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Coronavirus: German minister urges rethinking of aid to companies hit by pandemic | News | DW | Instant News

Germany’s chief chancellor, Helge Braun, on Monday called for changes to the way the government compensates businesses hit by the coronavirus starting next year, saying the current support scheme is unsustainable.

Government imposed a partial lockdown in November, closing bars and restaurants, stopping travel and limiting social contact.

It offers to replace companies with up to 50 workers, and are self-employed, up to 75% of turnover is lost in November and December due to restrictions. But Braun told me Handelsblatt state newspapers “are unable to act indefinitely.”

“Income cannot be the main criterion in the long term,” he said, calling current compensation an “ad-hoc measure.”

“In January, we have to provide more targeted assistance,” which will be tied to fixed business costs, he added.

Economy Minister Peter Altmaier also raised doubts, telling Deutschlandfunk radio that it was impossible to “offer such a comprehensive package as compensation payments for an indefinite period of time.”

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Directly enter the company with a leave scheme

The German government has made an unprecedented number state aid is available to support the economy, but Braun said the pandemic still “left a significant mark”.

“The state can help ensure that most companies survive the crisis, but it will not be without consequences.”

He said there was still room for economic aid measures next summer, and voiced hope that a reduction in infection rates and a vaccination program could improve prospects before then.

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As a sign of how The pandemic has affected the economyThe number of businesses in Germany using state-funded leave schemes rose in November for the first time in months, according to a study released on Monday.

Short work Short-term employment, as it is called, involves the state that bears a large proportion of the salary to prevent workers from being laid off.

The Munich-based Ifo Institute found that 28% of companies had enrolled employees for the program in November – compared with 24.8% in October. These figures are based on responses from a survey of around 7,000 companies from various sectors.

Ifo reports that short-term employment is increasing in almost all major sectors of the economy, especially the tourism and hospitality industries which are affected. The number of hotels using the leave scheme jumped from 62.9% to 91%, while in hotels the figure increased from 53.4% ​​to 71.7%.

Merkel lashed out at the state prime minister

Also on Monday, Chancellor Angela Merkel criticized some state prime ministers’ decision to let hotels reopen over Christmas to allow family visits.

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The chancellor told his party’s leadership conference that he saw this as particularly risky in major cities and regions with high numbers of coronavirus infections, according to sources cited by Reuters and Germany’s dpa news agency. The government has urged people to hold small gatherings at home and avoid unnecessary travel during the holiday period.

Under Germany’s federal structure, regional prime ministers have the final say on regulations in their states.

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What We Read: Fauci Commemorates Vacation Trip to Uptick; UK to Abolish Vaccine Candidates; SC Offers Free HIV Testing | Instant News

Anthony Fauci, MD, warns of a potential increase in cases of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) after holiday trips; The UK will give first approval to Pfizer, BioNTech’s COVID-19 vaccine candidate; health officials from South Carolina offering free HIV testing.

Fauci Warns of Increasing COVID-19 Cases After Holiday Trips

Yesterday, the country’s leading infectious disease expert Anthony Fauci, MD, warned of a potential increase in cases of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) after many Americans refused to comply with warnings from public health officials against traveling during last week’s holidays. Reported by Hill, Fauci appealed to travelers to be safe when returning home and encouraged them to quarantine where possible and get tested. Last Wednesday, travel fares hit their highest level since March, with about 1.1 million passengers passing through airport security.

UK Set to Be First to Remove Pfizer, BioNTech Vaccine

Reported by Bloomberg, United Kingdom (United Kingdom) may give first approval to Pfizer Inc. and BioNTech’s COVID-19 vaccine candidate, BNT162b2, as early as this week. The UK has ordered a 2-shot vaccine dose to immunize about 20 million people, although it notes that a vaccine will not be available soon. The first injection is potentially carried out from 7 December.

Free HIV Testing Available Across South Carolina

As part of World AIDS Day on December 1, health officials from South Carolina are offering a free offer HIV testing, as well as testing for other sexually transmitted diseases and Hepatitis C at local health clinics across the state. Reported by The Associated PressHealth officials estimate that more than 20,000 people in South Carolina are living with HIV, with 1 in 6 recorded as not knowing their status. The South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control also plans to hold a panel discussion tomorrow, called “Ending the Epidemic” which will include information about preventing the spread of HIV and how those infected can live with the virus.


