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The fate of the Karachi Safe City project continues to be balanced | Instant News

KARACHI: The provincial Apex Committee meeting was notified on Monday that the Anti-Terrorism Financing Unit (ATFU) had recovered Rs10,249 billion over the five years from 2015 to 2020 and registered 144 cases and arrested 90 defendants, among them 19 convicted. However, the critical fate of the Safe City project persists as the company contracted to install 10,000 cameras in Karachi has now been asked to provide input on the feasibility of the project and its PC 1.

While chairing the 25th meeting of the provincial Top Committee at the CM Building, the Chief Minister of Sindh, Syed Murad Ali Shah, said the terrorists had no ethnicity, religion, language or nationality but their inhuman tendencies with like-minded elements made it obligatory to reviewing threat assessments regularly to keep our cities, provinces and countries safe. The meeting was attended by the Karachi Corps Commander, Main Secretary, IGP Sindh, DG Rangers, Minister of Information Nasir Shah, Legal Counsel Murtaza Wahab, Additional Head of the Secretariat of Home Affairs, Commissioner Karachi, Additional IG Karachi, Attorney General, Secretary of Excise, head of the provincial intelligence agency. and others concerned.

Shah said, “Our law enforcement agencies with the political will of the government have worked hard, making sacrifices and restoring law and order in the province, particularly in Karachi.” He added that threats continue to lurk, therefore, we must continue to review the threat assessment in this forum. The meeting was briefed that terrorist groups are using social media to organize and collect donations. The LEA and related agencies monitor them and take appropriate action.

The Safe City project continued to have difficulties for the past five years. The meeting was informed that the provincial government has approved the PC-1 Safe City project and the required funds will be disbursed. The installation speed of 10,000 cameras will also be accelerated. In addition, the Sindh government has signed an MOU with NRTC (National Radio & Telecommunication Corporation) on 11 December 2020 for the installation of surveillance cameras in Karachi. The Sindh Aman City Authority has been notified and an additional IGP Imran Yakoob has been assigned as its Director General. And to make matters worse, the Sindh government has just requested input from the National Radio & Telecommunication Corporation on the feasibility study and PC-I.

The Interior Ministry told the cabinet that the Anti-Terrorism Financing Unit (ATFU) had recovered Rs10,249 billion from 2015 to 2020. They registered 144 cases and arrested 90 defendants, of whom 19 have been convicted, 10 appeals await while 37 others are released. The meeting irritated 1,867 ATC cases awaiting court decisions. This directed the Law Department to ask the ATC to speed up trials and also directed the Prosecution Department to strengthen the prosecution of these cases.

The Ministry of Home Affairs indicated that 42 of the 61 defendants were sent to military courts, 30 of whom were sentenced to death, seven were referred to the Anti-Terrorism Court. Military courts have resolved 34 cases, sentencing two to life imprisonment while acquitting the other two. Currently, 16 cases or appeals are pending in the high court and the Supreme Court. From the meeting it was informed that as of November 30, 2020 there were 1,899 cases still awaiting a special trial process. As of December 2020, more than 240 cases have been instituted, 125 of which have been dumped. Hearing this, the chief minister said the sentence rate was 19.02 percent and the release rate was 78 percent.

It is stated that the Ballistic Signature Law has been promulgated under the title Sindh (Amendment) Act-2016. The Ministry of Home Affairs has re-validated and computerized 387,031 weapons licenses. During 2020, eight cases of hate speech were recorded. In connection with the decisions of the APEX Committee, several laws were enacted. The provincial government took over 59 facilities, including schools, madaris and clinics during 2020-21. The government revoked 20,051 NGOs and now only 5,148 NGOs are active. The audit was conducted of 660 NGOs, 25 of which were recommended for Tier-II audits by CTD. A total of 78 organizations were placed on Schedule-I, four on Schedule-II, 440 people were included on Schedule 4 and CTD has begun re-verifying those enrolled in Schedule 4.

Regarding Afghan refugees, the meeting called on the federal government to adopt a clear policy for their return. In light of the threat to Quaid-e-Azam’s tomb, Fatima Jinnah’s House and the Vazir’s House, the meeting decided to increase their security arrangements permanently.

It stated that foreign diplomats from various consulates in Karachi moved without security protection in the city. The police and other bodies recommended that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs could be asked to issue the guidance necessary for diplomatic missions. It is also known that VCs and professors from various universities and educational institutions meet with foreign diplomats without obtaining an NOC from the government.

