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What is food insecurity? | National news | Instant News

Before the corona virus pandemic, food insecurity across the United States affects more than 37 million people, of whom 11 million are children. That figure, while staggering, is the lowest point of food insecurity in the country in nearly 90 years. Against the backdrop of the ongoing pandemic, the national hunger aid organization, Feeding America, is expecting much more 54 million Americans face food shortages. These demands are adding to pressure on food kitchens that are already short of food, hunger relief organizations, and are driving a significant need for expansion Country Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Programs (SNAP, also known previously as food stamps). Between February and July, between 6 and 7 million additional Americans implemented and approved for SNAP benefits.

Stacker compiled a list of states where food stamps are used the most using SNAP data released July 10, 2020, by USDA. The latest number of households and poverty rates as of 2019 data from Census Bureau. Countries are ranked according to the percentage of households that received food stamps in April 2020. Additional information came from sources such as American Center for Progress, Feeding America, and state websites and local food banks.

After mandatory businesses and schools closed last spring, The Trump administration in April backed off its push to enforce stricter SNAP rules, namely the work requirements for families without children. The proposed food stamp cuts will take nearly 700,000 Americans off their SNAP benefits. A federal judge on October 18 dropped a new push by the government to enforce additional rules. Meanwhile, states have been relying on since March on temporary SNAP flexibility for deliveries emergency co-benefits for families, represents a major lifeline at a time when many students study remotely without access to school meals.

Keep reading to find out where your state ranks in terms of use of food stamps, and what is being done to curb hunger and food insecurity in your area.

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Do’s and don’ts for online dating apps | Bakersfield Life | Instant News

If you are single, it is possible that you have tried online dating, or you have convinced yourself that it is not enough to register. There are many popular dating apps available, such as Bumble, Tinder, Plenty of Fish and Hinge, but when you are looking for a potential partner, there is always a common factor. No matter where you are in your love life, talking to strangers online can be a daunting feeling. But it’s important to consider these dating apps as an advantage: you can find your next partner faster and easier.

Although I am not an expert, I have had a high share of these dating apps over the years. Although there are several elements to the dating experience, these are some of the skills I learned from my experience and my friends.

do not

Pretend you are not you.

Being yourself is the key to dating, so if someone doesn’t like you, don’t be afraid to let them go. With someone who accepts your whole self, you will be happier.

Sometimes, online dating can be disappointing because you seem to be sliding to a list of potential people who don’t meet your expectations. Whether you are rejected or rejected someone, always remember that it cannot be resolved for some reason. You may like this person very much, but if the person you are talking to is not interested, you cannot force them to change their minds. Don’t spend a lot of time to remember your strengths.

Carry luggage

Before seeking a serious relationship, make sure you understand what you want and don’t want in your partner. When you match online people, set boundaries for yourself. If someone does not select the conditions you need to meet on the list, don’t be afraid to turn around and leave. You have a choice.

I know that online dating can be difficult because not many people will prove your expectations, but you just need to be patient. Talking to new people is easy, but continuing to communicate with them is a process.


Before meeting someone, research them and make sure they are safe. Make sure they are real people and their online information is true. You don’t want to end up being catfished or deceived.

Show the best face

If there is one thing that catches the attention of dating apps, it is your photos. Strengthen your selfie game and be creative. There are many ways to do this, such as taking pictures when you are out with friends, using filters or being creative through Photoshop. The more beautiful your photo looks, the easier it will be to slide, and it will start a conversation!

Talk about your interests

Although it is important to be cautious about posting personal information online, you can also talk about your interests. Give the person you are talking about examples of things you like to do. Doing so will make the person online see you as a real person and establish contact with them.

Whether you are chatting online or meeting in person, keep your conversations and activities fun. It is important to build new relationships, but make sure you are happy. When you meet this person, do something that is pleasant for both of you.

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Imran discusses Covid-19, climate change with Prince Charles | Instant News


Islamabad, 4 Dec (IANS) Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan holds a telephone conversation with Prince Charles of Britain and exchanges views on the coronavirus pandemic, climate change and biodiversity, according to an official statement.

Khan expressed condolences for the loss of life in Britain due to the pandemic and underlined that international cooperation is essential for success in fighting the disease, Xinhua news agency quoted a statement from the Prime Minister’s Office as saying late Thursday.

