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I am very happy that Bowser’s Fury has two people working together | Instant News

Even someone who has a 3D world on Wii U, *I am*

Yesterday’s trailer Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury Looks great – You can almost fool me into thinking that the new cat-filled area is the world of DLC Super Mario Odyssey – But our glimpse gives us enough room for hopeful guesses. (I’m sure, partly by design.)

Today, Nintendo released much better Overview of the 2-in-1 Switch title.

Super Mario 3D World It’s related to your wish to upgrade Wii U to Switch, but I’m more interested in the second half of this video – skip to four minutes to understand Bowser’s Fury.

The new adventure activity imagines Mario and Bowser Jr. as “reluctant allies”, rushing them to the islands of Lapcat Lake (Lapcat), collecting cat light, and using him best A terrible way to resist Bowser.Not clear at first Bowser’s Fury There are two people working together, but this film confirms this.It’s ok

As for the clumsy Fury Bowser (he will always be “God Killer Bowser“For me), his anger has its ups and downs. According to Nintendo, he will “appear after a while”, change the state of the world with a falling spike, and attack the duo with violent breathing. Obviously, ” There is nowhere to escape “Hide.” But as the narrator said, “No one can stay angry forever.” Bowser will eventually take Godzilla’s sedative.

Ultimate goal Bowser’s FuryAs the previous trailer implies, it is necessary to obtain enough of these collectibles to unlock the Jiga Clock and unlock the Genjika Cat Mario Form. Let them fight.

I really want to play this independent game-far beyond the imagination based on the packaged features.Without Bowser’s Fury, I might finally back down and dip Super Mario 3D World On Switch, but everything I’ve seen so far is prompting me to prioritize in February.

Don’t be an ungrateful bastard, but… Super Mario Odyssey 2 When?


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30XX will land on Steam for Early Access on February 17, fans of “Madman X” should note this date | Instant News

This is a roguelike game, but you can avoid permadeath

When Batterystaple Games came back, it was not satisfactory-United States and Canada peopleBut resonate closely.

Follow in the footsteps of action platform roguelike 20XX, The studio is releasing a sequel, 30XX, Released on Steam Early Access on February 17, 2021. Rockman X and / or zero, Fortunately here.

30XX The Early Access version has six levels of themes. The game has local and online co-ops, a level editor, and if you don’t feel the rogue heat, then you can also use the “perathathath-free” Mega mode.

The first experience was very good – 20XX Attracted more than 200,000 players, “Early Experience 20XX Chris King, the founder of Batterstaple, said, “I am looking forward to beautiful things again.” Glauber Kotaki’s new art direction is booming.

I played it briefly 30XX Last year, and the most important point, the platform felt good.


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Tsushima Ghost Update adds new content such as God of War, God of Blood | Instant News

Ghost on the horse In the months after the game was released, it has maintained an important position, mainly due to the game’s new cooperative multiplayer mode, legend. Now, due to the launch of some new clothes, this game mode seems to arouse more interest in the next few weeks.

Shared by developer Sucker Punch today, Ghost on Horse: Legend According to other iconic PlayStation attributes, we will receive a variety of new costumes.Some new costumes that have been added to legend Designed to resemble the characters in the title, for example Mars, Blood source, Horizon zero dawnwith Shadow of giant.These different skins are also associated with four different categories available for playback legendThe same

The only disadvantage of this development is that these new skins will not be available for a long time. Instead, players can only start from today and continue until January 15th until next month to unlock them. Therefore, if you want to acquire these new equipment yourself, it is best to start the game.

According to the amount supported by Sucker Punch Ghost on Horse: Legend Since the game mode was first introduced earlier this year, it is safe to say that this is not its latest update.Actually, it seems legend Entering 2021, it will continue to receive good support. With this in mind, if you are someone who will play more games next year, you might as well add all four costumes to your collection and they disappeared.

Ghost on the horse Available now, and can be played on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. In order to keep abreast of all our concerns about the game, You can follow here.

Whether to add these new clothes to Ghost on Horse: Legend Do you want to return to the game soon?Let me know what you think about the comments or the comments on Twitter @ MooreMan12.


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After all, Overcooked will land on the next-generation Microsoft platform this week | Instant News

Released today

Feel like Overcooking: Everything you can eat Plan to board the next-generation train later After confirming that the PS5 version will arrive this week; But the publisher Team17 announced that it did launch the Series X/S version. Specifically, today. All are the “next generation”!

In case you miss it, Overcooking: Everything you can eat Basically an authoritative compilation. It hosts two games in the series with 4K visual effects and 60FPS in the same series.This also makes the original Overcooked It can be played online and has a “later” cross-play function. In terms of content, it will get seven new levels and three new chefs.

Ah, a new generation of broken friendships and families… sniffing. When hosting party games, people are really thinking that the next generation has arrived, which makes people start arguing about how console owners should buy more DualSense remotes. If people already have their Xbox One controller, at least you can enter a full local session on Series X/S!


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Large adventures only include local co-ops at launch | Instant News

Online multiplayer support will be updated for free until 2021, and some levels in Sackboy are “co-op only”

Online multiplayer support has always been a tricky issue Recent games, The same can be said Sackboy: A big adventure. Although Sumo Digital plans to support local and online cooperatives by the “end of 2020”, PS4 and PS5 games will only include local cooperatives of 2 to 4 players.

“We have made a difficult decision and cannot delay the full online multiplayer functionality here Sackboy: A big adventure“, Design Director Ned Waterhouse is in PlayStation Blog. “The team has been working hard to ensure that online gaming is the best experience for players, and we just need more time to make it right so you can fully enjoy it with your friends and family.”

Whenever I hear that there will be online multiplayer games later (in this case, it will be added to the free patch for free shortly after release), I get a little nervous.When indeed Will it be stable? Need further repairs?It is also worth noting that Sack boy There will be “cross-generation multiplayer games” on PS4 and PS5.

This delay will not change my opinion-I still look forward to it Sack boy And I still think platform game fans Shouldn’t sleep on it – But for anyone who intends to take the online cooperative route, this is a pity. I have an additional DualSense controller, so whenever I finally get this game, I am more than happy to go.

It is not even a question of budget, but a question of time. I am not enough!


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