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The Sindh government decided to continue work on the K4 water supply project in Karachi – Pakistan | Instant News

Published in October 31, 2020 18:18

The Sindh government decided to continue work on the K4 water supply project in Karachi

KARACHI (Dunya News) – The Sindh government has decided that all hurdles for the K4 project, the largest water supply project in the city, will be removed and work will begin immediately.

According to the details, a Karachi Development Committee meeting was held under the chairmanship of the Chief Minister of Sindh where it was decided to continue the work by removing all obstacles to project K4, the largest water supply project in the city.

The meeting also decided to upgrade the Wall-man system, end illegal connections and turn off hydrants.

Information Minister Sindh Nasir Shah said that the federal government will provide full support for the project. The K4 distribution system in the city will be regulated by the Sindh government. The design will be carried out by the consultant to eliminate encroachment from the waterways.

The meeting was attended by Nasir Shah, Saeed Ghani, Chief Secretary, Federal Minister Asad Umar and Aminul Haq, Commander of the Karachi Corps, Lieutenant General Humayun Aziz, Commander of GCO FWO and others.

During the meeting it was decided that the Department of Regional Government would revise the S3 project. The KMC administrator was directed to get rid of the ghost employee.

Chief Minister Sindh ordered that the contracts for cleaning companies that did not clean properly should be canceled.

The meeting also reviewed the Karachi Loop Railway project. Recommendations regarding the circular railway will be completed at the next meeting.


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Covid 19 coronavirus: The New Zealand-Australia bubble – claims transtasman trips will resume before Christmas | Instant News

New Zealand

Qantas CEO Alan Joyce said this was the ‘best news’ the company has experienced in months of opening the transtasman bubble. Video / Provided

Australian media have once again claimed that a quarantine-free two-way journey between Australia and New Zealand is imminent.

But the New Zealand Government said talks between the two countries were ongoing and no date had yet been set for the travel bubble.

Australian media organizations today reported that Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern will announce a transtasman bubble when she swears in her cabinet next week.

Reports in the Daily Mail and The West Australian, citing Western Australian government sources, say travel arrangements will be put into effect by Christmas at the latest.

Ardern’s office was asked for comment.

A spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade said discussions about the New Zealand-Australia trip were still ongoing.

New Zealand remains committed to introducing two-way travel as soon as it is safe, but a start date has not yet been decided, the spokesman said.

“There will be various health and border requirements that will need to be met before New Zealand allows quarantine-free travel from Australia.”

Australian media reports that Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern will announce a trans-Tasman travel bubble when she swears in her new Cabinet.  Photo / Dean Purcell
Australian media reports that Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern will announce a trans-Tasman travel bubble when she swears in her new Cabinet. Photo / Dean Purcell

This is not the first time Australian media have reported that a travel bubble is imminent. In early October, Ardern poured cold water on the grounds that a two-way trip was “more day“.

“In our view, we are not ready to travel quarantine free with Australia. They have a very different strategy from us, so they made that decision … but for now of course we have to keep New Zealanders safe.”

He also said he hopes to have some kind of tranquil travel arrangement by the end of this year.

New Zealand’s borders have been closed to international travel since March, except for returning New Zealanders and exceptions for healthcare workers and some key industries.

Last month, New South Wales and the Northern Territory started accepting travelers from New Zealand without requiring them to quarantine.

Australian media have once again claimed that quarantine-free travel between Australia and New Zealand is imminent.  Photo / Brett Phibbs
Australian media have once again claimed that quarantine-free travel between Australia and New Zealand is imminent. Photo / Brett Phibbs

But it’s a one-way arrangement. Kiwis returning to New Zealand will still have to serve their 14-day stint in managed isolation. And Australian tourists cannot travel to New Zealand.

Next week, Queensland plans to reopen its borders with New South Wales, which could mean that the state will be open to New Zealand travelers.

However, the Greater Sydney region was exempted from the agreement due to concerns about a Covid-19 mystery case that cannot be linked to any known groups.

Australian Federal Tourism Minister Simon Birmingham said earlier this week that quarantine-free travel between the two countries would be an acknowledgment of how well the two countries handled Covid-19.

“I welcome the fact that Prime Minister Ardern has made some positive comments about opening up reciprocally with Australia, and I hope we can see this facilitated by the end of the year,” he said.

At last count, Australia had about 200 active Covid-19 cases and New Zealand had 68 cases.

Nearly 2,000 New Zealanders have entered Australia since borders were relaxed across the two states. But moving on has become controversial, as New Zealanders were found to be making domestic trips to states that were not part of the travel bubble, including Victoria, South Australia, Western Australia and Tasmania.


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PTI, GDA, MQM-P will jointly participate in the next election in Sindh: Arbab Rahim – Pakistan | Instant News

Published in October 28, 2020 11:38 p.m.

