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The top builders guarantee PM economic activity up to Rs1,3 trillion – Pakistan | Instant News

Last updated when July 31, 2020 18:54

PM Imran said increasing construction activities would help wealth and job creation

ISLAMABAD (Dunya News) – Prime Minister Imran Khan on Friday was convinced by 13 of the country’s leading builders to launch various projects over the next 4-5 months that will generate economic activity of up to Rs 1.3 trillion and the addition of 100,000 housing units.

The guarantee was made during the weekly meeting of the National Coordinating Committee for Housing, Construction and Development which was held in Islamabad with Prime Minister Imran Khan in the chair.

In addition to all the Chief Secretaries of leading provincial builders and developers from Karachi, Islamabad and Lahore attended the meeting to represent the country’s Builders and Developers Association.

The prime minister appreciates the Governor of the State Bank for its proactive role in encouraging private banks to provide much needed support to the construction sector.

Ages represent development organizations and developers at the national level and play a key role in private sector construction activities.

The Century Representative said that for the first time in the country’s history, not only NOCs and simplified permits but private banks encouraged builders and developers for construction and credit activities, of course, went to the ruling government and the State Bank. Pakistan (SBP).

The builders and developers assured the prime minister that the current system would help solve their problems quickly and await approval that would allow them to carry out projects worth billions of rupees.

Imran Khan while expressing satisfaction with the trust of the building community reaffirmed the government’s commitment to provide every possible facility for the construction sector.

He observed that big cities functioned as engines of growth and offered great opportunities for builders and developers. He said an increase in construction activities would help wealth and job creation which would enable the country to gain economic stability and reduce its debt burden.


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Verbal promises by the government failed to convince the vaccine giver to cancel the protest | Instant News

Despite assurances from the Sindh health department that all vaccine providers’ demands will be met, hundreds of vaccine providers from various districts in Sindh have promised to follow their plans to sit at the Karachi Press Club (KPC) today (Tuesday) and warn that if their demands unfulfilled, they will begin marching at the Chief Minister Sindh’s House in the afternoon.

Around 300 vaccination centers remained closed in Sindh on Monday as hundreds of vaccine providers reached KPC from various districts in Sindh as well as various areas in Karachi to protest and pressurize the provincial government to accept their demands, which included regularizing jobs, paying salaries and increasing service structures. they are the same way as Punjab and other provinces.

“Today, the Additional Secretary of Health Mushtaq Soomro together with Project Director of the Immunization Expansion Program (EPI) Dr. Akram Sultan and Dr. Sikandar Memon visited us at KPC and assured us that all our demands had been accepted but we told them that without publishing the notice, we will not end our protest, “Khuda Bux Qureshi, general secretary of the Vaccination Joint Action Committee told The News.

Hundreds of vaccinations chanted slogans in support of their demands outside KPC, saying that all vaccination centers will remain closed until their demands are met.

“Vaccine has been forced to work without salary for the past few months. They are not given facilities by the department. We are experiencing injustice while large funds are being received from international donors to facilitate the vaccination program. It will not continue like this anymore, “Qureshi said, adding that they felt sorry for unvaccinated children for delaying the tactics of health ministry officials.

Other vaccinators alleged that several health department officials were involved in delaying tactics because they wanted to extort money from the vaccinators’ salaries. They said that instead of bowing before the demands of corrupt health ministry officials, the vaccinators decided to take to the streets and raise their voices against injustice.

“Sindh Health Minister Dr Azra Pechuho asked people to have their children vaccinated at EPI centers but he was actually misled by officials because vaccination centers had been closed for weeks in Sindh because vaccinators were protesting. The fact is that the vaccination program in Sindh has been suspended indefinitely. Children were not vaccinated for 11 diseases. We suggest that the government meet our demands and help children get vaccinated, “Qureshi said.

Dr Sultan, who visited KPC to negotiate with the protesting vaccine providers, said all the demands of the vaccine providers, including the regularization of 58 GAVI and WHO vaccines, salary expenditure and the improvement of their service structures, had been received and now notification in this matter would be issued. in time.

“All vaccine provider demands are genuine and in principle accepted by the health department. I am their biggest advocate and today I together with Mushtaq Soomro’s Health Secretary visited the vaccine providers who protested and assured them that their demands had been accepted and a notification in this matter would be issued soon, “said Dr. Sultan.