“Pakistan has been able to mitigate the damaging impact of Covid-19 on health and the economy through coordinated national efforts, smart lockdown and implementation of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs),” the statement quoted Khan as saying.

The Prime Minister underlined that climate change is one of the most pressing issues at the moment, and Pakistan is committed to working with the global community to tackle this problem.

Khan extended an invitation to the Prince of Wales to visit Pakistan together with Duchess of Cornwall Camilla, according to the statement.

During their conversation, Prince Charles and Prime Minister Khan also agreed on the need for greater global cooperation in facing common global challenges especially on climate change and environmental protection, according to the statement.

Britain will host COP26, or the 2021 UN Climate Change Conference, next year and Prince Charles “welcomes Pakistan’s determination to address the threat of Climate Change, reaffirming Britain’s support for increased use of renewable energy in Pakistan”.


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How to travel the world during Covid-19 | Instant News

I built a hack to travel the world during Covid-19. I wrote this to share with my fellow explorers around the world who are currently confined to their homes. Before Covid-19, we were the ones who loved to pack the light, jump on a plane. Or on just one. Landing in a new city. Choose the dish from the menu with which we are least familiar. Enjoying a deep conversation with a stranger at a bar we’ve never been to before. And we are over a billion. 1.4, to be exact: 1.4 billion international travelers in 2018. To put that into perspective, in 1950, only 25 million people traveled abroad. American explorers have exploded across the world in recent decades. So what should an explorer do when the world is locked? I built a hack to travel the world during Covid-19. A one-of-a-kind conversation platform where we explorers can connect with partners around the world for short 15 minute video chats. No gossip – all conversations start with a big question that you have to choose ahead of time. I had to change my way of thinking about travel. I used to think that traveling was about going somewhere else. But then I realized that you can just as easily travel through a conversation with someone who lives in another part of the world. You can travel through their stories, their experiences, their joy, their sorrows. You can discover their world through their words. In many ways, this journey is as powerful, if not more, than physically traveling the world. Because it is accessible to everyone. No vacation budget needed. Simply introduce yourself authentically, ready to share your story, and dive into a conversation that matters with another human. What does exploring humanity look like via 15-minute video chats on Big Questions? (or – try it for yourself) Here are some stories from my fellow explorers. “I met a doctor in the New York ICU who had started showing symptoms three days earlier and was taken off the rotation. She was exhausted, alone, and scared of infecting her boyfriend. She couldn’t wait to kill the virus and get back into action. She was inspiring and impactful and strong in a way that a New York Times article on her couldn’t be. She shared a window to the front lines with me, and I am grateful to her for that. I met a high performing tech who battled childhood demons over body image, and totally illogical fears that she should be further in her career than she is. She inspired me with her courage and vulnerability. I met a guy who had just been fired, another indirect victim of Covid. He felt he could stay afloat for 6+ months, but he wasn’t sure after that. He told me how his parents had always been careless with money, and luckily, that made him super careful. I met him 3 hours after I got the call from HR. It was raw, human, authentic and a high definition window on a painful moment that millions of people are going through. I met a Brazilian yoga teacher living in New York. She told me about her radical religious upbringing and how she was not allowed to wear a dress until she was 21. She told me about a contact with God she had in the Dominican Republic, when she was miraculously saved from a dangerous situation. . “- LC” For 30 minutes, my quarantine walls were destroyed, I had 3 good convos in the Philippines, Los Angeles and Chicago. ” – DM “I was surprised to chat with someone in Bangladesh! But we had a conversation about US politics – which he actually started talking about first. I had a unique insight and perspective from her and can’t wait to chat with someone new soon! “- KS” What I keep learning and which surprises me is how we are from different cultures and backgrounds and yet we are basically all the same, we have so much in common and we want the same for the world. “- JF” Meeting such diverse people with diverse backgrounds and ideas inspired me and broadened my perspective on the topics we have been discussing. At the same time, it was really exciting to feel the oneness – that you are not alone in thinking about the particular things that are important to you. “- HB” I really enjoyed being able to talk to a few people who were actually scattered across the country / the world. Much of the discussion revolved around how we are all dealing with the current pandemic, and it was nice to be able to step outside of my usual social circles to hear about from different perspectives. I think the string has the potential to remind people that we are truly a global community even though we are socially isolated at the moment. -EL In the words of ee cummings: “” listen: there is has a hell of a good universe next, let’s go “?? Explore humanity, now How to travel the world during covid-19 twine.nyc.

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