He said the PPP leadership had destroyed Sindh by engaging in widespread corruption

HYDERABAD (Web Desk) – Leader of the Supreme Democratic Alliance (GDA) Arbab Ghulam Rahim said Wednesday that Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), GDA and the Muttahida Qaumi-Pakistan Movement (MQM-P) will contest the next general election together. against the Pakistan People’s Party in Sindh.

Speaking at a public meeting with Federal Minister Omar Ayub Khan at the Circuit Building, Arbab Rahim said Nawaz Sharif’s Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) had started anti-Pakistan activities as seen from his public meeting in Quetta where the slogan ‘Azad Balochistan’ was raised.

He said the PPP leadership had crushed Sindh by committing widespread corruption during their 12 consecutive years in power.

Arbab said when he was Sindh’s chief minister, unprecedented development work began in the province, which was in vain because of PPP policies.

He said Omar Ayub Khan belonged to the families of General Ayub Khan and Gohar Ayub, who had provided his services for Pakistan’s development.

He said Prime Minister Imran Khan had accepted the proposal for the federal minister’s visit to Sindh. He hopes that PTI and its allies will give the PPP-led government in Sindh a tough time.

He accused HESCO officials of misbehaving with consumers and political workers when appointed during the PPP tenure.


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America’s Cup 2021: The New Zealand team disputes claims that they are emulating a leading designer in the construction of the AC75 hydrofoil | Instant News

The New Zealand team have dismissed claims that they are copying the hydrofoiling system design for use on the AC75 at next year’s Copa America. Photo / Getty Images, Richard Gladwell

The New Zealand team retaliated by accusing them of copying a leading Brazilian shipbuilder design for the derailed monohull for use in next year’s Copa America.

Naval engineer Manoel Chaves last weekend reportedly threatened to bring Team NZ to justice – saying he patented the hydrofoil on the impressive AC75. According to the Brazilian sailing website nautica.com.br, Chaves claimed to have obtained patent applications for the design in both Brazil and New Zealand but TNZ refused to “recognize the property rights” despite repeated requests.

The NZ team, along with Challenger of Records Luna Rossa, announced in September 2017 the move to the 75-foot high monohull for the 36th Copa America Cup in Auckland.

The AC75 Class Rules were published in March 2018, including “provided foil guns and a cant system to save design time and construction costs”.

According to the report, Chaves will seek “legal credit for the hydrofoil system, as well as special recognition at the patent office and industrial property in New Zealand”.

“For more than two years, Team New Zealand lawyers avoided our lawyers,” Chaves told nautica.com.br.

“Initially, they didn’t respond to our letters or emails. Now, they refuse to see our lawyer.

“This is probably the typical case of an isolated bureaucrat, who knows nothing about boats and who thinks he is above the law.”

New Zealand team boss Grant Dalton at the launch of Te Aihe in September last year.  Photo / Getty Images
New Zealand team boss Grant Dalton at the launch of Te Aihe in September last year. Photo / Getty Images

In a statement to the Herald, TNZ rejected the allegations, adding “every good idea has 1000 fathers”.

“In July 2020, we are responding to the allegations made by Mr Chaves. The design of the AC75 foil system cannot be copied or inspired by Mr Chaves’ design in any way, nor does it violate any patents,” the statement said.

“As we explained to Mr. Chaves, the patent requires features not found on the AC75 yacht.

“We simply reject the accusations and have explained why they are false.

“The Emirates NZ team will strongly reject any allegations of misconduct that Mr Chaves may choose.”

With a top speed of up to 50 knots, the AC75 has proven challenging to operate for several syndicates – with US’s American Magic yesterday releasing footage of their second ship the Patriot near Waitematā Harbor.


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JSR Life Sciences Expands European Gen-to-GMP Biology Manufacturing Facility for Selexis and KBI Biopharma in Geneva, Switzerland | Instant News

20 Oct 2020 11:00 UTC

SUNNYVALE, California – (BUSINESS WIRE) – JSR Life Sciences, LLC announced today that they are increasing their European footprint with a newly expanded state-of-the-art facility that will become the main European operating location for its affiliated companies KBI Biofarma and Selexis SA. The two companies combined will occupy at 8,700 square meters Stellar 32 campus within the ZIPLO Geneva (Industrial Zone Plan-les-Ouates). KBI Biopharma’s expanded facilities will enable the Company to offer the manufacturing of clinical cGMP biological medicinal ingredients for European clients. Selexis’ new workspace will enable the Company to meet the increasing demand for highly specialized mammalian cell line development technologies and services. Together, the companies anticipate the creation of more than 250 new, highly technical jobs at the new facility.

JSR Life Sciences invests in co-located operations to help meet the needs of its client base in Europe. This arrangement will facilitate additional options for clients to increase efficiency to integrate SURE SelexistechnologyTM protein expression platform with KBI’s advanced process and analytical development tools.