The Top Committee urged the Law Department to seek approval from the Sindh High Court for the appointment of an Exclusive and Addl Session Judge. Trial of Judges for street crime court. IGP Karachi additionally arrested 350 defendants, and recovered 352 cell phones stolen or confiscated from October 2020 to December 2020.

IGP Police Mushtaq Mahar said at the meeting that DIGP Sukkur and SSPs Larkana, Kashmore, Ghotki, Jacobabad and Kamber are coordinating with tri-border stakeholders and partners in Punjab and Balochistan to control the movement of anti-state elements, between provinces. smugglers / criminals, weapons, narcotics.


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The fight against encroachment along Mehmoodabad Nullah continues | Instant News

Operation to remove encroachment from along Mehmoodabad Nullah in Manzoor Colony continues for the third day in a row on Wednesday.

The 5.5-kilometer storm drain area from Manzoor Colony Fire Station to Korangi will be widened with heavy equipment in the coming days, according to a statement issued by the Karachi Municipal Corporation.

Karachi administrator Laeeq Ahmed visited Mehmoodabad Nullah in Manzoor Colony on Wednesday. He was accompanied by Metropolitan Commissioner Afzal Zaidi and other officials. Administrators review anti-encroachment operations and provide directions to officials in the field.

He said the importance of the area would increase after the elimination of encroachment. He said people faced difficulties because they littered and they lived in an unsanitary environment. He said the road would be built around Nullah and the area would depict a different appearance.

Ahmed added that they welcomed that the residents had cooperated with the government, and that some had torn down illegal buildings themselves. He said the operation would be completed in a few days.

The administrator said encroachment had been removed at the direction of the Supreme Court of Pakistan, and the KMC Anti-encroachment Department, Katchi Abadi department, land department, city services, city wardens and others participated in the operation.

He said encroachment had been cleared from both sides of Mehmoodabad Nullah for the construction of a road that would have heavy traffic. He said encroachment would also be removed from about seven kilometers of the area from the Manzoor Colony Fire Station to Korangi.

In a briefing to administrators, Metropolitan Commissioner Afzal Zaidi said that 57 houses and shops were partially affected during the relocation operation. He said that the residents were cooperating with the local government and there was no reaction.

He said Mehmoodabad Nullah’s recovery as per the original plan would be ensured.


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The war of words against the government continues | Instant News

Resignation issue: The government’s war of words with the opposition continues

ISLAMABAD / LAHORE: Minister of Information and Broadcasting Senator Shibli Faraz on Thursday said the opposition would get nothing but embarrassment over the matter of resigning.

The minister said that there was no obstacle from the government in the manner of the planned opposition rallies in Lahore, insisting that they would carry out illegal acts. He said the government had nothing to do with the opposition. However, these talks, if held, will be held in public.

Speaking at a press conference, the minister said the release of water at the venue could be accidental or some administrative problem, adding that it doesn’t matter, because the place is so big and there should be no excuse now that people can’t come to the place. place because of the water.

Referring to the opposition’s announcement to withdraw en masse from the legislature, Shibli argues that in sheer desperation the resignation decision was taken without consensus or strategy and this has put them on a closed path.

“They played their final resignation card prematurely; They will get nothing but shame, whereas the PPP has its own views on this. People also know them and don’t want to repeat their dark era again, “said the Minister.

Shibli alleges that the main character of the ongoing drama is Nawaz Sharif and people need to know about political history, hypocrisy, apathy and selfishness and the politics of expediency. He added that everyone knows how Nawaz Sharif’s political journey started.

“We know that for the first time in his political life, he stabbed Junejo in the back and came to power by plotting and then he took over General Zia’s mission. He tried to move ahead of the IJI platform and Benazir Bhutto was awarded the title and certificate of treason.

A video clip of Nawaz Sharif played during the press conference, which was shown criticizing Benazir Bhutto and at one point, he commented challenging the PPP leadership that “they will compete with Shaheed Ziaul Haq”. He said they were traitors to Pakistan and “Benazir Bhutto will call his traitor’s father a martyr, who played a major role in Pakistan’s division”.

The minister argues that Bilawal Bhutto may have forgotten what kind of treatment Nawaz Sharif endured to his mother, when he was chief minister of Punjab and used foul language in Parliament and got him involved in lawsuits. “These are the people who gave Asif Ali Zardari the title Tuan 10 percent,” Shibli reminded him.

