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The PSL security plan was changed for the comfort of the occupants | Instant News

DIG Maqsood Ahmed Memon, head of the Sindh Police Security Division, has made several changes to the security plans for the PSL-6 mega event, which kicked off at Karachi National Stadium on February 20 and was running with success.

Speaking with The News on Saturday, he said they had slightly altered security plans, including air surveillance of matches and routes.

He said meetings had been held with people living in the area adjacent to the stadium and they had been given permission to move easily until the match in Karachi ended.

DIG Memon said roads around the stadium were opened and the pick and drop facility for spectators from the parking area to the stadium gates remained unchanged.

In addition, for the convenience of the public, residents around the stadium have been taken on board to give them free access during the match and residents’ entry permits have been issued for the first time for their convenience.

DIG Ahmed said the efforts of all law enforcement agencies were laudable, and it was a huge success for the state forces to restore the confidence of foreign cricketers who, he said, were pleased with the security measures being taken for the event.

The deployment of snipers at sensitive points, and Special Weapons and Tactics teams inside and outside the stadium, in addition to special command & control buses at the National Stadium to monitor law & order, was one of the major steps taken to tighten regulatory security.

DIG further stated that to improve security arrangements, the Sindh Rangers together with the police were also deployed on the route and around the hotel.

The Paramilitary Rangers also carried out aerial surveillance via helicopter during the movements of the players.

DIG Memon itself is conducting aerial surveys of Rangers helicopters to monitor order in the middle

the movement of the PSL team on Saturday.

In addition, the recently introduced ‘skating squad’ from the Special Security Unit (SSU), the first skating squad to be introduced in police departments across the country, has also been deployed around the National Stadium to facilitate spectators and react quickly. in every

an unwanted situation.

For the convenience and convenience of the public, the spectators who came to the stadium were thoroughly guided and assisted from the parking lot to the cage by the SSU commando and the female commando wearing sports clothes.


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KDA was ordered to free its amenity plots from the encroachers | Instant News

Sindh Information Minister and Local Government Syed Nasir Hussain Shah has directed the director general (Ditjen) of the Karachi Development Authority (KDA) to launch an operation to vacate the amenity plots in the city under illegal occupation.

He issued a directive to this effect on Thursday while chairing a meeting to review different development schemes in the city under the auspices of the Karachi Metropolitan Corporation, Karachi Water & Sewerage Board and KDA.

The local government minister asked the Director General of KDA to build playgrounds and public-private partnership parks on the amenity plots that had been freed from illegal occupation.

He said KDA must also build a pier in the fishing settlements of Rehri Goth and Ibrahim Hyderi to facilitate fishing activities. The Minister of Education and Manpower Sindh Saeed Ghani, who was also present at the occasion, asked the relevant officials to adopt a comprehensive plan on the basis of the war to solve the problems of the disadvantaged areas of Yousuf Goth in Surjani City in their extreme view. difficulties since the last rainy season.

He said residents of Yousuf Goth had faced great hardships since last year and safety arrangements had to be made by the provincial government to protect them from further misery during this year’s monsoon season.

Nasir directed officials to carry out an investigation into the development scheme in Azeempura to determine where project funds had been spent when no work was being done in the area.


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New normal fashion trends: Huge success, comfortable clothing, oversized clothing received a thumbs up during the pandemic | Instant News

In 2012, “fashion therapist” Tim Gunn tweeted: “When it comes to dressing, comfort is exaggerated. A little discomfort might mean your outfit fits snugly and not pajamas.” Zoom (pun) into 2020, when PJs became fashion uniforms. Around the end of March, most of us switched on our ascetic fashions. The fact that being comfortable can be beautiful – and profitable – is evident in the 2018 “ugly sneakers” or “daddy shoes” trend.


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