Sadiq Jafari, Allama Mubashir Hassan and others spoke to the protesters. They asked the prime minister to visit the martyrs’ heirs and fulfill their demands.

Call for surgery

The leader of the Shia Ulama Council (SUC) said terrorists had killed innocent workers once again, posing new challenges for law enforcement.

Speaking at a press conference at the press club, SUC leader Allama Muhammad Hussain Masoodi, Allama Syed Bair Hussain Zaidi, Allama Nasir Ahmed Qalandari and other Shia clerics said foreign forces support banned religious parties and that effective action is needed against them.

“This is not the first attack on the Hazara tribe and the Shia community. The leaders of the banned parties have publicly issued fatwas for the killings, ”said Masoodi, demanding operations against banned clothing.

“Anti-state elements are conspiring to divide our society on the basis of sects and religions, and this is the first step towards the collapse of the system,” he said.

SUC leaders urge national security agencies to take action not only against prohibited clothing but also against those involved in spreading hatred and indoctrinating youth with hatred.

‘Clear a section’

Sindh Information Minister and Local Government Syed Nasir Hussain Shah have appealed to protesters to clear a section of the road blocked for humanitarian reasons to facilitate the movement of emergency service vehicles, including ambulances, our correspondent added.

Speaking to media people at the press club, he appealed to clerics leading the sit-in protests to clear some of the blocked roads to facilitate movement of patients via ambulances and to ensure oxygen supplies to the city’s hospitals.

He also appealed to the prime minister to go to Quetta to show sympathy for the bereaved families.

The entry test was canceled

Due to blockages of the main route, the Federal Urdu University of Arts, Science and Technology postponed entrance examinations for the Pharmacy-D undergraduate program. The day before, the university had circulated the exam schedule. Later, the university held an emergency meeting where it was decided to reschedule the exam. The university will announce a new date for the exam later.


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The sit-in against the miners’ killings continues | Instant News

The Shia Ulama Council, Majlis Wahdat-e-Muslimeen and the Imamia Student Organization, held sit-ins in various places Karachi on the second day Wednesday, continued a protest to kill 11 Hazara community miners in Mach, Balochistan.

Expressing solidarity with the miners’ families, the protesters are calling for justice.

“They [the miners’ families] The only demand is for Prime Minister Imran Khan to visit them, mourn the death of their beloved family member and provide assurance that the perpetrators of the attack will be caught and punished at the earliest, “said one of the protesters.

The protesters claimed the involvement of international organizations in the attack and stated that such incidents would continue unless there was no action against the foreign elements who carried out the brutality.

They warned of expanding the scale of the protests if their demands were not met by Wednesday [yesterday] night.

Demonstrations were held at Numaish Chowrangi, Nipa Chowrangi, University Road near Safari Park, Abul Hassan Isphani Road, Kamran Chowrangi, Natha Khan Bridge, Quaidabad, Shah Faisal Colony, Power House Chowrangi, Khuda ki Basti, Nazimabad no.1 and other locations. .

Traffic jam

Meanwhile, congestion also occurred in various areas, as roads were still blocked during the demonstration.

Long queues of traffic jammed on University Street, MA Jinnah Street, Sharae Faisal and National Highway. The two lines of Jalan Abul Hassan Isphani have also remained closed to traffic.

However, traffic was diverted from the affected road to an alternative route.

Published in The Express Tribune, January 7th, 2021.


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Waikeria Uprising: Witnesses report new fires in prison as protests continue | Instant News

Adrien Disher, who lives near the Waikeria Prison, said he saw another fire in Waikeria last night.

A new fire broke out in the Waikeria Prison last night, according to an eye witness, after several days of rioting at the facility.

A group of 16 inmates are still avoiding arrest on the roof of the prison after starting riots and lighting a destructive fire in the prison yard on Tuesday afternoon.

Adrian Disher, who lives about 3 km from the prison, said the fires only started last night and he saw emergency services heading to the scene around 7pm.

“It’s quite big, up in the treetops.”

“This must be a new one,” he said.

Fire and Emergency New Zealand directs requests about reported fires to Corrections.

Meanwhile, a former negotiator earlier yesterday said it was “unthinkable” that the fighting had been going on for so long.

Correction said the men had gained access to tactical equipment including shields and body armor, and made homemade weapons for use against prison staff.

With 13 years of experience dealing with crisis negotiations under his belt, Lance Burdett knows the importance of trying to limit situations to two or three days.

The Waikeria prison near Te Awamutu was smoldering after a night of fire as the prisoners continued to riot.  Photo / NEWSHUB
The Waikeria prison near Te Awamutu was smoldering after a night of fire as the prisoners continued to riot. Photo / NEWSHUB

“The longer it takes, the more likely it won’t end well,” he said.

“People are being assertive – they are not going to give a little.”

Burdett, who runs consultancy Warn International, has studied events around the world and said history books show how the siege is getting worse.