Shibli also showed a picture of Asif Zardari with a cut on his tongue then he asked who had the wound on his tongue. Handing his gun to PML-N Vice President Maryam Nawaz, the minister argued that he was a representative of a second generation of looters and con artists, who considered him his birthright to rule.

“These are people you can’t trust, their job is to rule, to fool the people, to get votes and make money through these votes,” he said. Shibli said, “(Nawaz’s) aim in coming to power is to keep his business. He has left the country far behind, emptying coffers and emptying the institutions. If he loses, the elections are rigged, and if he wins, that’s fine.”

Meanwhile, Maryam Nawaz said the PDM had decided in its meeting for assembly members to submit their resignations with the leadership of his party. Speaking with media people, he said that the PML-N leadership has not formally demanded the resignation of its MPs, but that lawmakers have piled up their resignations.

“The resignations have piled up with us, because the MNA and MPA brought resignations with them in party meetings,” said the vice president of PML-N. Meanwhile, PPP Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari detained the party leadership to discuss the matter of resigning from the assembly until the final decision of the party’s Central Executive Committee (CEC).

The decision to silence on this matter was taken at the PPP consultation meeting. Although the PPP has decided to comply with all PDM decisions, party leaders have been directed not to discuss the issue of resignation in the media.

PPP Senior Deputy Chairperson and former Prime Minister Syed Yusuf Raza Gilani, speaking to the media after appearing before the Accountability Court on Thursday, also confirmed that Bilawal had asked the party leadership to wait until the final CEC decision. He said Bilawal had stated that he would trust the summit regarding the PDM decision.

He said the whole party would follow the CEC decision. Chief Minister Sindh Murad Ali Shah also said that all parliamentarians from the party will resign as soon as they receive a green signal from the party leadership.

Responding to the opposition’s statement, Railways Minister Shaikh Rashid said the opposition’s threat to resign from the assembly would have no impact on the Lower House of Parliament.

“The resignation will not hurt the assembly,” said Shaikh Rashid while speaking to the media in Lahore. He was also unfazed by the PDM’s long trip to Islamabad and told them they were welcome to the federal capital and winter would await them.

“(Prime Minister) Imran Khan has made an offer – come to the assembly and have a dialogue,” said the minister, adding that the opposition had to clarify who they wanted to talk to if not Imran Khan.

“Those with whom you want to negotiate are against Nawaz Sharif’s statement,” said Shaykh Rasyid. He added, “whatever” the situation may not be in the favor of PDM. The minister said no politician had closed the door to dialogue. She wishes Imran Khan good news after December 13th.

The minister also hopes that not all opposition members resign their seats. He said if they resigned, they would not get the “benefit” they got in prison and would be treated like “C-class” convicts.

Meanwhile, Balochistan Chief Minister Jam Kamal Khan in a statement also challenged the opposition to step down from the assembly, while Punjab Prison and Colony Minister Fayazul Hassan Chohan had predicted that the ‘Sheen’ League would arrive soon.

In a tweet, he claimed that Maryam Nawaz and Bilawal had exchanged harsh words over the defeat in the Gilgit-Baltistan elections.


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Air New Zealand appointed Nikki Dines to replace Joe McCollum as chief people officer | Instant News


Air New Zealand CEO Greg Foran revealed some of the ‘painful’ decisions companies made during their strategy review at a virtual shareholder meeting on Tuesday. Video / Provided

Air New Zealand’s executive staff reshuffle continues, with an internal appointment as head of HR to replace Joe McCollum.

McCollum began working for the airline in April and during his time over 4000

“Nikki is considered an outstanding leader with extensive airline knowledge and experience. His promotion into the role is a tribute to the depth of talent we have within the airline.”


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FIFA 2022 World Cup ™ – News – The classic curtain-opener is remembered as Qatar 2022’s countdown continues | Instant News

  • The Qatar 2022 FIFA World Cup kicks off in exactly two years
  • We look back at the most memorable opening match of all time
  • All the goals, all the excitement and more than a surprise or two

We know the date but not the teams that will take part: The Opening Match of the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 ™ takes place on 21 November 2022, two years from now.

A lot will happen before that, starting with UEFA’s preliminary draw on 7 December, but before that we’ll whet your appetite by looking back on some of the most unforgettable World Cup opening matches of all time.