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The UK reported 12,330 new cases of COVID-19, 205 new deaths | Instant News

FILE PHOTO: A student at the University of St Andrews attends a lateral flow antigen testing facility amidst the spread of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19), in St Andrews, Scotland, UK, 27 November 2020. REUTERS / Russell Cheyne

LONDON (Reuters) – Britain reported 12,330 new cases of COVID-19 on Monday, up from 12,155 the day before and bringing the cumulative total since the start of the pandemic to 1,629,657, government data show.

A total of 205 new deaths from the disease were also reported, down from 215 the previous day. Great Britain had the highest total death toll in Europe at 58,448.

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Rita Ora apologizes for the indoor birthday party amid the UK shutdown | Instant News

Rita Ora said she was “sorry” and “ashamed” for throwing herself an indoor birthday party amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The “I Will Never Let You Down” singer turned 30 last week and marked the occasion with what she described as a “little gathering with a few friends” at a London restaurant. Photos on media outlets show celebrities, including model Cara Delevingne, attending the Saturday event. Thirty people were reported to be present.

The UK is currently under a month-long lockdown starting November 5, with non-essential businesses closed and people allowed to leave their homes only for work and other purposes. The lockdown is scheduled to be lifted this week.

In an Instagram post Monday, the British artist described his birthday celebrations as “the moment when the decision was made with the wrong view that we are going out of lockdown and this will be fine.”

“I deeply regret breaking the rules and in turn understanding that this is harmful to people,” Ora wrote to his more than 16 million followers.

“This is a serious and unforgivable error of judgment,” he said. “I feel very embarrassed knowing first-hand how hard people have worked to combat this terrible disease and fully aware of the sacrifices people and businesses are making to help keep us all safe.”

More than 1.6 million coronavirus infections have been reported in the UK since the pandemic began, according to data from Johns Hopkins University, and more than 58,000 people have died.

Ora is not the only entertainer who has faced backlash in recent days for holding large gatherings despite COVID-19-related restrictions.

Rapper Cardi B took to Twitter on Sunday to apologize after saying he hosted 25 adults and 12 children for the Thanksgiving celebrations.

The “Money” rapper wrote:


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Corona virus cases have fallen 30% during the UK lockdown, which ends Wednesday | Instant News

During Britain’s second national lockdown, coronavirus cases in the country fell by about 30 percent, according to a new study.

The report, from the Community Transmission Real-time Assessment (REACT) in the UK, looked at swab tests on more than 105,000 people between November 13 and 24.

Researchers found that about 0.96 percent of the samples tested positive for the corona virus. This compares to about 1.32 percent of positive swab tests of a similar sample in the Nov. 2 report.

“Three weeks after the second national lockdown in the UK there has been a proportionate ~ 30% reduction in overall prevalence,” the REACT report concluded. However, “mean absolute prevalence remains high at ~ 1%. Continued monitoring of epidemics in the community remains essential until prevalence can be reliably reduced to much lower levels, for example, through widespread vaccination. “

It is estimated that one in 100 people have the coronavirus in the UK, according to the study.

The UK lockdown began on November 5, and data suggests there has been a spike in cases afterward, according to to the BBC, because symptoms start to show before the locking effect.

The four-week lockdown is set to lift on Wednesday in the UK, and the territory will fall under one of a multiple levels based at the level of infection in that area.

The study’s authors said the latest round of test results showed a higher prevalence of positive coronavirus testing in school-age children, but they noted that schools remained open.

The UK’s second lockdown has kept schools open, while most other businesses have closed and residents asked to stay home and not socialize. The country has paid 80 percent of employees’ salaries during the lockdown.

They also found a higher prevalence of positive testing from health workers compared to the October data.

Researchers estimate the so-called reproductive rate of the coronavirus, or the number of people who will catch the virus from an infected person, has dropped to around 0.88. Roughly speaking, this means that less than one person has contracted the coronavirus for every infected person.


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