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The advisor ensures a demurrage solution within 24 hours | Instant News

KARACHI: PM Adviser for Finance and Revenue Hafeez Shaikh on Thursday pledged to resolve issues related to demurrage and detention costs in a day and convince employers to settle refunds within the specified time period.

“Progress in ignoring demurrage and accusations of detention will be made within the next 24 hours,” Shaikh said while discussing a virtual video-link meeting with the Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FPCCI).

The meeting was told that 20,000 containers could not be cleaned at the port within the specified time period because they were locked after coronavirus.

The port of Karachi, which handles 76 percent of the cargo, has seen containers piled up with traders not providing important documents to get their goods delivered due to lack of transportation of goods amid a lockdown led by the corona virus.

Responding to delays in income tax, sales tax and export-related returns, the adviser said refunds would be made to all – exporters or non-exporters – within the specified time period. “If not, he (the adviser) can be contacted and informed,” he was quoted as saying in a statement. A check of the return of Rs40 billion has been issued to taxpayers, he added.

The adviser said he would hold a joint meeting with FPCCI and the chair of the industrial zone authority to make a decision on the establishment of the industrial zone. He invited the FPCCI team to discuss the issue of levies based on the cascading principle.

Responding to the withdrawal of the duty of importing tires because the tire import has entered the smuggling regime, Shaikh said the tire importer will get the news. He, appreciating FPCCI’s pre-budget proposal, said this was very comprehensive and would be discussed in detail in a joint meeting with Hammad Azhar, minister of industry and production, Razak Dawood, PM advisor for trade, textiles and investment and FPCCI.

Zakaria Usman, organizer of the FPCCI Budget Advisory Council, said customs tariffs should be collected based on cascading to curb post-budget anomalies. The import substitution industry and export of non-traditional goods, the establishment of value-added industries and promotion of branding must be encouraged. He also invited the attention of advisors to 6,000-7,000 motorized vehicles, which were stalled due to the unavailability of exemption certificates because international flights were not operational and the diaspora concerned could not come to Pakistan. Land must be given to investors at a lower price for the establishment of the industry within two years otherwise the land must be confiscated.

The Chair of FPCCI appreciates advisors for making large payments to taxpayers for their refund claims.


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The UAE has decided to extend the visa for Pakistani citizens, guaranteeing assistance in every possible way | Instant News


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Pokemon Go to Offer Raids to Stay at Home to convince Players to Stay Domestic and Observe Social Distances | Instant News

Niantic, the company behind Pokémon Go, is now trying to convince its players to stay at home by offering new ways to attack, add strength, and send and receive gifts at the game all from the comfort of their own homes.

(Photo: Screenshot of: Pokemon Go, Official Facebook Page)

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Pokémon Go offers attacks at home to convince players to stay indoors and observe social distance

According to the company, they have the word that “We are pleased to announce upcoming changes to Pokemon GO. In our ongoing effort to prioritize the Pokemon GO experience that can be enjoyed in individual settings and from home, you will soon be able to enjoy new features.”

When it comes to Battle Raid, you will need a Raid pass. But this time, Remote Raid Pass will be a new item and players will be able to join any type of raid battle they can see on the nearest screen or on the map by tapping on it. Only one Remote Raid Pass is needed to join each raid and this will allow players to hold a limited amount of RRP at a time.

Up to 20 players can jump on the same attack. Raid Battles that Trainers will complete with long distance raid passes will be counted for all types of research purposes or medals related to raid.

The trainer will also receive one daily bonus field research assignment every day at midnight without having to play Pokestop, and it will be different each time. This will focus on the various activities that you actually complete when at home.

It is known that sending gifts and sharing items is important to keep in touch with friends. Your Pokemon friends will help you anywhere and anytime. Soon, it will be able to bring gifts directly to you if you run out. Your Pokemon friends will be able to visit the nearest Poke stop to get more.

Niantic also said that “Right now, turning on your Pokémon can take a while. With this update, you can give all your Candy and Stardust to your Pokémon to light it to the desired CP level at once. Now you can focus more when you hone your battle skills in the GO Battle League! “

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Thank you, Coach

The company also thanked the coaches and gave them advice on the pandemic in a small message saying that “As we work to continue to improve your gaming experience, we want to thank you for your continued support. Our team is working hard to respond to feedback You, and create new and interesting gameplay that can be enjoyed both from home and when we can go out and explore together again. Please pay attention to your surroundings when playing Pokemon GO. “

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The Consul General of Pakistan guarantees assistance to communities affected by corona in NY | Instant News


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