The first two: Uruguay 1930

July 13, 1930, Montevideo: France 4-1 Mexico and the US 3-0 Belgium

There was not one opening game at the inaugural World Cup but two. It was snowing as the tournament started on July 13, 1930, with France and the US beating Mexico and Belgium respectively. One name stands out on this important day, namely Lucien Laurent, the first goalscorer in World Cup history.

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Trendsetter: England 1966

11 July 1966, London: England 0-0 Uruguay

Prior to 1966, the World Cup almost always started with several matches being played at the same time. For example, Italy 1934 started with no fewer than eight knockout matches starting simultaneously. And even when Switzerland and Germany started the process in France 1938 with a 1-1 draw after extra time (Switzerland won 4-2 in a rematch five days later), it was not considered the opening match. England and Uruguay had the honor of contesting the first match in 1966 and set an unfavorable trend in the process, with the next three World Cup opening matches (Mexico v USSR in 1970, Brazil v Yugoslavia in 1974, and Poland v West Germany in 1978. ) also ended in a goalless draw.

Wet squib: Germany 1974

13 June 1974, Frankfurt: Brazil 0-0 Yugoslavia

Even though it was winter, wet and windy when the tenth World Cup kicked off in Frankfurt, the meeting between the reigning world champions and a technically talented team with a reputation as “Brazilians in Europe” promises to make up for the sad weather. Unfortunately, it failed to deliver and eased into a tame 0-0 draw.

The surprise: Spain 1982

June 13, 1982, Barcelona: Argentina 0-1 Belgium

After four consecutive goalless draws, all indications that the goal curse from the Opening Match would continue when Argentina met Belgium in 1982. Belgium striker Erwin Vandenbergh had other ideas, however, to end a goal drought in the 422th minute of the World Cup opener. and gave the Red Devils an unexpected win over the reigning world champions, led by Diego Maradona.

Surprise: Italy 1990

8 June 1990, Milan, Argentina 0-1 Cameroon

For the second time in their history, Argentina started a World Cup defense with a stumble, this time against Cameroon, which saw two players out. A star studded Albiceleste the line-up, once again spearheaded by Maradona, fell against a solitary Francois Omam-Biyik, as the Indomitable Lions recorded one of the biggest surprises in World Cup history.

Upset: Korea / Japan 2002

31 May 2002, Seoul: France 0-1 Senegal

The question that is often asked is not if defending champions France will win against Senegal, however How many they will win. Like Cameroon 12 years earlier, the Senegalese player made his debut in the competition. Although the encounter between a team filled with stars from Europe’s top clubs and a relatively unknown bunch seemed a long-gone conclusion, it ended in stunning African success, when Papa Bouba Diop scored the goal to give new boys. it was the famous 1-0 win.

Goal feast: Germany 2006

June 9, 2006, Munich: Germany 4-2 Costa Rica

For the first time since 1970, the hosts had the ball rolling. The sun shone and 66,000 fans roared their approval as Germany and Costa Rica held an attacking football festival. Philipp Lahm opened the scoring with a superb shot into the top corner of the net. Paulo Wanchope equalized The Ticos before Miroslav Klose, who would become the all-time World Cup top scorer eight years later, scored twice to put Germany in control. Wanchope pulled one back to complete his own two goals, with Torsten Frings sealing a 4-2 win for the hosts and two World Cup records: Germany’s fourth opening win and most goals ever in an opening match.

The one with vuvuzelas: South Africa 2010

11 June 2010, Johannesburg: South Africa 1-1 Mexico

“We didn’t think about a possible draw,” said Siphiwe Tshabalala FIFA.com on game night. “We want to win this match and nothing can stop us.” The South African midfielder must have thought his words had come true when he scored a superb opener Bafana Bafana in 55 minutes. Amid thundering vuvuzelas, however, Mexico equalized 11 minutes from time, capping off an unforgettable night.

Tshabalala: My 2010 goal will be special forever

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Tshabalala: My 2010 goal will be special forever

One with a substitute who scores: Russia 2018

14 June 2018, Moscow: Russia 5-0 Saudi Arabia

Even though Brazil beat Mexico 5-0 on the first match day in Switzerland 1954, it wasn’t actually the opening match, as Yugoslavia beat France 1-0 at the same time. That means that the biggest win ever recorded in the Opening Matches of the World Cup came in the most recent, when Russia beat Saudi Arabia, thanks to its many successors. Before Denis Cheryshev and Artem Dzyuba, who scored three of their team’s five goals between them, no player had ever come off the bench to score in the world final opener.


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