The golden rule of negotiation emphasizes getting the other person to talk and listen.

“Don’t be afraid to give something away,” added Burdett.

He admits conflicting traditions, but says being the first to offer something creates goodwill.

There are concerns over the structural integrity of the Waikeria Prison buildings following the significant damage caused by the riots.  Photo / NEWSHUB
There are concerns over the structural integrity of the Waikeria Prison buildings following the significant damage caused by the riots. Photo / NEWSHUB

“That applies to human nature. If I buy you a drink, the first thing you want to do, apart from drinking it, is buy me another one.”

He also said it was important that arrangements be made “honest and respectful”.

“Never lie, once you lie, you’ve lost all credibility.”

He praised the Penitentiary for allowing inmates to speak with parents and deputy leader of the Māori Party, Rawiri Waititi.

The inmates have asked to speak with the vice chairman of the Māori Party, Rawiri Waititi.  Photo / Andrew Warner
The inmates have asked to speak with the vice chairman of the Māori Party, Rawiri Waititi. Photo / Andrew Warner

“Both are very good choices and I commend them for doing that.”

However, he said old school tactics such as trying to starve rioters were unlikely to get good results.

“You just add fuel to the fire.”

Something had to happen to break the deadlock.

“Now the Correctional Center is in a position where the prison is basically being held for ransom by a group of individuals. They have to move at some point.

“This is not the only prison in New Zealand. There are other prisons and they will look at this and see what the response is.”

The correction was confirmed last night that inmates deliberately activated sprinklers in the cell on three occasions yesterday – twice at Mt Eden Remand Prison and once at Rimutaka Prison.

Fire and emergency response and prisoners secured in new cells.

The Herald asked Correction whether it was concerned about copycat behavior among inmates after the Waikeria Prison riots and what precautions the department was taking to monitor and suppress such behavior.

Correction said it could not respond last night, but added “no incidents of copycat behavior”.

Last night, Waititi said he had been contacted by the inmates’ whānau who said the men were only willing to surrender if he was present.

“They don’t trust the authorities and believe they will be harmed after surrendering,” he said.

“They have stated that they would come out with body bags if I was not there to escort them out and ensure their safety.

“This is a protest, not a riot.”

Waititi said he had tried to contact Minister of Corrections Kelvin Davis but was blocked from accessing the prison a second time.

“The law allows the right for every member of parliament to visit prisons and communicate with inmates regarding their treatment in prison or complaints about treatment,” Waititi said.

“The purpose of my first visit was not to negotiate surrender. I went to listen.”

The aim of the second visit is to ensure the safety of the 16 people when they surrender, he said.

“If this situation turns into custard and if there are fatalities – it is entirely on the Government.”

Opposition lawmakers are demanding Government intervention to end the crisis, with
National Party leader Judith Collins asked Davis to step up.

On Twitter, he chided Davis for not making a public statement in favor of Corrections staff “dealing with violent prison riots” in Waikeria.

“Let’s be clear. The mass destruction of taxpayer-funded property, assaults of correctional staff and stockpiling of weapons are not ‘peaceful protests’,” he wrote, too.

Davis needs to explain how the loss of control happened and what he will do to fix it, Collins said.

“He was very happy bragging about prison in opposition but now that he’s in charge, he’s nowhere to be seen.”

Riot inmates at the Waikeria Prison have been in hiding since setting fire to the facility on Tuesday afternoon.  Photo / NEWSHUB
Riot inmates at the Waikeria Prison have been in hiding since setting fire to the facility on Tuesday afternoon. Photo / NEWSHUB

A spokesman for Davis said he would not comment or visit the prison until the situation was resolved.

Maori Council executive director Matthew Tukaki called for calm amid rising tensions.

He asks politicians to step down and allow manau to work with correctionals, prisoners and whanau to resolve the situation quickly.

“The issues being handled are complex and in the interests of the safety of all parties involved, we have to resolve this situation and be on time.

“Health and safety risks to workers and prisoners need to be addressed as do the broader concerns of all involved.

“The reality is that the prison may have reached its use by date and in time to discuss its future – but that can only happen against the backdrop of a swift resolution to the current impasse.”

Incident supervisor Jeanette Burns yesterday said 16 prisoners continued to light significant fires.

Police at Waikeria Prison near Te Awamutu as fighting continues between the inmates and guards.  Photo / Michael Craig
Police at Waikeria Prison near Te Awamutu as fighting continues between the inmates and guards. Photo / Michael Craig

“We are very committed to ensuring that this is resolved safely,” he said.

“There are many risks involved, including the structural integrity of buildings damaged by fire, the weapons and equipment available to detainees, the toxicity of the burning building materials, and the violence offered by detainees.”

Negotiations with the group are ongoing, he said.

On Friday, Correction confirmed the unrest experienced by inmates gain access to power tools and tactical equipment as well as making emergency weapons.

Protesting prisoners have also accessed medical pharmacies where controlled medicines are stored.


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