“JSR Life Sciences is proud to have a best-in-class company focused on translating customer ideas into new biologies that improve the lives of patients around the world,” said Tim Lowery, President of JSR Life Sciences. “This strategic investment in our European operations creates new options by linking the core strengths of our affiliates, increasing efficiency and ultimately accelerating the ability of our customers to bring innovative life science products to market. In addition, KBI and Selexis will benefit from the broad biopharma industry base, advanced technical resources, and special educational offerings in the region. “

KBI Biopharma’s 5,600-square-meter biological bulk drug manufacturing facility is scheduled to be operational in mid-2022 and will create more than 200 technical positions in development, operations and quality assurance. From this facility, KBI will supply cGMP bulk drug ingredients to customers to meet clinical trial requirements. The expanded capabilities include two 2,000L single-use cGMP manufacturing suites with on-site process development and analytical testing laboratories. CGMP quality control testing for release and in-process testing will be carried out on-site at the new Geneva facility, while cGMP testing for medicinal substances and drug product stability will continue at the KBI Biopharma BVBA laboratory in Leuven, Belgium.

The Geneva Selexis footprint will increase by 200% and is scheduled to be operational in mid-2021. The new spaces will include laboratory, office, health / fitness and employee common rooms. During the expansion, Selexis has maintained its commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) through investing in Minergie-certified buildings (a Swiss building standard intended for construction with above average quality, comfort and energy demands) with a 20% better energy balance. of Swiss recommendations for energy resources and conservation1. The floor plans support the unique technical requirements of Selexis cell line workflows, including whole-department segregation and a sophisticated monitoring system. In addition to the new standard cell line development suite, the new facility will also include two separate cell culture sequences to accommodate client-specific, quarantined cell lines or client-specific cell line spaces.

“This expansion is the cornerstone of our European growth strategy, which is built on Selexis ‘innovative cell line technology and KBI’s strong expertise in biologic manufacturing to meet the needs of our clients’ clinical trial requirements. This new facility allows us to increase engagement with a wider client base with whom we can partner more effectively because of our local presence, “said Dirk Lange, President and CEO of KBI Biopharma and CEO of Selexis SA. “As science advances, research and treatment becomes increasingly complex and sophisticated, and we are fully prepared to keep up with the needs of our clients by providing the latest life science discoveries and development technologies. In addition, by putting these operations together, the synergy for fast cell lines and process development as well as the introduction of manufacturing will be extraordinary, which we see as a real boon to our client base. “

The Stellar 32 facility remains at the center of a highly diversified industrial company in Geneva. It provides easy access for clients and employees, is located close to Highway A1, Geneva Airport, and public transportation including buses, trams and several rail lines. Its location will also provide easy access to three-star hotels as well as a restaurant and fitness center.

About JSR Life Sciences, LLC

JSR Life Sciences, LLC is committed to advancing human health worldwide as a strategic partner for companies that discover, develop and deliver products to treat disease and improve the quality of life for patients. Based in Sunnyvale, California, JSR Life Sciences operates a network of manufacturing facilities, R&D labs and sales offices. The JSR Life Sciences family of companies includes Crown Bioscience, KBI Biopharma, Inc., Medical & Biological Laboratories Co., LTD., Selexis SA and other affiliates throughout Europe and the Asia-Pacific region.

About KBI Biopharma, Inc.

KBI Biopharma is an award-winning biopharmaceutical contract services organization that provides fully integrated and accelerated drug development and biomanufacturing services to pharmaceutical and biotech companies worldwide. With each of our 300+ client partners, we’ve worked together to quickly personalize and accelerate their drug development program. Built on a foundation of world-class analytical capabilities, we provide efficient process development and clinical and commercial cGMP manufacturing services for mammalian, microbial, and cell therapy programs. We have locations in Durham and Research Triangle Park (NC), Boulder and Louisville (CO), The Woodlands (TX), Geneva, Switzerland, and Leuven, Belgium. Further information is available at www.kbibiopharma.com.

About Selexis SA

Selexis SA, the JSR Life Sciences Company, is a global leader in the development of cell lines with best-in-class modular technology and highly specialized solutions enabling the life science industry to rapidly discover, develop and commercialize innovative pharmaceuticals and vaccines. Our global partners leverage Selexis technology to advance more than 130 medicinal products in clinical development and manufacturing of eight commercial products. As part of a comprehensive drug development process, the Company’s technology shortens development times and reduces production risks. Further information is available at www.selexis.com.

1 That “The Cantonese Regulatory Model in the Energy Sector” (MuKEn) is a “whole package” of model regulations for the energy law in the building sector that the regions have developed jointly based on their experience in implementing them.

Check out the original version on businesswire.com: https://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20201020005340/en/


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